This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Don’t say the Words

The next morning my whole body was tingling when I got up from my bed. I didn’t know why for a moment, but ah, I remembered. Yesterday, I soaked my body repeatedly and scrubbed it like crazy in the public bath.

I wore a clean white dress and I sprinkled perfume on myself.

Okay, perfect! I won’t let anyone say that my smell is sour!

I opened the door of my room and walked through the aisle of the temple. I encountered Valkyrie on my way. I noticed that she was holding a white canvas and a paintbrush. It seemed that she was taking a break from practice. She will probably use this free time for her hobby. Maybe she will try to paint the same poor drawing again.

「Hello, Lady Valkyrie. By the way, how is Seiya doing? 」

「…Why are you giggling so much? 」

Eh…Was I giggling that much? But I thought that he would be probably alright. Even if she said that it would be “impossible for humans” to achieve that fearsome technique, I was sure that Seiya had almost mastered her skills!

Valkyrie spit a short sigh.

「It’s just as you imagined. That guy is outrageous. He already learnt a few steps of the destruction technique.」

「See, I was right!! *laughs* I thought that would be the case!! 」

I showed her a big smile on my face.

「Why…You are actually laughing, you blockhead! 」

*knocking sound* Valkyrie hit on my head.

「It…It hurts! But…don’t you agree! That hero is a genius after all! 」

「You keep being ridiculous even after I hit you. 」

After snorting, Valkyrie quickly said.

「Surely, there is a pinch of natural talent. But that’s all. There’s no way he will be able to surpass me with my own skills. Listen, Listarte… 」

Valkyrie muttered with a serious-looking face.

「What matters is the resolution. 」

「Resolution? 」

I heard an unexpected word. Resolution…? Seiya’s resolution…What was that?

「You should learn from him. 」


Suddenly, I felt excruciating pain on my bottom! Valkyrie kicked my bum and went straightaway to the rooftop.

Don’t kick my bum! Well, anyway, this time it seemed to be going well!

After that, I went to Aria’s room. When I quietly opened the door, I noticed that Mash and Elle were sitting side by side. They were mentally focused.

Aria saw that I came in. She prepared some bread and put on their hands. She smiled at them and said; 「Let’s take a break 」.

Aria prepared some tea for the both of us. I asked her about their training progress.

「Well. It’s a bit early to tell. But, I think I’ll be able to release their spiritual power a little bit more…That’s what I believe. 」

「Yes! I can feel a very good presence coming from them! 」

Both of them were bright people. And I understood their unwavering determination.

「I want to be useful to Mister Seiya as fast as possible! 」

Unexpectedly, Elle showed me an innocent smile. Mash also nodded in agreement.

「Yeah! I must be ready to help my Master on crucial moments! 」

We drank a cup of tea made by Aria as everyone chatted for a moment. Soon, I felt a bit uncomfortable because I would be disturbing the next session of their training. Therefore, I left the room.

…Mash and Elle were working really hard on their training.

…Seiya was trying to learn a new technique that will be able to defeat the Demon King because he didn’t obtain the holy sword and the legendary armor.

Somehow, I was feeling a bit frustrated.

I returned to my room and thought for a while…I finally made a decision.

…Okay, it’s decided!! Yes, I completely decided!! Everyone was trying their hardest!! I won’t say that I’m embarrassed! I’ll do it myself!!

Three days have passed since we came to the God’s realm.

In Aria’s room, Mash and Elle were smiling joyfully.

「What? