This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 59 Part 1

Chapter 59: Fist and Promise (1)

We encountered several mean beasts on the way. However, we managed to get away from them by using Seiya’s fire magic. We reached the abandoned house and we slip under the floor to reach the staircase that led to the Light of Hope settlement.

I felt relieved that we escaped from Bunogeos. But, my feelings were short-lived when I recalled the riots that happened in the Light of Hope. We didn’t free the slaves, and we didn’t defeat Bunogeos, but we managed to bring a slave woman with us…I guess it was better than arriving empty-handed, but again, I expected to hear Brut and everyone else’s complains.

When we reached the end of the staircase, I rang the hinge of the door that appeared right in front of us. When the door opened, the people of the Light of Hope glanced at us under the vast space illuminated by the magical stones. Brut and his fellow men approached us rapidly.

Brut came hurryingly and stared fixedly at Seiya.

「So…did you beat Bunogeos? 」

「No. I didn’t defeat him. 」

I could hear the sound of gritted teeth after he heard Seiya’s answer. After that, Brut glanced at the slave woman that came with us.

「What about the other slaves? 」

「The rest was sold out of this town. This woman was the only one we were able to rescue.」

「Ah…I see… 」

On that precise moment, Brut grabbed Seiya’s chest and got close to his face. He looked furious as he threatened Seiya.

「How dare you call yourself a brave hero…! 」

Before I could say anything, the woman we helped came forward immediately.

「Stop that! Don’t you see that this man saved me? 」

Then, Brut released his hands from Seiya’s chest and pushed him away.

「Yeah, that’s right. He didn’t overthrow Bunogeos and came back with only one slave. This wonderful person must be the promised hero that we can rely on.」

「Hey, wait! Don’t say it like that! Seiya did his best you know! 」

Even though we shouted to defend Seiya, Brut’s fellow men had bitter expressions on their faces. It was as if they looked down on Seiya.

「Hey, look at him. He has a scar on his head. 」

「He probably ran away to protect his miserable life after being beaten by Bunogeos. 」

When I noticed it, all of the people from the Light of Hope gathered around us. The men and women from all ages agreed with Brut and his fellow men.

「He is a truly pathetic hero! 」

「He is so useless! 」

Everyone started to abuse Seiya verbally once again. This was a tense atmosphere, but Seiya stood still and stared silently at them.

In the meantime, I spoke urgently to Brut in order to change this desperate situation.

「Hey, listen. We’ll go to the slave market once again. And this time, we’re going to defeat Bunogeos for sure.」

However, Seiya shook his head.

「No. I’m not ready. 」

「Just go… 」

「I refuse. 」

In a second, Brut’s eyes became sharp and were pointed intensively at Seiya. I pulled my arms widely open to avoid a clash between them…

「It’s your fault that this world became like this! You have no right to decline! 」

When I tried to calm everyone down, something happened abruptly.

*beating sound*

I heard a very loud sound that even shook my earlobe. And then…

「Ugh…! 」

Brut, who had been speaking with an angry voice towards Seiya, made a pitiful voice come out from his own mouth! I knew that this would happen! When I looked closely, I saw that Seiya’s fist beat Brut’s head as if he pierced through his brain!

「Shup up. 」

Just when Seiya professed those icy words, Brut foamed from his mouth he was defeated in one second!


I became dizzy at the sight that happened right in front of me. I shook my nose and my voice trembled enormously.

「*screams* Whaaaaaat!? 」

Everyone around Brut screamed all at once! It was as if they were reading my own mind!

「You…You…You bastard!! 」

「Wha…What the hell do you think you’re doing!? 」

「You didn’t save this world and you can’t even defeat Bunogeos, but you can use violence against Burt!?」

Yet, Seiya spoke as if he didn’t do anything wrong.

「You’re extremely noisy. I’ll beat you with my fist. 」

And then, Seiya stood in front of Brut’s fellow men.

「You people are noisy too. 」

On that moment, Seiya rose his fist above his head…

*beating sound*

「Ugh!! 」

「You…You bastard, what did you do… 」

「My fist for you too. 」

*beating sound*

「Sto…p!! 」

*repetitive beating sound*

With the hero’s extraordinary physical strength, Brut’s fellow men fell to the ground one after another while foaming from their mouths!

I couldn’t watch this fight anymore. Soon, the older women of the settlement stood in front of Seiya. They were the ones that spoke badly of me previously, and they mocked Aria as well.

