It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Goddess and another World. Although it was a secret, this story developed excessively fast.

Eh. What? I wasn’t able to keep up with the story because it was too abrupt.

Who was this person in the first place? Why does he know about my secret? Besides, he said that a Goddess wanted to meet me, right? This was getting way out of proportion for a Slow Life.

「Kyou. What are you doing? 」

Oh, Lily came in at the right moment. Actually, a strange person came to my house and I tried to explain strange things to Lily. However, Lily’s expression changed immediately the moment she saw this strange person. Eh, maybe she knew this person after all?

「Lord Semargul. 」

When I looked behind me, I noticed that Fitis stiffen when she heard that name. Eh. Was this person, perhaps, a celebrity? However, this person called Semargul laughed gently when he saw my astonished expression.

「I knew that the hero of monsters was staying here. But, now I have a purpose for Himuro Kyouji. Pardon me, Himuro, but can you come with me? 」

「Ah, excuse me. I have one question before I go, is that all right? Why me? 」

「I have no choice but to answer your question. Why you? Well it’s because you’re raising the baby chick.」

Semargul was pointing at the baby Rock Bird after he professed those words. Hmm, does that mean that the bird was an extraordinary type of monster? I asked the strange person in front of me about it.

「I want to explain to you in detail. However, my Goddess wants to see you first. 」

I see. So, that was the reason he came here. Certainly, it was a tempting invitation, and I wanted to hear more about it. Still, I felt a bit wary to go along with a stranger this suddenly. Okay then.

「I understand. But, can I purpose a condition? Can I have both Fitis and Lily to come with me as well?」

「Of course. There’s no problem. 」

He agreed to my condition quite promptly. Well, I also had Dora, Jack and Rock besides those two. So, I felt more comfortable about this. By the way, I heard Fitis say, 「Why even me!? 」 to me. I mean, we were both in the same boat, right?

「This is…amazing. 」

That was my honest straightforward expression that came from my mouth. Actually, it was really amazing. I could see a view of a large ocean. It was as if “the sea was floating in the sky”. I didn’t know if it was the bottom of the sea floor, but somehow, I was amazed because we could see that the ocean spread like the blue sky. It was a paradise-scenery right in front of our eyes. And, a giant tree stood in the center of the world. The World Tree. It was so majestic that it was called that grand name. It soared high through the ocean and the sky.

「Hi, Hi. Welcome. This is indeed a great tree. We call the tree that supports this world, “The World Tree”.」

Just when I was stunned by the great view in front of my eyes, I heard a voice from the other side. When I looked behind, I saw a girl with long pink hair and a big chest. Was she about the same age as Lily? I would say that she looked like a busty Loli. But, of course she wasn’t one to be honest. She introduced herself.

「Nice to meet you, Himuro Kyouji. I am Mokoshi, the Goddess of this World. My name is not very cute, so you can call me Mo-chan.」

「Ah, yes. Hello. Nice to meet… 」

Hmm? What!? What did she just say!? Goddess!? This person!?

「What? Are you thinking something rude about me? Well, I don’t mind actually. 」

Mokoshi or Mo-chan, the so-called Goddess, laughed in an unconcerned manner.

「Thanks for guiding them, Semar. You may rest now. 」

Semargul retreated obediently after he heard Mo-chan’s words. Okay, I should call him Semar from now on as well.

「Excuse me. But, why did you want to meet me…? 」

「Ah, yes. Actually, I have a request for you. 」

The Goddess Mo-chan approached me and grabbed my arms. She hugged me while her busty chest touched my upper body. What’s up with this intimate contact! I was extremely confused!

「I want you to continue the creation of this world. 」

Something has gone very awry! Why did everything evolved so brusquely away from my Slow Life!? Somebody, please tell me!

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