This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Difference in Power

After going up the long stairs, I saw a wooden board in the distance. I pushed it with my hand. Both Seiya and I crawled out from the basement.

Dirty walls, shabby furniture and an extensive old-looking floor…It was an abandoned house. However, the feeling was different from the one that Father Luke appeared to guide us to the Light of Hope.

We got close to the window to have a glimpse of the outside world. The scenery was also different from last time. We went exactly through the same stairs, but it seemed that Eich’s earth magic led us to a different abandoned house.

I could hear a loud noise coming from the outside. The beast men were gathered in the same spot. When I looked further ahead, I could see several humans with collars and handcuffs arranged in a row. Apparently, this location was near the slave market place that Brut told us about.

「Hey, Seiya. We don’t have to do exactly as Brut told us to do. You can’t beat Bunogeos at your current level. So, the best thing to do right now is to free the slaves in the market. If we do that, the people of the Light of Hope will see us with other eyes. That’s why for now… 」

I was talking to Seiya while I looked at the outside from the window…and I discovered something terrible.

…The hero, holding the rusty sword, was walking quietly outside!


I shouted aloud. I immediately left the house and chased after Seiya!

「Hey!? What on earth are you thinking!? 」

I had a hard time running towards him and speaking at the same time. Even so, Seiya looked at me with a cool expression.

「I’m going to defeat Bunogeos, isn’t that obvious? Nothing will be resolved if I remain in that house, correct?」

「I told you not to fight. We should free the sla…slaves…eh… 」

More than a dozen beasts were staring at Seiya and I in the main street.

「Hey…these humans don’t have a collar, do they? 」

「Are they, perhaps, stray humans? 」

Whoa!! It’s too late!!

My heartbeat made a heavy buzz. Yet, Seiya was not disturbed at all.

「I’m going to fight them anyways. I’m glad you made me save my energy for a brief time. 」

Seiya put the rusty sword on his shoulder and walked towards the beast men.

「Uh…? Wha…What’s up with this human…! 」

The beast men didn’t attack Seiya because they felt something was weird about Seiya’s eerie attitude. The beast men opened the path for Seiya to cross as if god split the sea in two. I hurryingly followed after Seiya.

…Wha…What? Don’t tell me that there was a slight chance that we could free the humans from slavery if everything went like this…?

However, a fox-faced beast, who was a few meters away from us, noticed our presence and yelled extremely high.

「Hey, Hey!! What the hell are you guys doing!! Stop them right now!! 」

「Ro…Roger!! 」

Some beast men surrounded us after they heard the warning of the fox beast.

…That…That’s right…This was not going to work out the way I wanted…

A rhino beast man with a ragged skin looked at us while twisting his tongue.

「These ones are not controlled by anyone… 」

The fox beast agreed.

「You’re right. Nobody will blame us if they are killed or eaten… 」

While we were listening to this hectic conversation, I knew that we had no choice but to prepare to go against them.

That…That meant we had no choice but to fight…!

I activated my clairvoyance ability! I wanted to see the status of the five beasts surrounding us, including the rhino and fox beasts! The individual attack power of each of them was over 30,000! We’ve got strong enemies here!

However, the beast men still watched us while they spoke with one another. I took this chance to grab my hair and I pulled some strings. It hurt, but I had no time to complain. I gave my blonde hair to Seiya.

「Here! I’ll give you this! You remember how to use it, right? 」

「Of course. 」

When he nodded, he put my blonde hair on his bangs. The gold was shining on Seiya’s glossy black hair. It became a mesh between gold and black as if he went to the hairdresser. I shouted.

「That’s wrong!! Why did you use that for hair extensions!? That was for your synthesis!! 」

「Huh? Synthesis? 」

「That’s one of your special skills!! The sword is rusty, but it was a steel sword originally!! You can make a platinum sword if you combine my hair with a steel sword!!」

Seiya was looking at me with an oblivious expression. I forcibly took his hand and, I put the sword and my hair together…Then, a dazzling light was generated, and the rusty sword became a splendid shining platinum sword in an instant. Seiya’s face brightened when he saw the newly platinum sword.

「What a great sword…! I’ll be able to win against the Demon King as long I have this…! 」

I didn’t think he could win though. Or rather, I didn’t even know if he’ll able to overcome the current ordeal.

Finally, on that moment, the fox beast yelled loudly.

「I’ll go!! I’ll be the first one!! 」

Suddenly, the fox beast jumped on us…


I crouched down, but Seiya jumped in front of me. I heard something on that instant…The platinum sword that Seiya held on his hands made a strong sound!

「Eternal Sword…! 」

The attack using the platinum sword created an illusionary image that drew in the air and intercepted the fox beast man! After the illusionary image disappeared, the body of the fox beast separated into pieces! Blood was splashed everywhere and dozens of meat pieces fell to the ground!

