This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Speech Suppression

…It’s been a very long time since I’ve heard those words…!!

Seiya had defeated many fearsome enemies with his overwhelming powers after professing that particular line. But, I mustn’t rest assured. Bunogeos was a terrible and formidable enemy. Bunogeos’ agility value was weaker than Seiya’s. However, the enemy’s other abilities were somewhat equal to Seiya even at his level MAX. In addition, Bunogeos had skills such as “Evil God Protection” and “All Magical Attributes Reduction”. He even had a weapon that could destroy our souls. I was sure that this would become a close fight just like the one against the Warlord Emperor. This was not an enemy to be underestimated.

…Seiya was the one to start the terrifying battle. He swung his sword at a transcendent speed by displaying the power of his level MAX, and aimed directly at Bunogeos…Instead of attacking the enemy, Seiya destroyed the table next to Bunogeos, who stood surprisingly still.

「Ehhh!? 」

I was so shocked by that occurrence. Everything that stood on the table shattered into millions of sparkling glass-like debris.

Bunogeos laughed.

「*grins* That’s a pity. What you broke wasn’t the “Cursed Sphere”. It was just an average crystal ball on top of that table. The Cursed Sphere is hidden in a place where you won’t be able to find it.」

“Attack Bunogeos with a sword to distract him and aim directly at the Cursed Sphere”…I thought it was Seiya’s plan. However, even after knowing that that crystal ball wasn’t the Cursed Sphere, Seiya didn’t change his usual bored expression.

「I just destroyed your means of communication with the Grand Lion. I assumed you’d try to seek his help after getting in trouble at the end of this fight.」

「Wha…What did you say…!? 」

Bunogeos’ eyes became full of rage and his nose convulsed because he was made a fool. Seiya swung his sword back and put it away on his sheath.

「Se…Seiya!? Why!? 」

「The sword will be used for the finishing blow. Until then, Earth Magic will be enough. By the way, I reached level MAX for the sole purpose of this fight. In fact, even if I was at a lower level, I’m sure that I can win this fight with certainty.」

「Ehhh!? Then, why did you spent three whole days tracking Bunogeos!? 」

I was amazed. On the other hand, Bunogeos’ face turned bright red!

「Do…Do…Don’t mess with me!! You bastard!! 」

He swung his axe and rushed directly on Seiya’s direction! However, soon after, Bunogeos made a loud noise and fell down unexpectedly!

「Ahhh!? What!? 」

When I looked closer, I noticed that something was entangled on Bunogeos’ ankles! It seemed like a thick rope at first glance…But, it moved! It looked like a strange brown snake! Before I knew it, the living rope extended from under the floor where we came out and tied itself to Bunogeos’ legs without him noticing!

Wa…Was that…Earth Magic!? Yes, this type resembled the Automatic Phoenix!! It was a remote-controlled magical snake that only powerful wizards could create!!

The Earth Snake, entangled on Bunogeos’ legs, lifted its head, opened the mouth and tried to eat the enemy’s waist…

「This thing!! What the hell is it doing to me!! 」

When Bunogeos used his axe to destroy the eating snake, the earth-made animal transmuted its body into sand and scattered on the floor.

「*laughs* This wasn’t a big deal! 」

Bunogeos showed a victoriously expression, but on that moment, the floor around him made a cracking sound and was torn apart! Dozens of Earth Snakes appeared from those cracks! Furthermore, more of those Earth Snakes came from the wall and windows!

Seiya spoke with a dull voice.

「Hundreds of Earth Snakes are surrounding the mansion. You cannot escape. Besides that, your fellow beast men won’t be able to come here to save you. This place became a nest of Earth Snakes.」

Since…Since when did he make this incredible amount of Earth Snakes!?…I…I see! Seiya didn’t waste those three whole days just to track Bunogeos with Cave Along! He took that time to create this amount of snakes using Earth Magic! And, he made sure that this power surrounded this mansion as well!

These Earth Snakes were crawling from the holes with astonishing numbers! There were holes in the wall, ceiling and on the floor! They appeared from everywhere! All of them approached Bunogeos with killing intent! My spine froze at sight of this creepy scenario! This looked like a devil’s attack! It no longer looked like a brave hero’s skill that was meant to save the world!

