This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 76

Chapter 76: The Forbidden Exceeded Limit

The Beast Emperor was looking down at Seiya, who was suffering tremendously on the ground.

「My attacking power has exceeded the 1,000,000 point mark. I have greatly surpassed the power of the Demon King Artemaeus.」

I activated the clairvoyance ability. Before long, the new status of the Grand Lion reflected on my eyes.

Beast Emperor the Grand Lion

State – Thunder Beast

Level – 99 (MAX)

HP – 955989 / 1200044

MP – 0

Attack – 1023987

Defense – 998596

Agility – 938855

Magic – 58754

Potential – 999 (MAX)

Resistance – Fire, Water, Wind, Lightening, Ice, Earth, Light, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis, Curse, Instant Death, Sleep, Abnormal Condition

Special skills – Evil God Protection (Lv MAX), Flight (Lv MAX)

Skills – Jet Black Nail, Volt, Volt Sky Axel

Personality – Villainous

…“Despair” was a meaningless word to describe my feelings. I felt something much worse than just despair. This world was no longer comparable to Geabrande. There was no human being capable of defeating such an absurd monster.

On this moment.

「Yo…You…? 」

Right by my side, Queen Carmilla pointed at me with her trembling hand.

And then…I noticed. I had no longer a fish-man’s appearance!

「What are you…! 」

I tried to suppress my anguish. Therefore, I only told the Queen what was important to hear.

「I…I am Listarte. I am the goddess who came to save this world. I’ve been disguised as a fish-man until now.」

「I see. That explains everything… 」

The Queen looked at me with a stunned expression on her face.

「Are you…the Goddess of Fishes…? 」

「No!! I’m not a Goddess of Fishes!! A…Anyways!! I’ll tell you more about it later!! 」

At that point, my gaze turned away towards the place of battle. I noticed that something went definitely wrong.

…Ho…How…Why did the art of change deactivate right now!?

Earth Magic used the power of nature as well…For example, Earth Magic had the capability of using, not only the magical energy from the caster, but also from the soil itself. That was the reason why the earth snakes could move without relying too much on Seiya’s power. However, the power of the art of change could only be deactivated by 100% of Seiya’s power. But the fact, was that the art of change had been completely disengaged…

…It meant that Seiya received real damage!!

Seiya was holding his stomach with his hands and he was breathing extremely hard. That fearsome attack did hurt Seiya badly. Red blood was falling constantly from his torn abdomen.

「Seiya!! 」

I wanted to cure him…

「…Don’t come here. 」

Seiya sensed my movements and uttered a painful voice. At the same time, the Grand Lion turned his eyes on my direction.

「Who the hell is that woman…? Ah…Is that the goddess of a different dimension that brought the hero to this world?」

Then, the Grand Lion spoke about me as if he wasn’t that interested.

「I’ll kill her alongside that old hag. But, before I do that, I’ll kill you first, bastard. 」

The Grand Lion used Volt to go up against Seiya. Somehow, Seiya raised his body, held his sword and defended the attack.

「I absolutely hate the repulsive humans. The Demon King made me like this when he transformed this world into his own home. I wonder if you detestable humans killed me brutally on my previous life.」

After he finished talking…! In an Instant a lightning bolt passed through Seiya! At the same time, I heard the sound of flesh being torn apart!

The speed of the Grand Lion even created a dirt smoke of his trajectory. He stopped at a distant place. Seiya couldn’t defend himself from the Volt attack. His left cheek was sliced as if it had been cut with a knife.

The Grand Lion licked Seiya’s red blood that fell from his nails! And then, he took the Volt offensive stance once again! Before long…a pale lightning bolt sprinted all over again!

This time, I heard a violent metallic sound. Somehow, Seiya managed to defend himself. However, the Platinum Sword he had on his left hand went flying in the air.

Seiya rushed in a hurry to the area where the Platinum Sword fell on the ground. But, the Grand Lion was already standing in front of the Platinum Sword. Yet, Seiya still tried to grab the fallen Platinum Sword, but his arms were unprotected. Therefore, the Grand Lion tried to get this opportunity by dissecting Seiya’s arms with his nails…But, on that instant, the enemy stopped the attack against the hero.

「…Did you really think I wouldn’t notice it? 」

The leg of the Grand Lion slammed into Seiya’s abdomen violently. Seiya’s body floated in the air with a dull sound. Seiya collapsed on the ground and bled brutally from the wound inflicted on his stomach.

「I’ve been aware of it since I met you bastard. Your left arm is wrapped by a strange aura. 」

I took a deep breath when I heard the Grand Lion’s words.

