This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 106

Chapter 106: A Parallel World

Important Translator Note:

For this chapter, we decided to use the name “our Seiya” to distinguish from the “fake Seiya” in order to make it easier for the readers to distinguish which Seiya is which.

Cleo spoke with great excitement. While, John Dae, Kiriko and I were all astonished.

「I knew it! This Lord Seiya is a fake! 」

「Wha…What are you talking about! This person isn’t a fake! 」

I shouted at Cleo. However, he approached us with an angry face. Then, before we noticed, he grabbed Kiriko’s hood and removed it from her face.

「Ah… 」

Kiriko was taken by surprise. Before she knew it, her head was already exposed. Cleo pointed to Kiriko and John Dae with a trembling hand.

「Ju…Just look! It’s a machine and a zombie! This is a proof that they’re bad people since Lord Seiya would never have monster friends!」

Cleo tried to convince his parents, Gerstein and Millie. This fact was indeed, suspicious. They could suspect that our Seiya was a fake. Still, I pretended to be calm and spoke with Cleo.

「…Cleo. Calm down and look closely at me. 」

「Wha…What do you want? 」

I slowly touched my golden hair and made an exquisite pose.

「Don’t you feel an aura of divine light? That’s right, I am a goddess. My name is Listarte. And this person is named Seiya, the hero who will save this world.」

Yet, Cleo stared fixedly at me with a disgusting look on his face.

「Along with the monsters, that fake man even brought a demented woman with him!!」

「You fucking brat!! 」

「Ugh!? Not only her head, but her tongue is also vulgar!! 」

Cleo hid behind the actual fake smiling Seiya. I spoke impatiently then.

「A…Anyway! It’s dangerous, you know! Get away from him! I’m 100% certain that that person is a monster! Isn’t that right, Seiya?」

I tried to confirm it with our Seiya. Yet, our Seiya just stared at the fake smiling Seiya.

「Lista. Look at his stats. 」

「Eh… 」

After being told, I activated my clairvoyance ability to see the status of Seiya’s impersonator.

Ryuguuin Seiya

Level – 36

HP – 70024

MP – 12077

Attack – 48651

Defense – 47999

Agility – 42187

Magic – 9685

Potential – 475

Resistance – Fire, Ice, Wind, Water, Lightening, Earth, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Curse, Instant Death, Abnormal Condition

Special skills – Fire magic (Lv 10), Burst Magic (Lv 4), Magic Sword (Lv 4), Acquired experience value increase (Lv 8), Ability perception (Lv 7), Synthesis (Lv 3)

Skills – Hell’s Fire, Maximum Inferno, Phoenix Drive, Phoenix Thrust, Drain Charge Move

Personality – Unbelievably Reckless

He really had similar stats of our Seiya…Wait, his personality! It says, “Unbelievably Reckless”! Weren’t this Seiya’s stats before he became unbelievably cautious?

「How far-fetched! He has fake stats as well! 」

The perfect Seiya’s impersonator impressed me. Still, the fake smiling Seiya, but with strange deep eyes, gave a bag to Cleo.

「Cleo. It’s the promised materials for your pottery. 」

「Thank you! Lord Seiya! 」

His voice was just like Seiya’s voice. Millie and Gerstein were as surprised as I was when all of us stared the two Seiyas alternately.

「There are two Lord Seiyas!! Wha…What’s going on!? 」

Cleo pointed to our Seiya while hiding behind the back of the fake Seiya.

「I told you that one is a fake! Lord Seiya! Defeat him! 」

Then, the impersonator finally stared at our Seiya.

「Yeah. He certainly looks like me. 」

And then…He slowly approached our Seiya!

「Whoa! 」

I hid behind our Seiya immediately. The impersonator asked the following question.

「What is your name? 」

「…Ryuguuin Seiya. 」

「Oh. We’re not just similar, we also have the same names. 」

When I watched him closely to see what kind of reaction he was going to make, the fake Seiya began to laugh.

「Ahah. What a great coincidence. Ahahah. 」

No, wait a moment, how could he believe that this was just a mere coincidence!? What was wrong with that fella!?

