This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 91

Chapter 91: The Goddess of Gold

I left the Great Goddess Isister’s room and went to the Cafe De Celseus. When I arrived, I was surprised to see that Seiya and Aria were still speaking with each other.

What!? I thought that Seiya had already started his training sessions!!

There was something odd going on between them. Seiya had an unsatisfactory expression on his face while he spoke with Aria.

「Is it really not possible? Can’t I practice for a hundred hours a day? 」

「I will say it again. That won’t be possible, Seiya… 」

I laughed a little. Then, I approached Seiya who remained silent after hearing Aria’s denial.

「Hey, Seiya! A day has only 24 hours! 」

Seiya looked at me and sighed deeply. I was clueless, but Aria explained to me what was going on between them.

「Lista. Seiya wants to practice with a god who has the power to prevent curses. But, it’s tough for me because I can’t grant him his request.」

「A god that prevents curses? 」

Then, John Dae explained the following from the other side of the table.

「The Emperor Ceremonic from the Southern Continent of Cress is known as the “Walking Disaster”. He is rumored to cast powerful curses. But, nobody knows what kind of curses this enemy is capable of using…」

Ah, I see. That’s why Seiya wanted to acquire a new skill for the battle with Ceremonic Emperor.

「But, Aria. Why isn’t Seiya able to learn that skill? 」

「Some boundaries can’t be crossed no matter how hard one tries. For example, no matter how hard Seiya trains himself, he won’t be able to use Lista’s “healing magic” powers. The problem is quite simple. Effort and talent aren’t always enough. On this particular issue, the problem is the “characteristics”, on which Seiya can’t learn the skill he wants. After all, the power to prevent curses belongs to the same power as Lista’s healing magic.」

「 Is that so? I see. That’s a shame… 」

Then, I realized something important right after I spoke.

「Wait!! If that’s the case, why don’t I learn that skill myself!? 」

「Eh, yes. I recommended that option to Seiya. But, he hated the idea. 」

Seiya was staring at me with a disgusting face.

「I refuse. I won’t get good results with this option. 」

「But, you won’t know about that until we try!! 」

「I know it too well. You never did something useful on my behalf. 」

「Well, that is…it may be so, but…! 」

Seiya completely ignored me, and changed topics.

「If this is the result, then I don’t have the choice but to change my plan. 」

After saying that, I shouted aloud after Seiya began to walk away.

「Ah, Seiya! The Great Goddess Isister wants to see you! Go to her room later on! 」

He raised one hand slightly upon hearing my words. He looked extremely annoyed. Even if it was a bother for him, Seiya had a cautious personality. That’s why I knew that he would go visit the Great Goddess Isister later today.

Aria smiled afterwards.

「Well…We’re talking about Seiya after all. He’ll find an alternative way to prevent curses. 」

Still, my sense didn’t fade. Everything would be solved if I acquired that skill!

「Aria! I want to do it for real! I want to learn that skill! 」

「Eh! But, Seiya… 」

「What if Seiya doesn’t find an alternative way to learn how to prevent curses! Nothing would go to waste if I end up mastering that skill! I might be useful somehow even if learns an alternative way! Am I right?」

「That is…I guess you’re right. 」

「Please, Aria! Introduce me to the god that prevents curses! 」

Aria finally nodded positively after I convinced her with my sincere appeal. On this moment, my heart began to burn fervently.

So far, I only made lunch boxes for Seiya while he trained extremely hard! Instead of being useful only for cooking, I could do much more in order to support my hero on this saving quest! I finally got a chance to prove my worth as a goddess! I began to see the “sun in the horizon”! A new hope for me!

Okay! I’ll do it! I could finally be useful for Seiya if I learnt the skill to prevent curses!

I was extremely excited. However, Aria was looking seriously at me.

