This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 102

Chapter 102: The Goddess of Seclusion

As soon as we returned to the God’s realm, Seiya headed towards Celseus’ cafe. John Dae, Kiriko and I followed him.

Seiya approached Aria and Adenela, who enjoyed a cup of tea at the garden table. Adenela’s eyes glittered when she noticed Seiya’s presence.

「Se…Seiya…! It…It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you…! 」

「Yeah. Go over there. 」

Seiya pushed Adenela away from him with his sheath in order to speak with Aria…Eh, he treated her coldly as usual!! How cruel!! The worst was that Adenela didn’t even mind his bad manners towards her!!

「Aria. Do you know a god with an effective technique against an enemy with no flesh nor bones?」

「In other words, a ghost-type enemy you ask… 」

Aria put her hand on her chin to think about it. Meanwhile, I asked John Dae the following question.

「Hey, John Dae. Is the Death Emperor a ghost-type enemy? 」

「I don’t know much about it. But, as the name suggests, the Death Emperor is a monster that probably has the power to control death. Even if the Death Emperor itself is not a ghost, there is a high possibility that he’ll release many ghost monsters to battle us. The hero is right; we have to be prepared for that possible scenario.」

「Hmm. Ah, but Seiya! Isn’t your special flame magic effective against ghost-types? Besides, you’ve already mastered Lady Valkyrie’s Astral Break, isn’t that so?」

However, Seiya shook his head.

「What will happen if my flame magic doesn’t work? Astral Break is effective, but on the other hand, that’s the only skill I know where I can go up against a ghost monster. And that’s no good. I want to learn a variety of techniques.」

Aria nodded slightly upon hearing Seiya’s words.

「You can definitely inflict great damage on all sorts of ghostly enemies if you learn the skills of the Goddess of Seclusion, Nephitet.」

The Goddess of Seclusion, Nephitet…I’ve never heard of her before. But, it sounded as if that goddess could teach Seiya about an effective technique against ghost monsters!

「Aria. Where is Lady Nephitet? 」

「She’s in the Graveyard of Gods. 」

「I see, Graveyard of Gods…Huh, graveyard, you say!? There is a graveyard in the God’s realm!? But gods don’t die!!」

「It’s very rare, but some gods were killed while rescuing other worlds because of powerful weapons such as the Chain Destruction. Besides…」

「Besides? 」

「Well…There’s a lot of things going on in the God’s realm… 」

Aria was going to say something to me, but stopped midway. I felt a little bit bad with myself because of my curiosity; therefore, I only listened to the address of the Graveyard of Gods located in the God’s realm.

The Goddess of Chance, Rusti, lived in the “Heavenly Mountain of Seclusion”. At the foot of her hut, stood the Graveyard of Gods.

「Uhhh…Miss Lista. Somehow, I’m a bit scared about this place… 」

「It…It’s fine, Kiri! This is the God’s realm after all! 」

I tried to comfort Kiriko, who was extremely afraid. Actually, we were walking through crosses and stone monuments lined up in a deserted foothill. It was an eerie scene. Even the sky was cloudier than usual.

I looked at a nearby stone monument.

…It was written, “Age of death: 35422442”.

That stone monument was the grave of a god who lived a great number of years. Why did he die?

While I was wondering about that…

「…The eternal life of us gods can expire instantly without us even noticing about it. 」


Suddenly, I heard a voice of a strange woman from behind my back. I screamed because it frightened me. I immediately turned around to see who had spoken.

There was a woman with a deep blue long hair. A beautiful but tired face, with a triangular white cloth on her forehead. But, what surprised me the most was…

…She…She had no legs!?

There was no under part coming from that woman’s torso! She was floating gently in the air! Then I freaked out for real…

「Oh my. You must be surprised. But, don’t worry. I am the goddess who manages this graveyard.」

Go…Goddess!? If that’s true, then that meant that this ghostly person was…The Goddess of Seclusion, Nephitet!!

For some weird reason, Nephitet was signaling at me.

「It’s all right. Come over here. 」

「Eh!? 」

「You can see from my face. I won’t harm you. Don’t be shy, because we are fellow gods.」

Nephitet put her hand on my shoulder and whispered with an imperfect speech.

