This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 90

Chapter 90: New Comrades

Instead of saying “No” or “Okay”, Seiya just stared silently at my face. I felt uncomfortable because he was staring at me with an apathetic expression. I couldn’t read his emotions, therefore, I felt increasingly anxious… I felt an unpleasant sweat spread throughout my back.

…Please, c’mon!! Just say something!! Why was he making me feel so uncomfortable!?

On this moment, Kiriko, who was hiding behind me, took a step forward.

「Is it not possible!? I will try my best not to get in your way!! I…I want to go on an adventure with you two, and…you know…I want to become a lovely woman just like Miss Lista!!」

「Kiri…!! 」

Kiriko was shaking severely. She was extremely scared of Seiya. I perfectly knew how she felt. However, she shouted aloud to tell her inner feelings even though she was a scared little girl’s soul on a Killing Machine body. Her courage became the focus of my determination.

Yes. But, I wondered if I had enough courage to show him my true feelings…All right! Okay, I’ll do it! I’m going to activate my special attack now, the “Listarte Super Dogeza”!

「My lord Seiya!! I’d like to make a request, so please give me your approval… 」

However, the moment I got on all fours…

「…Fine. 」

My time stopped upon hearing Seiya’s response. After a while, I finally swallowed the reality of this situation.

「Ehhhhh!! That easy!? But, you once refused to take Elle and Mash with us during Geabrande’s quest, am I not right!?」

「That machine might have been a human once before, but, right now, it’s a monster. Therefore, I can rest assured because I won’t need to worry about saving a monster. That’s why I’m allowing that thing to tag along with us.」

I was appalled to see that Seiya didn’t fret nor did he oppose to the idea of bringing Kiriko with us. Yet, Kiriko was beaming with joy as she moved her body happily.

「I’m so happy!! I will do my best!! 」

「Just carry my luggage for the time being. 」

「Yes! With pleasure! 」

Kiriko carried Seiya’s luggage with such a delight. When I stared at the hero’s bored face, I realized that he had this ulterior motive hiding from the beginning.

…Somehow, I felt that Seiya sympathized with Kiriko’s situation. We wouldn’t know what would happen to Kiriko if we let her be alone in Exfolia. Maybe that was the reason why Seiya decided to take Kiriko with us…Well, I wasn’t really sure about his intentions. But, I wanted to believe he truly felt that way.

Soon, John Dae, who was watching the scene from afar, approached us.

「So, what are you going to do from now on? Are you going to defeat the Southern Emperor Ceremonic?」

Nevertheless, Seiya shook his head.

「No. There’s something I have to do before that. 」

「Something you have to do, you say? 」

I was the one to respond instead of Seiya.

「You know. Seiya is planning to practice in the God’s realm. 」

「Eh!! Practice in the God’s realm!? At this timing!? Because, normally one would… 」

I pat John Dae’s shoulder after he freaked out.

「Well, we’re just going to dive in now. Honestly, I feel a bit tired. 」

「Why are you tired!? And what the hell do you mean by “dive in”!? 」

「Yes, dive in. Anyways. Just wait a little bit. 」

John Dae stood in front of us silently, while I summoned the portal to the God’s realm to dive in with Seiya and Kiriko.

「See? There’s no reason to freak out. It won’t take much time. We’ll come back here within one hour.」

「…That’s not my point. 」

Then, John Dae spoke with a serious complexion.

「If you’re going to the God’s realm… Then there must be a god down there that can ascend me quickly and painlessly to heaven. Can you take me along with you?」

「No. You should stop thinking about that. John Dae, listen. You’re fairly okay now. 」

「Of course I’m not okay! I don’t want to be a half-dead person who might lose its consciousness at any moment!」

To be honest, I couldn’t ascend him to heaven because of my lack of power.

「…I understand. 」

I was a bit reluctant but nodded positively in response.

We arrived at the God’s realm square from the portal. I could finally breathe the fresh and positive atmosphere of the God’s realm after spending a long time engulfed with the dark air of Exfolia.

