A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 3 – Chapter 63

Chapter 63: A Wish

Helot’s strike seemed to cut not only the space but also the sound. During this dark night, the white blade swung at great speed towards my belly.

The lighting fast swing managed to cut my belly, but didn’t matter. I had to forget my pain in order to survive this duel. I responded to his strike by pointing the knife on my right hand right at his neck. I tried to shorten the distance between us, and inflicted a fast thrust at my nemesis.

People who were genius were only killed by a single strike. If I allowed him to take his time while fighting, I’d definitely lose my opportunity. That’s why I charged forward without stopping so that he won’t have an opportunity to behead me. I tried to cut off his neck repeatedly so he’d die immediately. My silvery blades were slightly shaken.

At the same time, the knife held in my left hand was moved into orbit so that it would follow the movement of Helot’s white blade. I believed that I wouldn’t be able to completely overthrown his weapon. However, I had to try my hardest in order to deflect it. I had to follow that trajectory and be focused so that the worst wouldn’t fall on me. Meanwhile, I tried to slash him with the knife on my right hand.

It could take just one breath. I had a feeling that this battle could be over soon, once one of us stopped slightly to take one deep breath. Still, it wasn’t clear whether my attacks were meaningful or meaningless. I could be fighting hopelessly. For nothing. I felt that my sweat dripped from my neck.

*clashing metallic sound*

During the moment of continuous offensive and defensive actions, I heard a strong vibrating sound. A strange sound that mixed two sounds together.

That strange sound was the sound of iron that exceeded its limit and announced its own destiny. I realized that the knife in my left hand managed to change the dangerous trajectory of the white blade. But, it was with a cost. My knife’s blade cracked because of this impact.

I became worried. After a series of attacks, my knife’s blade had been severely damaged. I knew that this scenario would happen eventually. Still, it happened at this precise moment. But, why now?

Actually, no. My knife cracked when I stopped Helot’s fearsome offensive slash. That meant that until now, he wasn’t that serious. But, now, he was extremely focused so he could defeat me. Therefore, his strength increased and his movements got faster.

That sound was mixed with a simpler sound. While my left knife broke when I tried to prevent a fatal attack, the white sword bounced back and got a crack on its blade. There was no sense anymore. This duel kept continuing and continuing. Instead, I felt something hot burning in my chest.

I had odd feelings. Intuition, irrationality, premonition.

In this state, I tried to charge against Helot with my remaining silvery blade. I extended my hand, but I wasn’t successful in cutting his neck. Besides that, my own torso was cut and I couldn’t hide the pain. Actually, I felt that I’d die, not from this injury, but from my burning emotions. They were consuming my soul while I fought against my nemesis.

This was bad. I would die if the orbit of this attack were misaligned. I had to deliver my strike in time. I had to do it accurately. I had only one chance. I had to absolutely deliver it. Deliver. Deliver. Deliver.

In the meantime, Helot’s golden eyes glowed like a ferocious beast.

During the twilight of the night, Caria watched this fight with an ecstatic expression.

Silvery blades on his hand. Originally, Lugis was supposed to have a different role. A crucial role, but indirectly involved in this crisis.

That’s why he didn’t need to be involved so directly on the battlefield. No, for Caria, it was no longer something to be wielded. Her large silvery eyes quivered as she stared attentively. Her white cheeks gradually became red because of the sight that unfolded right in front of her eyes.

Lugis’ silvery blades and Helot’s white blade. The two men’s weapons were engaged on a fierce fight as if they were playing a melody. The metallic sound of their weapons resonated in the air. Lugis’ condition wasn’t favorable. He looked injured. That meant that he had a higher chance of losing his neck during that fight.

Even so, Caria couldn’t hold back the emotions that came out from the depths of her chest. Her expression of dignity and honor had collapsed. All she could show was an expression full of mixed emotions.

That man, Lugis, was standing by the side of the Heraldic Order as he wielded his blade towards his opponent. He was a man of great courage and bravery. That’s right, his resolve was clear. His movements were the proof of his resolve, even the movements from the tip of his fingers showed that.

Ah, could this be the moment of rejoice? Caria’s ankles were numb. Lugis was fighting for his life. For himself. That Sorceress, Filaret, was surely seeing this battle somewhere in this chaos. Still, this battle wasn’t meant for him only. It was meant for Caria as well.

Caria’s heartbeats didn’t stop. Things were supposed to be carried relatively well. Not to be carried this much. Caria looked a little bit unpleasant as she watched Lugis on a duel with Helot Stanley. In the worst possible scenario, Lugis’ neck would fly from the offensive strike of Helot’s white sword.

Yet, Caria didn’t need to think too deep. Caria’s long sword had no signs of shaking. She clearly saw Lugis’ strong determination. That man Lugis was fighting with all his might. With everything, he got. After all, he had his life on the line.

