It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Let’s raise a Rock Bird (2)

An S-class monster… It seemed that the Rock Bird belonged to this type of rank.

In this world, monsters were determined by the degree of danger from F-class to SS-class. Moreover, it seemed that besides the degree of danger, a monster class could be determined by their value, depending if they were either common or rare to find. This was also categorized from F-class to SS-class.

And, among monsters, the Rock Birds were both S-class in danger and rarity. This level of danger was so high, that even accomplished adventurers could only defeat this monster working as a team. No one would dare to go solo against this type of monster. It seemed that even heroes had trouble defeating it alone.

By the way, the white little chick, who was supposed to belong to a great and fearsome species of monsters, was relaxing on the top of my head, and he was heavy.

「But, if this chick is a great monster, won’t I get famous if I manage to tame it? 」

「That’s even more dangerous. It will be troublesome if you get too famous. Did you forget what happened with Dora? The meat of Rock Birds is regarded as one of the seven great gastronomical foods in the world. Even if the Rock Bird is a chick now, that doesn’t change the risk of this situation.」

Are you serious? I won’t eat the chick even if I wanted to try its meat. But, if people knew that I was raising a Rock Bird here, that would mean that adventurers and malicious people would come here, right? That was certainly bothersome.

「And, there’s one more thing that I’m concerned about. 」

Suddenly, Fitis changed the tone of her voice. She had a puzzled expression on her face.

「How do you feed it? 」

「Feed? 」

「You know a little bit about Rock Birds, right? People say that once it becomes big enough, it will manage to grab an elephant with ease. Sure, you don’t have a problem with this baby right now. But, once it grows too large it will become harder to control it. After all, a matured Rock Bird is beyond the limit of what a human can do to feed it.」

T…True! For me, pets that were able to eat elephants were on completely new level of craziness!

「You’re right…So, how about I raise this chick until it gets old enough? Once it becomes an adult, I could release it to fly away freely.」

「Well, I think that’s reasonable. 」

Lily nod when she heard my solution. The Rock Bird in question was still sleeping deeply on the top of my head. At this time, I thought it would be better for me not to get emotionally attached to this baby chick. It was our destiny to break apart once it grew into an adult.

So, it’s been a month since then. But, it was impossible not to love my baby chick! It was cute and lovely!

I usually slept with Dora and Jack on bed. But, lately, every time I woke up in the morning, I woke up in the midst of white feathers. The chick followed me everywhere even when I worked in the field. If I threw away some of my monster ingredients, he would gladly enjoy his meal. The chick replied to me when I spoke its name. But, I mustn’t get too emotionally attached! The chick grew up to my chest. It felt that I could ride on it soon.

When I looked closely, I saw that the chick chased after Jack instead of chasing a ball. They’ve become great companions.

Just when I finally became familiar to my monster cultivation life, something unexpected happened.

*knocking sound*

I heard a slamming sound on the door. That was strange. If it were Lily, she would come in without knocking the door. And she already took the ingredients from today’s share to Mina’s Restaurant. The Snow Witch Isu would occasionally come here to see the Doriad called Dori. But, she would be in the garden instead of coming to my house.

So, that meant I had a different visitor this time? No, it couldn’t be! I had to be wrong! But, did the evil adventurers figure that I was raising a Rock Bird!? I tried my best to be discreet, but the Rock Bird grew too much lately. It was now taller than I was. It was only a matter of time until they found out.

I thought so, therefore, I sent a signal to Fitis, who stood still on the other side of the door. I was getting ready to counterattack the enemy. Fitis nodded and silently went behind my back. I opened the door slowly. Yet, the one who stood from the other side was a totally unexpected person.

「Nice to meet you. 」

White. It was a pure white person. An angel. The whole body was wrapped in white clothes. His hair and skin were pure white as well. Even though he was a man, he looked like a very beautiful person.

「It’s a pleasure to meet you in person. I’ve been watching you, but I didn’t have an opportunity to visit you like this before.」

This person looked at me as if I were an old friend. He spoke very kindly with me. I was stunned by how relaxed this person was with me. He came inside my home as if it were a natural occurrence.

When this person saw the Rock Bird sleeping in the corner of my room, he smiled gracefully. He turned his gaze at me and spoke unexpected words.

「I came here to pick you up. The Goddess of this World wants to see you. Please come with me, visitor from another word, Himuro Kyouji.」

It was a secret that no one should know except for me.

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