This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 97 Part 1

Chapter 97: The Useless Goddess’ Great Efforts (1)

「Ugh…! 」

Ceremonic knew that it was a trap. Therefore, she tried to get away from the monitor extremely fast. However, before she could retreat, the room itself enveloped in a dazzling flash.

…The previous explosions were little when compared to the huge firepower of the current explosion. The earth snake that was showing the scene was destroyed in the process. The video turned into a sandstorm.

A new earth snake appeared in the Proxy Room from the ground, and the video was projected once again…

「Gyahhh…Ahhhh… 」

Ceremonic was laying in the ground with continuous convulsions. In addition to having lost her left hand at the 10th level, she lost her right leg due to the current explosion.

Ceremonic’s high-pitched breath resembled the sound of flying insects. But, then! The walls projected scorching flames directly towards Ceremonic! At the same time, the ceiling of the room made a loud noise and began to move in order to squeeze Ceremonic inside!

「Ju…Just how far did he go with his traps…!! 」

John Dae took a deep breath upon seeing the newly cruel traps.

『The Proxy Room is “the Last Fortress, one step before reaching you”. So, we must stop Ceremonic’s invasion here and now.』

As I read Seiya’s instructions, those unforgiving traps attacked Ceremonic immediately.

…When the ceiling that crushed Ceremonic returned to its original position, Ceremonic didn’t move anymore.

「Did…Did it kill her? 」

「I’ll check it out! 」

I couldn’t see her status before. But, now that Ceremonic looked fairly weakened, it may work…

I activated my clairvoyance ability to see her abilities.

Empress Ceremonic

Level – 99 (MAX)

HP – 1 / 666666

MP – 1 / 66666

Attack – 666666

Defense – 666666

Agility – 666666

Magic – 6666

Potential – 999 (MAX)

Resistance – Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Ice, Earth, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis, Curse, Instant Death, Sleep, Abnormal Condition

Special skills – Evil God Protection (Lv MAX), Curse Wave (Lv MAX), Instant Movement Visibility (Lv MAX), Dark Physical Strength (Lv MAX) *can only be killed with Light Attributes attacks*

Skills – Grudge Hand, Stealth Step, Dimension Step, Bloody Sisteria

Personality – Relentless

「I…I can see it! Her HP has only 1 point! 」

「Yeah. But, that means that she still has some life force left…! 」

「Her status says that she can be defeated with “Light Attributes attacks”! That means that we can finish her off with a power of light!」

I asked Kiriko a question.

「Listen, Kiri. Is there a way to reach Ceremonic from here? 」

「Let’s see…Ah, yes! Here is the item on the lower page of this scroll that says, “How to reach the Proxy Room by using the underground elevator”!」

After I took a long deep breath, I declared the following words after I made my own resolution.

「I will…finish her off! 」

Then, Kiriko showed me the scroll.

「Bu…But, look at his instructions! Mister Seiya says, “don’t get close to the Proxy Room, except in a case of emergency”.」

「Both her HP and MP are at 1 point! Ceremonic is almost dying! Besides, I’ve been watching her for a while now, and it seems that she doesn’t have any weapon with the Chain Destruction! That means that she can’t kill me permanently!」

「You…You have a point. She might use her instant movement skill again to teleport between the spaces in order to escape. So, it would be better to finish her off immediately…」

I gave the earth snake from my chest to Kiriko, who was worried about me.

「Here. I give you this earth snake mobile phone. I can talk with Kiri at all times. So, you don’t have to worry too much, okay?」

「But…I’m worried. I’m anxious about that… 」

「It will be fine! I practiced with the Goddess of Gold for times like this! 」

John Dae put his hand on Kiriko’s shoulder.

「Have faith, Kiriko. Let’s believe in the goddess. 」

「Ye…Yes! 」

「Okay, I’m going now. 」

After reading the page “How to reach the Proxy Room by using the underground elevator”, I went to the corner of our room. After I showed the page to the earth snake that appeared in front of me, it nodded positively as a response. It looked like I could go to the room where Ceremonic was staying.

After I waved goodbye to both John Dae and Kiriko, my body disappeared into the ground as if it were absorbed by moving sands.

I moved through the ground to the Proxy Room as if I were climbing the Cave Along. I noticed the presence of Ceremonic a bit further away from me. She was laying in the ground.

