This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The Last of the Four General Kings

I wanted to get away from Valkyrie. Therefore, I pushed Seiya in a hurry as if it was a “life-and-death” situation. We managed to arrive in Geabrande extremely fast. When we arrived, I heard a thundering sound on my ears.

「Rosgard is on a brink of a critical situation!! 」

I heard a loud voice nearby.

We arrived right in front of the Imperial Capital from the portal. A soldier, wearing an armor with the coat of arms of the Rosgard Empire, was shouting really high…I saw other soldiers…Actually, a lot of soldiers…What was going on!? Wasn’t it a bit too early for this!?

There were more than a thousand soldiers lined up in several rows. They all had weapons and they had dreadful looks on their faces. I became startled when I saw the opposite side of the line.

I was dumbfounded. I saw familiar black wings. It resembled those of the Great Demon. Actually, the demons resembled Chaos Makina, one of the Four Generals from the Devil’s Army. They were assembling a formation line ten meters away from us. There was a horde of demonic monsters getting ready to confront the thousands of soldiers from the Imperial Army in battle.

「Don’t tell me that this is…the battlefield location…! 」

I got an ominous feeling that this imminent situation would “explode” at any minute. Mash pulled out the sword from his sheath and took an offensive stance. Elle hid behind me.

We were aware of the demonic forces, but before I knew it, the allied Imperial soldiers surrounded us.

「Who are you people? Where did you come from? 」

「They are suspicious! 」

「No way! Are they underlings of the Devil’s Army? 」

「No. We are… 」

When I tried to get rid of this misunderstanding…

「These people are not our enemies! It’s the goddess and the hero’s group!」

I heard a robust voice. When I looked back, I saw an elderly soldier with a beard. When he noticed that we were staring at him, he changed his strict attitude and kindly bowed his head.

「It’s been a long while! I give you my gratitude for saving the Semul town back then! 」

…Eh…This person…Who was he again? Ah, that’s right! The senior soldier who arrived in Semul’s church looking for the undead!

Seiya asked bluntly.

「More importantly. What is the current situation? 」

「Eliza Kaiser from the Four General Kings led an army of demons with swords and attacked the Imperial Capital! Although we had the advantage in numbers, our army had to retreat because of their terrible offensive power! This is the crucial point in Urges highway that leads to Orphe, the Imperial Capital…! 」

「In…In other words, you got cornered in your city’s water edge!? 」

The soldiers nodded with distressing faces.

「But…They cornered us here to slow down the attacks. We’re in a state where we don’t know what’s going on.」

It was true that the demons didn’t try to move forward. They just looked at their opponents. It was as if they were waiting for something.

Eventually, there was movement on the enemy side. A demon, with a body that was remarkably larger than the other demons, appeared by breaking their formation lines.

The demon’s head was like a goat with a curved horn. The muscles of the demon’s whole body shined in black as if the muscles were armor themselves. The first thing I noticed was the arms. The demon had three arms on its right side, and the same number of arms on its left side. All six of the demon’s arms were equipped with swords and battle-axes.

Seiya’s sharp eyes were pointed towards the enemy.

「The aura is different from the other demons. He is the last of the Four General Kings. 」

「That is the Eliza Kaiser of the Four General Kings…! 」

That demon stood a little ahead of the formation line. The six-arm demon started talking with a low voice in the human language.

「Humans!! Bring your strongest man!! 」

Seiya snorted a bored sigh.

「It seems that he is trying to show off his power. His plans to defeat the strongest soldier of the Imperial Army to crush his enemy’s morale. After doing so, he would plunge in and destroy the Imperial Capital.」

I…I see! I mean, for an enemy to show off his power proudly like that…It means this enemy was a very strong opponent himself, was that right…?

I invoked my clairvoyance ability to see the status of General King Eliza.

Eliza Kaiser

Level – 88

HP – 245842

MP – 98564

Attack – 218333

Defense – 207465

Agility – 140251

Magic – 87654

Resistance – Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder, Ice, Earth, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Instant Death

Special skills – Full Magic Attack Power Conversion (Lv MAX), Flight (Lv MAX), Evil Eye (Lv 15)

Skills – Mode Demonic Six

Personality – Ferocity

Ugh! The attack and defense power exceeds 200,000 just as Kill Capul predicted! Also, the other numbers were high as well! This demon had a very balanced status! Except for Tanathus whose status was omitted, this demon might be the strongest enemy we’ve met!

