This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 87 Part 2

Chapter 87: Secret Weapon (2)

The new type of flying Killing Machines moved towards Tarmine to invade us.

…Ugh! This enemy was also overly cautious! It had a flying army waiting for its command at a far-away distance!

Seiya prepared himself for a time like this! That’s why he created a dome protection for Tarmine in the first place! However! After reinforcing the wall so much, Seiya didn’t seem to have enough magical powers to create the dome now!

Even so, Seiya spoke the following words that betrayed my anxiety.

「Iron Dome. 」

The thick wall along the ground began to rumble and extended towards the heavens to form a dome! Actually, this transformation was so fast that it finished closing before the flying type arrived in Tarmine!

I shouted to Seiya after the whole place became pitch dark like a pan with a closed lid.

「Did…Did you still have some magical powers left!? 」

「Yeah. I did have some left. By the way, when I reinforced the wall my MP only decreased by 10 points. And now, my MP decreased by 5 points when I created the dome.」

「Isn’t that too economical!? 」

Even though Seiya was using a super-advanced earth magic, only a tiny amount decreased from his MP as if a beginner was transforming a little bit of soil into a rock. While I admired his amazing qualities of an Earth Warrior, Seiya silently moved to the surveillance room. Everyone followed him in a hurry.

After entering the surveillance room, Seiya snapped his finger. Then, I could see from the earth snakes cameras that the ground around Tarmine deformed and rose up. I’ve seen those monsters before.

「Tha…That’s the Bakudan Rock!! 」

The golems grabbed the Bakudan Rocks from the ground and threw them all the way up to the sky as if they were throwing balls! Naturally, their target were the flying type Killing Machines!

I was sure that it had a certain amount of power, but when some of the Bakudan Rocks thrown away by the golems landed against the rockets of the flying Killing Machines, a huge explosion burst in the air!

Meanwhile, other Bakudan Rocks thrown by the golems managed to avoid the assault by the bombardment of the flying troops and went straight against them. The effect was better this time around. The Bakudan Rocks’ explosive power was so tremendous, that hitting just one Rock destroyed several of the Killing Machines in one go.

In just a few minutes, the flying Killing Machines were wiped out. In addition, the ground Killing Machines, including the new type for the underground, were surrounded by more than 30,000 golems. They were being destroyed rapidly.


Seiya stared attentively at one of the earth snakes cameras that projected the sky…

「Good. The flying type seems to have been annihilated completely. Let’s deactivate the dome for now.」

The dome shrunk back, and returned to its original form and height. Then, we got out of the surveillance room and we looked at the horizon by 360 degrees from the top of the lookout tower. As Seiya professed before, there were no more flying Killing Machines on the sky and, on the ground, the 30,000 golems had destroyed the remaining Killing Machines.

「I feel great when things go according to plan. 」

Seiya stared at the sky while drinking a cup of tea. John Dae shuddered all over his body upon hearing Seiya’s words.

「You…You won against the Imperial Machine Corps while holding a cup of tea!? Is this how a hero fights against the enemy!?」

「Who cares!! Our victory is what matters!! 」

I spoke to John Dae with a bright voice. Then, John Dae changed his complexion and had a cheerful expression on his face. That was natural. After all, our great victory was unbeatable.

Still, Seiya murmured in a way that destroyed our happiness.

「Well, none of this has ended yet even if my plan was successful. 」

「Eh? What does that mean? 」

Then, the soldiers in the lookout tower yelled extremely high.

「A…A giant Killing Machine appeared in the southern area!! 」

My whole body froze the moment I turned back!

「What on earth is that thing…!! 」

My eyes saw a huge Killing Machine that was about the height of the hardened wall!

「Since when did this monster got here!? 」

Upon seeing a super-giant monster that appeared so suddenly without making a sound, Kiriko spoke aloud.

「Fa…Father…!! 」

After Kiriko said “Father”, we realized that it was certainly the Machine Emperor Oxelio because of the similar visual! However, his body total length was about 50 meters high!

「Kiri!! How did Oxelio become that huge!? 」

「I…I didn’t know he could do such a thing!! 」

「This is bad!! He is going to destroy the southern wall!! 」

The wall was indeed thicker and deeper. But, when the gigantic Oxelio hit the wall with his fist, an earthquake-like vibration shook Tarmine violently!

John Dae shouted to Seiya while trying to endure the severe earthquake.

「What are you going to do now!! This scenario was really unexpected!! 」

「No. It’s normal for robots to enlarge their bodies. Of course, I was expecting this outcome.」

「Is…Is that so!? 」

「Don’t worry. I already prepared a secret weapon to go up against huge robotic enemies. 」

Then, Seiya stared fixedly at me.

「Lista. Open the portal. Let’s go near Oxelio. I have to prepare one last thing before activating my secret weapon.」

「O…Okay! I understand! 」

「I nodded upon hearing his request. 」

…Seiya, who had been “locked” inside the wall, wanted to jump straight away into the battlefield by himself…!! Maybe he was utterly confident about his secret weapon…!?

Just as the hero told me to do, I opened the portal and connected the outside of the portal’s door with the southern area of Tarmine. Soon after, Kiriko, John Dae, Seiya and I came out of the portal.

The area was full of wreckage from the destroyed Killing Machines. And then, just a few meters away from us, the gigantic Oxelio was hitting the wall with his fists. The golems were trying to attack the enemy at his feet, but they were crushed immediately like ants.

I tried to activate my clairvoyance ability while looking at the back of the gigantic Oxelio.

Gigantic Oxelio

Level – 99 (MAX)

HP – 3487570

MP – 42475

Attack – 794525

Defense – 788965

Agility – 587544

Magic – 85754

Potential – 999 (MAX)

Resistance – Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Ice, Earth, Light, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis, Curse, Instant Death, Sleep, Abnormal Condition

Special skills – Evil God Protection (Lv MAX), Remote Sensory Organ (Lv MAX), Deformation (Lv MAX)

Skills – CH Laser, All Destruction

Personality – Heartless

…Wha…What an incredible physical strength!! His health points were over 3,000,000!! This was another fearsome enemy that was more powerful than the data of the Demon King Artemaeus that Her Excellency Chronoa showed me before!!

In addition to the crazy status, I felt overwhelmed just by looking at the enemy’s huge size. It was as if a giant building was moving on its own.

「So big…! Normal attacks won’t inflict any damage on that thing! Are you sure that we can win against this crazy opponent!?」

「No need to worry. I’ll put my secret weapon on motion now. 」

Then, Seiya stepped his foot on the ground as if he were calling something over.

As soon as we heard the sound from Seiya’s foot on the ground, a giant hand appeared from the area behind Oxelio, right up a few of meters away from us!

「Is…Is that the secret weapon…!? 」

After I was astonished for a moment, I spoke to Seiya with a smile afterwards.

「I got it, Seiya!! You created a huge golem to fight against the gigantic Oxelio…So, that’s your real secret weapon, I see!!」

「No. It’s a little different than that. 」

「…Eh? 」

Soon, I understood the meaning of Seiya’s words when the huge giant rose completely from the ground.

…A white dress that was dirty because of the soil. Yet, it was familiar.

…A face that was also covered with dirt. Yet, the blonde hair was familiar. An appearance that I saw every morning at the mirror.

It was a “super-giant me” that even surpassed the gigantic Oxelio in height.

I was speechless at the sight that unfold in front of my eyes. Next to me, Seiya spoke with a serious expression his face.

「That’s the secret weapon…It’s called “Great Tarte”. 」

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Greatu Listartu


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