This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 59 Part 2

Chapter 59: Fist and Promise (2)

At first I thought I was relieved to know that Seiya remained a kind person! But, I was wrong! Seiya gazed at me while he gritted his teeth as if he was a demon himself!

「Yes…It was all because of my sweetness…! It was my entire fault because I gave my heart to an “outsider” like you…!」

「Are you calling me an “outsider”!? 」

「Who else am I referring to besides you…? 」

His gaze was directed straight at me, and it was extremely cold. His eyes had absolute zero expression. They reminded me of his eyes during the Geabrande saving quest.

「No, no, it, it can’t be!! Wait!! Wait a moment!! Seiya, don’t you remember!? We have a deep bond that unites us from our previous lives…」

「Shut up. Summing up, why do you think it’s necessary for us to have a romantic relationship? There is no need for us to be tied with something that happened in our previous lives. Besides, you are a goddess and I am a human. We no longer have that kind of relationship.」

「You…You’re kidding, right!? Tell me you’re lying!! 」

「For the time being, I will continue the quest to save this world because of the rotten past I have with you. But, don’t get me wrong. This is not love. It’s duty.」

「Ro…Rotten…! Du…Duty…! 」

No, this couldn’t be happening! Even if he said those cruel words, I was sure that he still cared about me from the depths of his soul! I knew that for sure!

I activated my Appraisal skill to examine Seiya’s true feelings.

★Lista’s Heart-Throbbing Love Appraisal★

◎What is the degree of affection between you and him? 『2 points 』

◎What do you represent for him? 『Less than a weed 』

◎Word of Advice! 『It’s completely cold. Repair is almost impossible. He desires a farewell as soon as possible!』

Whoaaaa!! He was completely cold about his feelings for me!? And he viewed me as less important than a weed!?

I was utterly in shock. I slowly approached Seiya while shaking.

「No, no…! I don’t like this…! We had great feelings for each other not too long ago…! 」

「Don’t come near me. 」

「Please, remember!! We had some great glory days of our relationship!! 」

「That was the darkest history of my life. And, I told you not to come near me. I’ll use my fist if you come closer to me.」

「Please, don’t!! Seiya, you’re mine!! 」

The moment I jumped to embrace him…

「…Ah…Ugh!? 」

Seiya’s right hand pinched on my cheek straight away! He pulled my hair and my stomach received the blast of his knee!

「Ugh!? 」

Furthermore, his elbow pierced through my right breast!

「Wha…!? 」

I was beaten, kicked and smashed by his elbow…I fell to the ground after the triple combo.

「Uhuhh…Ugh…Ahhh…! 」

I fainted in agony. Next to me, stood Brut, who had somehow recovered from Seiya’s fist impact.

「How…How could you do such a terrible thing…! You even used violence against your own comrade…! Hey, goddess! Are you okay?」

Brut seemed to be sympathetic towards me, after he saw that I received consecutive amounts of physical attacks. However…

…This…This chest pain…!! Hmm…It was nostalgic…!! And…the aftermath of my condition!! Okay…I got it!! Who thought that I would feel that exact same feeling all over again…!! The actions of the chosen one in a hundred million people!! It was the overly cautious and outrageously hero who saved S-rank difficulty world Geabrande, Ryuguuin Seiya!! *starts to laugh* Then…

*laughs hysterically like a mad woman*

「Hey, why are you laughing so much after getting beaten like that!? Don’t tell me that this goddess is crazy too!?」

Brut’s left my side abruptly. Then, Seiya carefully observed the inhabitants of the Light of Hope.

「Well then…Let’s continue with my fist. 」


The populace was in despair. However, on that moment.

「…Hero. Please, stop it now. 」

A young, but firm voice echoed around.

At the end of everyone’s line of sight, including myself, stood Eich, the witch that had used earth magic to create the underground settlement.

Eich spoke after seeing what happened.

「Please, understand how everyone feels. They know that the real evil is not you, but the demonic monsters. Still, everyone here lost their comrades…they lost their families…their hearts are so sorrowful and painful that they have no choice but to direct their anger towards you.」

「Ah, Lady Eich…! 」

Someone muttered with a trembling voice. When I looked closely, I noticed that some of the people were shedding tears.

「Additionally, hero. You certainly swore before. You might not remember this anymore, but I know that you made a promise…」

Eich spoke while looking at the magical stones that made the ceiling sparkling with light.

「You said “I will defeat the Demon King and save this world”. But…even so, you were the one defeated by the Demon King, and my brother met the same fate along with you…and he was killed trying to save the world…」

Tears overflew from her eyes and fell to the ground. Eich, who behaved like a grown-up until now, started to cry like the child she really was.

「*cries* Brother…! My brother…! 」

「Eich…! 」

The people of the Light of Hope, including myself, were listening to Eich’s crying voice without being able to help her. Then, the icy voice of the hero immerged under this circumstances.

「A promise to defeat the Demon King, huh. I was a totally fool back then. And, this is what happens when someone makes a stupid oath based on momentum with temporary and rashly feelings. An oath requires a perfect and sure chance of winning based on a carefully planned strategy.」

「No…But, you…you really swore that oath before…! 」

Brut was perplexed, and then, the answer was…

「Dunno. That “me” was not the “present me”. Besides, I don’t even know the real power of the Demon King. I can’t promise to any of you that I’ll be able to save this world.」

The atmosphere around them was dark and everyone was confronted with the reality that they faced deeply inside their hearts.

Under the heavy mood, Seiya approached a crying Eich.

「However…there is one thing that I can promise. 」

And then, Seiya raised his hand against Eich.

「Se…Seiya!? Don’t do it!! That girl didn’t do anything wrong!! 」

Like me, the people started to shout in unison.

「Stop!! Don’t touch Lady Eich!! 」

「That’s right!! If you want to hit someone, then hit me!! 」

The hero’s great hand waved down. Eich took a small breath and closed her eyes.

Yet. Seiya just put his hand on Eich’s head. He sent a sharp gaze directed at Eich and uttered the following words.

「Eich. Let me make you a real promise for the first time with the “present me”.」

「A real…promise…? 」

Eich asked with a curious expression. Soon, an aura rose from the hero’s body. All the populace of the Light of Hope forgot about their anger before, and just stared attentively at the hero.

「This town will be free from the rule of Bunogeos. 」

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That’s bold Seiya… Making that kind of promise isn’t very cautious or is it?


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