Ah, on the other hand, if we compared his skills with the Helot’s swordsmanship movements, one could say that his skills were still immature. Even though his resolve was resilient, he couldn’t be called a strong man per se. His mediocre demeanor was a disadvantage. He wouldn’t be able to survive in a battle with that genius. Still, even so. How could he prepared himself for it, knowing that he could be underpowered, overthrown and trampled on? All that Caria could do was show him her sincere respect.

Caria could see that both Lugis and Helot had their battle reach the final stage, soon a winner and a loser would be decided. Lugis’ left-handed knife broke, and his right-handed knife couldn’t reach Helot’s neck.

Caria kept all the decisions to her heart. If Lugis died here, then this was his fate. His duty led him to this battlefield. Caria really had the greatest respect and sincerity for Lugis.

“…However, ah. What I wished for was different than that…”

On this moment. Caria narrowed her eyes. She didn’t want to stop staring at that decisive battle. Yet, the rising sun blocked the view.

The battleground finally greeted the rise of the early morning.

I felt the warmth of the sunlight on my back. I was waiting eagerly for that light and its glitter to come. It was right in time.

The sun tore the heavy atmosphere from the darkness of the night by revealing its majesty. I stood behind the sun.

The golden eyes were dazzling in front of the bright sunlight. I could see my reflection on his eyes. The momentum of the white blade, which should continue with the offensive stance against me, stopped. Even though the flank was unguarded, no blade reached his guts

Right hand, silver knife. Please let it reach him. Except for today, there won’t be another day where I’ll have the opportunity to take this hero’s head. I’ll meet my demise if I fail here and now at this task. I had to defeat him now.

The gap was completely shorter this time. I pulled my knife in a direct trajectory, charging into Helot’s neck.

…The sound of gouging the flesh was felt in my hands. Oh, damn it.

It felt like a lie. My knife should’ve reached an unmistakable moment because of the advantage I had with the short distance.

Helot Stanley. He did it once again. He forced the drive of his body by twisting his upper part. He managed to avoid the tip of my blade onto his neck. My blade landed on his shoulder instead. My silvery knife pierced his shoulder and its blade shined red in his blood.

This was the speed of an incredible intuitive reaction. I felt a heavy breath leaking out of my lungs. This was the gap between him and me. Was this the difference between a genius and an ordinary person? I was convinced that he wouldn’t be able to avoid my strike. I would change my fate if I could slice through his neck. Yet, I failed terribly.

Helot twisted his shoulders and flipped the knife. Then, he held his sword in the upper row. This stance meant that he didn’t give up.

The charge of his offensive stance, was a fearsome one. His movements bridged the gap between the mediocre me and the genius Helot in mere moments. I felt my chest extremely hot. These moments of close death made my insides boil with adrenaline.

「This is my farewell, Lugis…My enemy. 」

When Helot spoke, he swung his white blade down to my skull. I could no longer retreat from this attack. The sun was sparkling on the white blade.

“…Ah, my wish. With my hand. Another swing. Ha… Yes, if only I had another chance with my blade.”

Filaret’s sorrowful sobbing, mixed in the wind, fluttered in the air.

It was a fight that could cost him his life. Filaret’s heart was torn apart by that single swing of sword. One more time, Lugis pushed himself to his limits. Lugis was doing his best and tried to reach something that couldn’t be reached. “Just give up. Just run away. Everything will be fine. Living mediocre days was also a way to find happiness, because a life was spared.”, Filaret thought so. Even so, why did he keep pushing forward regardless of the consequences?

Filaret knew very well that no mediocre person could afford to change that way of life. To change fate. She knew it herself. A mediocre person won’t survive unless he or she reached that genius stage. Other way to survive would be to succumb to its social status. Just give up and live low. This meant that every day one would have to clench its teeth and keep its eyes down.

Yet, Lugis couldn’t accept that fate. Filaret knew it painfully during that crazy act in the underground temple. Despite being the same ordinary person as she, he was trying to forge his own path. Even if he had to risk his own life to achieve it. Even through death. Ah, his figure was ideal. My ideal.

That was the reason why Filaret La Volgograd had decided to make him a golden person. But now, at this time, Lugis was trying to escape from the hands of the golden reaper.

She hated this. But, she didn’t want to admit it. She really didn’t want to admit those feelings. She wouldn’t have any integrity and purity if she succumbed to her hidden feelings.

That said, she couldn’t help Lugis with a weapon. She couldn’t help him with magic. There was nothing that Filaret could do right now.

Filaret thought deeply about this despair with tears on her eyes.

It wasn’t just a task of magic. At this point, Filaret couldn’t use her magic against the city-state. So, all she could do was pray. Yes, pray for him and for a better outcome. It may not mean anything at all. Yet, she believed it could be meaningful somewhere.

Unquestionably. That blade was his last resort. A final hope. Filaret didn’t forget that she was the one to cast him as a worthy one. As a golden person.

“…I wish for him to grab his happiness.”

In front of Helot who swung his sword down, Filaret’s prayer shook the space slightly along with Lugis’ silvery blade.

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