「If you’re willing to learn, Lista. Then, bring as much money as you can from your room. 」

「Much money, you say!? Okay, I understand…But, for what!? 」

『Listen, Lista. The God of Light would be the appropriate god to teach you about preventing curses. But, right now, the God of Light is saving another world. In addition, the second candidate Dazuma, the Glittering God, is also away. That’s why I will introduce you to the third candidate, the Goddess of Gold, Bardul. Actually, I’m not too familiar with this goddess, but…』

At this precise moment, I was walking through the paths of the Heavenly Green Forest. Aria told me to go on the opposite direction from the place from where Mithis was, the Goddess of Bow, and the Well of No Return, where Zeth, the other Goddess of War, was trapped within.

After walking for a while, the dense forest dissipated a little and a new scenario unfolded right in front of my eyes. There was a large mansion with a tiled roof.

Most of the buildings and structures of the God’s realm resembled the medieval western architecture of Seiya’s world. Yet, this large mansion looked like a temple in Japan. It looked a bit out of place to be honest.

I crossed the pond to arrive at the entrance. Then, I slowly opened the door made of wood.

「Excuse me… 」

There was a large tatami* in front of me. I wondered how many tatami were used on the floor. On the backside of the room was a rehearsal hall. Someone was sitting next to an oriental altar as if it were used for meditation.

「Sorry. Excuse me, please. But, are you the Goddess of Gold, Bardul? 」

When I called over, that person opened her eyes slowly.

「…Quite so. I am Bardul. 」

She stood up and walked slowly towards me. Bardul was a little bit overweight and resembled a middle-aged auntie. She wore a gorgeous golden kimono and wore many ornaments around her neck and hands. Because of that, she made a noise every time she took a step forward.

「Well then, my child. What are your worries? 」

「I…I’m a bit in trouble on my quest to save a world. That’s why I came here to ask for your help, Lady Bardul. I want you to teach me the technique to prevent curses.」

Then, Bardul smiled tenderly at me.

「If I teach you about the secret of my power, you will be able to seal your opponent’s curse, meaning that your opponent’s curse won’t be triggered. Also, if someone gets cursed, you’ll be able to extinguish that curse immediately.」

「Is…Is that so! Amazing! Please, tell me your secret! 」

「Of course, my child! I shall accept you as my pupil and you will gain the power of the universe!」

Ah, thank goodness! Unexpectedly, everything went smoothly! I was going to be trained properly this time!

「So, Lady Bardul. How long does it take to learn that curse-sealing technique? 」

「That will depend on your heart. Please, show me your feelings child. 」

「I won’t lose to anyone with my determination and motivation! 」

This time, I’ll help Seiya no matter what! With this determination in mind, I grasped both of my fists in front of my chest… Nonetheless, Bardul’s face became cloudy.

「Ah no, that wasn’t what I meant…Please, express to me your “feelings”. First, you should express your gratitude for introducing myself as Bardul. I shall accept 1000 godon.」

I shouted immediately at Bardul, who made a money gesture to me with her thumb and index fingers.

「Ehhh!? Those were the “feelings” you were talking about!? 」

Bardul hardened her expression even further.

「Don’t you want to save that world!? 」

「Ye…Yes, but…! But, introductory money is a bit…! 」

By the way, godon was the holy currency used in the God’s realm. Due to our influence as deities, all of us could create many necessary things for our life with the power bestowed by the Supreme God of Creation, Brahma. However, if we wanted to have extras, like for example, fashionable clothes made by the God of Art, or luxurious furniture made by the God of Architecture, it’d be necessary to pay for it. That’s why we used a special currency, named godon, for those extra necessities in the God’s realm.

「I won’t tell you my secret if you don’t pay the introductory money. 」

And then, Bardul turned her head away.

…I looked into my wallet. In addition to the money I received from the Great Goddess Isister every month as an allowance, I also received a large sum of money as my reward for saving Geabrande. Therefore, my total savings amounted to 30,000 godon.

I took a 1000 godon banknote from my wallet.

「I…I understand. So, here it is… 」

「Oh! I shall receive your feelings with delight! 」

Bardul received the banknote straightaway as she grabbed it quickly from my hand.

