This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The World is Over

Even if the goddesses are invulnerable, their body can be destroyed, when that happens their soul gets transferred to the God’s realm! Swallowed, for example, eaten, was also a possibility of a tragic end to the body!

「You…You’re kidding me, right…? 」

However, Bunogeos unlocked my cell with a key and entered inside!

「St…Stop it, Bunogeos…! 」

Seiya screamed on the cell next door. Yet, Bunogeos took my arm forcibly without much care. He made me stand close to his chest. I felt an excited rough breath on my breasts.

「No…No…! Stop…! 」

Bunogeos looked closely at me… I was trembling in fear. He had a stoic expression on his face. However, soon his expression became puzzled.

「Wha…What is this? This goddess…Why do you smell so sour? 」

「…Eh!? 」

「I can’t. It’s rotten. I won’t eat this. 」

「Wait…Wait a second!! You’re joking, right!? 」

Bunogeos released my hand and threw me to the floor. I could hear the cheerful voice of Seiya locked in the cell next to me.

「Lady Goddess! I’m glad you’re rotten! 」

Bunogeos responded to Seiya as if they were having a regular conversation.

「I’m a fan of gourmet food. That’s why I don’t want to eat rotten and strange things. 」

I was so terrified a minute ago. But, right now, I was shaking for another reason.

「Who’s the “rotten and strange” thing, you bastard!! I am a goddess, you know!! Correct yours words right now, you damn monster!!」

「No matter what you say, the truth is that your smell stinks. 」

「I don’t stink!! Eat me!! Try eating me and you’ll know for real, you bastard!!」

I would rather choose to be eaten than being humiliated like this. Still, Bunogeos ignored me and walked up to the woman on the cell behind me.

「I knew this human was the one I wanted to eat. 」

「What!? Didn’t you say you’ll start with me first!? 」

I tried to grab him, but he pushed me away aggressively. Bunogeos locked the door of my cage and took the woman with him. He grabbed the woman’s chin with his thick fingers to infuriate Seiya and I.

「You have a white and delicious skin, don’t you? It was a shame to enslave you.」

Bunogeos stopped touching her chin and, with his black fingernail, pierced the woman’s cheek.

「…Ah! 」

The woman cried as a little red blood dripped from her cheek. He wiped the blood with his finger and licked it. Bunogeos distorted his own mouth.

「Delicious. It’s really delicious after all. This is topnotch…I really want to eat her slowly, but if the other beasts find me, then I won’t have an enjoyable time. It can’t be helped. I will eat her right here.」

I felt angry for the humiliation, but soon, my eyes became wide open when I realized that a human was about to be eaten in front of me. The same happened with Seiya on the Iron cage next door.

「Step aside, Bunogeos…! Don’t you dare touch that woman…! 」

Bunogeos laughed happily when he saw that Seiya shaking the iron grid violently.

「You can’t prevent me. I’m going to eat her now. You guys should just watch while I eat the delicious meat of this woman.」

「Stop it immediately, Bunogeos! 」

I also shook the iron grid. But, there was no way I would break it because Seiya wasn’t even able to do it himself.

Bunogeos was looking delightful to see our frustration.

「It’s useless. That iron grid is hard to break. It’s even difficult for me. It was designed to prevent people like you from escaping.」

「Ugh…! 」

I hit my fist on the grid. Bunogeos looked amusingly at me, he even said 「What’s up with her? 」, when he saw my desperation.

「Why…Why is this happening to me…!! If it was the usual Seiya…If it was the cautious Seiya…nothing like this would ever happen…!!」

Bitter words came out from my mouth.

「…Lady Goddess. 」

When I looked over, I noticed that Seiya was looking at me.

「I…I’m sorry. You’re not a bad person. I’m the one who’s bad. You lost your memory because of me. That’s why we ended up being on this hopeless situation…」

「Lady Goddess. It seems that I really lost my memory…Can I save this woman if my memory returns?」

To be honest, I didn’t think we could get over this predicament just by changing his character. In spite of this, I could feel a sense of hope if that were to happen.

Because if the hero was calm and cautious, that would bring a different way of seeing things. He would probably try to think of every possible scenario to get us out of here…!

I nodded quietly.

「Yes. That’s a possibility. The mental resilience of your cautious self would be extremely strong because of the regret he had from failing to save Exfolia last time.」

「…I see. 」

On the cell next to me, a tremendous sound was heard when someone hit the iron grid fiercely.

「Eh…!? 」

Before I knew it, Seiya was hitting his head against the Iron bars!

「Se…Seiya!? 」

Bunogeos was also stunned to see the weirdness of Seiya’s actions.

「Ah? What are you doing? 」

He was bleeding violently from his forehead after hitting so many times on the iron bars! Still, Seiya did not stop hurting himself!

「I don’t care what happens to me if…that woman can be saved. 」

「I…I just said it was a possibility! Don’t do unreasonable things! 」

「It’s okay. When I was in my original world, I managed to fix a TV that was no longer operational using this method.」

「Seiya!! You’re not a TV!! 」

I couldn’t stop him…However, this Seiya was desperately trying to remember the other Seiya. His persistence hurt my heart.

…How many times did he hit his head? Bunogeos was looking amusingly at Seiya’s action, but eventually, he became bored and slapped his face.

「Okay well, I should start now. 」

He showed his twisted tongue when he looked at the woman.

In the midst of despair, Seiya hit his head harder.