「I don’t identify you as a stranger. Let’s get along well. 」

While the fake Seiya laughed happily, he reached out his hand to shake hands with our Seiya. Yet, Cleo broke between them.

「Lord Seiya!! These are absolutely bad guys!! Defeat them!! 」

That should be our line in the first place. Even so, the fake Seiya shook his head quietly.

「No, Cleo. I don’t think these people are bad guys. For example, this young woman is…probably a goddess like Aria, the goddess that supported me one year ago.」

「Hey, yo…you!! Do you even know who Aria is!? 」

「But, Lord Seiya!! Even if that woman is a goddess, the other two are real monsters!! 」

「Yeah. One is a zombie while the other is a Killing Machine. 」

Cleo wrinkled between his eyebrows and pointed furiously at Kiriko.

「Just look at that machine’s body! I have a very disgusting feeling just by looking at that monster!」

「Uhhh…! 」

A sad Kiriko lowered her head. Then, the fake Seiya turned his harsh eyes on Cleo.

「Don’t judge everything by appearance. I can indeed see that both of them are monsters, but I don’t feel any evil aura coming from them.」

「Bu…But, it’s weird to have a zombie and a machine as friends. 」

「Cleo. Apologize to that Killing Machine. 」

The fake Seiya demanded Cleo to apologize. Then, after he hesitated for a moment, Cleo finally bowed to Kiriko in apology.

「I am…sorry… 」

「Ah, don’t! I wasn’t bothered by it, so don’t worry! 」

The fake Seiya was smiling with satisfaction after looking at both Cleo and Kiriko. Wha…What was this weird atmosphere…

When we first came to Exfolia, Seiya temporarily lost his memory because of the werewolf beast man. Somehow, this fake smiling Seiya reminded me of Seiya during that time…Uh, no! I mustn’t be fooled! This must be the Death Emperor’s trap in order to trick us!

Then, suddenly, the fake Seiya changed his gaze and stared fixedly at me. He approached me then.

「Wha…What do you want! 」

「Lady Goddess. Why did you come to this town? 」

「To save Exfolia from getting destroyed by the Demon King! 」

「That’s strange. Exfolia has already been saved. I defeated the Demon King Artemaeus one year ago.」

「You defeated him!? That’s not true!! Artemaeus had two lives!! Your party defeated the first life of the Demon King, however, he resurrected with this second life without you knowing and counterattacked you!! You ended up dy…dying in the end…」

The fake Seiya had a very surprised expression on his face upon hearing my words.

「As expected of an almighty goddess. You know the information that only I know off. That’s right. Certainly, in the final battle, the Demon King, who I thought had died, was resurrected by using his second life. However…I knew that information beforehand when I went to the Sage Village.」

「Did…Did you really go to the Sage Village!? 」

The Great Goddess Isister showed me through the crystal ball that Seiya didn’t go to the Sage Village because he wanted to save the people of Exfolia the fastest way possible. That’s why he ended up going to the battle against the Demon King without learning the secret of the enemy’s two lives on the Sage Village.

「The day before, I saw Tiana crying, so I had a “bad feeling” about the upcoming battle with the Demon King. Therefore, I changed my schedule and ended up going to the Sage Village instead. I did well by listening to Tiana’s advice. If I didn’t go, my party would’ve been completely defeated. After the Demon King revived, I managed to prevent his attack on Colt and I defeated him by using the technique I learnt from the Sage Village.」

「Lies!! It’s all lies!! 」

「It’s not lies. 」

I froze when the fake Seiya looked at me with serious eyes. I felt as if a ghost told me a ghost story. Before long, the sun went down and our surroundings got dark. Then, the fake Seiya suggested the following idea.

「Lady Goddess. The sun has gone down. Would you like to continue this talk after we go to the inn?」

After saying that, the fake smiling Seiya pointed to Gerstein’s inn. Nonetheless, the real Seiya shook his head with a tough face.

「No. Let’s continue tomorrow morning. We’re going to rest in the cave. 」

「Se…Seiya!? 」

Our Seiya proceeded to walk away and went inside the cave that he created earlier on.

We parted ways with Gerstein and the others, and we dived into the cave protected by a horde of golems. We entered a large space illuminated with magical stones. I spoke aloud the feelings I had with our Seiya, John Dae and Kiriko.