「Kiri! John Dae! What do you think? This is such a nice place! 」

However, unlike my expectations, Kiriko held her head down, while John Dae had a painful expression on his face.

「Wha…What’s wrong with you two!? 」

「I suddenly feel sick…! 」

「Me…Me too…! 」

…Did they feel sick because of the godliness that filled the God’s realm!?

Even if they weren’t evil, the fact that both of them were monsters remained unchanged. Maybe my guess was correct.

If so, then…there was only one solution.

「Come with me!! 」

I grabbed Kiriko’s hand and began to run forward.

As we sat on a table at Cafe De Celseus, John Dae and Kiriko felt pleased when they stared at the face of the shopkeeper Celseus.

「I feel much better now! I don’t feel any godliness from this person! 」

「Yeah, there’s certainly nothing going on with him! It feels as if I’m standing next to a human instead!」

「What on earth do you mean by that!? 」

Celseus scolded them angrily, but as I expected, there was little godliness around here.

I grinned to Celseus, who was a god but had no godliness.

「Well, well, isn’t it great! They like your place because it’s a nice “place to relax”! At least they feel at ease with you around them!」

「I don’t feel happy about that!! The true meaning is completely different from what a “place to relax” is supposed to mean!! By the way, Lista!! If I’m not godly, then you’re not godly as well!!」

「Eh!? 」

Kiriko nodded in agreement.

「It’s true that I don’t feel any pain when I’m close to Miss Lista… 」

「You…You’re kidding, right!? Kiri!! 」

I shouted aloud. Kiriko and John were having fun while looking at the sun as they covered their faces slightly from the beautiful rays of light.

「…Well, in fact, both Lista and Celseus were originally humans to begin with. Not much time as passed since they’ve reincarnated as deities. It can’t be helped though.」

I heard a familiar voice from behind us. When I looked back, I saw Aria, a senior goddess from the God’s realm. Kiriko and John were unable to look directly at Aria because she radiated a dazzling holy light.

I…I see. So, we were less divine because we were once human beings. But, I disliked the idea of being put in the same category with the likes of Celseus…

Kiriko noticed that I felt depressed. Therefore, she tried to encourage me.

「But, I have so much fun and happiness when I’m with Miss Lista! 」

「Ah…! Kiri…! 」

John Dae spoke to Aria while she looked affectionately at Kiriko for speaking lovely words to me. He must have realized that Aria was a high-ranking goddess because of her overflowing heavenliness.

「As you can see, I’m an undead. I came here because I wanted to find a god that could ascend me to heaven…Is it possible for you to do it?」

Regrettably, Aria shook her head.

「Only a god with the power of healing can ascend an undead to the heavens peacefully…Or the power of light. Unfortunately, Lista can’t release her natural healing power. Moreover, the God of Light isn’t currently in the God’s realm at this moment.」

Of course, Seiya and I weren’t the only ones requested to save other worlds. There were some gods in the God’s realm that summoned other heroes in order to save earthly worlds from external menaces. The God of Light was in the midst of a saving quest.

Aria smiled gently to a silent John Dae, who looked extremely dejected.

「Why do you want to ascend so badly? There’s no need to rush it. 」

「But, I could lose my human consciousness at any moment now… 」

「As far as I can see, your brain has not been eroded by the undead phenomena. I think you’ll be okay for a few more years. I guarantee that.」

「Is…Is that true! 」

John Dae got a relieved expression on his face upon hearing Aria’s optimistic words.

「Isn’t it great, John Dae! 」

「Ah, yeah, it is! If I still have a few years left, then I’ll use all my remaining strength for the recovery of the Tarmine Kingdom!」

I was sure that Queen Carmilla would be very pleased to have John Dae by her side. If the Queen is happy, then I will be happy too.

「Okay, it’s been decided then! Both Kiri and John Dae will wait here at Cafe De Celseus until Seiya’s training is over!」

John Dae and Kiriko nodded positively. Yet, Celseus complained about it.

