This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 103

Chapter 103: A Present

Next morning.

I went to the Graveyard of Gods of the God’s realm to see how everything was going. Seiya was still working hard on his spiritual training. Seiya’s spirited body seemed to be bulkier than yesterday.

Next to me, Nephitet nodded with satisfaction.

「Yes, yes. He has become quite a spiritual macho. 」

That’s right. He would be able to invoke the divine Ghostbuster if he strengthened his spiritual strength by training the spirited body. This skill dwelled in the real spiritual power in order to transmit it to the actual sword.

「Lady Nephitet! If Seiya is that good now, maybe he’s ready to start the Ghostbuster training soon!」

「He can do it now if he wants to. But, if he keeps working hard and keeps squeezing the spirited body to the max, then he can also aim for the top prize in the Spiritual Celebration called “Best Spirit Contest”. It’s a festival where the great spirited machos gather together.」

「Ah…No…I’m sure that he isn’t interested in a contest like that…! 」

「That’s a shame. All right, after lunch break, I’ll start his training so that he can give his sword the spiritual power it needs.」

I finally got Nephitet’s permission to advance with Seiya’s training. I spoke with the spirited Seiya, who kept practicing without stopping.

「Seiya! You can take a break! It seems like you have enough spiritual power to master the Ghostbuster now!」

「Not enough. I’ll train for a bit longer. 」

「Ehh!? Do…Don’t tell me that you’re going to participate in the Best Spirit Contest!? 」

「Are you an idiot? I don’t have time for things like that. I just want to increase my spiritual strength. That way, the power of the Ghostbuster will go up as well.」

「Is…Is that so. I’m relieved…But, don’t overdo it too much. Take a break, okay? 」

Seiya kept doing his spiritual training without saying much. I decided to visit John Dae and Kiriko in the meantime.

Since it was early in the morning, the Cafe De Celseus wasn’t opened yet. However, I noticed that near the garden table, John Dae and Kiriko were discussing something with Celseus, who was like a form of master to them.

「Celseus is the Swordsman God, am I right? 」

「Mister Celseus, please, I beg you! 」

「Hmm… 」

Celseus had his arms crossed with a tough-looking face. Hmm? What’s going on over there?

「Good morning, Kiri. What’s going on here? 」

「Ah, Miss Lista! Good morning! Well, you see, I was asking Mister Celseus to do sword training during the breaks of helping in the cafe!」

John Dae looked at me with eyes full of determination.

「I’m officially a member of the hero’s party. So, I want to use my sword to help save the world. That’s why I want to improve my sword skills.」

「Hmm. I see. So, Kiri, do you also feel the same way? 」

「Ye…Yes! I also want to become strong and help Mister Seiya! 」

Well. Seiya will probably defeat the enemy on his own even if these two became capable enough after their respective trainings. But, since they were so eager to help…

「Hey, Celseus. Why don’t you teach them your swordsman skills? 」

I asked him to train them, but Celseus had an apprehensive expression on his face.

「I’ve already retired from swordsmanship. 」

「Ah, but…even if you retire, you’re still the Swordsman God. 」

I knew the real reason why Celseus was reluctant. The Spartan Training* with Seiya became a huge trauma for him. That’s why he began to hate swords.

Nonetheless, John Dae grabbed Celseus’ hands.

「I aspired to follow the path of a swordsman when I was young! So, it’s a huge honor to meet the Swordsman God of the heavenly world!」

「…Hmm. 」

「Please! Celseus! 」

「I…I implore you! Mister Celseus! 」

Celseus exhaled a big sigh after the two of them lowered their heads. Then, he took out his chef’s white robe and put his armor. He threw two wooden swords under their feet.

「So? What are you waiting for? Just grab those wooden swords. 」

「Is…Is it all right for you, Celseus!? 」

「The morning preparations for the cafe are completed. It’ll be fine if I teach them for a little while.」

「Mister Celseus!! Thank you very much!! 」

「Yeah. My training regimen is tough. Both of you show me what you’ve got. 」

…Celseus looked somewhat cool on his Swordsman God persona.