『Hey, goddess. Can you hear me? 』

Suddenly, I heard John Dae’s voice from the earth snake mobile phone.

「Yes. I’ve arrived here. 」

『Miss Lista. Please, be careful. 』

「It’s okay. I’ll do it immediately. 」

After I took a deep breath…I stretched my hand towards Ceremonic and raised my voice simultaneously.

「Ei, ei!! Ei, ei, eiiii!! 」

I heard noisy voices from the other side of the phone.

『Huh!! What the hell is that goddess doing!! She’s just saying “Ei, ei”, isn’t that right!? 』

『Mi…Miss Lista!? 』

Regardless of that, I kept chanting aloud…However, I didn’t see any changes on Ceremonic’s appearance.

『Hey, goddess!! Don’t be silly!! You’re not in a Summer Festival!! 』

I…I knew that!! Damned undead!! The power of light won’t be activated if I didn’t scream these ridiculous chants!! It couldn’t be helped though!!

「Ei, ei, ei!! Ei, ei, eiiii, ei, ei, eiiii!! 」

I kept screaming as a maniac even though I felt utterly embarrassed about this. Eventually, John Dae’s anger subsided and he just sighed deeply.

『Tha…That’s a “Summer Festival Goddess”…! I’m such a fool to have believed in her…!』

Who’s the Summer Festival Goddess!! By the way, what’s happening!? It doesn’t work even though I’m doing my best!!…Bardul!! That greedy goddess!! I’ll teach her a lesson!!

I tried to put out my hand closer to Ceremonic in order to produce more effect.

All of a sudden, Ceremonic’s arm, which didn’t have meat and was just bones, grabbed my wrist!

「Gyaaaaa!! 」

「Ohh…Ohhhhh…! 」

A groaning voice came out of a horrid mouth without teeth!

『This…This is bad! Kiriko, we must go there now! 』

『Ye…Yes! 』

I was about to cry when my arm was grabbed by Ceremonic’s arm.

Ahhhhh, why did this happen now of all places!? Why did I have to mess everything up!?

I regretted my decision. Nonetheless, I noticed some irregularity soon after.

「Ugh…Ah…! Ughhhhh…! 」

Ceremonic was groaning painfully!

「Wha…What? 」

Before long, I noticed that a faint light came out of my hand and spread throughout Ceremonic’s body!

No…No way!! My power was really working on her!? Gre…Great!! If this was really true, then I’ll scream with all my might!! Get out!! My goddess power!! C’mon…Plus Ultraaaaaaaa!! (EN: OHHHHH!)

「Ei, ei, ei, eiiiii!! Eiiiii, ei, ei, ei!! Eiiii, ei, ei, eiiiii!! Ei, ei, ei, ei, ei, ei, ei, ei, ei, ei… 」

I’ve never screamed so much in my life. I kept screaming “ei, ei” without stopping.

「Are you okay, Summer Festival Goddess!! 」

「Miss Lista!! 」

The two of them emerged from the ground extremely worried about me. However, they became so shocked upon seeing Ceremonic.

Ceremonic was completely wrapped in light as if she were a mummy. The arm that was holding my wrist fell to the ground without force.

「Did…Did you finish her off…? 」

「Maybe…I’ll check it out… 」

I focused on her physical strength when I activated my clairvoyance ability to see her status.

Empress Ceremonic

Level – 99 (MAX)

HP – 0 / 666666

「Her HP is 0! She is finally dead! 」

I screamed with happiness. Then, I looked at John Dae and Kiriko, and noticed that both of them were silent.

Ugh! Were they amazed in a negative way? Well…It couldn’t be helped though. Actually, my way of finishing her off was pretty lame…Ah, I wondered why I never got the chance to feel great and victorious. I wished I were cool, but I wasn’t…

Nevertheless. Contrary to my own expectations, John Dae and Kiriko expressed utmost admiration.

「Your power of light was superb!! I take my words back, goddess!! 」

「…Eh? 」

「You…You’re amazing, Miss Lista!! You won without Mister Seiya!! As expected of a great goddess like you!!」

「Yo…You think so? It was nothing special… 」

I responded with a humble face, but…


I screamed with my heart full of joy upon hearing those expressions of approval.

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