「You came here to become an “Eta God”*, am I right? 」

「“Eta God”!? What’s that!? 」

「Eta God is a deity who is tired of living through the eternal time of gods and chooses to die by coming here.」

「Is…Is that so…But, you’re wrong!! I didn’t come here to become an Eta God!! 」

「What? I’m wrong? I thought that you came here to end of your life because of your thin-skinned face.」

How rude! I could still live for a longer period of time! I wasn’t tired at all!

「Then, why did you come here? 」

I tried to explain why we came to the Graveyard of Gods, but…

「Get out of my way, you Eta God. 」

Seiya pushed me away.

「I just said that I’m not an Eta God!! 」

I yelled at Seiya like always. But, it seemed that Seiya could only see Nephitet and nobody else.

「I want to learn a technique that is effective against ghosts. 」

「Ghosts, you say. There are many types. There are ghosts that don’t work well with fire magic, while there are ghosts that are strong against ice, and other ghosts that are strong against light. Even so…」

Nephitet pulled out a slender sword from her waist. At first glance, it was a weird-shaped sword with nothing special about it…

「…Ghostbuster. 」

At the same time Nephitet professed those words, the slender sword became covered with a white membrane.

「Wha…What’s that…? 」

「I gave my sword a spiritual power. Now this sword became the focus of “spiritual substance”. This sword is capable of inflicting damage on many kinds of ghosts.」

「Oh. So, a sword that commands spiritual energy can perform successful spiritual attacks. I’m sure it will work against all types of ghosts. Good. Tell me more about the “Ghostbuster”.」

Seiya was the great cautious hero as usual. Yet, Nephitet didn’t seem to be that impressed about him. She just waved her head gently.

「First, you have to acquire the spiritual power in order to transmit it to your sword. 」

Upon saying those words, Nephitet brought an object made of wood.

「You will become a wandering spirit if you hit your head on this mallet.** You can train your spiritual strength after you become a spirit yourself.」

Ehhhh!? First of all, Seiya had to become a wandering spirit himself!?

I thought it was a dubious practice…

「Okay. I understand. 」

Surprisingly, Seiya accepted it without any problems. When he received the wooden mallet from Nephitet…


Seiya slammed my head against the mallet without hesitation!

「Ugh!? 」

Why…Why the hell did he make me do it!? Just try it yourself!!

I tried to get angry with him. But, strangely enough, my body felt weirdly light and fluffy.

…On this precise moment. I was looking down at the fallen me from up in the air.


I noticed the presence of a white thread that came from my fallen head, which connected to my spiritual head. I felt that this occurrence was somewhat similar from when I left my body when Seiya and Valkyrie tried to cease Ceremonic’s curse. However, there was a difference this time…

「Uhhh…! The goddess has separated in two! So, the second body is the spiritual body!」

「I…I can see another Miss Lista from the body of Miss Lista who fell unconscious! 」

John Dae and Kiriko were able to see me this time.

「Kiri! Can you hear my voice? 」

「Yes! I can hear you! 」

I could have a normal conversation with the ones who were still alive even though I became a wandering spirit. But, when I tried to touch Kiriko, my hand slipped through.

After seeing the result, Seiya murmured.

「So, Nephitet. How can she return to her original body? 」

「She just needs to overlap her spiritual body with the body that has fallen on the ground. If she does that, she will return to her original body.」

「All right. Lista. Try it. 」

Why…Why was I obliged to be transformed into this state and still be ordered as a slave…!

While I felt dissatisfaction and irritation, I tried to lie down to fit with my fallen body.

「Ah… 」

Then, my spiritual consciousness returned to my original body.

Ah, great! I was finally back! Just when I woke up…


I felt a violent shock on my head. Then, I fell down and became a spirited body once again!

*screams like a mad woman*

「I wanted to try it twice, just to be in case…Yeah. I’m convinced now. I’ll do it too.」

「Don’t give me the “I’ll do it too”!! Don’t use me twice as a guinea pig experiment, you cruel idiot!!」

However, my words were useless, because Seiya ignored me like always and had already turned into a spirited body. The original body of Seiya was lying on the ground side by side with my original body, who also remained in the ground.

Nephitet spoke to our spirited bodies.

「Well then, the spiritual training will start now. 」

「Spi…Spiritual…training, you say? 」

「Let’s make a deeper progress in the Nikola Tesla’s research# in order to ascend the astral body from the properties of scandium## after a proper psychic study.」

I didn’t really understand the meaning of her words, but…somehow, they sounded occult and sinister!! I wondered what kind of training it was!?

