This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 109 Part 1

Chapter 109: Replenish (1)

A reddish-black aura of madness started overflowing from Seiya’s body. His hair was dyed red, and fangs spread out of his mouth. Seiya, who had become a Crazy Warrior, elevated his sword towards the large skull in the sky. His blade was covered with a white membrane. Apparently, he activated the Ghostbuster as well.

He threw his sword towards the Death Emperor in a reminiscent action of javelin throw. Seiya’s sword, with the applied the power of the Crazy Warrior, flew in a straight line at tremendous speed and pierced the large skull that stood above our heads…Or so it seemed. The skull made of dark clouds dissipated in the sky when the sword tried to hit it. After it dissipated to avoid Seiya’s attack, the dark clouds returned to its original form thereafter.

It…It didn’t work!?

「…So, you managed to damage a part of my spirited body. 」

The voice of the Death Emperor sounded as if he was impressed. When I stared closely at the sky, I noticed that the large skull wasn’t completely restored. A part of its head was slightly missing.

The Ghostbuster did really damage Silshete after all! Bu…But, even so, Seiya’s blow didn’t inflict a fatal injury in our enemy…Eh…?

When Seiya stomped the ground with one foot, several sheaths appeared from the ground. I was astonished when I saw over 20 sheaths of swords.

「Seiya…Are these swords, perhaps…!? 」

「Yeah. These swords have spiritual powers and every single one of them is a Ghostbuster.」

When Seiya took two swords with both hands, he moved them upwards and threw them at Silshete. When he finished throwing those swords, Seiya threw another two swords again. Silshete repeatedly dissipated and merged during Seiya’s continuous attack. Eventually, a voice echoed from the sky.

「Just what kind of weapons do you have? As the evil god said to me, you sure are a smart fella. What an amusing opponent I’ve encountered here.」

The black clouds that spread in the air, gathered at one crucial point. It began to wind up a jet-black vortex. Something creeped out of that vortex. First, I saw an arm covered with a bloodstained cloth. Eventually, a body came out from there covered with that same cloth. A monster, that resembled a mummified man came out of the vortex in the air.

…The Death Emperor Silshete changed his form!? He materialized his spirited body in order to fight directly against Seiya!!

「He’s descending to the ground! 」

John Dae shouted aloud. The materialized Death Emperor slowly came down from the air to where we were standing in the ground, while emanating a strong and nauseating black aura.

When I glanced at Seiya, I noticed that he was staring at Silshete with sharp eyes. Apparently, he was using his ability to see the enemy’s stats. I also activated my clairvoyance ability, but no matter how hard I tried, I could only see a turbulent image as if I were seeing a sandstorm. Most of the monsters I met in Exfolia didn’t hide their status. Yet, it seemed that the Death Emperor Silshete activated his own camouflage skill just like Seiya.

The Ghostbuster attack certainly inflicted some damage on the enemy! Still, it was quite creepy that none of us could see his real stats!

Nonetheless, I felt a different vibe from this new enemy unlike the others we’ve encountered so far. I wondered if Seiya felt the same way as me. I just stared silently at Silshete as he descended to the ground…While I was immersed on my own thoughts, the moment that Silshete landed on the ground, a tremendous blast and roaring sound shook my entire body!

「…Crawling Mine. 」

I didn’t understand what happened just now. I noticed that Seiya nodded positively next to me.

「Se…Seiya, that blast was your own doing!? 」

「It’s an “earth snake that explodes when it touches an enemy.” This blast was created by the combination of a destruction technique, fire magic, and earth magic.」

So, that meant that an earth snake touched Silshete’s feet when he landed on the ground! Seiya set up the entire town with traps in order to prepare for the upcoming battle against the Death Emperor! Still, the ability to foreshadow the place where Silshete was supposed to land was too amazing even for Seiya!

「Don’t move around carelessly. The Crawling Mine is a contact ignition type. There are many buried around here. If you accidentally step on it, it will explode at your feet.」

「That’s dangerous!! 」

Of course! Actually, this preparation was different from the ability of foreshadowing! This hero just thought endlessly about various kinds of possible scenarios that could happen and prepared for every single one of them in advance!

「Ki…Kiri! This is a dangerous zone! Come over here! 」

「… 」

「Kiri!! 」

「Ah…Ye…Yes! 」

I took Kiriko out of the dangerous zone since she was still shocked and depressed about Cleo’s disappearance. Nearby, John Dae narrowed his eyes as he stared at the distance.

「How much damage did this blast inflict on the Death Emperor? 」

…The black smoke cleared up. I expected to see Silshete lying on the ground. Nevertheless, the mummified man stood still as if nothing happened to him. John Dae and I clenched our teeth. Then, Silshete opened his mouth.

「Don’t you dare think that you’ll finish me off with such a small trick. 」

「Of course not. 」

We were discouraged to see that the Death Emperor didn’t receive any damage. In the meantime, Seiya already got his Killer Sword and rushed towards Silshete. The moment I saw Seiya’s blade, my eyes became wide open.

His…His sword was wrapped in flames…He was a Fire Magic Warrior now!! Surely, fire magic was way more effective on undead beings like mummies instead of earth magic!!

