This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 81

Chapter 81: The Enemy Invasion

Three days later. Seiya continued to create golems day and night.

「…According to reports from soldiers, the total number of golems has finally exceeded the 20,000 mark.」

John Dae spoke with a forced smile. When I looked at the ridiculous amount of golems that spread in the horizon, I smiled in a similar way.

At this precise moment, John Dae and I looked down upon Tarmine from a lookout tower.
This was the tower where the Grand Lion had the Queen prisoner. But, right now, this place was used as a facility for the surviving soldiers. They used it for monitoring. From the top of the tower, I could see the five-layered rock wall that Seiya created to surround this area. Seiya placed 2,000 golems on the border of the first rock wall to strengthen the protection of Tarmine.

John Dae murmured while looking at the outer wall.

「At first, I thought it was too much…But, if I think carefully about it now, his actions were probably due to his hidden feelings.」

「Feelings? 」             

「He couldn’t save the world…and Tarmine was destroyed…So this time, he is trying to save the world by carefully preparing excessively like this…」

I was surprised to hear John Dae’s remarks about Seiya. He said cruel words to Seiya not too long ago. And yet, he reconsidered those thoughts while he tried to analyze Seiya’s true intentions.

「Ah, well. That was just what I thought to myself. But, if this wasn’t the case, then why would he go this far just to protect this place.」

「Ah, ahah. Certainly… 」

I laughed awkwardly. Then, John Dae tightened his expression.

「However, goddess. Don’t get me wrong. I won’t be able to forgive him from the bottom of my heart. That day won’t certainly come. He was the one that couldn’t save Princess Tiana…」

John Dae was a loyal general. Actually, it was natural for a soldier to feel devoted for a princess. Still, I felt that he had a special fondness for Princess Tiana.

「Sorry, General John Dae. But, what was the relationship between Princess Tiana and you?」

「I taught swordsmanship to the princess from a very young age. She didn’t have the qualities of a great swordswoman. Still, Princess Tiana practiced hard because she really loved it.」

…Hmm. It seemed that I was indebted to this person in my previous life…But, I didn’t remember it at all.

「I’ve always gave her a ride on my shoulders when she was young. The princess was always cheerful and pretty like a flower…」

John Dae spoke happily about Princess Tiana while recalling the good old days. Suddenly, I noticed something in particular when I stared at his blissful face.

「John Dae…Don’t tell me that you…feel “that way” about Princess Tiana? 」

John Dae had a conflicted expression on his face when he heard my words. He looked around us to make sure that no one was nearby…

「It seems that I can’t hide it from a goddess. 」

His brownish rotten cheeks were slightly red. He looked somewhat shy.

「Yes. I loved her dearly. More than anyone else in this world. 」

「…John Dae. 」

I put my hand on John Dae’s shoulder and said the following words.

「Excuse me…But, I’m feeling slightly disgusted. I mean, you and Princess Tiana are many years apart from each other, am I right? And…Sorry. But, you’re not my type. Yeah. However, I do feel a little happy to know how deeply you feel…」

「What!! Why are you feeling disgusted about my feelings!? By the way, weren’t you the one that asked me about my feelings in the first place!?」

At that time, a soldier came rushing to us.

「Report! I have a report! 」

「So noisy!! What the hell is going on!! 」

Although John Dae replied harshly…

「We have sighted enemy’s movements coming from the north!」

「…What did you say? 」

Both John Dae and I changed our complexions abruptly. All of us stared at north from the lookout tower.

My eyes, which had better vision than humans did, caught the glimpse of a group of humanoid weapons that created formation lines. They marched towards here to invade us.

The sturdy metal bodies reflected the sunlight. I noticed that a red light glowed on their heads. They walked like human beings and they had saber-like swords on their hands. They came to us in full force.

「The Imperial Machine Corps…! They finally came…! 」

When John Dae raised his arm, the soldier rang the bell in the tower.

「Tell the people of the town to go to their homes! They mustn’t come out in any way! 」

John Dae instructed the soldier urgently. I also spoke to John Dae in a hurry.

「I…I’m going to where Seiya is now! I have to tell him about this immediately! 」

When I tried to go down the tower, I saw that Seiya was already climbing up the stairs.

「Ah, Seiya! Just in time! The Imperial Machine Corps have arrived! 」

「My earth snakes already informed me about that. That’s why I came here. It’s easier to see the situation from the top of the tower.」

Seiya didn’t panic at all. When he came to the top of the tower, he narrowed his eyes and saw that the Imperial Machine Crops were approaching the outer wall.

The number of the Imperial Machine Corps were less than expected. It seemed that they were no thousands after all. In addition, they were not surrounding Tarmine to attack. Actually, they were just marching to the northern area. I became confused. Maybe they didn’t know that the Grand Lion was defeated. And if they knew about it, why did they come in a full force? This was not what we’ve expected it to be.

John Dae proposed the following idea to Seiya.

「Why don’t you bring all of the golems guarding the outer wall to march north and eliminate those Killing Machines?」

「No. This might be an ambush. The golems won’t move from their positions. We have to wait. The golems were made to deal with the Imperial Machine Corps if they approached the wall to invade us.」

「Hmm… 」

John Dae didn’t say anything anymore because he couldn’t argue with Seiya’s reasoning.

The Imperial Machine Corps approached the wall in a military formation line. The golems made by Seiya were standing still in front the outer wall.

The golems didn’t hesitate because they weren’t humans. Sensing the golems’ offensive posture of attack, the Killing Machines acted immediately. Both of the sides clashed unexpectedly. The fight began with such a tremendous power. The battle between Seiya’s golems and the magical weapons “Killing Machines” had begun for real.

…I…I wondered if it will be all right!! Let’s hope that the golems will finish them in one go!!

A golem was trying to hit a Killing Machine by striking it with its big arm. On the other hand, the Killing Machine pulled a saber-like sword and jumped to the golem. And then…

「Eh!? 」

I saw an unexpected sight right in front of my eyes!

The Killing Machine, that jumped to attack the golem, was joined by a horde of other Killing Machines. They attacked the golem like hyenas trying to prey on a slow-moving herbivore!

Although the golem had an outstanding physical strength and resistance, it was apparent that the golem couldn’t survive unscathed from the attacks coming at the front, back, left and right sides. Then, the saber-like swords slashed the golem’s legs and arms, and the golem fell to the ground. Eventually, the core of its heart was destroyed. The golem lost it vitality and became mere fallen rocks.

「He…Hey! They are being destroyed! 」

Both John Dae and I were stunned. Such sight was being repeated everywhere. Of course, some the golems’ attacks hit and killed some of the Killing Machines as well. However, the Killing Machines’ attack strategy was much more powerful than the golem’s attack strategy.

This harsh reality made me want to close my eyes.

A vibration and roar echoed far away from a different lookout tower! A soldier from that tower reported to us in a loud screaming voice!

「Part of the northern wall got damaged! The Killing Machines have managed to get through the wall!」

「It…It can’t be!! They breeched the wall that quickly!? 」

「The golems are being overpowered as well! 」

…The Great Iron Wall was being easily destroyed!!

John Dae gritted his teeth.

「What a killing force…! This is the true power of the Imperial Machine Corps…! 」

By…By this rate, the second and third walls will be destroyed as well! If that happens, the Imperial Machine Corps will be invading Tarmine for real! The people will be slaughtered!

I was in panic. Nevertheless…The moment when the Killing Machines tried to get through the hole of the damaged second wall…

*roaring sound*

We heard a tremendous sound that even shook the earth! When I looked closer at the breeched wall, I saw that a dirt haze spread from the breeched area!

「Eh!? 」

Neither John Dae nor I knew what happened. The guard tower soldiers were also confused as well. Meanwhile, the hero murmured with an unsurprising voice.

「…It’s a pitfall. I created it between the first and second walls. 」

When I looked at Seiya, I noticed that he already stretched one of his arms towards the northern area of the walls.

「Repair Iron Wall… 」

As soon as he professed those words, the breeched walls that were damaged by the Killing Machines were repaired in an instant!

「The…The Imperial Machine Corps became divided when the walls got repaired! 」

Just as the soldier said, hundreds of Killing Machines that fell on the pitfall were separated from the other units after the walls were restored. Suddenly, that huge pitfall closed and became flat ground once again. Seiya’s trap made it possible to bury a third of the Killing Machines alive. Yet, John Dae’s face was still serious-looking.

「Even if you restore the walls, they can only stand unscathed temporarily! They will break the restored walls as well and breech in again!」

Just as John Dae pointed out, the Killing Machines behind the outer wall continued to attack relentlessly. They tried to break the wall again. However…This time the wall wasn’t destroyed!

「But…But…Why? The wall was easy to break through moments ago, am I right? 」

I was perplexed and asked Seiya what was happening.

「The walls they’ve broke through were made of brittle material. Now they’re back to its original hardness.」

「AH!? Why on earth did you do that!? 」

Seiya didn’t answer me. Instead, he started to walk and went to the spiral stairs to get down from the lookout tower.

「Seiya!? Wait!! Where are you going!? 」

「This is finished for today. 」

「Finished for today!? There are still Killing Machines beyond the wall!! 」

「No problem. 」

The Killing Machines, who sensed that it was impossible to make a hole in the restored wall, piled up like a mountain and tried to reach the top of the wall…However, they couldn’t climb it because the wall was leaned over towards the outside. And then, the golems chased the obsessed Killing Machines that tried to find a way to climb the wall.

「Eh…!! 」

I was surprised once again. The golems, that were inferior against the Killing Machines, were overpowering them this time! They tried to destroy the golems by acting like carnivore hyenas! Nonetheless, the golems shook their arms to get the Killing Machines out of their bodies, and immediately smashed them on the ground with their fearsome strength!

「This is the true power of the golems. They will soon “clean” everything up. 」

Both John Dae and I were puzzled by all these occurrences. John Dae rushed on Seiya’s direction and grabbed his shoulder, as Seiya tried to leave the tower.

「He…Hey! Explain it! I don’t know what the hell is happening at all! 」

…Seiya hid the golem’s true power, and made the walls fragile at first. Then, he let the Killing Machines break the first walls, but created a pitfall to eliminate them. And then, he regenerated the walls once again…It was certainly confusing and I didn’t know about anything anymore!

「Just explain all of what happened just now! What the hell did you do? 」

John Dae asked persistently about what happened. Then, Seiya responded to him in an annoying manner as if it was troublesome to answer.

「I made it all happen because I wanted to secure our victory by any means. Therefore, I will analyze and study the Killing Machines I’ve captured in the pitfall. That’s all.」

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Seiya the Scientist. Look forward to his scientific research…


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