Eliza glared at the Imperial Army with evil blood-red eyes.

「What’s wrong!! Why aren’t any of you coming out!? Is the Imperial Army just made of human cowards!?」

Before I knew it, there were countless of soldiers from the Imperial Army around Seiya.

「Sir hero! Please! 」

「Defeat him! Please, defeat that demon! 」

The soldiers around Seiya knew that he was the famous brave hero. Therefore, they begged for his help.

…But, he will be forced to fight immediately with the last of the Four General Kings!? Just as we got out of the portal? Was Seiya going to be alright!? Was he prepared to fight that soon!?

But as usual, Seiya drew the sword out from his sheath without changing his facial expression. The soldiers voiced a small cheer 「Oh! 」. Seiya tried to step forward…But his leg stopped.

I saw that a soldier was already walking towards Eliza Kaiser from afar. Although the distance was very far, I could see clearly that it was a soldier. A white-haired soldier, dressed in a golden armor like the one that Rosalie wore before, approached Eliza without fear.

「Is that…the Warlord…Emperor…? 」

Someone confused murmured near us. Soon, all of the thousand Imperial soldiers’ voices screamed aloud simultaneously.

「The Warlord Emperor!! It’s the Warlord Emperor!! 」

「His Majesty came out from the Imperial Castle in order to save us!! 」

Mash was narrowing his eyes.

「Is that person the Warlord…? Rosgard’s strongest warrior…Is that really him? 」

“Warlord”. His sword was said to be able to tear the heavens apart and break the earth. However, his head was full of white hair. Deep wrinkles carved on his face. The Emperor was much older than I imagined.

「So…He…looks like a grandpa… 」

It seemed that Elle was also surprised. When I thought of Rosalie’s father, I imagined a man on his late forties, early fifties. But the Emperor was an old soldier who was over seventy years old.

The distance between them was only a few meters away from each other. Suddenly, Eliza mocked the approaching Emperor.

「Hey. Who is that old man? 」

The demons behind him started to laugh as well.

「*laughs amusingly* I don’t remember asking you to give me a sacrifice!!」

I pulled Seiya’s arm when I heard the demons laugh.

「He is going to be a true sacrifice if this keeps going on!! Seiya, let’s go!! We have to help!!」

Yet, Seiya didn’t move an inch.

「Don’t be deceived by his appearance. Just look at that gramps’ status. 」

「Eh? 」

「I don’t think there is a human like him… 」

Seiya murmured quickly. I caught a glimpse of the Emperor’s status using my clairvoyance ability.

Warlord Emperor Wolks Rosgard

Level – 90

HP – 259985

MP – 0

Attack – 189633

Defense – 176358

Agility – 148796

Magic – 0

Potential – 777

Resistance – Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis, Instant Death, Abnormal Condition

Special skills – Light Protection (Lv MAX), Attack Power Evolution (Lv MAX)

Skills – Style Saint Light, Crash Saint Light, Massive Saint Light

Personality – Exceptionally Courageous

「…What’s with that status!! 」

I was astonished when I saw the Emperor’s capability value.

「Death will fall upon all of you! Go to hell…! 」

Three of Eliza’s hands attacked the Emperor using three great swords. However, the Warlord Emperor stopped the swords attack with a golden shield. A heavy and dull uproar echoed everywhere.

「Oh…I never thought that I would see a proper shield that didn’t break with my single strike. So, you didn’t come here just to be killed after all. I changed my opinion about you, old man.」

And then, Eliza grinned devilishly.

「I’ll show you…“Mode Demonic Six”! 」

All of Eliza’s arms were equipped with weapons that were faced towards the Emperor. Soon, a black aura was emitted from Eliza’s body. That fearsome demon took an offensive position.

I couldn’t stand to watch it because it was too nerve-wracking. So, I pulled Seiya’s arm.