「…Phoenix Drive. 」

Before Silshete’s eyes, Seiya showed a “combination of special skills” that was said to be impossible during the Crazy Warrior state. Seiya’s magic sword was wrapped in flames, and danced in the air drawing a geometric pattern that resembled a magical circle. Soon after, I noticed that Silshete’s body had red cuts on its bandages. A zombie-like rotten meat was faintly visible from the bandages torn by fire. I braced myself for the explosion that usually occurred with the Phoenix Drive. Yet, the bandages immediately covered the exposed skin of his body, and the red cuts carved on the bandages disappeared.

…Undead automatic repair!?

Suddenly, a black aura overflew from Silshete’s body. The moment I saw it, I screamed to Seiya.

「Seiya! Be careful! I can feel a reaction from the Chain Destruction!」

From the gap between the middle parts of his face covered with bandages, Silshete’s dazzling eyes shined darkly.

「If you touch me, I will twist your soul…“Deadly Bandage”. 」

A number of bandages came off from Silshete’s arm and released towards Seiya! The bandages slipped through the air like snakes, but they got burned before reaching Seiya’s body! In fact, Seiya’s body was in flames and his skin was red!

「Self-Burning. By the way, I came up with this idea the other day while I was hiding in the burning furnace.」

Is…Is that so!? So, he learnt that new technique by stalking on others!!

「While preventing the attacks from the Death Emperor, I’ll be able to burn out everything with firepower that is capable of exceeding his regeneration speed.」

While saying that, Seiya grabbed two swords with both of his hands that were given by the earth snakes.

「Here I go. Double Mode, Phoenix Drive. 」

Seiya charged against Silshete with the transcendent speed of the Crazy Warrior! The trajectory of his double swords in flames, soared in the air and began creating a few geometric patterns! At the same time, red cuts were carved endlessly into Silshete’s body!

I thought that the outcome would be decided this time. However, Silshete didn’t explode in pieces. The countless of red cuts inflicted in his body faded away and disappeared.

「Ugh! The regeneration ability of the Dead Emperor exceeds the attack power of the hero!」

John Dae was shocked. This time, Silshete shot the Deadly Bandage attack from all over his body towards Seiya, but everything burnt out as soon as it approached Seiya’s body.

Seiya’s attacking power was stopped by Silshete’s regeneration skill; on the other hand, the Death Emperor’s attack skill never reached Seiya’s body. It seemed that the impasse would continue. But, suddenly, Silshete spoke.

「Amazing attack power…However, that’s powerless in front of the overwhelming darkness.」

When Silshete moved his hands as a drawing circle, a black vortex appeared in the sky.

「Ma…Magic!? 」

「Yeah… 」

The black vortex size resembled the size of my portal. Seiya was also wary of this occurrence, so he kept a sufficient distance from Silshete. Then, Silshete opened his mouth.

「Because the Demon King got the protection of the evil god; He wanted to create a being capable of storing the power of the devil. Therefore, the Demon King made my body specialized with darkness and evil power. The Grand Lion seemed to have turned against the Demon King, but he never really knew the true evil providence of this world. He was foolish. The Demon King is the one in charge of our lives.」

I didn’t understand the meaning of Silshete’s words. But, I felt an unpleasant premonition that spread in my heart at an accelerated rate. Silshete put his hand over the black vortex.

「Rotting corpses scattered in Exfolia. Resurrect…“Cemetery Night Again”. 」

A monster crawled out of the black vortex just as Silshete himself commanded to get out. And then, I recognized that monster.

「A…A beast man!? 」

It was a beast man with a dogface. After that beast came out of the black vortex, the cat-faced beast, followed by the fox and rhinoceros beast men also came out from there.

Those hordes of monsters closely resembled the beasts that ruled the Radral Continent. However, there was no life in their empty eyes. When I looked closely at them, I saw that their bones were visible from different parts of their bodies. John Dae wrinkled between his eyebrows.

「They are…undead…! 」

The four undead beast men that appeared so suddenly frightened me…

「…Maximum Inferno. 」

Seiya already turned his arm towards the beasts. The fire from his hand wrapped the beasts instantaneously. In the midst of the blazing flames, the beast men still tried to get close to Seiya. Even so, they were all extinguished to charcoal because of Seiya’s overwhelming firepower. I was relieved when I saw the outcome and I shouted to Silshete.

「Ah! Don’t you think you won just by resurrecting the undead, weak beasts are not formidable enemies for Seiya!」

「This is just the beginning of the end… 」

「Wha…What are you talking about!? 」

「As long as the Demon King is alive; the decayed bodies can be revived if I give them a portion of my power as the Death Emperor. Everything can be revived to a certain extent if there is a little piece of flesh left on the body. Even if it was just a little flesh left on the tip of the little finger. Ever since the hero came to Exfolia until this very moment, all of the monsters that he defeated shall be resurrected now.」

「Wha…What did you say!? 」

He must be kidding, right!? The monsters that Seiya defeated since we came to Exfolia until this very moment…Did that mean that thousands, no, tens of thousands of beast men and killing machines were going to get revived!?

「It won’t be just the subordinates. The Beast Emperor the Grand Lion, the Machine Emperor Oxelio, and the Curse Emperor Ceremonic, all of them will be revived as well. In addition to the ability to regenerate as undead beings, their ability values other than agility will be greatly improved…」

「Wha…Wha…What!? That’s impossible!! Se…Seiya!! 」

「I can’t believe it… 」

Even Seiya was astonished by this fact and opened his eyes extensively!! This world was doomed, and so were we!!

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