We…Well, 1000 godon was not too much to being with! I’ll gratefully pay it in order to start my training soon enough!

「Well then, Lady Bardul! Thank you for receiving me! I’ll be in your care! 」

However, Bardul brought a large pot with her and placed it in front of me.

「This pot must increase in weight if you want to learn about the secret of curse-sealing! I shall receive 4000 godon now!」

…A…A pot…!?

I was speechless. Then, she took a small box and showed me plenty of jewels and accessories in it.

「Moreover, you need to have a sacred item to help you invoke the curse-sealing technique. I have a large selection of tokens, such as rosary beads, rings and other glittering ornaments! Everything at a reasonable price!」

…This…This…This goddess is…!!

「Ah, my child! Don’t you know other gods with curses troubles? If you invite your god friend to learn this secret too, I’ll give you a special discount fee! This way, the formula of your divine power will increase significantly!」

She gave me a stamp card by force.

…Oh no!! This auntie goddess was too shady!!

This scenario was completely different from the training I’ve envisioned. I gave the stamp card back to her.

「No!! First, introductory money, then sacred items and now you want to get profits by using my friends!? This is too much!! And in the first place, isn’t there a rule that things obtained in the God’s realm shouldn’t be taken to the human world!?」

「After purchasing the item, you just need to put it near the pot and a rosary in order to adapt the power of the newly acquired skill! Even if you stop this ritual, and go to the earthly world, the effect will last for three whole days!」

Re…Really…? Still, I couldn’t trust anything she professed…!

This auntie goddess got a sharp tongue. Then, she fiercely increased her tone.

「Anyways! The ritual is absolutely necessary for the curse-sealing technique! I won’t be able to teach you this without purchasing the necessary tools for the ritual!」

Under normal circumstances, I would go home immediately without buying anything. But, I felt a great deal of annoyance when I recalled the battle between Seiya and the Grand Lion.

…I really wanted to help Seiya no matter what…!!

In the end, I ended up purchasing the scared items necessary for the ritual. I paid 29,000 godon for everything she demanded. My pocket money had almost entirely disappeared.

Among the items, I bought a ring with a rosary that was supposed to be very special for the ritual. After holding the pot in one hand, I told Bardul the following words.

「All right! Now, you’ll train me, right? I’ll be under you care! 」

However, Bardul was looking fixedly at my godon, and not exactly at me.

「No, my child. The training is complete. 」

「Eh…! It…It can’t be…! How…! 」

「Your training was completed once you purchased the items. You should go home now. I shall you give my thanks.」

After staring at the plump goddess counting my godon banknotes with a humming song…My anger finally reached its peak.

「Don’t you dare joke with me, you old hag!! How the hell is my “training complete”!! I just bought some items, a rosary and a pot!!」

「What!? 」

The auntie goddess began to scream when I held her chest with anger.

「Wha…What a foul mouth you have…! Oh lord…You are a very dangerous goddess…! 」

「Who’s the dangerous one here!! Anyways!! Just return my godon back, you cheating goddess!!」

「Just wait a second! I’m not a cheating goddess! I’ll prove it to you! 」

And then, Bardul rushed to the altar and brought a wooden box with her. Then, she took a doll in a kimono out of the wooden box. The doll resembled the Japanese dolls of Seiya’s world. However, the hair was fairly longer and she was somewhat creepy.

「This doll is a cursed doll whose hair grows little by little every night. 」

「In…Indeed. I can really feel an ominous feeling coming from that thing…But, why is that thing in the God’s realm in the first place?」

「I ordered this doll purposely because I wanted to practice with curse-sealing. After you gain some power with the sacred items, it will be possible to dissipate this curse with a spell…」

Then, Bardul sprinkled the rosary over the doll.

「Curse! Disappear! Go, go away! Ei, ei, ei, ei! 」

My breath was heavy as I watched this scene. Yet, nothing happened at all. It looked like this auntie goddess cheated again.

