This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Another One

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「Seiya defeated the Demon King!? 」

I was stunned by Millie’s words.

Wa…Wait a moment!! What was this person talking about!? If Seiya defeated the Demon King from one year ago, then Exfolia wouldn’t have been destroyed and we wouldn’t have come here in order to save it!!

「I thought that Lord Seiya had brought the pottery materials that Cleo had requested. 」

「Cleo? Pottery, you say? 」

「Cleo is my and Gerstein’s son. My husband, Gerstein, runs an inn in this town, and when Lord Seiya came from Tarmine about half a month ago, Cleo asked for the soil of a different continent. If one mixes Radral’s soil with this continent’s soil, one will get a nicely produced clay.」

「Ah, yeah… 」

I didn’t understand what Millie was saying. How did she ask Seiya for pottery materials half a month ago? Seiya had been traveling with me ever since we came to Exfolia. It was impossible to believe in such a thing.

I wondered if this strange woman was in her right mind…When I thought about it, Seiya pulled my neck aggressively and I got away from Millie involuntarily!

「Ugh!? Why did you do that so suddenly!? 」

「Lista. Try to see if you can open the portal. 」

「Right now!? 」

「Just try it now. 」

I reluctantly cast a spell and summoned the portal. But, when I opened the door, there was a white wall in the inside!

…Thi…This was…the effect of the Cursed Sphere!!

Seiya nodded positively after realizing our current situation.

「Okay. That proves that this town is already under the influence of the Death Emperor.」

「If that’s true, then maybe…the people of this town are…! 」

I stared at Millie and the town’s people that walked freely on the streets. Si…Since it was the Death Emperor we were talking about…This was probably the “Town of the Dead”!?

I freaked out. I also noticed that Seiya wrinkled his eyebrows.

「How easy it was for us to jump into the enemy’s trap. I already used earth snakes to check the current situation of Fulwaana. But, they haven’t found any monsters. They’ll keep doing surveillance to see if they can detect any abnormalities. If they feel something is strange, they will report to me immediately.」

「We…Well, I don’t think we would’ve guessed that this town was like this…! 」

Seiya regretted for entering Fulwaana’s town. Meanwhile, John Dae and Kiriko stared at the surroundings with great suspicion and confusion.

「This scenario is quite strange. It’s hard to believe there is such a peaceful town in Exfolia.」

「If you think about it, there were a lot of skeletons and ghosts outside of this town. And yet, this town is strangely safe…」

Seiya nodded silently.

「It’s obvious that the people of this town are strange and suspicious. The real problem is the truth behind this oddness. For example, “the gathering of the dead”; “effects of illusion”; “demon transformations”; “clay dolls”…There are too many possibilities. We’ll have to crush them one by one.」

「Crush, you say? 」

Seiya approached Millie. While walking, Seiya took something like gloves out of his pocket and wore them on his hands. Then, he put his hands on Millie’s neck and slowly went down to her chest…Seiya opened up her upper garment! Millie’s chest became exposed for everybody to see!

 「Se…Seiya!? 」

I was shocked by the sudden sexual harassment! Seiya looked around Millie’s whole body, including her breasts, waist, arms and legs! Millie’s face was fully red!

「Ah, Lord Seiya!? No, that place is…Ah, ah! 」

「Seiya!! What are you doing… 」

Next, Seiya sprinkled holy water on the face of the suntanned Millie!

「Agh!? 」

「Stop it right there, you damned perverted hero!! 」

I screamed like a mad woman and jumped between Seiya and Millie. I bowed my head to her in apology.

「I’m truly sorry about this, Miss Millie!! 」

Millie’s body was shaking without stopping. He touched her whole body and, on top of that, he even poured holy water on her face…This was the ultimate sexual harassment! He overdid it just to find out if this person was dead or not!

However, Millie was showing a satisfactory expression on her face.

「Ah no. It’s okay. It’s really…okay. My husband doesn’t do anything like this to me…」

「Miss Millie!? Don’t tell me that you’re having sexual excitement!? 」

The married woman wasn’t angry. Instead, she felt sexual excitement towards Seiya.

Wha…What the hell was this!! So, sexual harassment was allowed because Seiya was a handsome man!? If it were John Dae, I bet that it would be quite scandalous!!

While I complaint about the absurdity of this situation, Seiya stepped away from Millie and declared the following words.

「I also checked her status. This woman is not a corpse, a monster or a doll, but a real human being.」

John Dae stared fixedly at the town’s people with his narrowed eyes.

「The other people don’t seem to be undead. I can’t explain it how, but I can feel it that they’re not like me.」

John Dae understood the signs that represented the undead. Speaking of which, my goddess’ intuition didn’t alert me about these people. I didn’t feel any evil aura coming from Millie nor the town’s people. It didn’t feel as if they were a hidden menace.

