This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 109 Part 2

Chapter 109: Replenish (2)

Seiya was greatly surprised when he heard Silshete’s words!! Naturally!! In addition to thousands of undead armies, the Grand Lion, Oxelio and even Ceremonic were going to be resurrected as well!? This…This was the most dangerous scenario of all!!

「Seiya!! You have to defeat Silshete before he resurrects the undead… 」

As I spoke, everything was already set in motion. Numerous black vortices, several times bigger than the one the enemy created moments ago, appeared around Silshete.

「Now is the time for every corner of hell to open its doors. Just look at this magnificent scene. This is my greatest spiritual power! The Cemetery Night Again.」

「Ba…Bad! This is extremely bad! 」

John Dae stood before Kiriko while he pulled out his sword. Silshete’s voice resonated in the air.

「Get out…the immortal army that won’t die after death… 」

My breath was rough while I stared nervously at those black vortices in the sky. Countless of monsters, including the fearsome devilish Emperors that once ruled Exfolia, were going to get out from there!

「Now…Resurrect… 」

However. No matter how long we waited, nothing came out of the black vortices.

「…It can’t be…Why doesn’t it work…? 」

At the same time, that Silshete spoke in a confusing way…

「Ah, I see. 」

Seiya clapped his hands.

「“Just a little flesh left on the tip of the little finger”… I couldn’t believe that I left such a “large piece of the corpse” go unnoticed…The first four beasts that came out from there were the beasts that I’ve defeated when I first became a Pleasant Flute Player. That’s why I missed the opportunity to clean them up entirely.」

「“Clean them up”, you say? Are you saying that you got rid of your enemies’ corpses without a trace ever since you came to Exfolia?」

「 That’s correct. 」

Silshete became speechless. And then…Hurray!!!!!!!!!!! After Seiya defeated each enemy, he burnt the bodies as if he had a weird obsession with it; moreover, after burning the lifeless corpses he even dropped them to the core of this earth to make sure that they were really dead…Honestly, I thought “What was this person doing? Did he really have a heart disease?”…But, in the end, his obsession with cautiousness was really helpful!!

「That Cemetery Night Again skill of yours. It won’t work on me. 」

Silshete quivered his body with rage. It seemed that he was quite upset.

「You bastard…! 」

Silshete released the Deadly Bandage towards Seiya. It burnt before reaching Seiya and disappeared completely, but this time, Silshete himself was approaching Seiya as well! He moved his bandaged hands onwards in order to touch Seiya!

「Seiya!! 」

Nevertheless, Seiya slashed Silshete’s hands with his sword! And…

「Phoenix Thrust. 」

Seiya pierced Silshete’s abdomen with the burning sword. After that, he released his sword and kicked the tip of his sword’s handle. When Silshete fell to the ground, Seiya released the upper fire magic power of Maximum Inferno. While Silshete’s body was wrapped up in a hellfire, it looked like he’d succumb for good, however…

「…“Ferment After Roton”*. 」

After the flames disappeared, I noticed that Silshete’s body didn’t suffer any change. He slowly stood up while a new bandage covered the burnt bandage.

「It’s indeed amazing that my Cemetery Night Again didn’t work on you. But, no attack can surpass my regeneration speed.」

Once again, Silshete launched an attack at Seiya. I noticed that Seiya, who avoided the Deadly Bandage attack and prevented Silshete’s touch with his sword as a shield, seemed to have suddenly relaxed the intensity of the burning flames that covered his whole body.

…Eh? Did Seiya’s firepower weaken?

I saw that he managed to avoid the approaching bandage with only a sword. Although Seiya continued to be in the Crazy Warrior state, it seemed that he avoided Silshete’s attacks with greater difficulty. Seiya wasn’t fighting against Silshete with his usual full strength.

The sides of the battle were overturned!! Maybe he was exhausted!? Oh no, if that bandage touched Seiya, his soul will…!!

I grew increasingly worried about this situation. Still, Seiya whispered while he prevented Silshete’s continuous attacks.

「…40% Replenish. 」

Eh? What? What did he say just now?

「Don’t tell me…that he’s going to perform that technique? 」

John Dae murmured next to me.

「That technique? Which one are you talking about…! 」

「…60% Replenish. 」

I became convinced when I heard Seiya’s voice.

That’s right! No doubt about it! This technique was the special technique that the reckless Seiya taught to our Seiya! Right now, Seiya tried to absorb and store the power of the Death Emperor while devoting himself to self-defense!

John Dae spoke seriously while staring fixedly at the ongoing battle.

「I don’t know the reason why he resorted to that technique. But, I have confidence on his abilities as a fellow warrior. That said, if there is a technique that exceeds the regeneration speed of the Death Emperor, then that’s going to be his trump card to win this fight!」

I nodded silently upon hearing John Dae’s words. This place was actually a trap of the evil god and the Death Emperor, whom they created as a parallel world to invite us here. Nonetheless, their plan had a mole. Or should I say, it had a huge flaw, since the reckless Seiya gave our cautious Seiya a technique that was supposed to have never been taught in the first place.

I felt strange, what kind of fate was this? The cautious Seiya was trying to win this battle against a frightening opponent by using the skills of the reckless Seiya. I clenched my fists while I watched our Seiya devoted to self-defense.

The Death Emperor Silshete! I hoped he’d know this! Past and Present…The technique of the two Seiyas combined together were going to surpass the speed of his regeneration abilities!

Finally, Seiya opened his mouth.

「…100% Replenish. 」

Great!! Just go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My tension went up. However, Seiya didn’t let go of his self-defense posture.

「…120% Replenish. 」

Ehh!? 100% wasn’t the end!? He was still accumulating power and counting!? As…As expected of the overly cautious hero!!

And so.

「…150% Replenish. 」

No matter how much he got, it was never enough for Seiya!! Just go!! I thought that this time would be the crucial moment for our Seiya to show off the reckless Seiya’s technique…but…

Seiya was still on his self-defense mode. John Dae stepped his foot on the ground with frustration.

「Hey!! When is he going to use it!? 」

「Mo…Most probably, at 200%!! Kiri thinks that 200% is a great number to launch it!! 」

He continued to defend himself from the Death Emperor’s attack. And then, he finally reached the climax.

「…200% Replenish. 」

This time…We’re finally going to avenge the people of Fulwaana that died two horrible deaths…!!

「Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

I shouted along with John Dae…

「…210% Replenish. 」

「No, he isn’t satisfied yet!? How long will he keep on accumulating power!? It’s enough already!!」

「It’s too much now!! Just defeat the enemy!! 」

Despite our rants, which grew more and more frustratingly as the time passed…

「…230% Replenish. 」

Seiya’s replenish rate continued to increase steadily regardless of what we said.

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*One of the hypothetical energy quanta that are concerned along with phonons in the behavior of the liquid helium II. Summing up, a quantum of vortex motion.

EN: …Okay… Science bitch.


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  1. Isn’t that’s kind of strange that reckless Seiya knows that final-boss killing technique? I mean, isn’t the fact of him visiting that pre-final village and getting that technique was just an illusion, a fake memory, created by the Silshete? I think that it’s either a trap for Seiya (which he surely guessed), or a plot-hole.

  2. At first, oh crap we’re doomed
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