Pe…Perhaps it was the aura of the destruction technique that Seiya used once before on the fight against the Warlord Emperor!? Was it “Counter Break”!? Did he manage to trigger that skill on time before activating his Berserk mode!? Did he really anticipate the difficulty of this situation!? He wanted to sever the Grand Lion’s arms in exchange for his own arms to bet on a turnaround…

「Is that your last trump card? What a shame. 」

Unfortunately, the monster discovered the strategy of the cautious hero. The Grand Lion continued to kick cruelly Seiya’s abdomen while laughing maniacally.

「You must regret for wanting to face me directly! I’ll kill you bastard! And, I’ll kill Artemaeus! Then, I’ll put every human and monster under my rule, the true Beast Emperor!」

He was kicked. He was stepped on aggressively…Tears overflew from my eyes when I saw my hero being beaten so cruelly as if he were a sandbag.

…This outstanding talent…This genius…was getting beaten up so miserably…! He could’ve won this battle with the success of the Six-Hexagram plan…! But, this…! This was my entirely fault…! (EN: No shit sherlock)

The Grand Lion pulled his leg backwards and, with a strong swing, he kicked Seiya so severely that he was blown away by a few meters from where he was standing.

「Seiya!! 」

I couldn’t stand to watch this anymore. I didn’t care if the enemy tried to kill me. I just ran quickly on Seiya’s direction.

I put my hands on Seiya’s abdomen and tried to invoke my healing magic…

「…I don’t need to be cured. 」

Seiya spoke to me in a painful tone.

Maybe he realized that he won’t be able to win even if I cured him? No…He might not even want to borrow my healing powers. After all, it was my fault that he had to suffer this much.

「I am sorry…! I am…truly sorry…! 」

I could only regret and apologize. Seiya stared at me with his usual boring and expressionless face.

「Lista…Your judgement was correct. Lives of precious people would’ve been lost if I got too obsessed with the success of the Six-Hexagram strategy…」

Even deeply hurt, my hero spoke gentle words to console the disheartened me. It seemed that those words were the last words of my hero.

However. Seiya used the Platinum Sword as a cane and stood up.

「This severe pain…helps me from submerging into madness…Maybe…it’s possible to express it now.」


Was he holding back his real power? I realized it when I heard Seiya’s determination voice!

…He intended to activate his State Berserk Phase 3rd!! His status would increase 4x with the activation of Phase 3rd!! He would definitely overcome the strength of the Grand Lion!! That was probably the only way to win against the frightening power of the Grand Lion! But…Even so…!!

『There are “boundaries that cannot be crossed” by a human being. If a human reaches the Phase 3rd, he will cease to be a human being forever! The Berserk mode scars will be engraved in the soul, and even if you return to your original world, the after effects will certainly remain within you!』

The warning of the Goddess of War, Zeth, crossed through my mind! I had a very bad feeling about this! Not even the talent nor strong spirit would be able to suppress the insane madness of that crazy power…I felt an ominous feeling!

The Grand Lion was watching Seiya and me at a remotely position…

「Have you finished saying goodbye? Well, don’t worry. I’ll kill you too after I’ve finished with that bastard.」

The Grand Lion laughed with a devilish smile.

「No…Actually, I’ll kill you first. 」

And then, he looked viciously at me…

「Volt! 」

A pale lightning bolt went straight to me! I instinctively closed my eyes when I knew that my death was near! Nonetheless, I heard a strong sound as if something hit violently!

I opened my eyes slowly…and I saw something unbelievable.

The Grand Lion ducked down in one knee! Black blood dripped from his mouth, passed through his jaw and fell to the ground!

「Bastard…! 」

The hero stood in front of the Grand Lion. Likewise, the Grand Lion looked at the hero with rage. I also stared at Seiya with an astonishing look on my face.

The amount of aura was incomparable to his previous aura! In addition, his skin color increased in redness, and his fingernails changed to a color between red and black!

The hero spoke with a rough breath.

「Somehow…I managed to express it successfully… 」

「It…It can’t be…Is that the Phase 3rd!? 」

However, Seiya shook his head.

「Hypothetically speaking…even if I defeat the Grand Lion…there is still the Demon King ahead of this…now it’s not the right time to bet on something dangerous…」

「The…Then, what is that change!? 」

「It is a limit that cannot be exceeded by any means…so, I have no need to exceed it now. I just…had to get close to that limit instead…」

Seiya uttered the following words.

「State Berserk…Phase 2.5… 」

…Phase 2.5!! Normally, the ability value would increase by 3x with Phase 2nd!! If he activated Phase 2.5, then…it increased by 3.5x!! By adjusting the Phase 2nd with Phase 3rd, did his strength aligned with the power of the Grand Lion!?