「Yo…You…You bastard!! 」

The four beasts, who just witnessed the death of their comrade, jumped all at once! He won’t be able to defeat them all using his last sword technique! Still…

「Maximum Inferno…! 」

The arm without the sword became engulfed in flames! Before the beasts reached Seiya, he created a chain of fire with his hands! The beasts were wrapped in flames!


*excruciating pain*

All I could hear were the screams of the beast men. They were burnt rapidly by the super-hot temperature of the Maximum Inferno. All of them were destroyed on the spot.

Seiya lifted his burning hands forward.

「…Open the way if you don’t want to transform into charcoal. 」

Several beasts watched the situation from afar. When Seiya professed those threatening words, every beast trembled in fear. Seiya walked straightforward with confidence.

…He defeated four beasts in an instant!? When I was in Geabrande, I only witnessed the usage of that skill to get rid of the enemies’ remains, so I didn’t notice it…but, Maximum Inferno was an amazing top grade fire magic!!

But, I noticed something bad while I admired him! The rhino beast managed to endure the fire somehow! The skin was firm, that’s why he survived the burning flames! He tried to attack Seiya from behind!

「Seiya, behind you!! One of them is still alive!! 」

I shouted, but Seiya didn’t turn around! Yet, Seiya used the flames of the platinum sword from his sideline and pierced through the rhino beast!

「Phoenix Thrust…! 」

At the same time, the beasts in the vicinity began to mutter after they saw the deadly collapse of the rhino beast…

「Who…Who is this human!? 」

「He’s very strong!! 」

The beasts in the vicinity seemed to have lost their will to fight. I gripped my teeth in excitement.

…Seiya’s personality became reckless…but, his rare battle sense was alive and well! Whether careful or reckless, Ryuguuin Seiya always had an outstanding talent!

In front of my eyes, I could see many slaves connected with chains in an open field!

「Seiya! Let’s free all of the slaves! After doing that, we should return with them to the Light of Hope!」

I ran with Seiya to free the slaves…

「Everything is okay now! 」

While Seiya looked at our surroundings, I started to release the chains stuck on the slaves.

I finally managed to release the last chain on a captive human being. Suddenly, the area became noisy and loudly.

「Hey. What the hell is happening here? 」

My spine froze when I heard a terrifying familiar voice. A large beast with armor arrived with a crowd of other beast men.

「This…This can’t be, right…? What’s up with this timing…! 」

The pig-looking beast that resembled an orc and the ruler of this town arrived…The Evil Beast Bunogeos was coming closer to where we were standing still!

When he looked at Seiya and I, he scratched his neck and spoke.

「Ah, don’t tell me that you’re the goddess and the hero. The evil god of mottled hair told me about you. He said, 『Soon, the messenger of god will come to release the slaves. 』 It seems he was right.」

…”Evil god of mottled hair”? Does that mean that the enemy was sensing our movements? Maybe he led the werewolf that invaded the God’s realm…?

Bunogeos and his beast men gathered around Seiya and I! All of the other fearful beast men became confident when Bunogeos appeared! There were about dozens of demons! However, Bunogeos shook his large hand to the beast men.

「All of you step aside. It’s all right. Leave this to me. 」

A distraction! I secretly whispered on Seiya’s ear!

「Se…Seiya! It’s our chance! Let’s distract Bunogeos with Maximum Inferno and escape with the slaves!」

「Why escape when I could defeat their boss for once and for all? 」

「I already told you that it’s impossible to defeat him!! The lives of the slaves are our top priority right now!! You got it!?」

「Well…I guess you’re right. 」

I had somehow convinced Seiya. However, Bunogeos anticipated our course of action and laughed with a mischievous voice.

「I won’t let you run away. If you escape, I’ll tear apart the neck of this slave. 」

Before I knew it, Bunogeos held a captive woman on his arm. The woman groaned painfully as he pressured on her neck without mercy.

The sharp-pointed eyes of the hero were fiercely fixated on Bunogeos.

「Lady Goddess. I can’t abandon that hostage. I will only leave this place after defeating Bunogeos and freeing all of the slaves.」

Whoa! What he had just said was the correct attitude to have for a brave hero! Yet, he won’t be able to beat Bunogeos…!

Bunogeos noticed Seiya’s fighting spirit. On that moment, he pushed the slave woman behind him and tried to grab the axe on his back.