「If so, then what is this town…eh…? 」

I didn’t even finish my sentence after I saw Seiya’s behavior. I was astonished at what I witnessed. Without hesitation, Seiya pierced the back of his hand with his Killer Sword! The sword cut his flesh and red blood fell to the ground!

「Wha…Wha…What are you doing!? 」

「I tried to inflict severe pain on my body. But, there is no change. I don’t think we are inside of an illusion.」

So, he tried to feel pain in order to wake up in case he was inside of an enemy’s illusion!?

「Well, it’s hard to think that I fell inside of an illusion before realizing it. But, I did it just to be certain…Hey, Lista. Cure my wound right now.」

「Okay, I understand!! 」

Even though he was overly cautious, this kind of unreasonableness was extremely out of this world! What was wrong this person’s brain!

Seiya muttered when I began to cure his wound with my healing magic.

「In other words, the most credible situation right now is that the “people of this town are currently alive but are being manipulated by the enemy through a process of hypnosis.”」

After I managed to close Seiya’s open wound, Seiya pressed the medicinal herbs on the back of his hand.

「Anyway, this town is suspicious. I want to get out of here as soon as possible… 」

「But, hero! If that is true, then it means that we’ve managed to find a town with living breathing human beings, am I wrong?」

「The…Then, that means that these people will be in danger once we leave! 」

「That’s right! You must protect them or the Death Emperor will kill them! 」

When we all gazed together at Seiya, he took a deep breath.

「It can’t helped. We’ll stay here for a while and see how it goes. Besides, I don’t think it’s a good idea to get of this town straightaway.」

「Eh… 」

Seiya looked up at the sky of Fulwaana. The sky above the town was clear, but a poisonous black cloud floated outside of the town. Rather, I felt as if the town was immune to the darkish haze that crawled in the outside.

「We’re going to explore this town with utmost vigilance. Don’t leave my side. 」

Seiya began to walk. When we tried to follow him to the streets of Fulwaana, Millie called us.

「Ex…Excuse me, our inn is just across the street. As always, we won’t charge you for a room, so please stop by later if you’d like to…」

Fulwaana was a town in the desert. Therefore, the ground beneath our feet was not paved. The streets were lined with tents, and the goods were placed on the ground like bazaars.

「Lord Hero! Greetings! 」

「Good morning, Lord Seiya! 」

「Thank you for visiting us all the way here from Tarmine! 」

The people of Fulwaana spoke to Seiya as we passed through the streets. Everybody seemed to know him. Unlike the hatred gaze and the bad treatment that Seiya received from the people in Exfolia so far, in this particular town, Seiya was received with respect and admiration. That’s right…Everybody here believed that Seiya defeated the Demon King a year ago…

「Oh! How rare! There’s a weapon’s shop here! 」

John Dae pointed to a tent. Saber-like swords were lined up in the ground. As John Dae described, weaponry shops in Exfolia were certainly rare. The Demon King conquered Exfolia. So, it was never possible for us to find a weaponry shop and buy a proper weapon.

Seiya also seemed suspicious about it and approached the weaponry shop slowly. However, after looking at the swords for a while, he whispered as if he were looking at something boring.

「They are weak weapons. 」

I activated my Appraisal skill. I saw that the attack power didn’t surpass the power of the Killer Sword, and of course, it was also subpar with the power of the Platinum Sword. I heard that the difficulty rank of Exfolia before the Demon King received protection from the evil god was classified as “B”. If that’s true, then the weapons of this world were not strong to being with.

「In the first place, they’re weapons sold by humans manipulated by a monster. There’s no reason they should be strong. To be honest, I don’t even know if these swords are really swords.」

「Eh? But, they look like average swords, don’t they? 」

「I’ve read a picture book in the past where a tanuki* transformed as a traveler. Even if the people of this town are not illusions, what they sell may be illusions. There is a high chance that one of those swords may transform into a dumpling after we buy it.」

「Yeah, you’re right. 」

Seiya was always paranoid and suspected everything. But, this time, I agreed with him. There wasn’t anything particularly great to buy at this weapon shop.

However, as soon as Seiya tried to walk out, he stopped abruptly as if he saw an incredible sight.

Seiya took out a bag of money from his pocket. Then, he talked to the shop owner who wore a turban.

「I want that sword. Give me 100 units. 」

「You…You’re going to buy them in the end!? Didn’t you say that they could be illusionary traps!?」

「I thought that the scenario where a sword transforms into a dumpling was of a very low probability. So, I decided to purchase it for the time being.」

「Besides, you don’t need to buy 100 units of that sword!! What are you going to do if they all end up as dumplings!?」

「Even if they all end up as dumplings, they may be useful later on. 」

The shop owner, who had been silently staring at us, spoke aloud with a perplexed reaction.