「Hey, hey. Don’t decide that on your own. Why do I have to be the one to take care of these two monsters? Don’t you have anybody else to look after them? What a hassle…」

Indeed. This placed seemed quieter than normal. I didn’t see Adenela around here. I didn’t ask him where she was, so I proposed another deal to Celseus.

「Then, why don’t you let Kiri and John Dae help you with your coffee shop? 」

「To help me? But, these two are monsters. 」

「Oh my, you didn’t know? I heard that cute monsters are in fashion on one of the earthly words, am I right? There are heroes that have “fluffy” monsters as companions for their innumerous adventures!」

「Certainly. Having a “cute” and “fluffy” monster could be very good for my business. So, having a mascot character is not a bad idea at all. But…」

Celseus pointed directly at Kiriko and John Dae with a trembling finger.

「Just look at them! One has a metallic body that resembles a weapon, and the other has decaying skin with a robust and muscular body! They are far from being called “fluffy” and cute”!!」

Seiya looked at a screaming Celseus with a harsh expression on his face.

「Celseus. I’m busy. Just get over with it and keep these two with you. They’ll be in your custody until I’m done.」

「No…No. Even if it’s Seiya’s request, that’s a bit unreasonable for me to… 」

He was really opposed to this idea. Actually, it was the first time I saw Celseus arguing against Seiya’s request. It was rather unusual. Then, an annoyed Seiya touched the ground with his toe. On this instant, the soil under our feet began to rise.

「You’re a very irritating fella. If you don’t agree, then you’ll have to come face to face with the “Bakudan Rock”.」

After the rock appeared from the ground, Celseus began to scream as the rock looked at him with a devilish grin on its rocky face.

「Another ugly monster has appeared!? What the hell is wrong with that rock!? That’s not “fluffy at all!! Besides, will it really explode as the name suggests!?」

「You’re right, Celseus. Now, you’ll have to choose between an explosion or those two.」

「Why am I being threatened so suddenly!? This hero is too cruel!! 」

Seiya threatened Celseus. Then, he had no choice but to take care of those two unwillingly. After that, Seiya finally spoke with Aria about his requirements.

「Okay, Aria. I want to start my training as soon as possible in order to prepare myself against the next enemy.」

「Yes. I will introduce you to any god I know. However… 」

Aria stopped talking abruptly. She was silent for a short moment, and then she looked at me and smiled.

「Before that. Lista. I have a message from Lady Isister. She’s waiting for you at the temple.」

…I left Seiya with Aria. Then, I walked on the temple’s corridors on my own. I arrived at the room of the Great Goddess Isister and knocked the door gently.

I saw that the clairvoyance goddess of the highest ranking in the God’s realm was sitting on a chair. When she noticed my presence, she smiled at me with a soft expression on her face.

「It seems that Ryuguuin Seiya has defeated both the Beast Emperor the Grand Lion and the Machine Emperor Oxelio.」

I spoke with determination after I heard the Great Goddess Isister’s words.

「Tha…That’s right! At first, I felt a little anxious, but it was all thanks to Seiya’s plan that we managed to defeat them…After all, he won the battle against Oxelio without problems!」

I was talking with great excitement. The Great Goddess Isister laughed upon seeing my blissful reaction 「Oh, oh, oh 」.

「He defeated the Grand Lion in a direct battle that exceeded the status of the Demon King from one year ago, am I right? If so, then it won’t be a problem for that hero to fight against other enemies in Exfolia from now on.」

The Great Goddess Isister pointed out that particular information to me. When I thought deeply about it, I realized that I didn’t notice that until now.

That’s correct! I didn’t need to feel anxious at all when Seiya went up to fight with the Machine Emperor Oxelio! Seiya defeated the Grand Lion, who was supposed to be the strongest enemy around! So, if he defeated the strongest enemy, then that meant that Seiya could win against the Demon King without much hassle!

「Most probably, Ryuguuin Seiya’s abilities have reached a level far beyond those of human beings.」

The Great Goddess Isister was smiling tenderly. I felt happy to hear her praises. Nonetheless…

「Really, he is one of the many great heroes that excels in strength. 」

「…Eh. 」

I felt puzzled by the Great Goddess Isister’s words and asked her the following.