「Chain Destruction…I wonder what it meant. Ah, I remember now. If I kill you using this power, neither the hero nor the goddess will be able to revive.」

「Why…Why do you own that thing!! Did you get it from that “evil god of mottled hair”!? 」

「I don’t need to tell you that. 」

…While I diverted the attention of Bunogeos, Seiya’s sword became engulfed in flames! Before Bunogeos grabbed his axe…

「Take this…! Phoenix Drive…! 」

With a fearsome spirit, Seiya charged forward to cut down Bunogeos using his powerful attack! Nonetheless, Bunogeos had a very relaxed expression on his face and he took a deep breath! Soon, his insane breathing force disturbed my hair and dress! He was sucking everything around him! He blew out the air that he sucked to his mouth and charged against Seiya!

「Ugh…! 」

Seiya’s offensive movement stopped amidst the terrible gusts of wind! At the same time, the flames that covered Seiya’s sword vanquished as if a candle light was blown away!

「*grins* I had to extinguish it first because fire burns. 」

It seemed that Bunogeos sealed the magical fire sword with his breathing power. Even so, Seiya jumped in Bunogeos’ direction to attack him.

「If so, then…Eternal Sword…! 」

Even though the Phoenix Drive was sealed, Seiya used the power of Adenela’s technique combined with his own skill and hit Bunogeos, who was off-guard! I cheered up inside my heart when that strike was successful…or so I thought…

「Hmm? Did you do something to me right now? 」

He received all the blows of Seiya’s powerful attack, and even so, I didn’t see any damage inflicted on Bunogeos.

Seiya repeated the consecutive gunshot sword attack without giving up. Suddenly, the movement of his arms stopped. When I looked closely, I saw that Bunogeos was holding the platinum sword with his hand!

「I told you it didn’t hurt that much…but you…are a very depressing fella!! 」

 And then, with his other arm, he attacked Seiya’s stomach with his fist! Seiya’s feet got out of the ground and he came flying with a dull sound!

「Ah…! 」

「Seiya!! 」

Seiya was thrown to the ground with a single blow. Bunogeos showed a bored expression.

「What? Is it already over? I didn’t even use my ax. I wonder why this hero is so weak. No…Am I too strong?」

He…He spoke as if he was fighting against a baby! He knew that he was too strong for the hero!

I knew that too. Seiya’s attack power didn’t make any scratches on Bunogeos. Their statuses were too different in power.

…We…We won’t be able to save the slaves anymore! But…we had to escape from this place as soon as possible!

I rushed instinctively towards Seiya, but the dog-faced beast appeared right in front of me! At the same time, I felt a violent impact on my neck!

「Ugh…! 」

The beast man attacked me. I fell on the ground just like Seiya.

In the midst of my fading consciousness, I could see that Bunogeos took his ax.

…Ah…With that ax, our souls will be destroyed forever…so, our adventure ended here…

「Uh, hmm… 」

How long as it been since then. I got up while holding my injured neck.

The area was dim. I could see a thick iron grid in front of me. It looked like I was in an iron cage. Next to me was a similar jail container. And, inside was…

「Seiya!? 」

His sword was taken but Seiya looked unharmed. He was laying on the floor with his body turned upside down.

「Hey, are you okay!? Hang on!! 」

「Ye…Yeah… 」

Somehow, Seiya raised his upper body after he heard my call. He held his beaten stomach with his hands. It looked quite painful. But, at least, his life was not at risk.

「I’m glad! You’re safe! 」

When I said those words…

「…I really wonder if he’s safe. 」

There was a voice behind me.

「Who…Who is it!? 」

I felt relieved when I saw a woman on the corner of this dim place. The woman was that hostage taken by Bunogeos a while ago.

「You’re safe too! How about the other slaves? 」

「I don’t know for sure. But, the fact that they’re not in this dungeon might indicate that Bunogeos lift the Cursed Sphere temporarily to sell them. They must be out of this town. 」

「That…That can’t be…! 」

「Oh dear. I’m sure they’re happy. They’re still alive. The problem is that we… 」

The woman told me the harsh truth.

「You and me will become a feast for the belly of Bunogeos. 」

「Ah…Ah!? Are you saying that we’ll be eaten!? Isn’t this town a place to make slaves!? That was what Bunogeos said too…」

「Officially, yes. The fact is that he enjoys eating young women secretly. Well…that’s just a rumor. But, soon it will be the time to pay the yearly contribution.」

The infamous large orc appeared. He looked at the cell where Seiya was stuck, and laughed.

「This hero must be kept alive to be presented to His Majesty the Grand Lion. *grins* His Majesty the Grand Lion will praise me for sure.」

He looked satisfied while he rubbed his own stomach. Then, he came to the front of the cells where I was locked up with the woman. He stared at us as if he was examining us from the other side of the thick iron grid.

「I’ll get some credit because I caught the hero. But, I need a reward right now. These two will serve me right.」

His ugly face got closer to the iron grid and then he grabbed me.

「Well then, let’s start with the goddess. 」

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