It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Let’s raise a Rock Bird (1)

My cultivation field has been thriving with monsters. I’ve been feeling quite great recently. Today I wondered what kind of monster I should grow on my field. When I opened my door to the outside, I noticed that a huge egg fell on the ground.

Well, hmm. What was this? Something similar happened before, but this time, it was an egg. What should I do with this?

「Lord Kyou. What’s wrong? Huh? 」

Fitis appeared from behind my back when she noticed that I stopped mid-way.

「That’s a great-looking egg. We should have it for today’s dinner. 」

She thought of it as a food without second thoughts. As expected of the Gourmet Hero. This person only had food on her mind. However, nothing interesting would happen if we break it and eat it. I wondered if some unusual monster would come out from this egg if I raised it myself. Maybe it would be better not to eat this egg. Yes, that’s right. It fell right in front of my house, there’s no way I’d ignore it. I’ll raise it properly. But, I didn’t know for sure if I was raising a passive monster or a dangerous monster.

So, this time, I tried to raise this monster egg! I put it softly over some hay that I had collected to warm it up. Moreover, I warped the egg in my arms every time I went to sleep, and during my afternoon naps, Dora and Jack sat on the top of the egg to warm it up as well. However, it didn’t hatch. Yet, there were times where it moved occasionally. Well, I continued to take care of it, keeping it as warm as possible.

「Okay, Dora. Jack. I’m going to work in the field, so please, take care of the egg. 」

「Yes. 」

「Leave it us, brother. 」

Dora and Jack took care of the egg and sat on top of it. I wondered if it was really warming up at this point. Well, I shouldn’t worry about it for now. The moment I opened the door to go outside…

*cracking sound*

It sounded as if something cracked. When I looked back towards the direction of the sound, I noticed that it came from the egg. The egg cracked. The next moment, the egg bounced back as it cracked completely.

「Pi… 」

A baby chick monster came out from the eggshells. It was the size of a human baby. It was a beautiful pure white bird. I felt sort of a holiness vibe coming from this type of monster. Oh! Yes, it was finally born! I was really touched by this occurrence. Actually, I thought that this child would take longer to be born than Dora. I reached out to touch this child with my hand. I was a bit wary. Our eyes met, and the white chick, who was just born, laid its head on my hand.

「Pi…Pi. 」

This chick was so cute! Initially, I was worried about the birth of a dangerous monster! But, I guess it was safe to say that this concern was safely cast aside! There was no way that a pure white and cute little bird could be a dangerous monster! When I was caressing the little chick, I noticed the presence of a shadow from behind.

「Is that bird from the egg that you picked up last time? Have you successfully hatched it?」

I knew it was Lily without even looking back. I replied 「Yes 」, to her. I held the newborn white chick on my arms and I showed it to Lily.

「How cute! 」

The white chick remained in my arms because it didn’t want to be held by anyone else. It probably thought that I was his parent. Speaking of which, I heard that when baby birds are born, the first creature they’ll see are its parents. So, it probably got imprinted on his mind that I was his parent because I was the first thing he saw when he was born. Contrary to me, who was thinking warmly about my new monster, Lily looked at it with a suspicious expression.

「Ah, hey you. Isn’t that, perhaps, a Rock Bird? 」

Did she say Rock Bird? I think I heard that name somewhere. Was it that type of bird? Certainly, I heard there was a huge bird with that name that could grab an elephant…Eh.

「Pi… 」

At this time, I had no idea how the birth of this little chick would affect this world.

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