「What a crazy thing that just happened!! How was that even possible!?」

However, our Seiya remained silent, as he leaned against the mud wall with his arms crossed. Instead, John Dae was the one who opened his mouth.

「Simply put, I think that hero is very suspicious. Isn’t the Death Emperor capable of creating different haunting forms?」

「You…You’re right! That’s the only answer I could think of! 」

Yet, Kiriko murmured as if she thought otherwise.

「I…I don’t feel that the other Mister Seiya is lying. 」

「Ehh? Kiri! Why do you think that? 」

「So…Somehow, I can feel it…I can’t explain it… 」

Our Seiya, who was silent until now, spoke with a lower tone.

「Certainly, that guy isn’t lying. I saw that he was “not impersonating me” with my perspective and Appraisal skills.」

「Bu…But, you won’t be able to know that for sure if that person is able to use the skill of the art of change!」

「Of course, there’s also that possibility. However, I mastered the art of change from Rusti in the heavenly world. If he changed his appearance in a way that even I can’t detect, then he reached a much higher level than Rusti’s powers.」

An art of change much more powerful than the powers of the Goddess of Change!? Tha…That was impossible, or was it not…!?

「I always consider every scenario. And I’ve been thinking of a possible hypothesis.」

Our Seiya continued to speak after a brief silence.

「If what he said is true, and this town believes that I saved the world by defeating the Demon King Artemaeus one year ago, then…In other words, this town “embodies the parallel world after I defeated the Demon King successfully”.」

「Un…Unbelievable…! 」

John Dae couldn’t even believe it, but…I also didn’t want to believe on that absurdity as well! A part of the world that was separated from the world that we lived in…Was that even possible in the first place!? That was a whole different level than the powers of our supreme god, the God of Creation!! Did this happen because of the combination between the powers of the Death Emperor and the powers of the evil god!?

「It’s just a hypothesis. There’s still a high chance that the Death Emperor deceived us and skillfully disguised himself among those people.」

Kiriko asked our Seiya while John Dae and I remained silent.

「Assuming that this is a different world from ours, why would the Death Emperor invite us to such a place? Besides, why would he create this town in the first place?」

「We don’t know anything at the moment. I used the earth snakes to investigate the people of this town. But, there was no sign of the Death Emperor nor any kind of monsters lurking around. I also thought that maybe something changed elsewhere, so I checked the earth snake cameras installed in Tarmine and Galvano. However, there was no abnormality so far.

「I don’t understand what’s going on!! What is the Death Emperor even planning!?」

John Dae was perplexed by this occurrence. It was creepy that we didn’t know the enemy’s appearance nor did we know what was going on. Our speculations were just hypothesis. Everything was unknown. Still, our Seiya didn’t lose his calm attitude as usual.

「I already created many golems and earth snakes for this town. Even so, keep your alert level to the maximum, and keep your eyes open to every possible enemy.」

Then, our Seiya laid his body on the ground.

「This may be a long battle. I have prepared a room to each of you on this cave. So, rest your body for now.」

I couldn’t even understand what our Seiya was planning to do in this mysterious situation. Regardless of my innumerous questions, I headed obediently to my assigned room. And so, I spent the night in our Seiya’s cave.

Early morning of the next day.

I couldn’t sleep well. So, I went out of the room and looked at the outside from the cave entrance. Under the dark sky, the streets of Fulwaana were comprised of houses and tents made of soil.

…Was this town that different from the world that we lived in? Hmm. I couldn’t believe it yet…

Before long, I noticed that Seiya stood next to me.

「Go…Good morning, Seiya. 」

「Yeah. 」

Then, he offered me a basket with bread.

「It’s bread for breakfast. Share it with everyone. 」

「Thank you. 」

Oh my, somehow he was in a good mood today.

I received the basket with bread. Seiya narrowed his eyes and stared at the horizon. The sky above the outskirts of the town was rather cloudy.

「Look. That’s a sandstorm. 」

「A sandstorm…I see. So, that’s why the sky looks so cloudy. 」

「Yeah. That means that no one can’t get out of Fulwaana for two or three days.」

「Yes, it seems so. 」

Then, my eyes looked at Seiya. Suddenly, I realized that the Seiya next to me wasn’t wearing any armor!

