It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The Snow Witch

The Snow Witch’s perspective.

I was not good at talking with other people.

Therefore, I started to practice with magic on my own. I tried to control the magic of weather that I acquired recently. However, it was so powerful and unstable that the mountains were completely covered in snow. The snow was so thick that made the path inaccessible. Originally, people stopped coming because of the snowstorm. But, to tell the truth, it became quite convenient for me because I was not good at socialization. Besides, people started to spread a bad rumor about this place. I heard they thought that if they ventured to my place, they would freeze to death. That’s why nobody dared to come here.

Anyway, the icy environment proved to be a perfect secluded location for a witch-in-training like myself. I’ve been doing some research for a while now. My research focused on a specific technology that is said to be able to produce monsters.

As far as I knew, only five people in history managed to create monsters freely. One of them was the great witch Millaker.

Many witches researched day and night in order to reproduce the secret techniques that she created. I was one of them. I succeeded in creating a monster based on the knowledge transmitted by my parents. The monster child that I created was a Doriad. This child had the appearance of a human, but the lower part was a plant with roots on the ground.

For me, who lived most of my life avoiding contact with others, this child was the first unfamiliar living contact that I ever experienced before. At first, I was extremely nervous to communicate with the Doriad. But, I gradually got used to talking.

Before long, I could talk about everything with this child. I spoke about my ongoing research and I even told her about my future dreams. But mostly, I talked about what I would do if I ventured out of the mountains. Actually, that was only a conversation. It would be impossible for me to blend in with other people.

I was not good at having conversations with others. It took me more than half a year to talk properly with Dori. I wouldn’t be able to do anything if I were to get out of here.

However, a serious situation developed right under my nose. One day, Dori’s health got worse. I didn’t know the cause of her illness. I didn’t know what to do at all. Since she was a monster, I thought of going to a nearby town to ask for help. But, I couldn’t talk with other people, so that was a bit hard for me to accomplish.

Dori’s condition became so worse that her life force was being drained away. She had a hard time speaking, so she only listened to me, but always showed me a smile despite being in bad health. I was too shy to say it aloud, but she was my first and only friend.

I was losing my friend. I refused to let that happen. I had to do something. But, what?

I left the mountains and went to the forest nearby. As I walked through the wilderness, I found a Mandragora. This type of monster was regarded as a supreme delicacy and, at the same time, the source to heal severe illnesses. I took her away as I wondered if this monster would be able to cure Dori. But, Dori shook her head negatively because she wanted me to bring that monster back to her home.

「Please, don’t kill her just for my sake. That child won’t be able to cure me. 」

I understood. I knew that it would be pointless. Nevertheless, I still had to do something about it. I wanted to save Dori. She was my only friend. The Mandragora noticed the seriousness of my situation and spoke to me.

「Excuse me. I don’t understand your situation very well, but if you want to save her, then my master might be able to help you.」

Master? Maybe this Mandragora was made by someone and not by nature? But, if she was saying the truth, maybe the person she called master would be able to do it. If he had the ability to grow monsters himself, maybe he could save my friend from dying.

I wondered if it would be all right. After all, I was the person who abducted this child. Even so, I looked for him with my crystal ball. I found out that three people were heading towards the mountains. A very young man walked desperately through the heavy snowfall. Was this man her master? He looked so distressed. That was natural. He was trying to get back what was stolen from him.

Ah, that’s right. These people cherished this Mandragora as much as I cherished Dori. I felt ashamed at myself after I noticed what I’ve done. I wondered what I could say to them under these circumstances. He might refuse to help me because I caused him trouble with his cherished monster. I should apologize properly.

Then, they came through the perilous path of the mountain and reached my tower. I allowed them to get inside my home. I showed up in front of them and I bowed my head down.

「…I’m truly sorry. Please help me. 」

I did my best to speak those words, even though I was very bad at speaking with other people.

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