「Ho…How dare you! 」

「That’s right! You didn’t save our world last time! How dare you come here and act this way against us!」

「We’re not going to open the Light of Hope to you ever again! 」

…What can Seiya do about these women!! There was no way that he would beat older women with his fist…!!

At least that’s what I thought…

*beating sound*

Another terrible sound! At the same time, I doubted my eyes!

The hero’s fist beat the brain of an elderly woman!

「Wha…Ugh…!? 」

The elderly woman vomited foam from her mouth violently! She spoke with a pitiful voice while she fell down!

「Se…Se…Seiya!! Even if they were rude, there’s no need to overreact like this!! 」

「That…That’s right!! We’re women, you know!? 」

「So what. 」

 *beating sound*

「Hihii….Ugh…!? 」

Another elderly woman fell down! The foaming coming out from her mouth spilled on my face!

…He…He…He became such an outrageous man! At first, I thought that this madness finally stopped! However…this drew attention! He was getting everyone’s attention!

During this crazy assault, I could hear a new voice.

「Stop it! What did you do to my mother! 」

It was the voice of a young boy. It seemed that the mother of this child was among the fallen women. The boy saw Seiya “naturally” beat up his mother with his fist.

「You’re a stupid hero! Very stupid hero! 」

The child was insulting Seiya with bitter words!

…Please, don’t do it, Seiya!? There’s no way you’ll do such a thing, right!? Because…I know who you are!! You’re still very kind, aren’t you!?


*beating sound*

「Ah…Ugh…!? 」

The hero’s fist also hit the brain of the child! The hero spoke mercilessly when the child fell to ground with rolled white eyes.

「Bad boys deserve my fist too. 」

Oh god, he really did hit the young boy!? And he did it without mercy!? A namahage*!? The hero has transformed into a real namahage!? Was this really okay, to be honest!? This will backfire in many ways!!

I shuddered in fear! The people of the Light of Hope roared! And then, Seiya raised his fist again!

「This is bothersome. Put all of them in a row. I’ll teach them a lesson with my fist. 」

A man on his forties approached an upset Seiya and made an excuse.

「I…I didn’t say anything about you! Yes! It was the other guys who spoke badly of you…」

「Shut up. 」

*beating sound*

「To…To be honest…I’ve always thought you were cool… 」

「Shup up. 」

*beating sound*

「Ple…Please! Spare me… 」

「No. You deserve my fist. 」

*beating sound*

The people tried to make excuses! But, Seiya used his fist on them!

I couldn’t stand to watch this anymore.

「Seiya!! STOP!! STOP this “fist” thing!! 」


*beating sound*

「!!…Whoa…!? 」

A strong fist “pierced my brain”! My eyes became blurry as they started to turn white! I was about to lose consciousness! But, somehow, I managed to stay awake!

「He…Hey…!? Why did you hit me too!? 」

Nevertheless, he didn’t show me his apologetic expression, and instead, he stared at me with eyes that looked like he was staring at an enemy.

「…Lista. 」

「Eh!? Wha…What!? 」

Although Seiya never showed much emotion, I could see that his face was blushing red.

「Right now, I am…deeply remorseful. In the first place, it was the heavenly world’s mistake to choose you to be in charge of summoning the next hero. Besides, you decided to save the SS-rank difficulty world without proper preparation…」

Wha…!? Wasn’t he too angry just now!? Don’t tell me that I was the cause that made him do the “Fist Rush” on other people!? Was it all because he was extremely angry with me!?

「The original plan was to raise the level up to MAX in the heavenly world, and then, go with Aria to show me the god that would train me. I planned to learn a new special skill before starting the quest to save this world…」

The atmosphere was heavy and stinging! Anyway, I decided to apologize!

「I…I’m sorry! I’m really sorry, Seiya…! 」

I sincerely bowed my head deeply in apology. Seiya spoke then.

「No, Lista. You didn’t do anything bad. This is my fault. 」

「Se…Seiya…!! 」

I was relieved! He was gentle after all! Somehow, he forgave me! Yes, that’s right! Because, we were connected by the red thread of fate…Right? Huh!?

However, on that moment, I felt an ominous feeling coming directly from Seiya. He looked at me with a demonic expression on his face!

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* Namahage are a frightful demon-like yōkai, which live in the mountains along the northern coast of the Sea of Japan. They are portrayed by men wearing hefty oni (ogre) masks and traditional straw capes (mino).


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