It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: I didn’t know any of this just by cultivating monsters

「Wait, wait, wait. That story is a bit too much for my comprehension. That’s something I can’t do, you know!?」

「Hmm? You’re wrong about what you can do. After all, you have the “creation skill” from God, don’t you?」

What’s that? I didn’t remember that I possessed such a skill…no, wait a moment!?

「Were you perhaps referring to the skill with the monster cultivation!? 」

「Bingo! Correct answer! 」

Whoa, what a weird ability to be compared with a God’s skill. Well, I mean that skill was certainly a method of growing things, but to describe it as “creating” itself was quite strange.

「I see. But, wait a minute. Then, do you mean that it’s not possible to grow monsters in this world without a creation skill?」

「Hmm, nope. It’s something that wouldn’t be possible. Without that skill, no monsters would have grown in your field. People have been asking you the same question since the beginning, didn’t they? Why can you grow so many monsters?」

Speaking of which, I did remember that people kept asking me that. I see. I never thought there was a particular reason for the success of my monster cultivation.

「Then, maybe I can make a planet like Earth and create humans just like God? 」

「Ah, that would be impossible to achieve. It’s a skill that can be comparable to the powers of God at an eight-ranking order. You’re not God himself. You’re just a human man that possess a skill of God. Therefore, you can only use that power and nothing else.」

That made sense. So, God had a rank as well. It seemed the ranks were numbered and I was comparable to the eight rank.

「What I want you to do is to nurture the world with seeds. That’s all. 」

「Seeds? 」

「Look at that. 」

Then, the Goddess pointed to the World Tree.

「Do you see those four fruits that are growing there? 」

I looked to the place where the Goddess was pointing her finger. I could see four fruits on a wooden branch.

「That’s the Tree of Life. The fruits on that branch are filled with the ability of God’s creation skill.」

「Then, does that mean that somebody could gain that creation skill if he or she ate one of those fruits?」

「That’s right! However, those fruits mustn’t be given to regular human beings. It needs to be a great hero with a certain level of achievements and a certain level of success. 」

Great hero? She brought a new story.

「However, six fruits from the tree have already scattered on the ground as seeds. I want you to find those six seeds of the World Tree and grow them to become another large tree. 」

「Sorry, excuse me for a second. Can I ask you some questions first? 」

「Yes, please. 」

「First, I’d like you to explain to me about the tree itself. 」

「The Tree of Life is a tree that supports this world. And, this tree had ten fruits on its branches. These fruits were filled with God’s skills such as the creation skill. Only four fruits remain on the branches.」

「So, my other question is. Why are the fruits decreasing? 」

「As I said, some of them were given to the chosen ones, the mighty warriors. But, I also sent the other fruits to the depths of the ruined areas that exist around the world. 」

「Why did you do that? 」

「It was for the sake of creating the great hero. I set it up as a test by giving the fruit as a reward after reaching depths of the ruined areas.」

I see. So, she left some of those fruits behind as reward items if someone was able to complete a high-level quest.

「But, why me? Won’t those seeds grow if you gave the fruits to that great hero instead? 」

In response to my question, the Goddess showed me a troubled smile, “ahah”.

「Well, that’s certainly true. However, it seems that the hero cannot grow the seeds of the World Tree because he didn’t get the fruits. Actually, I also hoped that they would manage to grow another World Tree. But, it seemed that it didn’t work at all. Aahah.」

The Goddess laughed awkwardly after saying those words. However, the next moment, a ridiculous huge remark was heard.

「And one of those fruits was taken away by the Demon King. That’s the biggest problem. 」

「Eh? It was robbed!? 」

「Yes. The Demon King picked one of the fruits that I’ve placed in the ruins. Well, that ended up being troublesome.」

Heyyyyy!! What was this Goddess even doing in the first place!?

「Then, what are you doing!? Just get it back!! 」

「No, no. I am a Goddess without fighting abilities. There’s no way I can do that. 」

She looked quite indifferent.

「That’s why I asked you to come here. I want you to collect the seeds of the six fruits from the Word Tree. They are scattered around the world. After you find them, I want you to grow them to become another World Tree! Right now, the only human being that can grow a World Tree on this world is you! You have the ability to cultivate monsters! You’re the only one! I beg you! Can you save this world?」

The Goddess Mokoshi grabbed my hands and pulled my body next to her chest while she begged me to save this world.

I wondered what I should do. Actually, it would be better to help than not doing anything at all. That was one of my beliefs. Moreover, a Goddess asked for my help. It would be rude to refuse her request.

However, I wasn’t a great hero. It would be almost impossible for me to take the seeds away from the Demon King. That was a role for a hero.

「Can’t you ask a great hero to get rid of the Demon King? 」

「Ah no, about that. Actually, the current Demon King is not someone to get rid of that easily. I am not sure if a great hero would be able to accomplish that feat.」

Was he that fearsome? If a great hero wouldn’t be able to win against the Demon King, then I won’t even stand a chance. I knew it. This Goddess gave me an unreasonable request…

「Ah! Wait! Wait a moment! Just listen to the end of the story! You can compete against the Demon King!」

「Ah? How? 」

「Because, you know…that Demon King is…*whispers* 」


「Wait a minute! Are you really sure about that? 」

「Yes. True. It’s true. 」

What!???????? Impossible!!!!!!! What was wrong with this world!??????

「So, I beg you. Can you do it please? 」

I just took a deep sigh. I couldn’t refuse this request from a Goddess like herself.

「…I understand. It seems that defeating the Demon King and raising a World Tree is something that “only I can do”…I’ll take care of it.」

The Goddess rejoiced after she received my approval to save the world.

「Whoa! Thank you so much, Kyou-kun! I knew it! You are the savior of this world! You even raised the child you named Rock by yourself!」

The Goddess Mo-chan hugged me tightly with her busty chest. And then, I remembered the beginning of this encounter.

「That’s right. Semar said something about the Rock Bird when he came to get me, am I correct? Wasn’t that the reason why you, the Goddess, wanted to see me in the first place?」

「Yes, that story! I put that child in front of your house to see if you really had the ability to grow monsters. Besides, speaking of which, that child isn’t a Rock Bird.」


「That child is a legendary SS-ranked demon called Shemurg. To tell you the truth, that child is the child of Semargul, the guardian of the Goddess.」

Next to the Goddess, stood the white man. Semargul bowed his head to pay his respects and kindly smiled at me.

「What! Wait a moment! Is that man a demon as well!? Wasn’t he a holy person to being with!? And what’s up with that outrageous monster SS-rank!?」

「Well, that would take a long time to explain. But, summing up, a monster from the SS-rank has the ability to transform into a human being. So, Semar’s current appearance is a temporary one. His original appearance is that of a giant God Bird that can ride up to the Tree of Life.」

Ah, she got to be kidding me. I noticed that I was raising some kind of dangerous bird and I felt a weird quivering sensation. At this precisely moment, my Rock was yawning in my bed wrapped up with both Dora and Jack.

「Well then, I shall ask you again. Can I ask you to raise the World Tree for me? Please, Himuro Kyouji-kun.」

I smiled when the Goddess Mo-chan asked me that question.

「Of course. I decided it’s better to help than doing nothing at all. I accept your request.」

This was the first large-scale event of my Slow Life in this world. This world was a very different world from the one I came from. So, it would be a shame if I weren’t able to enjoy it. Besides, this quest was an “event that only I could help with”.

With that meaning in mind, I fully accepted this Goddess’ request.

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