This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 75 Part 2

Chapter 75: Beast Hazard (2)

The Grand Lion approached Seiya with astonishing speed! I didn’t even had the time to settle down my own thoughts! He confronted Seiya with a series of Jet Black Nail attacks! Seiya managed to deflect the attacks with the activation of Phase 2nd! He defended himself with his sword…However, the color of Seiya’s eyes and his aura disappeared before long!

The Beast Emperor grinned wickedly.

「…Die. 」

Yet, the body of the Grand Lion bounced abruptly. The Grand Lion’s claws only cut through the air. At that moment, Seiya managed to step back and stood at a safe distance away from the Grand Lion.

「What? 」

An earth snake was entangled on one of the Grand Lion’s legs. He tried to get it away 「Chi. 」. After noticing the earth snake, he easily cut it off with a nail as if he wiped some dust effortlessly. The remains of the earth snake fell to the ground and transformed back into sand.

「What a cheap trick. 」

The Grand Lion stared at Seiya with revulsion. But, on that instant, Seiya’s foot hit the ground. Soon, more than ten earth snakes appeared from the ground.

…Earth Magic!! How!? He couldn’t use any magical properties while on Berserk mode!!

However, I realized it when numerous earth snakes gathered around Seiya to protect him.

I see! Those were the fishes that were on my body and returned back to Seiya when he ordered them to! They dissolved their forms and transformed into earth snakes again!

「It will be futile no matter how much of them you have to protect yourself. It will be a matter of just scratching them off.」

The Grand Lion jumped towards Seiya’s direction! His speed was so great that the earth snakes around Seiya’s feet didn’t have time to react! Seiya manifested his Phase 2nd on that moment and dodged the attack! After that, he tried to use his Platinum Sword to fight back…

「Oops. That’s dangerous. 」

The enemy defended himself with the Jet Black Nail…However, Seiya’s eye color returned back to normal! The Grand Lion tried to grab that opportunity to kill Seiya, but the earth snakes jumped all at once to the Grand Lion to save their master’s life!

「How annoying, you bastard! 」

The Jet Black Nail cut more than ten earth snakes into pieces! Their remains fell to the ground and they became sand again! Then, the Grand Lion went straight to Seiya!

…All of the earth snakes were killed!! Seiya!!

Nevertheless, the Grand Lion couldn’t move any further and roared furiously.

「There are still some left…! 」

When I looked closely at Seiya’s feet, I noticed that earth snakes were raising from the ground once again! Their number was…

Thirty…Fifty…No…they were more than a hundred snakes!! But, how!?

A horde of earth snakes attacked the Grand Lion from all directions.

Seiya spoke in a simple and plain tone.

「I was planning to fight you anyways. Therefore, I created several earth snakes beforehand and scattered them around Tarmine. Now, I’ve called them here.」

I…I see…!! But, even so, when did he manage to create this many!? Seiya had been preparing and looking forward to the success of the Six-Hexagram plan until now!! And yet, he still had time to create this insane amount of earth snakes!? He was awfully cautious after all!!

However, the situation was complicated. Even if they were that many, they wouldn’t be able to defeat the Grand Lion. The Jet Black Nail attacks destroyed the snakes one after another, changing them back to sand.

Seiya activated the Phase 2nd. He tried to strike the Grand Lion, but the enemy didn’t back down. Seiya took his distance once again. At the same time, the Grand Lion chased after Seiya while dealing with the earth snakes. Twenty, thirty…the enemy kept destroying masses of earth snakes. Each time my heart beat faster.

「…What’s up? Is it over? 」

After the Grand Lion professed those words, I noticed that the earth snakes stopped ascending from the area under Seiya’s feet.

The eyes of the Grand Lion looked sharp as if he were sure of his own victory…Suddenly, he made a bold move against Seiya!

Seiya activated the Phase 2nd immediately! He dodged the blow and, next, he dodged the Nail attack! Afterwards, Seiya aimed towards the Grand Lion’s heart but the enemy avoided his offensive strike! And then…the Grand Lion made a third attempt to attack Seiya!

…Phase 2nd was about to be deactivated soon!! He was going…to die!!

Nonetheless, it was unbelievable! The color of Seiya’s eyes while confronting the Grand Lion were still red! Seiya defended himself from the fearsome nails by using his sword as a shield! He successfully deflected the attack and the enemy’s body bounced back! Then, he moved the Platinum Sword at an overwhelming speed that almost got the Grand Lion’s nose! This time, on the contrary, the Grand Lion moved away from Seiya and took a safe distance.