The hundreds of snakes jumped all at once to Bunogeos. On that moment…

「Don’t take me lightly!! “God Chopper”!! 」

Bunogeos started wielding his axe fiercely! The Earth Snakes, which were about to eat Bunogeos, turned to dust and scattered on the floor by the wind pressure of his weapon!

「Wha…What a fearsome power…!! 」

I was astonished. The force from his attack destroyed dozens of Earth Snakes in a blink of an eye. Bunogeos saw how successful he was and smiled wickedly.

「Those are snakes made of magic. Once they return to the soil, they won’t be able to regenerate anymore…」

Bunogeos’ other hand, the one without the axe, touched his chest and removed all of his upper steel equipment.

「Eh!! 」

I was surprised when Bunogeos removed his breast armory! A huge mouth stood between his chest and his stomach! It had teeth and it was widely opened!

「I’ll swallow all of your Earth Snakes!! 」

Swa…Swallow!? He must be joking, right!? No…No way…!!

I turned my eyes on Seiya’s direction to seek his help.

「What should we do, Seiya!! He wants to swallow us into that mouth, right!? 」

「I guess so. This technique is one of his skills. Okay, Lista. It’s your turn. 」

「Eh!! Me…Me, you say!? What on earth are you suggesting!? 」

「Sink. 」

「Eh? 」

Suddenly, Seiya shook up his arms…

*beating sound*

His fist pierced through my brain abruptly!

「Ahhh…Ugh!? 」

*slurping sound*

After receiving the powerful fist of the mighty hero, my body fell to the damaged floor and was buried into the soil!

「You…You…You…Why did you do this to me!! 」

I screamed at Seiya after I saw that the lower half of my body was buried. At that point.

「Die!! “Vacuum Shredder”!! 」

After Bunogeos command, the large mouth between his chest and stomach made a weird noise! Soon, everything in the room, including the Earth Snakes started being sucked into that mouth at a tremendous speed! It was so noisy that it shook my ears! The swallowing force was so strong that my prideful blonde hair was about to be sucked as well!!

「Whoaaaa!! 」

Bunogeos didn’t want to just swallow us! He wanted to destroy our souls by using his axe with the power of the Chain Destruction the moment we approached him!

…Bad!! This was extremely bad!! We’re going to be killed!!

I was impatient, but I managed to endure Bunogeos’ vacuum power because my lower half was buried in the ground! And…Seiya was the usual Seiya as always! He grabbed my shoulders, since I couldn’t move, preventing him from being swallowed by Bunogeos!

「Hey…Wait a second!! What are you doing!? I’m not a “supporting stick”… 」

Although I tried to scream at him, I realized that my situation was similar to a romantic setting. It looked like Seiya hugged me from behind my back.

Wha…What…? Wait, this was…actually, great. Somehow, it felt nice…Yes, I’ll let it be. Yes, I’ll be a supporting stick. I shall support him firmly so that he won’t fall down. Because, I was a stick.

My head turned into a field of flowers for a brief moment. But, soon, I was quickly brought back into reality.

…The numerous Earth Snakes that filled the room disappeared in an instant! I didn’t see even one of them anymore!

Bunogeos stopped his vacuum power. After closing the large mouth on his stomach, Bunogeos laughed with satisfaction.

「*grins* I turned everything into pieces! 」

He…He was a terrible monster after all! Seiya won’t have a choice but to use his sword to fight seriously against him! But, this monster had the Vacuum Shredder! We won’t be able do anything when he activates that power! How could we fight against this formidable opponent?

Contrary to my dismay, Seiya released his hands from my shoulders and faced Bunogeos without any sort of defense mechanism.

「Se…Seiya!? You can’t let go of me!! You’ll be sucked in if he activates the Vacuum Shredder again, you know!?」

「There’s no need to worry about that. The outcome of this match is evident. 」

Then, Seiya spoke in a lighter tone.

