This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 75 Part 1

Chapter 75: Beast Hazard (1)

After I stopped crying, Seiya asked me the following question.

「Is the situation imminent? 」

I wiped my tears on the sleeves of my dress. Then, I tried to speak even with a trembling voice.

「Mother…Queen Carmilla is at the guillotine platform…she is with the Grand Lion in the execution grounds…there are many beast men watching her execution…」

Seiya nodded quietly. Before long, he made me open a portal to lead directly to the execution grounds. He turned me into a fish-man once again.

「I will draw their attention. You’ll have to rescue the Queen during that moment. 」

After checking the safety of our exit point, Seiya put his hand on the portal’s door, and…

「State Berserk…! 」

On that instant, Seiya’s body emitted a maddening red-black aura! His glossy black hair became red immediately! Moreover, demonic fangs came out from his mouth!

…He transformed into the Crazy Warrior so suddenly! I thought that he would transform into a dog beast man to blend in on the crowd at the execution ground!

Seiya went through the portal and disappeared instantly. I chased after him in a hurry. After passing through the portal, I looked at my surroundings.

The execution ground was about ten meters away from where I stood. In the distance, I could see a mountain of beast people and the figure of the Queen near the guillotine.

The hero, who should’ve been extremely cautious, put his sword on his shoulder and marched towards the large crowd.

Soon, most of the beast people on the execution ground noticed that Seiya was approaching them.

「…Ah? Who’s that? 」

The beast men took their eyes from the Queen, who was about to be beheaded on the guillotine, and looked attentively at Seiya.

「Is that…a human? 」

「Where did he come from? 」

On that moment! A red “lightening” passed between the beast men at an astonishing speed! It was as if the trajectory was “sewing” each individual! The beast men looked confused after witnessing what had just happened! However! After Seiya passed through, the beast men’s upper bodies were separated from their lower bodies! The beast men were cut in half!

After moment of silence…

*agonizing screams*

The beast men screamed incessantly! Those same beast men, who screamed madly, died shortly afterwards and fell to the ground! Exactly, he was literally a Crazy Warrior! He took all of the beast men in front of him with just one sword swing and attacked them without mercy!

The Queen’s execution was no longer the focus of their attention. The crowd of beast people went in a pandemonium after a sudden enemy appeared. The execution ground went into chaos. The beast men in charge of killing the Queen with the guillotine quickly fled from that place.

Now it was my chance. I behaved exactly like a fish-man and I approached the Queen.

When the Queen looked at me, she murmured as if she regained her sanity.

「Yo…You…? Did you come to help me…? 」

「Glu! 」

I evacuated the Queen to a safe place away from the guillotine. Even if the other beast men saw me like this, it could be interpreted as a guard preventing the Queen from running away.

We came to a place where there were no beast people around us. On that moment, the Queen finally turned her eyes at Seiya, who sliced the beast people like a mad demon. She opened her eyes wide and her body started to quiver.

「Is that…the hero? Yes…That’s right! So, he was alive…! 」

I nodded positively with an expression full of hope.

…I was able to rescue the Queen thanks to Seiya! The best thing to do now would be to take the Queen with us and leave this place immediately! However…

At this point. I heard the sound of a giant stepping the pebbles furiously.

「…It’s a bit rude to create a rampage in my own garden. 」

Seiya was surrounded by a large amount of beasts man corpses…Behind him stood the Grand Lion, who was staring at him with devilish eyes.

「I see that dozens of beasts, including elite beasts from my fighting units, were killed in an instant…What a considerable deal you created here, human.」

His henchmen were slaughtered mercilessly. Yet, he was not upset. He remained calm. That was really the ruthless and vicious demeanor of the true Beast Emperor.

I reaffirmed the status of the Grand Lion by activating my clairvoyance ability.

Beast Emperor the Grand Lion

Level – 99 (MAX)

HP – 1200044

MP – 0

Attack – 856121

Defense – 819637

Agility – 807711

Magic – 58754

Potential – 999 (MAX)

Resistance – Fire, Water, Wind, Lightening, Ice, Earth, Light, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis, Curse, Instant Death, Sleep, Abnormal Condition

Special skills – Evil God Protection (Lvl MAX)

Skills – Jet Black Nail

Personality – Villainous

I shuddered again when I saw the Grand Lion’s ability value. His status was comparable to that of the high-ranking gods from the God’s realm.

The State Berserk could double Seiya’s status. In other words, Seiya’s agility must be at 500,000 points. The Grand Lion’s agility value even exceeded the points of Bell Bubu’s flight skill, the demon we defeated in Geabrande capable of moving at a super-high speed. Even so, the Grand Lion’s agility was still higher than Seiya’s doubled agility value. The difference was about…300,000 points!

…It was likely that the Grand Lion’s max speed would easily intersect Seiya’s actions! There’s no way that we could easily escape from this place! What should we do!?

Anyways, I secretly activated my goddess’ power. I improved my dynamic vision so that I could follow Seiya and the Grand Lion’s movements with accuracy.

「A human with such power was still hiding in the Radral continent…No, that wouldn’t be possible. Are you, perhaps, the summoned hero?」

The Grand Lion uttered an unsatisfyingly voice when Seiya, who didn’t lose his offensive battle stance, didn’t respond to his question.

