This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Analysis and Discovery

John Dae followed Seiya, who rushed out of town.

John Dae complained after walking to him midway.

「Usually, analysis and studies are for formidable enemies. But, the golems were overpowering the Killing Machines at the end. Why bother to study them now…?」

Seiya didn’t answer. Instead, he just touched his nose.

「Get away from me. You stink like a rotten zombie. 」

「Ugh!! 」

Ah, he spoke harshly as always. Well, of course John Dae smelled like a rotten zombie because he was an actual zombie. But, it couldn’t be helped though. Then, Seiya stared at me with a disgusted face.

「You go away too. You smell like a zombie. 」

「I’m not a zombie, you know!? 」

…Both John Dae and I stared at Seiya with very dissatisfied faces. We walked a little bit away from Seiya. Soon, we reached the huge wall that surrounded Tarmine. This was the innermost wall of the five-layered wall.

In front of the rock wall…

「…Cave Along. 」

Seiya dived into the underground. Since John Dae and I were in close proximity with him, we ended up diving in as well.

「…Wha…What is this place? 」

John Dae raised his voice in surprised when he saw the inside cave made by Cave Along. Seiya brightened the place, which looked around 5 meters radius, with magical stones. Then, he proceeded to walk further ahead.

…But, why did he used Cave Along in a place like this?

I wondered confusingly about it. Then, Seiya stopped walking and approached the mud wall in front of him. On that moment, he touched the wall with his hand.

「Clear Wall. 」

Before long, the muddy wall became transparent like glass. And, when I saw the scenario that unfolded right in front of my eyes…


I was so startled that I shouted aloud. It was because the Killing Machines appeared in front of me abruptly!

Beyond the transparent wall was a huge cave, bigger than the cave we were at. There were hundreds of Killing Machines in there.

「Are these the Killing Machines that fell on that pitfall!? Is this all right!? Won’t they attack us!?」

「This wall has the same properties of Clear Ceiling that I used before to see above the ground. We can see them like a transparent glass, but they won’t see us because on the other side they can only see sand. Besides, this wall is two meters thick. It won’t be easy to breech it.」

While explaining, Seiya began to insert a few earth snakes in the four corners of the cave where we were standing.

「Wha…What are you doing? 」

「I installed special earth snakes in this cave. Now we will be able to hear the sound of the other cave. Moreover, it will be able to cover both low and high frequencies. That means it will produce a realistic three-dimensional sound. 」

I…I wondered if such functions really existed before…! He always did strange things on situations like these…!

Then, Seiya took an earth snake from this chest and put it on his mouth…

「Ah. Ah. Ah. 」

He practiced as if he were holding a microphone. Then, the Killing Machines on the cave next door began to move in distress. Apparently, Seiya’s voice transmitted to the other side.

*robotic sound*

*bigger robotic sound*

The Killing Machines started to roar! It was a very unpleasant sound!

「Ah, silence. Silence. 」

*continuously robotic sound*

After that, the Killing Machines just roared furiously no matter what Seiya said to them.

「Se…Seiya!! Can’t you hear them only roaring!?s 」

「Yeah. Apparently, they don’t understand the human language. It seems that creating a sound transmitter makes no sense. 」

After finding out that he couldn’t communicate with them, Seiya began to stare fixedly at the Killing Machines. Perhaps, he was seeing their ability value. I tried to activate my clairvoyance ability as well.

Killing Machine

Level – 20

HP – 138954

MP – 0

Attack – 85121

Defense – 98654

Agility – 85742

Resistance – Lightening, Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Light, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis, Curse, Instant Death, Sleep, Abnormal Condition

Special skills – Evil God Protection (Lv MAX)

Skills – Evil Laser

I wondered if the status of the beast men serving the Grand Lion were somewhat lower in comparison. In fact, it wasn’t a great enemy for Seiya. They didn’t pose that much of a treat. The only problem was their numbers. There were hundreds of them.

「I caught many Killing Machines as test subjects…It seems that their stats are the same.」

Just as Seiya said, the Killing Machines in front of us were completely the same as if they were copy pasted. They had the same physical strength, attack power and defense power.

「By the way, Seiya. What are the golems’ stats? I tried to use my clairvoyance ability on them, but I couldn’t see anything at all. Why is that?」

「The golems have their stats camouflaged. Well, let’s just say that they’re capable of outperforming the Killing Machines in all aspects.」

「So, why do you need to analyze them if your golems are far superior? 」

John Dae looked mystified, then…

「…It’s for the future. 」

After the short answer, Seiya began to analyze the Killing Machines meticulously.

「They have water and lightening resistance even though they’re machines. Interesting. Maybe I should add attributes to my golems that are their weak points…Hmm.」

Seiya took out a paper and a pen. He took notes on it with a focused expression on his face.

John Dae looked at this situation with amazement.

「A…A hero taking notes. Are you really a hero? Aren’t you a scholar instead…? 」

Actually, Seiya did look like a research professor…

「Let’s put one of them in a “private room” to analyze it. I need more details. 」

Seiya put his hand on the next muddy wall. The walls moved inside and, before we knew it, Seiya managed to isolate a single Killing Machine in a different but smaller cave.

Then, Seiya snapped his finger and many earth snakes fell from the top of the cave.

*robotic sound*

The Killing Machine reacted immediately. It slashed some of the earth snakes with the saber-like sword. On that instant, the Killing Machine emitted a ray from its face and burnt the remaining earth snakes.

「I see. Now it used the skill named “Evil Laser”. It looks like it absorbs the magical power into its eye and attacks others using it with a light ray. So, it was this skill that created the first breech on the wall.」

Seiya snapped his finger again. Then, the feet of the Killing Machine raised up. A golem emerged from the soil.

This time it wasn’t like the earth snake. The golem held down the violent Killing Machine and slammed it with his fist by using a tremendous power…

「So, a head destruction is the only way to stop their vitality. It seems that there’s no sign of regeneration even after some time has passed.」

The Killing Machine deactivated permanently. Nevertheless, John Dae looked at Seiya with infuriating eyes. After all, Seiya kept staring at the broken Killing Machine endlessly.

「Hey, how long will you keep staring at it! It’s not going to activate anymore! 」

「No. It might resurrect and attack the moment I let my guard down. 」

「But, Seiya! There wasn’t any “regenerate” skills in their stats, am I right? 」

「The status is only for reference. I can’t rest assured until I’ve seen it with my own eyes.」

…He was finally convinced after staring at it for thirty minutes. Seiya finally stopped taking notes…Then, he snapped his finger again. On this moment, a burning flame fell over at the head of the deactivated Killing Machine.

「It seems to have a strong resistance to fire…Will it burn if I try a bit harder? 」

「I…I don’t understand what the hell are you trying to do!! Why do you want to burn a broken machine!?」

Seiya ignored John Dae’s remarks. This hero looked like a mad scientist who continued to analyze and experiment on the useless robotic junk. Then, he said 「Let’s add water after this. 」. We just stopped talking to Seiya, because it was pointless.

…After about thirty minutes had passed. Seiya stopped taking notes.

「Okay. I don’t need to analyze it anymore. 」

「It’s finally over! So, what are you going to do with the remaining Killing Machines? 」

「I don’t need them. I will destroy them now. 」

「Then, are you going there to fight them yourself? Or, are you going to create multiple golems inside of that cave?」

「No. I’ll clean it up faster than that. 」

Seiya snapped his finger once again. At that moment, a huge rock with a diameter of one meter fell from the top of the cave where the Killing Machines were gathered.

「Wha…What’s that!? 」

Goggling eyes! A ripped mouth! There was a face on that huge rock!

「I didn’t create just golems. In fact, I successfully created other rock-based monsters as well. The “Bakudan Rock”* was created from the combination between the destruction technique and earth magic. The reason why I trapped a large number of Killing Machines in the pitfall wasn’t only for the sake of analysis. I wanted to test the power of this monster as well.」

*an uproar of robotic sound*

Suddenly, the Killing Machines charged all at once to the rock monster that descended from the top of the cave. But, on this occasion…


A dazzling flash and a large roar occurred! A large thick wall separated that cave from the one we were staying at! Even so, I still felt the huge impact!

When my eyes stared again at the large cave in front of us, I realized that some of the Killing Machines became dismembered because of that rock monster attack.

「Did…Did it self-destruct!? 」

「That’s right. It will explode if it senses a certain number of attacks. And…the power is just what I expected it to be. Dozens of bodies were shattered in an instant.」

A new Bakudan Rock fell from the top of the cave. The surviving Killing Machines attacked the rock all at once. As soon as the huge rock received some damage, a new explosion burst immediately!

The Killing Machines didn’t have high intelligence. They didn’t seem to understand the properties of that rock, “I’ll self-destruct if you attack”. Even though their fellow comrades were blown away, they continued to attack the newer rock that exploded as well.

「If I succeed in creating a larger rock in diameter, then it will be possible to achieve a wider range of explosions. However, if I make the rock too big, it will explode along with Tarmine.」

「Hey!! You can’t be serious!! 」

John Dae was enraged at the hero’s words. Yes…Well, no wonder he was angry with Seiya.

Eventually, only half of the Killing Machines remained in the end. Seiya suspended the dropping of the explosive rocks in the meantime. He took a paper and wrote a few more notes on it.

「You…You are analyzing them again…! 」

Finally, John Dae laid down on the muddy floor of the cave.

「I don’t care anymore!! I’m going to sleep!! 」


…I wondered how much time has passed since then. I could only hear the sound of John Dae’s deep sleep and the sound of Seiya’s pen. I had nothing to do. Therefore, I just stared at the cave where the Killing Machines were trapped.

…Huh. What was that?

I noticed some irregularity by coincidence. One of the Killing Machines vibrated its body at the corner of the large cave. It looked as if it were trembling with fear.

I shook the shoulders of a sleeping John Dae.

「…Hmm? Ah…Is it finally over? 」

「No, not yet. 」

「You’re kidding, right!? He’s still going at it!? That man is seriously sick!! 」

「Mo…More importantly. Just look over there! That Killing Machine is a bit weird, isn’t it? 」

 John Dae glanced at the Killing Machine that I was pointing to.

「Indeed. That behavior is somewhat strange, but…Well, perhaps it broke when it fell from the pitfall? That might be the aftershock.」

John Dae didn’t show much interest in it. But, I was curious. So, I activated my clairvoyance ability to check the condition of that Killing Machine.

Killing Machine

Level – 20

HP – 138954 / 138954

MP – 0

Attack – 85121

Defense – 98654 …

…Wrong. It didn’t lose its vitality. It’s not broken either. Then, just why?

At that time. Unexpectedly, I noticed some abnormality on its ability value.

The following words were written at the end of the status.

『Personality – Friendly 』

Ehhhh!! That…That Killing Machine has…a “personality”!?

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*Means “bomb”. However, Seiya spoke as if he named that rock-monster himself. That’s why the editor and I decided to leave the original Japanese name in the translation.


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