…He still had the power to keep the Phase 2nd activated!? How!?

Like me, the Grand Lion looked as if he didn’t understand it either. He showed a confusing expression then.

「Hey, hey. What kind of logic is that? Did you make it on purpose to look as if you could only do it for a short time to fool me? No…My judgement was correct. Until a moment ago, I saw clearly that you tried your hardest to keep your powers up.」

Seiya twisted his neck and spoke aloud.

「The continuous activation of the Phase 2nd puts a heavy burden on my mind and body. There was a percentage of danger, which indicated that my mind and body could collapse. Therefore, I was adjusting the power little by little while I drove myself into a battle with you…Okay.」

Seiya emitted a huge aura out of his body and turned his red eyes towards the Grand Lion.

「…Accustom Mode. 」

I was perplexed when I heard the hero speak the similar quote that the Geabrande’s Emperor used to declare.

…A…A genius! Seiya stabilized the powers of the State Berserk Phase 2nd in the midst of the actual battle against the Grand Lion!

「Okay then. Let’s go with all my might. 」

Seiya pulled from his sheath a second Platinum Sword. He took a double sword offensive stance; one pointed above, while the other facing below.

「You don’t give up…! You bastard…! 」

The moment the enemy finished talking…! Bang! Both of them roared extremely high and clashed with each other!

Seiya’s attack was not the usual Double Consecutive Gunshot Sword. It was no special skill. The attack was just a normal double-handed sword that he aimed directly towards the Grand Lion. But, its power and speed were tremendous! It felt as if the earth and heaven were tearing apart with just the power of one strike! The shock from the clash between the swords and the nails made my hair shake away!

With Seiya’s outstanding strength, the Grand Lion couldn’t defend himself in time! His cheeks were cut and black blood dripped from his face! His blackish armor cracked up as well! The Grand Lion was slightly underpowered!

…A…Amazing!! Seiya was really one in a hundred million people!! A special and talented human being!! He could win this!! Yes, even without the secret of the Six-Hexagram!!

However, a dark shadow crossed through my mind and swallowed up my tiny hope.

…Wait a second! Why did Adenela say that Seiya wouldn’t be able to win against the Grand Lion? Not only her. Why did the Great Goddess Isister say to avoid a direct combat with the enemy?

And then…My anxiety became a reality.

Before I noticed, a strange scene developed right in front of my eyes. Seiya’s expression, who was supposed to have an upper hand, seemed distressful, while the Grand Lion, who was underpowered, had a relaxed expression.

「What’s this? Blood? So, you managed to cut me, huh. You are a vicious bastard. You really thought you could win this fight? And here I was, trying to kill you without getting serious…」

…What!? The…The Grand Lion’s true power was hidden…!!

The Grand Lion spoke with a relaxed tone against a rough-breathing and exhausted Seiya.

「My intuition was right. You can inflict damage if I’m not careful enough. That’s why I have no choice but to get serious. Unlike Bunogeos, I activate my powers automatically. I just needed to fight against a certain enemy to resort to this. No matter how cautious you are, this will be your demise.」

For moments, Seiya tried to attack him. However, the Grand Lion mocked Seiya’s movements.

「It’s too late, hero. 」

Then, the body of the Grand Lion was wrapped in black light.

「“Beast Hazard”…! 」

Seiya was almost thrown away by the overwhelming power of the black aura that spread on the enemy’s body! When the insane aura stopped glittering, the body of the Grand Lion became deformed! He had huge wings on his back that resembled bat wings! Below his waist, a tail of a large snake moved creepily as if it had freewill! He transformed into a Chimera! The deformed body radiated a pale light as if it were charging up! That thing was ready to charge at Seiya!

I felt a shivering throughout my body as if my life was in eminent danger. And I wasn’t even close to the battle ground…

「…Vault! 」

A pale flash like a lightning bolt instantly passed through Seiya!

In the blink of an eye, Seiya and the Grand Lion seemed to have switched positions.

…Seiya got on his knees.

Seiya remained strong even when the Warlord Emperor cut off his arm. And yet, right now, my hero fell on his knees, while he held his stomach with a distorted and painful expression on his face.

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