「Hey, hey. Don’t be like that. I’m just talking to you. Are you the hero who was summoned to save this word? Am I correct?」

Seiya slowly opened his mouth.

「…That’s right. 」

「Then, does that mean that you defeated Bunogeos? So, it was you whom I talked to back in the town of Galvano…Jeez. It was just as the god with mottled hair warned me about.」

After looking slightly frustrated, the Grand Lion laughed happily for no special reason.

「Even so, it was rather brilliant of you. Your plan was successful. In my perspective, you’ve accomplished a big deal.」

「It was thanks to the power of the art of change that I’ve learnt in the heavenly world. No one can see my real appearance neither my presence nor my aura.」

「I see, is that so. It was simple as that. 」

The Grand Lion laughed aloud. Afterwards, he crossed his arms as if he had no intention of fighting.

「I really like strong guys. Do you want to cooperate with me to kill the Demon King Artemaeus? You and I have a common interest, am I right? What do you think?」

Wha…What’s that!! Was he serious!? No…No, there’s no such thing!! Still, maybe we could escape if Seiya pretended to accept his invitation…!?

I was distracted by the enemy’s words of a seemingly peaceful invitation. But, on the next moment, I realized that the Grand Lion was no longer on his spot! The Grand Lion moved at an astonishing speed and rapidly approached Seiya! He raised his right arm with a killing intent!

「…Jet Black Nail! 」

He groaned with a lower-pitched voice and aimed at the Seiya simultaneously! The Chain Destruction was embedded on the Jet Black Nail too! A tremendous roar and subsequent vibration shook all the area of the execution ground!


The ground was torn apart by the impact of the Grand Lion’s fearsome attack. Nonetheless… I didn’t see Seiya on the area where the big and large-shaped claw had striked.

On that very moment, a metallic sound resonated intensely! Seiya stood behind the Grand Lion! I noticed that the Grand Lion managed to shield himself from Seiya’s sword attack with one of his long nails!

「Oh…You managed to avoid my attack and even tried to strike me from behind my back.」

He…He dodged it!? And even tried to counterattack!? How!? His status was clearly lower than the status of the Grand Lion…

I was amazed to see how quickly Seiya reacted to that attack.

The amount of madness from the red-black aura that covered his body began to increase! Not only his hair transformed into a fury of red hair! His eyes became red as well!

…That…That change was…!! Yes, there’s no doubt!! He raised his State Berserk into Phase 2nd!!

The normal cycle of the Berserk mode transformed the ability value x2! Then, the Phase 2nd would transform the ability value x3! Summing up, right now, Seiya’s offensive power was slightly above than the Grand Lion’s power!

I trembled with excitement.

That’s right! Until now, this hero had repeatedly acquired special techniques, which were said to be impossible to achieve by mere humans! He even managed to learn the arrow skills, the consecutive gunshot sword, and even the destruction technique! No wonder that he was able to fully activate the Phase 2nd!

Nevertheless. I noticed a further change in Seiya’s appearance.

The color of Seiya’s eyes returned back to its normal state. Besides, the amount of aura that started to increase not too long ago, suddenly stopped surging, and its growth fell back to normal.

…Eh!? What happened…!?

「What a fluke. Maybe next time. Here I go. 」

The Grand Lion approached Seiya and tried to strike him with his right arm. On that moment, the color of Seiya’s eyes changed again. And, he dodged that frightening strike. However, this time, the Grand Lion chased after Seiya immediately when he dodged the attack. The enemy twisted his body and tried to kill Seiya with his left-handed claws.

Nevertheless, Seiya reacted quickly. He bent his upper body instantaneously and dodged the second strike. The Jet Black Nail cut a small string of Seiya’s hair that fell to the ground. But, that proved to be a very dangerous situation, therefore, Seiya took some distance away from him and stood at a seemingly bling spot.

「…You changed again. So, it wasn’t a fluke after all. 」

The Grand Lion was surprised. However, I noticed a certain fact when I was stared closely at the Seiya.

…The…The color of his eyes returned back to normal…! Whoa! Seiya…Seiya…hasn’t mastered the Phase 2nd! I was sure that it only could be activated momentarily!

He could only raise his mode to Phase 2nd when the Grand Lion attacked him! He had to return back to normal straightaway after dodging his attacks! He probably didn’t have much time to withstand the Phase 2nd!

My breathing became disturbed after knowing the truth. Even so, we still had a chance of winning this fight if the Grand Lion didn’t notice this.

However, the monster, who tried to defy reason in other to defeat the Demon King Artemaeus, greatly distorted his mouth. He grinned wickedly at Seiya.

「I can’t see your status because of the camouflage skill, you bastard. But, I can see the increase and decrease of your aura. Did you rapidly increase your ability value the moment I attacked you? After that, your aura decreased considerably. In other words, you bastard can only surpass my status for only a short moment…」

Then, the Grand Lion swayed his hands in a circle as if he were preparing for a different type of offensive strike.

「From now on, I’ll attack you with sequences of Jet Black Nail! Prepare yourself, bastard! 」

This…was bad!! This was extremely bad!! He figured it out!! Seiya, what are you going to do!? He won’t be able to use special skills nor the magical attributes of fire and earth while his Berserk mode was activated!! Could we escape from this place if he released his Berserk mode to get his magical powers back!? But…But, he would be killed instantly if his ability value returned back to normal!!

How can we win this fight…!!

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