「No…well…to be precise…it is Phase 2.491… 」

This…This was extremely surreal!! No…It was amazing!! He even adjusted his activation by three decimal places!!

The Grand Lion spit the blood from his mouth to the ground.

「Is that your real trump card, bastard? That’s irrelevant. I’ll just need to crush it entirely. 」

After saying those words, the Grand Lion charged against Seiya by using Volt! Nevertheless, Seiya, who was wrapped in red-black madness aura, also rushed in the Grand Lion’s direction! The two of them collided with one another!

After a terrible roar, I noticed that the Grand Lion went against Seiya’s double-handed swords with the Jet Black Nail. What a fearsome scene! The Grand Lion managed to block Seiya’s attack, and started to laugh maniacally! However! The body of the Grand Lion was gradually pushed down by the overwhelming power of Seiya’s newly awakening state!

「What the hell is this power…! But, you’re just a mere human being…! 」

「I’ve stopped being a human for now. 」

「Don’t screw with me…! Who do you think I am! 」

The Grand Lion was outraged! He shook his arms fiercely! With the strength of the Jet Black Nail, the Grand Lion crushed the bottom of the Platinum Sword on Seiya’s right hand!

「It seems that your power doesn’t match with the durability of your weapons. 」

Just as the Grand Lion professed, the Platinum Swords were powerful weapons. However, these weapons were not on par with the fearsome strength of enemies from the Demon King class. In addition, the swords were gradually cracking from the fierce confrontation of the previous fight.

…Oh no!! Why did this happen right after Seiya finally reached the enemy’s power!!

I was deeply discouraged…Nonetheless! Seiya’s feet uplifted immediately! Moreover! A new earth snake appeared from the ground and took one of Seiya’s sheath!

「An earth snake!? You still had one!? 」

「Yeah. This is a spare earth snake. And that’s a spare Platinum Sword. 」

When he received the sheath from the earth snake, he redrew that sword…

「The left sword is also damaged. I have to replace it just in case. 」

He slightly uplifted his foot from the ground! And then! A new earth snake appeared with a different sheath!

「This is the spare of the spare earth snake. And that’s a spare of the spare Platinum Sword.」

…He…He had lots of spares…!!

I was completely appalled by the extremely well-prepared hero. On that moment, Seiya equipped himself with his newly double-handed swords. The Grand Lion gritted his teeth in fury.

「Don’t screw with me, bastard…Are you a magician… 」

The Grand Lion slowly drew an arc with his arms.

「I won’t forgive you…! I’m gonna shatter the shit out of you with the Jet Black Nail powered by Volt’s energy…!」

On the other hand, Seiya exhaled a long and deep sigh 「huh 」. And then, he muttered the following.

「State Berserk…Phase 2.6…! 」

…He was getting close to Phase 3rd again!! Was he going to be okay!? How long could he endure the continuing pressure of madness…!!

However, I noticed something irregular from the enemy’s side. The Grand Lion continued to grit his teeth and his breath was rough as if he were exhausted or in pain.

I see!! Not even the Grand Lion could keep with his Beast Hazard state for too long!! In…In other words…Whichever wins or loses…This battle will be settled soon!!

…Before my eyes. A red-black aura of madness and a devilish pale aura were facing each other for the ultimate combat.

The hero slowly moved the tip of the double-handed swords against the Grand Lion.

「I’ll free the Radral continent from the control of the beast men. 」

「Don’t get cocky…you measly human…! 」

Then, the Grand Lion roared furiously.

「Humans are toys!! Humans are food!! This land!! Radral belongs to the beast men!! 」

「That will end today. 」

「How dare you…!! 」

The enemy used the power of Volt to increase the strength of Jet Black Nail attack! And then! The enemy tried to rip Seiya apart! Seiya’s swords blocked the first attack! But, the enemy didn’t give up! He continued to strike without stopping! Even so, Seiya’s double-handed swords deflected all those attacks!

However…I heard a sudden cracking sound! Before I knew it, Seiya’s right-handed Platinum Sword shattered into pieces as if it were made of glass!

The Grand Lion grinned wickedly. Yet, black blood spilled from his cheek! Even though the right-handed sword was broken, Seiya managed to cut the Grand Lion’s cheek by stabbing with his left-handed sword! The Beast Emperor groaned with hatred.

The Grand Lion continued his fierce attack in order to kill Seiya. The situation was unfavorable for Seiya because he only had one sword left. However, Seiya raised his feet again, and an earth snake gave him a new sheath. Seiya’s upper body managed to avoid the attack coming from the Grand Lion. On this very moment, Seiya touched the sheath with his foot and kicked it to the sky. The sheath rotated in the air, and the sword came out from that sheath because of the centrifugal force…then, Seiya grabbed the sword with his free hand.