John Dae grabbed his wooden sword and launched it towards Celseus’ head.

「Ugh, what!? 」

In addition, Kiriko used her wooden sword to strike Celseus’ stomach.

「Agh!?…Ju…Just wait!! A moment!! Please, wait one moment!! 」

After getting hit hard by the two of them, Celseus activated his clairvoyance ability to see their status. His face got extremely red when he started to fret.

「Ki…Kiriko’s attack power exceeds 80,000 points…!? And John Dae’s attack power is over 100,000 points!? You’re already strong enough!!」

Well, both John Dae and Kiriko were residents of Exfolia, a world with a SS-rank difficulty of salvation. It was rather obvious that they wouldn’t be average beings.

However, both John Dae and Kiriko shook their heads.

「I still have long ways to go! I want to become stronger! 」

「Me too! I want to be as strong as Mister Celseus! 」

「Ah, no…In fact, my attack power is over 30,000 points… 」

It seemed that the two of them didn’t hear Celseus’ voice, who probably sounded like a mosquito’s lower buzz.

「Mister Celseus! Don’t worry about it! Let’s do it seriously! 」

「Kiriko! He’s a Swordsman God! Words won’t work on him! We should use our swords against his sword! Let’s turn Celseus into a serious mode with our own power!」

「I understand! I will do my best! 」

And then, John Dae and Kiriko began to beat Celseus with their wooden swords!

「Sto…Stop it, John Dae, Kiri!! Can’t you see that Celseus is foaming from his mouth!? 」

「…I did something very bad to Mister Celseus. 」

「Yeah. But, you know, he’s the Swordsman God. That’s why we never guessed that he was that weak in the first place…」

John Dae and Kiriko sat down on the café’s table chairs with unfathomable expressions, after they carried Celseus to his room at the back of the cafe when he fainted and foamed from his mouth.

Then, Seiya arrived at the cafe. He brought a long package wrapped in a white cloth.

「Ah, Seiya? Has your spiritual training finished? 」

「Yeah. I’ve had enough for the meantime. 」

「So, you can rest a little bit until the afternoon. 」

I gave him an empty chair, but Seiya didn’t sit and showed us his long package.

「Eh? What’s that? 」

「I used my spare time to make an experiment with synthesis…I’ve finally completed it.」

「Synthesis…Does that mean that you didn’t take any break all this time!? Are you okay!? Won’t you pass out again!?」

「I’m fine. I’ve already got a big load of worry out of my shoulders. 」

A big load of worry out of his shoulders? Did that mean that his “other case” was cleared up?

「Anyways, look at this. “Killer Sword”…This is my new sword that is going to replace the Platinum Sword.」

When Seiya took off the white cloth, I saw that three sheaths were placed inside the long package. Then, Seiya pulled out the sheaths, and I saw three shining silvery blades with jagged edges.

「Oh! Killer Sword! Looks like a wonderful sword! 」

John Dae stared fixedly at the swords. He looked amazed to see the Killer Sword that Seiya created himself. I used my Appraisal Skills, but I saw that it was an S-rank sword. It meant that it was just a little bit more aggressive and durable than the Platinum Sword itself.

I was very pleased to see that Seiya was able to synthesize a strong sword because the weaponry shops in Exfolia were scarce. Yet, I felt a bit worried about it. So, I asked him about my worries.

「Ex…Excuse me, Seiya…But, how did you make that sword? 」

「I used the Grand Lion’s hair, a part of Oxelio’s metallic body, and finally Ceremonic’s hair combined with the Plus A. I put everything together alongside the properties of the Platinum Sword.」

He had been collecting some body parts of the executive class enemies for the purpose of his synthesis experiments!? What a huge obsession…!! Bu…But, even so, what concerned me the most was…

「Sorry, but…I’m a bit curious about the “Plus A” part of your synthesis…What is it! 」

I was convinced that my hair was taken in large quantities. Nonetheless…

「Don’t worry. I only used one string of Lista’s hair this time around. 」

「Ehh!! Just one!? Not a hundred!? 」

「Yeah. Still, instead, the creation of the Killer Sword required a large amount of undead hair. That’s why I took a hundred of John Dae’s hair.」

I was relieved. Still, John Dae looked infuriated upon realizing the whole truth.