After a while, I grabbed Bardul’s chest again.

「What the crap is this “ei ei” thing!! 」

「Ple…Please calm down! Just look! 」

I heard a strange sound and the cursed doll’s black hair fell off.

「The…The doll’s…hair…!? 」

Bardul spoke satisfactorily, while pointing at the doll that became bald.

「See! The curse dissipated away! This is the real technique! I showed you the secret of the curse-sealing!」

「But, isn’t this thing just a bald doll!? 」

The more I looked at it, the more I saw just a regular Japanese doll whose head became bald.

「I have other dolls! So, let’s practice a bit more! 」

「Ehhhh… 」

A similar longhaired doll was placed right in front of me. I tried to do the same thing as Bardul did to lift up the curse.

「Cu…Curse, please disappear…Now…Ei, ei… 」

「You have to strongly believe in it!! You have to say it with more power and passion!! Like an artist that wields the towel to a cheering and lively audience!! Or like an angry audience who scream angrily at their artist who just disappointed them on stage!!」

Was she trying to tell me to be a bad customer with rude manners!?

I tried to scream with all my might while shaking the rosary on the doll.

「Ei, ei!!  Ei, ei, ei, ei!! Eiiiiiii!! 」

And then, I heard the strange sound! The hair fell and the doll became bald!

「Bald! I did it! It’s bald now! 」

「Yes, it is bald! Congratulations, my child! 」

「Ah, no!! Wait a moment!! Didn’t I just make a doll turn bald!? 」

「This result is superb! You could only do it because the power of light was activated! You’ve learnt this expertise and got a license! So, this is the ending of your training! Congratulations! The exit is over there!」

「The training is already over!? Is this really okay!? 」

In addition to the short period of training, I felt that the quality was too low when compared to Seiya’s training. I didn’t know what a license was, or if it was really necessary to have one in the first place.

I wasn’t convinced about this training. It felt too abrupt and fake. Then, I noticed that Bardul returned to the hall room and went to the altar. She bent over and had a serious expression on her face.

「Ah, godon. I need more, much more godon. No matter what I do, and no matter where I go, I’ll make sure to have more godon…」

I felt uncomfortable after witnessing such a scene.

Bardul was a powerful goddess that lived a privileged life in the God’s realm. Why would she be crazily obsessed with godon?

I noticed that Bardul was looking attentively at some photo at the altar. It was the picture of a youthful male god.

…Wa…Wait! Don’t tell me that that god was…Bardul’s…?

I was curious, so I asked Bardul the following question.

「Excuse me, Bardul. Why do you go to such lengths just to get godon? 」

「That’s because… 」

Then, Bardul began to grin weirdly.

「Of course, I’ll go to such lengths in other to accumulate more godon!! I’m saving enough money to further expand this magnificent Bardul Palace!! And someday, I’ll live here with the handsome god of this photograph, my dear “Lord Apollon”!!」

「Was that the reason why you’re so fanatical with godon!? What an insane greed you have, you old auntie!!」

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*A tatami (畳) is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms. Traditionally made using rice straw to form the core, the cores of contemporary tatami are sometimes composed of compressed wood chipboards or polystyrene foam.


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  1. I’m glad Lista finally got her own training event, even if it was somewhat anticlimactic. Bardul is most likely telling the truth about the training being complete, since Aria seems to trust her and it would be more profitable for her to prolong the training and squeeze more money out of Lista. As for the speed of the training, I’m guessing it only seems easy to Lista because of the similarities between curse-sealing and healing. For those with less healing skill, training would probably be harder.

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      • Seiya didn’t learn because Aria never told him about goddess of gold, cause she knew Seiya can’t possibly learn it because he doesn’t have Godon money (he has gold coins for quest though which is different).

    • Seiya didn’t learn because Aria never told him about goddess of gold, cause she knew Seiya can’t possibly learn it because he doesn’t have Godon money (he has gold coins for quest though which is different).

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