「Ah, are you…perhaps…the fake Seiya!? 」

「I’m not a fake. Well, actually, I’m not the one that accompanies you, Lady Goddess.」

「What!! 」

I was so startled that I jumped backwards! Da…Dangerous!! What if he attacked me now!?

However, the fake Seiya noticed that I was frightened by his appearance and said the following words.

「Don’t be afraid. Although everyone’s opinions are different, I know that you’re not evil people, so there isn’t any problem, right?」

「No…No, actually, there are many problems going on right now…! 」

Wait a second!! This fake Seiya…Did he completely believe in our story!? This person really resembled the reckless Seiya that I met when we first came to Exfolia!!

Either way, it seemed that he wasn’t going to harm me. At the same time I felt relieved, I noticed a crack in the soil under my feet and something raised from the ground!

「Ehh!? What’s this!? 」

Our Seiya, who wore a familiar armor, emerged from the ground!

「Ho…How could you appear from the most bizarre places!? 」

「I was hiding in the ground. I thought that I had to be ready to strike my fake persona if he ended up attacking you…」

「I would never do something like that. 」

「Hmm. 」

Our Seiya approached the fake Seiya while taking off the dust from his body.

「Let me ask you one thing. You have a technique that I don’t possess. “Drain Charge Move”…Is that a technique that you learnt at the Sage Village?」

「That’s correct. It absorbs the opponent’s power when defending against the opponent’s attacks. Actually, you can’t perform an offensive strike with this power straightaway. You have to fill up the force, so that you can perform a powerful counterattack combined with the force of the opponent’s attack power.」

「So that was the reason why you defeated the resurrected Demon King.」

The fake Seiya stared fixedly our Seiya.

「Are you interested? I can teach you this technique if you’d like to. 」

「Is that so. Okay, I’ll learn it just in case. 」

Ehh!? Seriously!?

I spoke immediately to our Seiya.

「Seiya, do you think it’s okay to learn a new technique from an impersonator!?」

「Don’t fret. I am always vigilant. And besides that, I’m accepting this with the purpose of exploring the unknown while having a dialogue with him.」

「Is…Is that so…! All right, but be careful…! 」

Both of them held their respective swords.

The fake Seiya instructed our Seiya to hold his sword in a particular posture. At first, it seemed like a normal practice…

「Work hard and concentrate as if you were trying your best in life.」

「Okay. 」


「Just try to imagine when you were at the bottom of the gymnastics’ pyramid in elementary school.」

「Yeah. 」

「Relax and chew your enemy’s attack as if you were chewing a gum.」

「I got it. 」

… No, this practice didn’t make any sense at all!!

I thought that the fake Seiya didn’t know how to teach. But, if I looked at that particular guidance, it felt as if it were the real Seiya instead. After a while, both John Dae and Kiriko emerged from the cave and gazed at the two Seiyas.

「Are…Are they practicing with swords? 」

「But…what a strange sight. 」

It was indeed a strange sight just as John Dae described. Seiya was teaching a sword skill to a fellow Seiya. The practice of two Seiyas continued endlessly.

…One hour later. I spoke with our Seiya and said, 「you have to take a break soon. 」, nonetheless…

「*both voices* What? 」

The two of them turned around at the same time.

「Ah no, actually I was speaking to the Seiya standing over there. 」

「*both voices* Which one of us? 」

「Ahh, c’mon!! How annoying is this!! 」

I pointed to the Seiya wearing an armor.

「I spoke with the one that came here with me, the “cautious Seiya”! 」

Then, the fake Seiya began to laugh out loud.

「The cautious Seiya, you say. *keeps laughing* 」

「You are the “reckless Seiya”!! Got it!? 」

「Hmm. Why am I reckless?…Ah well, I don’t care much about it though. Anyway, let’s keep practicing.」

「I was trying to speak about that matter for a while now!! 」

I screamed at him. Yet, the fake Seiya just smiled innocently at me. When I saw the cheerful smile on the reckless Seiya that lacked on the cautious Seiya, my vigilance diminished a little.

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“my vigilance diminished a little” – Famous last words


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