「I don’t sell or make any dumplings!! 」

…Anyways, 100 swords were too much. So, Seiya ended up buying 10 swords that could transform into dumplings…After buying those ten swords, Seiya stopped by at the tool tent shop. There were medicinal herbs, poisonous herbs, and other kinds of herbs that were effective against paralysis.

「Hey. Tanuki old man. 」

「Are…Are you referring to me? 」

「That’s correct. These herbs have no effect at all, aren’t they just leaves? 」

「These herbs are extremely effective!! That’s rude, really!! 」

「Hmm. I doubt it. Still, I’ll buy your “mere leaves”…Give me all you’ve got. 」

Seiya spoke messed up lines once again. Seiya ended up buying all of the herbs available in that tool tent shop.

「You…You ended up buying everything you said was useless…! 」

「Yeah. I don’t want to regret it later, so I bought what I wanted. 」

The sun began to set after we finished shopping. After walking with a lot of luggage in the streets, I saw a large house at the end of the road. It was the largest house I’ve seen in this town. That was probably the inn managed by Millie’s husband. A boy, who I hadn’t seen before, was standing at the side of the house.

「Ah, Lord Seiya!! 」

The boy came running to us when he saw our presence. He showed such a happy face when he approached Seiya.

「Did you bring me the pottery materials? 」

「Who the hell are you? I haven’t brought you anything. 」

「Ehh!? Then, what you have on your big bag aren’t my pottery materials!? 」

「This is just a bag with a “bunch of leaves”. 」

「Why do you have so many!? 」

Millie and a man came out of that large house when they heard the noise. A man on his forties bowed his head when he approached Seiya. This man was probably Millie’s husband, Gerstein.

「I…I apologize, Lord Seiya! C’mon Cleo, behave yourself! 」

「But, Lord Seiya didn’t bring me the pottery materials as he promised! 」

「Lord Seiya seemed to have lost his memory! 」

「Ehh…!? What!? 」

Cleo sighed with disappointment. Apparently, Gerstein heard the situation from Millie. With gentle faces, this man and Millie pointed to their inn with both hands.

「Everyone must be tired. The sun is setting, so please come inside. We will prepare you the best room as usual.」

Gerstein tried to guide us to his inn. Yet, Seiya shook his head.

「I refuse. Who on his right mind would go to your devil’s den? 」

「De…Devil’s den!? No way…!! 」

The inn that Gerstein managed himself was described as a “Devil’s den” by Seiya. After leaving Gerstein speechless, Seiya proceeded to a vacant space in a remote area.

「All right. Let’s stay here. 」

Then, Seiya touched the ground. Suddenly, the ground rose in no time, and a large cave that was as big as the previous inn appeared!

「Wha…What…! 」

The Gerstein couple was in shock when Seiya created several golems and earth snakes with earth magic. Seiya placed his creations around the cave. Then, he stared at Gerstein with sharp eyes.

「You’re called Gerstein, correct? If you’re going to attack us in our sleep, then be prepared. Because these monsters will attack you with all their might.」

「My…My dad would never do something like that!! 」

Cleo screamed at Seiya. And then, the young boy said with an angry and sad face.

「Ahhh. I don’t have the materials for my pottery, and Lord Seiya is out of his mind. This is the worst…」

This time, Millie was the one who scolded Cleo.

「Cleo! Watch your tongue! He is the hero who saved our world! 」

「Bu…But, this person…Is he really Lord Seiya!? His eyes are unfriendly and his attitude is bad!! Maybe he’s a fake!!」

Cleo stared at Seiya with distrust. Likewise, Seiya stared at Cleo with suspicion. Sto…Stop it, Seiya!! How could he “fight” with children!?

「This person is different. The Lord Seiya I know doesn’t behave like this… 」

Cleo looked fixedly at Seiya with an irritated red-face. Then, suddenly, Cleo moved his gaze away from Seiya and stared at the end of the street.

…Ahead of young Cleo’s eyes. There was a man walking towards us with the sunset on his back. My heartbeat increased when I looked at that man.

This man didn’t wear any armor. Instead, he wore a nobleman’s outfit with the emblem of the Tarmine Kingdom. However, there was no doubt about the identity of this man that had a glossy black hair.

…Im…Impossible!! What on earth…!!

Cleo exclaimed happily.

「See!! I knew it!! The real Lord Seiya has finally come!! 」

Another Seiya came in our direction with a full smile on his face.

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*Tanuki is a Japanese raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides viverrinus), a subspecies of the Asian raccoon dog. Seiya spoke about The Legend of the Tanuki, a shapeshifter creature that played mischievous tricks on the passersby.


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