It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: I won’t give up until Dora returns

「Dora is not here either. 」

It had been a while since I noticed her disappearance. I thought that she would be taking her usual nap in the garden. But, she was not there. I looked around in the house, but she was not there either.

「Dora is that Mandragora, right? I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I mean, it was amazing how Lord Kyou managed to successfully cultivate a Mandragora. There is no doubt that you’re a wonderful person.」

「Yeah, I guess so. 」

Fitis looked at me with utmost respect. After that short conversation with her, I started to look desperately for Dora again. Well, she was not in the garden and inside the house. That meant that she went outside of the boundaries of my property. I looked above and I noticed that the sky became cloudy and, soon, it started to rain.

「…I’m going outside to look for Dora. 」

「Yes, but it’s dangerous out there, Lord Kyou. It began to rain. I’m sure the Mandragora will come back if you wait for her.」

Fitis was trying to hold me back.

「That child is a member of my family. That’s why I should be looking for her. 」

I was clear with my words. Then, I saw a familiar face when I opened the door of the house.

「There is always something worrisome going on every time I come here. 」

「Lily. 」

「I’ll go with you. I’m also worried about Dora. 」

Lily always appeared on the right moment to help me. I wonder if she gradually transformed into tsundere character*. But, this was not the most adequate moment to discuss this matter.

「…If Lord Kyou goes, then I’ll go too. 」

Fitis approached me from behind and offered to accompany me.

「Thanks you two. 」

I nodded to them and we went straight away to the forest. We looked incessantly for Dora while it rained. Then, after a long while, we found an upside-down pumpkin under a big tree.

「Jack! Why are you doing in a place like this!? 」

「Bro…Brother… 」

Jack clearly looked at us, but he was injured. He tried to speak with us using his last strength.

「Brother…a wizard wearing a white robe kidnapped Dora…That person went to the north…I’m…I’m so sorry…I couldn’t help…help her…」

*collapsing sound*

「Jack!!! 」

「I…I just lost my consciousness for a moment. 」

I knew that, but even so, it freaked me out for a second.

「What is out there in the north? 」

Lily answered my question while looking extremely serious.

「The Mountains of the Snow Witch. 」

Who on earth was this Snow Witch? I noticed that Fitis was acting a bit nervous as well.

「She is one of the legends of this region. If you go through this path of the forest, you’ll arrive in the northern section of the mountains where the witch resides. The witch has the power to control the weather. Therefore, the mountains are protected by a strong field of snow because of her magical powers. The legend says that no one was able to break in. And, those who try will be frozen as a punishment.」

「Why everyone let a dangerous person like that become a living legend without doing nothing to stop her?」

「Because they made sort of an agreement that if “you don’t touch me, I won’t touch you.”」

I see. I understood now. However, Dora was kidnapped. There was no other choice but to rescue her. I knew that it sounded unrealistic because I didn’t have any fighting skills. But, if these two helped me with this, maybe it will become manageable. I looked at Fitis and she quietly nodded her head positively. Lily also showed me a face that indicated that she would help me no matter what happened. Thank you everyone. During times like this, it felt reassuring to have a group of adventurers willing to help me.

「Well then, let’s go to the Mountains of the Snow Witch. 」

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