「Ex…Excuse me…But, was there a hero stronger than Seiya before? 」

「The history of the God’s realm is long and deep. I know other heroes who have vastly surpassed the strength of Ryuguuin Seiya. Well, it doesn’t undermine the power of your hero, but we do have a history of very powerful heroes…」

Aria and Adenela, who were much more experienced than me as goddesses, said that heroes like Seiya were one of a kind. That someone as strong as Seiya won’t ever appear again.

…And yet, a few other heroes were stronger than Seiya!?

I was very interested in this topic. Even so…

「Let’s leave that story for another day. 」

The Great Goddess Isister changed the topic smoothly.

「The Beast Emperor the Grand Lion and the Machine Emperor Oxelio. By defeating these two enemies with great magical power, the mist of dark energy covering Exfolia has faded a little and the world became clearer and sunnier. But, there’s something I have to tell you. I am aware that an evil existence is giving protection to our enemies just as a god of the God’s realm gives protection to a hero.」

「Are you…talking about the evil god? 」

「That’s right. There are rules for the gods of the God’s realm, but there are also rules for the evil gods as well. The evil gods can’t harm heroes directly. Likewise, our gods can’t defeat the Demon Kings that reign over other worlds.」

…We, as gods, summon the heroes and give our support indirectly in order to defeat the Demon Kings. On the other side of the coin, the evil gods give power to the Demon Kings to defeat the heroes. So, that’s the reason why the evil god in Exfolia didn’t harm Seiya directly…

「But, please be careful. The evil god that resides in Exfolia has a tremendous power. His power is so fearsome that it obstructs my prediction and clairvoyance abilities. Besides, I often wonder what changes the Demon King Artemaeus received with the protection of the evil god from this past year. Honestly, I can’t even imagine it…」

It seemed quite serious since the Great Goddess Isister, who was capable of predicting the future, wasn’t even able to imagine the powers of our enemies.

「Lista. If you find out about the name and characteristics of that evil god, I’d want you to tell me about it immediately. We can take proper measures if we know more about that evil god. Well, it might be difficult to find details because it’s rare for evil gods to show themselves to others…」

「Ye…Yes! I will contact you straightaway if I find something! 」

「I entrust it to you. 」

After that part of the conversation was over, the Great Goddess Isister changed topics.

「By the way…At the same time you came back to the God’s realm, I sensed the presence of two monsters arriving as well. It looks like we’ve got here an undead soldier and a magical machine with a human soul.」

「Ah! I…I apologize! Please forgive me for letting two monsters come to the God’s realm!」

I bowed my head in apology. I really thought that she would get angry with me. Yet, the Great Goddess Isister shook her head quietly.

「It’s okay. I don’t feel any hatred nor evil intent in them.」

「Yes! Kiri is a very good girl and John Dae is a relatively decent undead…Ah, well, but, he is a little bit lewd though!」

「We have to spread the “sleeves” of our hearts to every “blub of light”. So, I think it is necessary for human beings alike and us, the almighty gods, to have a pleasant and harmonious relationship.」

…Yes. In fact, I felt somewhat indebted to John Dae because of my past human self. It felt strange that I had some sort of relationship with that person before…

After finishing talking, the Great Goddess Isister picked up a wool ball that was placed on top of her table. It looked like she kept doing her knitting hobby on her spare time.

「This story is over for now. I wish you a safe journey. 」

「Thank you very much! Excuse me! 」

When I tried to leave her room…

「…Listarte. 」

The Great Goddess Isister called my name all of a sudden. I became surprised when I looked back. The Great Goddess Isister had an unusual expression on her face. She looked rather sad.

「Could you tell Ryuguuin Seiya to come here later on by himself? 」

「Tell Seiya to come here alone? Yes…I understand. I will let him know. 」

I replied positively even thought I felt a bit worried about it. The Great Goddess Isister’s returned a soft smile as she resumed her knitting.

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