Then, Nephitet looked fixedly at Seiya.

「For now, you should do 100 sit-ups and 100 push-ups. 」

「Wait a second!! That’s a hard-physical training!! 」

I really thought that it was a spiritual training…

「Yeah. Okay. 」

Seiya accepted it without hesitation and immediately began the push-ups on the ground.

We…Well, it shouldn’t be a problem since Seiya always liked the hard-physical training. Even so, I didn’t understand the meaning of this type of practice considering the purpose of gaining spiritual power…

After staring at Seiya for a while, Nephitet brought a white liquid in a cup and gave it to Seiya.

「This is called “Pro Spirit”, drink it. 」

「“Pro Spirit”!? What’s that!? 」

「This drink is a rich liquid containing essential amino-spirit acids that are necessary for the formation of a healthy spirited body. Your spiritual training will improve if you drink it.」

「Spi…Spiritual training, or should you say muscular training…!! 」

Seiya received the cup and looked at it with serious eyes. But, suddenly, he turned around, picked my nose aggressively and I opened my mouth impulsively!

「Ugh!? 」

The “Pro Spirit” drink was poured into my opened mouth!

「Wha…ugh…you…doin’…ugh!? 」

The liquid went through my throat.

「How is it? Is there any change in your physical condition or your spiritual essence? 」

「Ugh…Agh…Hmm, hey you…how dare you try to use me as an experiment every time you need, damn youuuuuu!!」

「Hmm. You seem fine. 」

「It is a safe drink. The Pro Spirit is a secure liquid that acts as a spiritual supplement.」

「All right. Then, I’ll drink it too. 」

「Do your best to reach the status of a spiritual macho. 」

And then, Nephitet slapped my shoulder and Seiya’s shoulder with such a great enthusiasm…No, why the hell was I being forced to drink a spiritual liquid!? I shouldn’t be drinking that Pro Spirit because I didn’t really want to become a spiritual macho!!

I was extremely enraged. So, I floated rapidly and returned to my original body. After that, Seiya continued with his spiritual training.

John Dae looked at Seiya with big admiration, who kept working hard on his spiritual-body training.

「Even so, it’s quite amazing, isn’t it? He keeps pushing harder and harder… 」

I saw many bubbles of sweat floating in the air. I didn’t know why a spirited body was sweating, but anyways, after seeing the figure of Seiya that kept working hard beyond the limits of human beings…

「So…So cool…! 」

Kiriko murmured with amazement. For sure, Seiya was looking masculine and, extremely bulky and attractive on this physical training.

After a long set of push-ups, Kiriko approached Seiya, who was drinking his Pro Spirit liquid.

「I want to be strong like Mister Seiya one day! 」

「Oh. Do you want to drink the Pro Spirit as well? 」

「Ah, no…That wasn’t what I meant… 」

Kiri didn’t say she wanted to drink that damned liquid. What’s wrong with that person…

「It will be counterproductive if you push yourself too much. Let’s take a break now. 」

Then, Seiya finally returned to his original body.

「There’s something I want to ask before the break is over. Nephitet. There’s this white thread that connects the original body to the head of my spiritual body…I’ll die if it’s cut?」

「It’s a spirited thread. Certainly, if someone cuts your spirited thread, you’ll die if you let it go for a long period of time. But, it won’t be a problem if it’s for a short time. By the way, you can also connect your spirited body to another user and fix it in the meantime.」

「Oh. So, for example, is it possible to separate the spirited body from its original body and put it in an altogether different body?」

Then, Seiya approached John Dae and hit his head with the wooden mallet.

「Agh!? 」

A spiritual body appeared from the fallen John Dae’s body.

「Hey you, what the hell did you do that to me so suddenly!! 」

John Dae, who became a wandering spirit, was extremely angry with Seiya. However, I noticed that Nephitet tried to give some weird scissors to Seiya.

「You’re going to cut the spirited thread, aren’t you? If so, then you should use these spirited scissors to detach the soul from its body without inflicting pain.」

Nevertheless, Seiya grabbed the thread that connected John Dae’s original body to his spirited body with both of his hands, and shredded it in half with his brute strength!

「It hurtsssssssss!! Why…Why did you do that, you bastarddddddd!!」

「Because it’s a bother. So, I just pulled it out with my hands. 」

「What’s a bother!? Just use that damned spirited scissors!! 」

Seiya completely ignored John Dae’s screaming and took out the golden doll from his pocket. That creepy doll was quite familiar…Actually, that doll was the doll that Seiya created to resemble myself.

