It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Studying all night won’t be efficient

「Whoa. This place is indeed the central continent. There are so many fresh monsters.」

The so-called Monster Market. Various monster ingredients like basilisks were being processed for sale. Moreover, some of the harvested monsters were being sold such as Jack O’ Lantern, Devil Carrots, Mash Mushroom, and Cockatrice.

「Young Miss Mina, you’re in a very good mood. 」

「Of course. I’ve never seen so many kinds of monsters for sale! …But, the next match will be about curry. So, I want to buy an ingredient called spice rather than just a monster.」

Mina came to the downtown area of the city to buy some ingredients. Jack went with her. It would be worrisome to let a girl go alone. Therefore, having a gentleman as her companion was a great idea.

「Spice. Is it really going to be a spicy curry? 」

「Yes. It was Mister Kyou’s idea. He is so talented with his ideas as opposed to ordinary cooks like myself. However, I mustn’t rely only on Kyou… I’m not the fighting type like Lily and the others, that’s why I want to give my best on cooking. But, maybe Mister Kyou doesn’t really need much of my help.」

「That’s not true, Young Miss Mina. My brother was able to play an active part in such a fine stage because the Young Miss invited him to the cooking competition. You were the reason why all of us came here. There’s no such thing as useless or unnecessary. Because of your support, my brother was able to achieve great results. You mustn’t belittle yourself.」

Jack tried to comfort Mina. She was taken by surprise at first, but soon, she smiled cheerfully. She beamed so brightly that everyone cheered up when they passed through her.

「Well, there are many rivals. But, maybe the Young Miss will have a chance at love, because you are a beautiful girl like a sunny flower.」

「Wha…What are you talking about, Mister Jack? It’s not my intention to… 」

「Oh my. Are you the one who cooks with the monster cultivator chef? 」

A neutral voice was heard from behind Mina’s back. That person was the opponent of the next match, the genius hero Shendo Bird.

「Are you perhaps looking for ingredients to prepare for the match that will be held in three days?」

「Ah, yes. That’s right. 」

「It seems I was correct. If that’s the case, then… 」

After he spoke those words, he finished his sentence by whispering on Mina’s ear.

「I will introduce you to a better place than here. I know about a secret market in the central continent that not many people know about.」

「You know such a place? But, is it really okay for me to go…? 」

「Of course, you can. Besides, it’s not fair that I’m the only one who knows about that place, right? So, let’s make the perfect preparations for each other in order to compete with our full potential in cooking.」

The smiling expression of Shendo Bird was filled with a magical smile. It seemed that he was somewhat intrigued or interested by older women.

「Yes! Let’s have a fair match against each other! 」

Unknowingly, an innocent Mina and Jack headed to a back alley as shown on the map given to them by Shendo Bird. Then, mysterious men ambushed them on that alley, attacking Jack and abducting Mina.

「No one is useless. But, well, you’re not a genuine useless thing in the first place. 」

That was the first time I heard Lily’s aggressive line towards Jack. It was a bit harsh, but I guess she had a point. If I thought deeply about it, I noticed that Jack was always getting punched and cornered to the wall in tough situations, isn’t that right?

「Big Sis Lily. I may look like this, but my heart is soft as a pumpkin. I want you to be more careful about your words. For now, all the information we have is the letter from the abductors.」

『I’ll keep this girl named Mina until the match of the semi-final is over. We won’t use violence or other forms of bad treatment. We just want to eat her food. We will release her after the semi-final is finished. Again, we are not vicious people. We want to taste her food. That’s all. There’s no relationship between us and Shendo Bird. Nothing at all. Remember that.』

…There was sentence that clearly stated the name Shendo Bird and that he had nothing to do with this abduction. It was really him. What a naughty person.

「What are we going to do, Kyou? This abduction was really Shendo’s doing. 」

Lily looked closely at the letter from the sideline. Yeah. Everything pointed to him. Okay, so about the contract made by the tournament management…

「Don’t do that. They won’t search seriously about this matter as long as there’s no connection between these men and Shendo. Moreover, he is the winner of the previous tournament. He gets a different treatment than the rest of us, but…」

Those were the words of Miss Katherina. Ye…Yeah. Surely. Besides, when I saw the sentence “We just want to eat her food”, I became a little wary about it. I wasn’t sure if this was the case or not.

For the time being, Miss Katherina confirmed Mina-chan’s safety. She said, 「No matter how cynical and cunning he is, he’s not cruel. He’s a hero after all. 」. Hmm. Well, it will be okay as long as he doesn’t hurt Mina-chan.

However, the other problem was that I was going to the semi-final without Mina-chan. Until now, Mina-chan did the main part of my cooking plan and finished everything promptly. I wasn’t aware of it because I was skipping most of the parts of the cooking process, but Mina-chan was a power behind me. Without her, the dishes would’ve been made by an amateur. Even the seasoning wouldn’t be enough to save me.

「As a rule, the contestants must be registered before competing in the grand cooking tournament. In other words, only my Lord Kyou and Mina must compete because you are the ones registered in the competition. It will become a foul if I helped my Lord Kyou as Mina’s substitute.」

Fitis explained the rule of the tournament. That’s right. In other words, I will be on my own on the next match. I will have to cook by myself and win over that genius hero. Oh gosh. It will be too serious and tough this time around.

「…Kyou. I will be looking for Mina. I’ll try to find her within these three days. If I do, I’ll bring her to you immediately.」

「Lily…Sorry about this. 」

「What are you saying? You’re not alone in this. I’m as much involved as you do. So, do your best and don’t think about giving up yet.」

「All right, it’s my turn now. 」

Miss Katherine stood up vigorously after she heard our talk.

「Fortunately, the food for the match will be curry. Even beginners can make curry. I’ll train you to create a dish worthy of being called a professional dish. Leave it to me. I’m great at teaching.」

Eh, what? She became extremely motivated even though I didn’t ask for any help. Actually, even Fitis was burning with excitement and determination.

「Please, leave it to me, Lord Kyou. I will help you as well. Together with my master, I will transform Lord Kyou into a great curry chef.」

「Exactly. Lily and the rest will search for Mina. Kyou, leave the rest to us. Okay, let’s go and study without sleeping.」

Hey! She told me some frightening sentence just now! She won’t let me sleep!? That’s torture!! Besides, if I studied all night without sleeping, the results won’t be efficient, right!?

「I understand. I’ll leave everything to you. Kyou, do your best too. 」

Well, I didn’t have any other choice but to do this now. I will do my best in order to polish my curry skills within the deadline. I also had to think about the recipe so that I won’t lose against the genius hero. But! Is it even possible to beat him?

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Ohh dear Kyou-kun, of course it is possible to win.


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