「…Another spare of the spare of the spare. 」

This time, Seiya took an offensive stance! He won’t be able to use skills while the Berserk mode was active. But, he was a very unique and talented human…He used normal sword attacks, however! He attacked, he cut, he slashed, he pierced and he stabbed! He used all of different sword techniques on the enemy! Unable to avoid Seiya’s sword attacks, the body of the Grand Lion became incised by deep lacerations!

「Damn…You…! 」

One of the swords broke again during the middle of Seiya’s attacks. Still, an earth snake immediately offered a spare from the soil to Seiya. He didn’t even look at it with his eyes. He kicked the sword to lift it up on the air and grabbed it immediately.

A relentlessly long-lasting battle. But then, suddenly, the Grand Lion used a different attack from his three-continuous strikes to kill Seiya at above his head…“The Snake’s Tail”! The attack was coming from a blind spot that was difficult for a normal human being to notice! However, Seiya saw through that hidden attack and used his sword to counterattack it!

…In…Incredible…!! Seiya was completely overpowering the Grand Lion…!!

And then, I heard a fierce metallic sound on my ears. But, this time, it wasn’t the Platinum Sword that broke. When I looked closely at that scene, I realized that it were the nails of the Grand Lion that broke!

「My…My nails…! 」

In the end, the Grand Lion’s nails were getting more and more tattered. As opposed to Seiya’s Platinum Swords, because he kept exchanging the damaged ones with newer ones. The Grand Lion took a distance away from Seiya.

The Grand Lion, who was stripped of his nails, wouldn’t be able to perform the Jet Black Nail attack efficiently from now on. He stared at Seiya with anger.

「I am the one who’ll exceed Artemaeus’ power…! There’s no way that I’ll be undermined by this fight…! You bastard shouldn’t be on this world in the first place…!」

Grand Lion spread its black wings and flew away into the sky. I rushed in Seiya’s direction.

「Is…Is he running away!? 」

「No…He isn’t. 」

The Grand Lion, who had stopped far away in the sky, roared so high that his voice reached the surface. The air around us vibrated because of his insane scream. Before long, his whole body increased in volume.

「What on earth is he doing? 」

「He is going to do something to kill me…As I can see, he is going to concentrate on all of the power he has now, and he’ll try to give his ultimate blast.」

Seiya put his swords back in the sheaths as if he gave up.

「Se…Seiya!? 」

「I can’t use magic nor special skills during State Berserk. I already prepared for that shortcoming. It takes a long time to concentrate, but this is the right moment to use it since I’m up against a great opponent.」

「But, how can you attack if you put your swords back into the sheaths!? 」

「I’m gradually remembering the destruction techniques. The Destruction Operation Method the Seventh…“Break Permission”…This technique, which allows the destruction energy to influence only on the natural objects, can turn the soil of earth magic into explosives.」

Seiya stepped his foot three times on the ground. The earth snake came out with a sheath wrapped in a strange cloth.

「This is a specially crafted sword. If I pull out this special Platinum Sword from its sheath, it will ignite the power of the soil destruction because of a frictional force. It will be able to create a greater power when combined with flames. And then, I can use it after it gets that enormous amount of energy.」

When Seiya finished talking, something happened in the sky. The Grand Lion, who was watching us silently from above, emanated a huge energy discharge. Soon after, that same energy returned back to the Grand Lion’s body. Suddenly, the enemy’s body became wrapped in a dazzling light.

「Die…! “Volt Sky Axel”…! 」

The whole body created a terrifying aura so big that it covered the sky! He threw that insane aura towards the ground! It went flying down at an astonishing speed! It resembled a huge comet engulfed in a pale flashing light! There would be impossible for us to defend ourselves from that huge aura!

「Seiya!! Hurry up and use your sword!! 」

「I refuse. I’ll use it until the very last minute. 」

「But…But, we’ll die at this rate!! 」

「This is my last trump card. I won’t have another chance if I don’t do this correctly.」

The ultimate attack from the Grand Lion approached the ground at a tremendous rapidity. Yet, Seiya didn’t take the sword out of his sheath.

…It…It’s too late!! We’re going to die!!

All I could see from my eyes was the big comet that the Grand Lion created with his remaining nails. That comet was created with the Chain Destruction, and our future seemed dim. On this precise moment, Seiya touched the grip of his sword and moved it in a prickly motion.

「Explosion of Destruction…“Crimson Boom”…! 」

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