It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Is it Arabia, or is it Indian food? (Prejudice)

「You did it, Kyou. I didn’t know you could provide so much sophistication with your dishes.」

「Mr. Kyou! Thank you so much! We’re finally going to the Second Round! It’s all thanks to Mr. Kyou!」

「As expected of my Lord Kyou! No one could imitate your delicate tricks! It was superb! 」

「Master! Congratulations! 」

「Papa! Congratulations! 」

「It was amazing. Both Isu-chan and I are extremely happy for you! 」

「That’s my brother. He has something that none of us has. He has a yearning and heart for everything he does.」

I won the first round and received praise from everybody. It was a little embarrassing, but I was honestly happy about it. However, I’ve been curious for a while now. But, Jack…When did he get a humanoid form?

「Congratulations, Kyou-san. Let me congratulate you on your victory. 」

I heard an unfamiliar voice from behind. I turned around and I saw that it was a known figure. It was the beautiful young boy with a brownish skin. He wore an attire that reminded me of the story of the Arabian Nights. I was told that this boy, named Shendo Bird, was the winner of last year’s tournament.

「Actually, it has been decided that my opponent of the semi-final shall be you. 」

What!? He was going to be my opponent in the semi-final!? The runner-up was my opponent in the first round, and now the winner will be my opponent in the semi-final!? I had no luck on this particular tournament.

「In…In fact. To tell you the truth, I thought of using my cooking choice reward for the battle against the Sage Hero. But, since you’ve defeated the Sage Hero yourself, I shall use it on you instead.」

Just, hey! Why did everyone wanted to use their trump cards against me! Please give me a break! Why did these people have to be so arrogant towards me? Did they really see me as a real threat?

「I shall choose curry as the next culinary item. You can choose whichever curry you’d like. 」

Curry? That choice was surprisingly normal. I thought that he would choose a genre that I wasn’t good at, but curry was a rather odd choice. In a way, wasn’t this dish a common dish among people’s households?

Hmm, I see. No wonder how this kid got this confidence. He was the champion after all. Thankfully, curry was a versatile dish where I could use my cultivated veggie monsters.

「Okay. I don’t mind it. 」

「Yeah, so the semi-finals are due in three days from now. Let’s prepare the necessary ingredients until then and do our best.」

I held my next opponent’s hand and I realized that I was wrong about him just by touching the firm grip of his hand. This young boy was not arrogant at all. Rather, he came to this year’s tournament to crush his opponents with full preparedness.

「Hey you. You seemed to be confident about his cooking choice. But, do you really have a chance to win this upcoming match?」

The first round of the Grand Cooking Tournament finally ended. The four representatives who won their matches advanced to the semi-finals. Their new opponents were selected promptly. We were discussing the plan for the next match at the lodge of the hotel where the participants were staying at.

「Eh, why do you say it like that? We’re talking about curry. I can make it myself. 」

「That’s an overstatement, Kyou. 」

I heard someone else’s voice. I noticed that it was the voice of the Sage Hero, Miss Katherina. She approached me and sat right next to me. I felt that she became a lot closer to me than before.

「That boy won the last tournament with curry. 」

「Eh? 」

「Lord Kyou. That boy, Shendo Bird, is known to have the greatest ability to create the best curry in the world. In fact, that boy was the first person in the world to produce curry. A dish that produces a variety of spices and combines them together.」

「He uses many seasonings just as you do. He’s a fierce opponent. 」

Of course, I knew that too. That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I first heard about it. Actually, I thought of creating this small trick with spices against my new opponent! But, my opponent foreshadowed this and brought this genre first!

「I’ve heard those rumors too. The curry he makes is called the curry from the realm of the gods. I also heard other people describe him as the golden right hand, among other things.」

Hey, c’mon. Let’s stop this talk about “realm of gods” or something. This felt like coming straight out of a manga about food. I mean, how much greater was my opponent? So, please, stop talking this rubbish to get my hopes down before the actual fight happens!

「Well, in any case, it will be difficult to outsmart him either be it in curry or anything else. Putting that aside, curry is not actually a bad choice. That boy has spread the creation of curry to different countries. Therefore, the taste varies widely from place to place. I feel that curry has some sort of multiplicity and range. I’ve eaten some of the curry he made before, but I’ve never been able to reach the taste of his curry ever since then.」

Surely. Curry was a food that changed taste and personality depending on the person who made it. It was possible to use many ingredients to create it. This was the only dish that could combine many ingredients into one recipe. There were endless variations where one could choose and what one could mix. That was Curry.

Well, maybe it would be better to talk about this with Mina-chan and think about what kind of Curry we’re going to make. I tried to look for Mina-chan, but I couldn’t see her with us. I told her to look for some ingredients in town. But, it was a while ago. And yet, she still didn’t come back? Just as I thought deeply about it, the door opened abruptly. Jack came rushing from there as if it was the end of the world. He screamed at me, but he was so out of breath that I couldn’t understand what he said…until the very last word.

「So…So, sorry…Brother…Mina-chan was…kidnapped… 」

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