「…It’s all right. Don’t worry about me…I don’t care anymore. 」

Suddenly, I heard a voice. It was the voice of the woman captured by Bunogeos.

「I’m afraid to be eaten. But, if I endure this pain, I will be able to get out of this hell… 」

「Wha…What are you saying? 」

The woman smiled kindly at me, even though she was about to be eaten and killed.

「Because…this world is already over… 」

She spoke with a firm voice. It seemed that she gave up in an honorable way.

*Bang Bang*

It sounded as if something cracked from the cell next door.

「Wha…What? 」

Like Bunogeos, I looked at the cell where Seiya was locked and…I was astonished! That strong iron bars were falling down! From there, Seiya crawled out with his bloodied head!

「How…How many times should I repeat myself…? I realized something bad would happen when that werewolf appeared during that time. This world can’t be saved…」

He spoke with a lower tone and a seemingly cold voice! My heart throbbed!

…No…No way…!! But, there was no doubt about this!! I recognized the air surrounding the person I knew before…!!

Just in case, I activated my clairvoyance ability to check Seiya’s status!

«State: Normal»

O…Okay!! I knew it!! The confusion was finally gone!! The cautious hero has returned!!

Seiya took his bloodied hair away from his forehead. He exhaled a small breath and walked up in front of Bunogeos’ sight.

「Who the hell are you? How did you break that cage? 」

I got agitated when Seiya went face-to-face with Bunogeos at a close distance.

I was so happy that he was back!! But, just because his personality has changed, that didn’t mean that his status changed as well!! Even if Seiya returned to normal, it will be impossible for him to defeat Bunogeos with his lower status, or can he!?

Seiya was looking at Bunogeos legs mysteriously. On that moment, he touched the enemy with his bloody hands. Soon after, Bunogeos changed his expression along with the look of his eyes dramatically.

「You…You bastard!! How dare you touch me, the noble Bunogeos, with your dirty hands!?」

「I didn’t just touch you. I destroyed you. 」

「…Ah? 」

Suddenly, I heard a smashing sound! The sound resembled the smashing of fruits that fell on the ground! Bunogeos’ leg ripped completely apart and black blood overflew from it without stopping!

*screams intensely*

At first, the face of Bunogeos, who could not recognize what happened, distorted with pain! Seiya’s cold voice echoed above the head of a crying Bunogeos, who crouched with one knee!

「Destruction Operation Method the First…“Shattered Break”…! 」

…Valkyrie’s destruction technique…!! So, he remembered it!? I see…I see!! The destruction technique would be perfect for someone who let their guard down!! That’s why it worked on the high-leveled Bunogeos because of his ignorance!! Even the strong iron cage was destroyed!!

While Bunogeos was crouching in pain, Seiya destroyed the iron bars on my cell. When I got out and tried to get closer to Seiya…

「Lista. Don’t come. Stay back. 」

Seiya stopped me with his signaling hand. He finally called my name properly. However, the tension slowly rose…

「Ho…How…How dare you…!! 」

Bunogeos got up while holding his injured leg.

「You’re just an insignificant human!! 」

Bunogeos revealed his true nature. His eyes were wide open, his fangs were fully exposed, and his ferocious face stared at Seiya with a murderous intent. Yet, Seiya didn’t move at all.

「Just an insignificant human, you say? I’m not the same one as before. 」

When he said those words, a flame immerged from Seiya’s body and swirled to protect the slave woman and me!

「I’ll show you my powerful skill. Be prepared to face the ultimate technique that the Goddess of Destruction taught me in the heavens.」

「Interesting…Just bring it on, you piece of shit!! C’mon on!! I’ll show you how to feel real pain!!」

…Right now, Seiya and I, ran through the stairs of the dungeon while we carried the slave woman with us.

「Once the stairs are over…if I remember correctly, yes, turn right. If we go that way, we’ll be able to escape from this dungeon…」

The slave woman was guiding us through this dim place. She asked Seiya the following.

「Are…Are we running away…? But, didn’t you just rip him off…? 」

「Yeah. In fact, I just remembered one of the destructive techniques, even so we had to get away because that was a very dangerous place to be in.」

「So, that’s what happened… 」

「There was no way I would be able to run away from a monster like that. Even if we tried to run away, he would catch up with us really fast. That’s why I had to damage his leg first. If we can avoid the other beasts, then we should be able to escape without any problems.」

「Ah! But, Seiya! We can’t go back to the God’s realm even if we escape from this place! We can’t cross over the portal to the God’s realm because of the enemy’s magic powers!」

「I didn’t forget the memories of when my mind was clouded. So, I figured it out what was going on. If I can’t go to the heavenly world, then I should return to the underground settlement “Light of Hope” and prepare in there.」

「Pre…Prepare what? 」

「Of course, I need to prepare in order to defeat him. 」

…Did he plan to defeat Bunogeos without practicing in the God’s realm!? Bu…But…!!

When I saw his dignified and sharpened profile, I thought…

Wha…What was this sense of security!! That’s right!! So, this was the way that my Ryuguuin Seiya was supposed to act!! This person was my beloved darling!!

I was so excited that I tried to put my arm around Seiya’s arm. However, Seiya shook off my hand away from him.

「Hey. Don’t be too familiar with me. So, don’t touch me. 」

「Eh…? 」

Wha…What…? I thought his memory was back, right…? Is…Is he embarrassed to display affection in public? That must be it, surely…?

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