「Seiya! Certainly, the status of the Emperor is far above from a human capability! But both the attack and defense powers are inferior to Eliza’s! He needs reinforcements! 」

「I guess so. 」

Seiya tried to move forward, yet…

「He doesn’t need your help. 」

A cold voice echoed from behind. Before I knew it, a handsome young man of unknown age stood behind us. He was wearing a white robe with a gold embroidery.

「Nice to meet you, Lady goddess and Sir hero. My name is Flasika, the thunder wizard. 」

He kneeled gracefully as he introduced himself.

「Wait a second, Mister Flasika!! What do you mean he doesn’t need our help!? It doesn’t matter how strong the Warlord Emperor is!! Can’t you see that his opponent is one of the Four General Kings!?」

I perfectly knew firsthand how terrifying the Four General Kings were in Geabrande. Each of them had a demonic force of no less than B-rank difficulty.

At this precise moment, Eliza was striking the Emperor with the six-arm weapons. The Emperor kept on using his gigantic shield against those strikes. It looked like he had a defensive strategy.

…I couldn’t watch! The difference in abilities was obvious! If we don’t hurry, he’ll be chopped to pieces!

During that time, my worst fears came in unexpectedly early. The shield of the Warlord Emperor received a strong blow from the six arms and was cast away.

「Ugh!  」

That demon laughed while he tried to stab the Emperor with the swords! The Emperor failed to dodge the attacks and started to bleed on his cheek! The continuous strikes did not stop! The Emperor’s arms, legs, were…Those body parts were not covered with armor, so they were vulnerable against the enemy’s attacks! He will be cut repeatedly!

「I…I can’t watch this! He is going to die! 」

Still, contrary to my impatience, Flasika was calm.

「It’s okay. That’s how His Majesty fights. 」

Flasika was staring at Eliza as if he was watching a fool.

「After this, there won’t be any more demons to invade Orphe, the Imperial Capital.」

I was perplexed. It was the Emperor who was cornered! What was wrong with this Flasika guy? It was not only him. The other Imperial soldiers were silently watching the battle between their Emperor and the enemy.

If he lost his shield and only defended himself with a single sword, there would be no way that he would be able to prevent the Demonic Six attacks. I could only wait until he was gradually chopped up.

However. The Warlord Emperor finally opened his robust mouth.

「Those are fierce sword attacks…As expected of the Four General Kings. But… 」

He spoke as if he was having fun.

「I’m accustomed…  」

Instantly. We could hear consecutive metal sounds from wielding swords. Then…

「What just…happened? 」

Eliza’s face, which was looking down on the emperor with overwhelming confidence not too long ago, changed to a troubled-looking expression. I couldn’t understand what was going on! Eliza’s eyes could not see the Emperor’s single sword attacks! That confused demon stroke repeatedly with his six-arms, and still, the human with only a single sword prevailed! And then…

「Style Saint Light…! 」

The sword of the Emperor started to emit a strong light. The beam of light was released towards Eliza!


One out of six…Eliza’s arm with a battle-axe fell to the ground. Black blood was scattered around!

「Ba…Bastard…! 」

Then, the trajectory of the light ray was drawn into the space and it created a geometric pattern. In a second, pieces fell to the ground! The remaining arms rolled in the floor!

「Ho…How…! It’s impossible…! This man is a human, not a hero… 」

「I apologize for not being the hero. 」

The Emperor raised his mighty sword above his head…

「Crash Saint Light! 」

It hit Eliza’s head! However, the sword’s light pierced through Eliza’s body in a straight line! The sword swing was extremely fast! The sword’s light came from outside Eliza’s crotch and hit the ground, creating a crater from the impact! Soon, an earthquake occurred! I lost my position and I almost fell to the ground!

「You’re…kidding, right!? Did he really defeat the…last of the Four General Kings…!?」

The soldiers’ cheers roared on my ears while I dazed away. Somehow, I managed to hold Seiya’s feet in the meantime.

「Se…Seiya! Why? How the Emperor won against Eliza? I thought that the Emperor was losing against Eliza’s attacking power not that long ago, am I right? How could he attack faster and stronger than those fearsome six-arms?」

「You need to see the Warlord Emperor’s status once again. 」

After I was told to use my clairvoyance ability, I looked at the Emperor who was putting his sword back on his sheath.