「Bunogeos. You seem to think that you crushed and destroyed all of the Earth Snakes. But, you’re wrong. It looked like you destroyed them, but the Earth Snakes that you swallowed were mixed up with the sand that you sucked in as well.」

「Ah? What did you say? 」

「And, that’s happening right now. All the soil and sand that you swallowed into your stomach have transformed back into Earth Snakes.」

「Yo…You…!! It…It can’t be…!! 」

「Your “outside” is protected by the skill of All Magical Attributes Reduction. But, I wonder if your “inside” is protected as well or if it’s unexpectedly fragile?」

Bunogeos looked at Seiya with an angry face! On that moment, Seiya shouted with an unsympathetic gaze!

「Eat this…“Transform Automatic Naga*”. 」

Soon, Bunogeos’ stomach swelled up! It looked like several long and thin sticks were trying to pierce out from his skin! I wanted to close my ears because the sound of ripping meat was too unbearable for me to take…

*agonizing screams*

The Earth Snakes broke from the inside of Bunogeos’ body!

*scary screams*

I screamed when I saw that horrifying scene! The Automatic Naga came out from everywhere except his limbs! They crawled out, tore his flesh and he bleed incessantly!

When the last animal crawled out from the body, Bunogeos vomited black blood from both of his mouths in the head and stomach! His huge body fell dramatically to the floor!

…Bunogeos didn’t move an inch after a long while.

「Is…Is it over? 」

「Yeah. 」

Seiya grabbed my head with one hand and pulled me out from the ground without mercy!

「*yells* How dare you pull me off abruptly like that!? Am I a radish in a crop!? 」

I got angry at the bad treatment I received, but Seiya ignored me as always. I tried to calm down. And I changed my bad mood in order to admire him for defeating Bunogeos.

「Anyways. It was amazing, really. You defeated Bunogeos without using your sword. Moreover, it was a complete victory without much danger. Your Earth Magic is incredible…」

「I guess so. I think this magic is better at the deceiving the enemy than any other magic. If one uses this magic well, then it will be possible to defeat an enemy with great status.」

「Ye…Yes! With this type of magic, you’ll be able to defeat the Grand Lion without much problem!」

「It’s too early to say that for certain. It won’t do any good to use only Earth Magic from now on. I have to learn other abilities. For that purpose, I need to go to the heavenly world. I have to destroy that Cursed Sphe…re…」

「Ah! About that! Where is it? Bunogeos said that he hid that on a place that we won’t be able to find it…」

I became worried. Therefore, I tried to look for it on his room immediately.

Before I knew it, the large body of Bunogeos was standing up!

「Se…Seiya!! He’s alive!! He’s still alive!! 」

A cautious Seiya told me that “the outcome of this match is evident”! That’s why I believed on his words without any doubts! Bunogeos was alive even after his body was ripped from the inside! He was bleeding black blood endlessly! His life force was unbelievable! Yes, that’s why Exfolia was named a SS-rank difficulty world! Both Seiya and I forgot about it! How conceited we were!

「Not yet…It’s not over yet…! 」

As he spoke, Bunogeos thrust his right finger into his left eye!

「Whoa! 」

That was a terrifying scene! Bunogeos pulled his left eyeball with his finger!

「*laughs crazily* This is…the “Cursed Sphere”…! His Lord the Demon King inserted it on my body…! This sphere possesses enough magical power to enclose the whole town with a spell barrier…If I swallow this power, my ability will improve dramatically…! 」

And then, Bunogeos placed his eyeball…no, the Cursed Sphere into his mouth!

「This will be your defeat because of your irrational actions and recklessness!! Just look at this amazingness!! This is my second form!! It’s called “Beast Hazard”!!」

「Se…Seiya!! 」

I was getting to anxious. However, unlike me, Seiya was not that disturbed by this occurrence.

「A second form. I thought this could be interesting. But, is there’s anything special about it? I’m not that surprised but I’m a bit confused. If you intended to beat me, why didn’t you eat your eyeball from the beginning to power up? If you did that, then your chance of victory would’ve increased a little. Well, anyways, I just need to prevent you from going any further than this.」

Just when Bunogeos put his eyeball inside his mouth…


Bunogeos’ throat got swollen! Something came out from Bunogeos’ throat and ate the Cursed Sphere that went inside his mouth! While holding the sphere, this thing arrived on Seiya’s foot!

「I told you before. The outcome of this match is evident. 」

Like Bunogeos, I was at a loss of words at the sight that happened right in front of my eyes!

What held the Cursed Sphere was…an Earth Snake! The snake appeared from Bunogeos’ mouth, stole the Cursed Sphere, and gave it to Seiya!

「It…It can’t be…!! There was one left inside the body…!? How…!? 」

「Bunogeos’ HP is high. There was a possibility that he wouldn’t die even if the Automatic Naga inflicted a fatal injury on his body. Therefore, it was necessary to keep one snake behind just in case a half-dead Bunogeos decided to counterattack. Well, it was just a precaution.」

The snake made a sound and crushed the Cursed Sphere when Seiya gave a sign with his finger.

Bunogeos showed an expression of fear and he stepped back.

「Wha…What’s this…! Who…Who the hell are you…! 」

「I destroyed the Cursed Sphere. And now, just as I promised, I will kill you with my sword.」

Seiya drew the sword from his sheath and took a small breath. The Platinum Sword reacted to Seiya’s breathing sound and shined brightly. The air vibrated in the room.

It didn’t inflict any damage. But, it felt like death itself. I had no idea how to describe this feeling. On the other hand, Bunogeos yelled loudly.

「You’re naïve if you think you’ve won just by defeating me!! His Majesty the Grand Lion will visit Galvano in the evening!! You won’t stand a chance!! This kind of small tricks won’t work against the overwhelming power of the ferocious beast emperor!!」

Seiya held the Platinum Sword with both hands and pointed the top of his sword against the enemy. Before long…

「Atomic Split Slash…! 」

The magical sword slash that I often saw in Geabrande was resurrected in Exfolia! The moment the sword stroke on the top of Bunogeos’ body, a roar was heard and a shockwave was felt! It was just like a big explosion!

The floor of the mansion was greatly destroyed and a huge crater was created on the ground… In the middle of the crater stood a lifeless Bunogeos…

「It looks like he’s dead…But, let’s strike him two or three times more, just to be sure. 」

Again, an unforgiving and unstoppable attack was done just like before…

Seiya used the power of his Atomic Split Slash at his level MAX. But, Bunogeos was still intact.

I activated my clairvoyance ability without hesitation. It confirmed Bunogeos’ death. Even though he was dead, Seiya continued to use his Earth Magic powers against the corpse of the enemy. Seiya decided to send the corpse into the abyss of the Endless Fall alongside the axe with the power of the Chain Destruction.

「Hey, listen, Seiya! The Grand Lion is coming here! Isn’t it better for us to run away now? 」

However, Seiya didn’t show any panicking emotions. Instead, he put the finger on his chin. It looked like he was thinking deeply about something.

「He decided to inspect Galvano after his conversation with Bunogeos just the day before. It looks like this enemy is a very skeptical one. Well…It’s just an assumption.」

Finally, Seiya instructed me to open the portal to the God’s realm. I tried to open the portal carefully.

「Ah! The white barrier inside the portal is finally gone! We will be able to return! 」

「Bunogeos said that the Grand Lion would arrive in the evening. That’s about one hour from now. Assuming that he might come earlier than expected, I should train for about 30 min in the God’s realm. I have to learn new abilities in other to defeat the Grand Lion.」

30 min…In other words, two days accordingly to the different flow of time in the God’s realm. I wondered if it would be okay with just that amount of time. No…Let’s enjoy the current momentum! Finally, I will be able to return to my home, the God’s realm! I won’t have to eat Death Earthworms anymore! I will have a toilet to sit on and I will be able to take a bath!

I went through the portal while I smiled vigorously at Seiya.

「I’m glad! I’m finally free from the underground life! Seiya! You must be happy too! You started to get crazy as well!」

「Whom are you talking about. Don’t compare me with you. 」

「There you go again! You were laughing like this “oink oink”! I’m sure that I heard you correctly! It looked like you lost your mind!」

「That was for the future. 」

「I see. Ah? What does that mean? 」

It was only after we returned to the God’s realm that I understood the meaning of Seiya’s words…

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*Naga (in Indian mythology) is a member of a semi-divine race, part human, part snake in form, associated with water and sometimes with mystical initiation.


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