「This is the Lista Hair Doll that I’ve made with Lista’s hair. I made this in order to create the Great Tarte, but it’s a waste to throw it away, so I’ll use it for further experiments.」

Seiya wrapped the free white thread of John Dae’s spirited body around the Lista Hair Doll! John Dae’s spirited body was sucked into the small doll!

「Ah!? Thi…This is…truly…myself now!? 」

Oh gosh! I heard John Dae’s voice coming from the Lista Hair Doll! Before long, the creepy doll began to shake its limbs as if it gained life!

Kiriko and I screamed incessantly after we witnessed that horrific and creepy scene!

「Gyaaaa!! The Lista Hair Doll is moving on its own!! 」

「Wha…What a scary thing!! 」

However, Seiya spoke with his arms folded.

「Okay. It worked fine. 」

「What worked fine!? 」

Both the dolled John Dae and I shouted in unison! I really didn’t understand the meaning of this childish act!

Nephitet approached us and said the following words.

「If you leave it for too long, the spirited body will assimilate into the doll and it won’t be able to return to its original state.」

John Dae, who became the haired doll, freaked out.

「Ju…Just hurry up and make me normal again!! 」

「Thi…This doll gives me such an awful feeling!! Seiya, get him back!! 」

「Okay. 」

Seiya hit the Lista Hair Doll with the wooden mallet afterwards. After removing the white thread wrapped around the doll from the head of John Dae’s spirit, Seiya tied the white thread onto John Dae’s head from his real body.

After John Dae got up from his original state, he asked the following question with great anxiety.

「Did…Did you attach the white thread properly onto my body!? Won’t it break again!?」

「It’s fine, don’t fret…I mean, probably. 」

「Why don’t you act more empathetic towards other people!? If you’re cautious, then be careful on how you deal with other people as well!!」

John Dae was angry. Yet, Seiya nodded satisfactorily, although with an expressionless face.

「Today was quite fruitful. I managed to witness some signs of resolution towards the other case.」

After a short break, Seiya became a wandering spirit once again. He resumed his hard-physical training that seemed to repeat endlessly.

「…Let’s go back. 」

We left Seiya quietly without disturbing his supposed-spiritual training, and we headed to Celseus’ cafe.

When I met Celseus at his coffee shop, I asked him if John Dae and Kiriko could stay with him while we were in the God’s realm. Celseus accepted my request promptly. It seemed that Celseus was fond of them. After all, they all worked together at the café not too long ago. He was going to lend them a room to stay for the meantime.

It was too early to rest, so the three of us were at the table in the cafe.

Kiriko spoke happily.

「I’m glad that Mister Seiya resolved his own troubles! 」

Thinking about it, he did say, “I managed to witness some signs of resolution towards the other case”. I didn’t really know what kind of other case he was referring to, but…Well, it was nice that he managed to solve it.

Suddenly, I noticed that John Dae was silent and with a difficult expression on his face. No wonder. He wasn’t the only victim in Seiya’s hands. Seiya also messed up with me today. I was a little sympathetic with John Dae and asked him to have a cup of coffee.

「I understand why you’re angry. So, why don’t you have a cup of coffee to cheer up? 」

After receiving the warm cup of coffee, John Dae mumbled with a different tone.

「I’m not angry. Well, I was angry during that time…But you see, now that I’ve thought deeply about it, maybe he was trying to…」

However, John Dae shook his head greatly.

「No…No! There’s no way that he’d do that in the first place! Oh my, I’m really tired today! I’m going to rest!」

「…John Dae?」

John Dae headed to his room abruptly, after leaving me and Kiriko absolutely confused.

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*Eta comes from the word Eternal, which in Japanese is written as “etaanaru” with katakana.

**A long-handled wooden stick with a head like a hammer, used for hitting a croquet or polo ball, or even for hitting percussion instruments.

#United States electrical engineer and inventor (born in Croatia but of Serbian descent) who discovered the principles of alternating currents and developed the first alternating-current induction motor and the Tesla coil and several forms of oscillators (1856-1943).

##The chemical element of atomic number 21, a soft silvery-white metal generally included among the rare earth elements.Scandium is used for aerospace industry components and for sports equipment such as bicycle frames, fishing rods, golf iron shafts and baseball bats.


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