This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 87 Part 1

Chapter 87: Secret Weapon (1)

Seiya took a sip from a cup of tea in the surveillance room and gazed at the image of the earth snakes cameras as if he was watching a painting.

「You…You only hardened the wall when the enemy drove you into a corner…You hid a golem army in the underground and used the rainwater as a pretense for weakness…What is the meaning of this?」

This hero was a super M* that enjoyed the feels of a life-and-death situation…While I was immersed on my thoughts; I realized that John Dae had a very serious expression on his face.

「Don’t tell me that…! You did all of this on purpose to lure the enemy forces to Tarmine…?」

Seiya nodded positively to that question.

「That’s right. In particular, the golems’ supposed weakness. That was a great strategy because it proved to be a trigger to lure the enemy. That’s why Oxelio appeared himself at last.」

Ehh!? Wait a second!! But, wasn’t that a bit strange!?

「How did the enemy got his hands on that information!? Tarmine was surrounded by a huge wall!! Then, why!?」

At that moment. I realized a horrifying truth when I thought deeply to myself.

「It’s just a hypothesis…But, does Tarmine have an intruder!? 」

I felt wary as I looked at my surroundings. But…But if that was the case, who in the world was the one who leaked information to the enemy!?

Suddenly, John Dae’s eyes became sharp. He had a self-confident expression and his hand was touching his chin as if he knew the answer.

「If that’s true, then the criminal can only be that thing over there. 」

John Dae pointed directly to Kiriko, who began to tremble upon hearing this accusation.

「Me…Me? I wouldn’t…! 」

I got between John Dae and Kiriko to protect her.

「What are you talking about! Kiri wouldn’t do such a thing! Don’t you dare say words with prejudice and speculation, you zombie!…Am I right, Seiya?」

Nevertheless, Seiya shook his head.

「No. That Killing Machine’s sensory organs are connected with Oxelio, just as my earth snakes are connected with me. In other words, Kiriko is his eyes and ears.」

「No…No way…!! 」

John Dae just nodded to Seiya’s words, as he said 「I knew it! 」. Then…

「So, when did you notice it? 」

「I already considered this possibility when I discovered this magical weapon. 」

I raised my voice and shouted extremely high.

「I was the one who found Kiri, you know!? Seiya!! You would’ve destroyed Kiri if I haven’t noticed her behavior!!」

「I was the first one to discover that Killing Machine. But, I left it behind and waited until you noticed it. Actually, if I were the one to recognize it first, the enemy wouldn’t be deceived anymore. Well, considering the fact that the enemy really had shared sensory organs with that Killing Machine. Therefore, I pretended it to be an accidental discovery.」

「Ho…How could you…! 」

「The fact that Kiriko was an intruder was only a guess at that time. But, at some point later, it turned into a certainty.」

「…When did that happen? 」

「When the dome covered Tarmine. Actually, when I analyzed the Killing Machines, I said aloud that they could be making new prototypes for the creation of a flying type. In other words, I thought that it was possible for them to manufacture a flying type in the future, or better, that they already completed creating them successfully. However, as soon as Tarmine was turned into a dome to cope with that type of attack, the enemy tried to invade us in the opposite direction by digging underground. At this time, I was convinced of the possibility that Kiriko was used as a secret device to learn about our strategies.」

I didn’t want to believe that Kiriko was an inside intruder. Still, Seiya’s story was pretty persuasive. I stared at Kiriko.

「Kiri…Is that true…? 」

「You…You’re wrong! I didn’t mean to… 」

Kiriko shook both hands as she denied it. But, next to me, John Dae drew his sword and took an offensive stance.

「…I’ll destroy you here and now! 」


Kiriko screamed with fear and hid behind me. She was trembling like a coward. I knew it. Kiriko wasn’t a bad monster after all.

「Ple…Please stop it, John Dae! 」

「Hey!! Why the hell are you protecting the enemy!? 」

During this heated dispute…


Tea splashed onto John Dae’s face once again! John Dae stared at Seiya with a demonic face!

「You…Why did you throw that tea at me again!? 」

「It’s because some time has passed since then and you’ve started to reek like a zombie. Even so, no matter how much tea you have on your body, it’s still not enough. From now on, will you put the tea in a pot and carry it with you, okay?」

「Why do I have to carry the tea myself that it will be thrown on my head!! 」

Seiya sighed as he took a small breath.

「Anyways. Calm down a little. Kiriko mustn’t be the only one to have sensory organs. If both Lista and I didn’t notice Kiriko’s presence, then Oxelio wouldn’t be able to use her eyes and ears because I would’ve destroyed it entirely. It would be pointless to have only one Killing Machine with this ability. In other words, it’s better to think that Oxelio can share sensory organs not only with Kiriko, but with all of the other Killing Machines.」

I looked at Kiriko’s face with a serious expression.

「Kiri. You didn’t know about this, did you? 」

「Yes! I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on all of you! Please believe me! 」

Yet, John Dae still pointed his sword at Kiriko.

「Even so, there’s no better option than to destroy it now! 」

「What!! She just said that she didn’t mean to!! Why can’t you monsters get along with each other!?」

「Do…Don’t you dare put me on that monster’s sideeeee…eh, ah!? 」

John Dae, upon realizing that Seiya was holding a new cup of tea, reluctantly put the sword back on his sheath.

…Phew. I was glad that Kiriko wasn’t destroyed in the end…Ah, what? Could it be that Seiya protected Kiri?

As a matter of fact, I didn’t understand why Seiya would do such a thing. But, after this scene calmed down, Seiya spoke with a somber tone.

「Still, it was extremely difficult to pretend that I was depressed with myself because my strategy wasn’t working that well. I’ve never experienced melancholic thoughts during my entire life.」

I…I’m depressed all the time…! So, he was upset because he had to do a little act in order to deceive Oxelio through Kiri! What an odd hero I’ve got here…!

However, now that I’ve realized that everything was Seiya’s doing, my heart became bright again. In fact, the thick and deep wall created by Seiya made it impossible for the new type of Killing Machines to enter the Kingdom of Tarmine. Moreover, the Killing Machines that surrounded the walls, including those in the south with Oxelio, were surrounded by golems. Our situation changed from despair into our own advantage.

Nonetheless, on this instant. The earth snake camera where captured Oxelio’s movements emitted a sound.

「I command the completion of our “Irregular” countermeasures… 」

I could hear Oxelio’s military voice. Before long, a strong sound vibrated violently on my earlobes.

「Wha…What is this sound? 」

「I can hear it coming from the outside! 」

The sound became even louder once we got out of the surveillance room. When I looked at the sound’s direction…I noticed that the northern sky was red.

It looked like a red cloud floating in the air. But…I was wrong. That red mist gradually approached us, and then, I saw that it were a flock of Killing Machines. Unlike the new types that dig the underground with a blue hue, these new Killing Machines had a red metallic body. Hundreds of units flew in the sky towards our stronghold!

「A flying type!? It really did exist!! 」

 John Dae screamed extremely high at the sight of the new Killing Machines that jet rockets on their feet and gradually approached Tarmine for invasion. And yes…Seiya was right all along…as always.

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*Meaning doemu in Japanese, which is a person described as an extreme masochist. This reference is popular on manga and anime in Japan.


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