This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 77 Part 1

Chapter 77: In This Painful World (1)

Seiya pulled his sword extremely fast and swung it at an astonishing speed! The sound swept through the air and, on that moment, a large explosion emitted a thunderous roar that almost burst my earlobes! The hero used his newly detonating sword to strike against the 1,000,000 attack points of the Grand Lion’s power that transformed into a comet!

When the two supernatural powers collided with one another, a dazzling light was created and a tremendous shock was generated. That strong light blinded my eyes and I was blown away instantaneously!

「Uh…Ugh… 」

…When I raised my body after falling down dramatically, I noticed that the Grand Lion stood at a place that was far away from Seiya. Speaking of which, Seiya held the sword that prevented the comet attack. None of them turned their backs on each other. They didn’t even move an inch.

But, on that instant, a sound of cracking echoed profusely! Seiya’s Platinum Sword shattered into pieces! And then, Seiya collapsed on the spot!

On the other hand, the Grand Lion, who looked attentively at Seiya, only had a small cut on his chest!

…Such…disparity!! The Crimson Boom was Seiya’s ultimate attack and, even so, it was subpar against the Grand Lion’s Volt Sky Axel…!!

However, something occurred when the Grand Lion tried to approach Seiya in order to kill him. The Grand Lion’s chest became swollen and exploded! At the same time a glowing liquid fluid erupted from the cut on his chest! The upper body of the Grand Lion flared up! The Grand Lion screamed out loud when fire burst from the inside of his body!

The Grand Lion screamed desperately because of the repeated explosions on his body. The scene was so intense that my body trembled in fear.

…The destructive flames of sand magic…have entered the body of the Grand Lion…!!

When the flames finally subsided, the Grand Lion remained upright. Yet, all of his body turned black as if he had transformed into a charcoal.

「Seiya!! 」

I ran towards Seiya’s direction and held his fallen body. I wondered if he had deactivated his State Berserk. His hair had returned to its normal black hair. It looked like he was conscious given that his face was showing a painful expression.

When he noticed my presence, he immediately stood up in an alarming way.

「…What about the Grand Lion? 」

「It’s all right! The Crimson Boom burned him! 」

I tried to calm him down. When I pointed in the enemy’s direction to show him that he defeated him for real…There was no Grand Lion in sight.

「Human…you won. 」

I looked immediately on the voice’s direction. A body that resembled a blackish charcoal sneaked behind the Queen. It was the Grand Lion!

「I got a fatal wound…Soon, I’ll die. But, before that…I must at least get my reward. 」

Then, he grabbed the Queen’s hair violently.

「What would make this human suffer the most…I thought about it for so long…Things would’ve been different if I had figured it out before.」

It…It can’t be!! No!! Not the Queen!!

「And that…important thing for you was…something that I could break apart!! 」

I ran to the Queen in a hurry.

However, when he saw that I was coming near, the Grand Lion let go of the Queen’s hair.

「…You. This is your entire fault. 」

And then, he rushed on my direction with the last portion of his energy!

…Ehh!? Me!? But, why!?

It was clear that the Grand Lion was no longer powerful. Still, his remaining strength would be enough to kill me.

Just before the nails of the Grand Lion slashed me up…something strange moved out of my chest.

It was an earth snake…It was a self-defense earth snake that Seiya left behind “for precaution”.

The Grand Lion tried to pierce my heart with his nails. Nonetheless, the earth snake…

「Ugh…Ah…! 」

I heard painful growls. When I looked closely at what happened, I saw that the earth snake caught the Grand Lion’s neck and started to choke him up!

The Grand Lion tried to grab the earth snake with both hands to tear it apart, but the earth snake wasn’t crushed and didn’t release from his neck!

Seiya murmured from behind my back.

「The earth snake that was protecting you…is the strongest earth snake that I’ve created so far. He won’t be able to destroy it in his weakened state…」

The Grand Lion opened his eyes wide and stared at Seiya in the form of an enraged demon. He no longer tried to take away the earth snake from his neck. The enemy directed his feet towards Seiya and went towards his direction. Nevertheless, his movement eventually stopped. The arm that held the earth snake lost its power and dropped down…The Grand Lion fell to the ground on his knees as if all of his remaining strength disappeared on the spot.

Seiya approached the Grand Lion…

「…Endless Fall. 」

Seiya returned to his Earth Magic Warrior state. Then, he triggered his Endless Fall skill to finish off the Grand Lion without even touching him. In a short moment, the earth snake and the Grand Lion were pushed into the underground with a tremendous power.

When the Grand Lion and the earth snake disappeared from my field of vision, the beast people, who were far away, looked at us and began to make a fuss.

「His Majesty the Grand Lion was defeated…! 」

「The power of the evil god disappeared as well! 」

「It…It’s over for us…! 」

The beast people, who lost their mighty boss, fled immediately as if they were dispersing like some spider’s babies [EN: A really creepy analogy]. I felt relieved to see the outcome of Seiya’s victory. However, Seiya fell on one knee on this very moment.

I rushed to Seiya’s side. He was badly hurt. I put my hands on his abdomen to heal his severe wounds.

「I’m sorry…! It’s my fault that you became like this…! 」

Seiya stared directly at me.

「Don’t cry. And don’t apologize. It’s annoying. 」

「But…! 」

「I won. The result is good. Besides… 」

After exhaling deeply, Seiya professed the following words.

「I already told you this when we were in the heavenly world. Before we left, I said that I was “Perfectly Ready”.」

「Hmm, yes! 」

Seiya stood up immediately after I applied a kind of first aid to his wound.

「Anyways, let’s move the Queen to a safe place for now… 」

As soon as he said that, the hero fell unconsciously as if he had lost all of his strength.

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