「Yo…You used that ridiculous amount of my hair!? When!? 」

「You are a corpse. So, you don’t have to worry about baldness since your hair fell from getting putrid.」

「No…Hey, wait a second!! That’s not a good excuse!! …Can’t you see that I’m not bald!? Don’t you have a mirror!?」

Seiya ignored John Dae, who screamed aloud, and offered one of three swords to Kiriko.

「Kiriko. You want to be strong, am I right? 」

「Eh…Ah, yes! 」

「Then, take one sword with you. 」

「Tha…Thank you very much! 」

How odd and rare for Seiya to give one of his swords to a fellow comrade!

Suddenly, I noticed that something was written on the bottom of Kiriko’s Killer Sword handle. When I looked closely at it…

…The name “Kiriko” was engraved on the sword.

「Eh! Kiri, your name is carved on the sword! 」

「I’m happy!! I will cherish this sword!! 」

「…If we mix up the swords we’ll lose track of whom it belongs to, that’s why they need names.」

Hmm. What kind of scene was this? I never saw Seiya give a present to somebody before. This was the first time I witnessed such occurrence.

Seiya also gave a Killer Sword to John Dae, who carefully touched his hair.

「I have one for you too. Grab it. 」

「Ah, yeah. I have complicated feelings now…But, regardless of that, I’ll take your sword appreciatively. Thanks.」

「Hey, hey. Did you carve John Dae’s name on it too? 」

Kiriko and I gazed at the handle of the sword that John Dae received from Seiya. And there was…

…It was written “Dead”.

「What the hell is wrong with my name!! 」

John Dae shouted at Seiya, but…

「I think that name is easier to understand whom that sword belongs to. 」

Seiya spoke as if it were nothing special. I laughed a little bit because it was the usual Seiya…

「I made one for you too. 」

「I…I have one for myself as well!? 」

I said the following words to Seiya after I received a Killer Sword.

「We…Well, I bet that you wrote “Idiot” or “Dummy Goddess” on the sword!! 」

And then, I moved the handle of the sword slowly because I was a bit wary to find out what Seiya wrote about myself. And there was…

…Nothing was carved in the handle of the sword.

「Just write something at least!! 」

Inexistent treatment…! This one was the hardest…!

Even the one that said “Dead” about John Dae was better than mine, which was blank, nothing at all, just air. However, I noticed that John Dae was staring at Seiya with wrinkles between his eyebrows.

「We have three swords. Then, together with the hero’s own sword…yo…you probably took four hundred strings of my hair…」

「No. I’ve pulled out more than six hundred strings of hair. 」

「AH!? Why did you take so much of my hair!? 」

「I needed a spare for my sword, and another spare. 」

「Do you really need that many!? 」

「I do. I actually used a lot of swords during the battle against the Grand Lion. 」

「Ugh! 」

John Dae gritted his teeth in rage because of Seiya’s annoying remarks. Regardless of that, Seiya looked at the horizon and proclaimed the following sentence.

「I’m going to Nephitet’s place after lunch. This time, I’ll learn everything about the Ghostbuster and finish this training for once and for all.」

After lunch, everyone went to the Graveyard of Gods.

Nephitet spoke with Seiya after he held his Killer Sword.

「It’s like giving your sword a part of your own spirit. You must feel as if your sword has become an extension of your arm.」

While holding the sword, Seiya closed his eyes, inhaled, and exhaled repeatedly. Although Seiya didn’t move for a while, something relevant happened afterwards. When Seiya opened his eyes, his Killer Sword blade was covered with a thin layer of a white membrane.

「Ohh! 」, John Dae and I shouted at the same time with amazement.

「I can see that you are a fast learner. That’s right. That’s the Ghostbuster. If you use it well, you’ll be able to inflict damage on any kind of ghost.」

「You did it, Seiya! 」

In addition to his natural talent, these results happened much faster than usual because of his diligence during the hard-spiritual training. Amazingly, he learnt the Ghostbuster immediately.

Seiya, who put the sword on his sheath, walked towards me.

Eh!! Wha…What!? Don’t tell me that I’ll get a celebratory hug!?

I was a bit nervous when I thought briefly about it…


Seiya hit my head with his fist!

I tried to scream, 「Why did you do that!! 」, but I noticed that my body fell on the ground. What!! He made me into a spirited body against my will once again!

But!! Wha…Wha…What was going on!? I became a spirited body just by being beaten up!?

「Hmm, I see. So, you also learnt the technique of turning your opponent into a spirited being without a mallet. You are really an excellent student.」

Nephitet was extremely impressed by Seiya’s talents…Ehhhhh!? Did he train that hard for the purpose of learning this skill as well!? Yet, he used me once again as an experiment to test his skills!? What the hell was wrong with him!!

Anyways, I overlapped myself with my fallen body and I returned back to normality.

「Do…Don’t turn me into a wandering spirit without my permission!! 」

I screamed at Seiya, but he stared closely at his hand.

「Yeah. Now the real problem is cleared as long as I find a suitable replacement. 」

「A suitable replacement? 」

John Dae asked Seiya about the meaning of his words.

「Uhhhhhhh!! *sobs* 」

Suddenly, John Dae began to shed some tears.

「Ehhhh!? What’s wrong, John Dae!? 」

「Uhhh! I’m convinced now! This hero is a terrible man capable of beating others or plucking someone else’s hair! Even so…」

John Dae continued to speak tearfully.

「You…You have been trying to change my undead body by returning my soul to an original human form, am I right!?」

「What!? Is…Is that true, Seiya!? 」

Kiriko hit her knees and spoke on behalf of Seiya after realizing something significant.

「Ah!! So, in other words, his “other case” was because of this reason!! 」

Was that the reason why he put John Dae’s spirited body onto the Lista creepy doll yesterday!? Summing up, while he practiced, he was thinking of curing John Dae from his undead state!! Seiya was a gentle person after all!!

We looked at Seiya with eyes full of admiration. Yet, Seiya stared at us as if he were seeing fools.

「What are you people talking about? 」

John Dae, who wiped his tears, touched Seiya’s back with a happy grin on his face.

「Ahaha! I know, I know! You are that type of guy who’s a “tsundere”! You can be tough and aggressive, but you can be amicable and lovable when you want to!」

John Dae tried to put his arm around Seiya’s shoulder. Nevertheless, Seiya dispelled his arm instantly.

「Stop it. You have rotten dead smell. Stay away from me. 」

「C’mon, don’t say it like that! Let’s get along well from now on! Partner! 」

「…I said, don’t get close to me. 」

Seiya hit John Dae with his powerful fist full of anger!

*bang bang BANG*

Seiya’s earth magic burst violently! I heard a terrible sound, and the body of John Dae disappeared into the ground! He was buried to an extent that his figure could not be seen anymore!

「Mi…Mi…Mister Seiya!? 」

「Seiya!? You overdid it!! I can’t even see John Dae’s forehead!! He is completely buried in the ground!!」

Kiriko and I were extremely shocked. Yet, Nephitet laughed as she approached us. She picked up John Dae’s Killer Sword named “Dead” and gave it to Seiya.

「You can pierce it in the ground. 」

「Yeah. You’re right. 」

Seiya pierced the sword in the location where John Dae was buried. Somehow, it looked like John Dae’s grave.

Seiya spoke with great fulfillment.

「In addition to mastering the Ghostbuster skill, I also succeeded in synthesizing the Killer Sword. Besides, I even managed to build the grave of a noisy person…」

And finally, Seiya touched his glossy hair like always.

「Perfectly Ready. 」

Nephitet raised her thumb at Seiya, while Kiriko remained speechless, and John Dae was buried in the ground. When I saw everything that unfolded right in front of my eyes, I began to doubt that Seiya’s “other case” was not really for John Dae’s sake.

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*Spartan children were placed in a military-style education program. At the age of seven, Spartan boys were removed from their parents’ homes and began the “agoge,” a state-sponsored rigorous training regimen designed to mold them into skilled warriors and moral citizens.


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