Warlord Emperor Wolks Rosgard

Attack 227512

「…Eh!? The status of his attack changed!? 」

「It seems that it got higher during the battle. And it exceeded Eliza’s status.」

「How…How is that even possible! 」

I was speechless. The enemy soldiers were not that thrilled by the turn of events. Soon, there was movement in the enemy side after they lost their leader.

「How…How dare you kill Lord Eliza!! 」

「The enemy is just a mere human!! 」

The horde of angry demons started to advance forward in order to attack the Emperor. However, the Emperor drew his sword again and raised it to the top.

「Massive Saint Light…! 」

The sword of the Emperor was engulfed in a bright light. Suddenly, the sword extended in length! He slowly moved that great sword of light that stretched through the skyline…It scythed down! The dozens of demons that jumped to attack the Emperor were torn apart from their torso!


The complexion of the surviving demons dramatically changed. The demons trembled with fear.

*frightened screams*

The Warlord Emperor counter attacked!! Every time he wielded his huge sword of light, the demons became lifeless corpses cut in pieces! In addition, after watching the offensive strikes from their Emperor, the Imperial Army raised their swords in unison and headed towards the Demon Army! At the same time, thunder fell from the heavens! The demons became scorched by the powerful lightening magic!

「De…Defeat! Defeat…!! 」

That was the result of the demons strategy. They were supposed to kill the human enemy, but they were killed instead. The result was that the demons’ attack failed and they were defeated.

In the midst of this, the Warlord Emperor changed directions and walked slowly towards us. He loosened his face and laughed.

「My, my. I wonder if an old man like myself took the victory credit from our Sir Hero. 」

Without even asking, the Emperor seemed to know that I was a goddess and that Seiya was the hero. I lowered my head to the Warlord Emperor.

「No, no! There is no problem! On the contrary, your Majesty defeated a formidable enemy, so I would like to thank you! 」

Mash and Elle were excited.

「Warlord Emperor, you were really amazing! 」

「I can’t believe it yet! The last of the Four General Kings was finally defeated!」

The Emperor crushed the feelings of admiration right in front of the boy and girl.

「I’m getting too old. If I confronted an enemy like this in the past, I would not take this much time just to defeat it.」

What!? When he was young he was a lot stronger than now!? What kind of human was he!?

Surprisingly, the Warlord Emperor bowed his head in reverence.

「Lady goddess. I am honored to meet you. 」

「Eh…Ah…Yes… 」

I was a little embarrassed by his gentle attitude. Ah, no, there was no need for me to be embarrassed! That’s right! Originally, this was supposed to be the regular attitude when a person meets a goddess for the first time! Seiya treated me so unkindly that I forgot what was supposed to be like!

「Please come to the Imperial Castle later on. There is something I would like to show you.」

「Something to show me? What’s that? 」

「Please, look forward to it. 」

The Emperor invited me to his castle with a gentle expression. Of course, there shouldn’t be any problem to go. But, I couldn’t suppress the question that arose on my mind.

「Ah, excuse me, your Majesty. But why won’t you participate in destroying the devil forces, even though you’re so strong?」

Then, the Warlord Emperor gave me a slightly painful expression.

「That’s because… 」

「That’s because? 」

At that very moment, I heard his excruciating voice…

「Ugh! 」

The Emperor crouched while he grabbed his chest. Flasika noticed what was happening and came rushing to us.

「This…This is bad! Warlord Emperor! Clear everyone from here! Hurry! Hurry up! 」

*agonizing sound*

The Emperor screamed in pain. And Flasika yelled to everyone around us.

Don’t…Don’t tell me that the Emperor had an incurable disease!? Was this the reason why the Emperor could not leave the Imperial Capital!?

「Warlord Emperor is…Warlord Emperor will… 」

The usually calm wizard Flasika became nervous as he yelled extremely loud.

「The Warlord Emperor will become an idiot!! 」


*dripping sound*

I heard a weird sound. When I looked closely, I noticed that liquid dripped off from the crotch of the Emperor without stopping.

Where was his majestic face? The powerful Warlord Emperor had small tears on the corner of his eyes. He spoke while biting his thumb like a young child.

「*sobs*…Feels wet. It’s leaking out…*sobs* 」

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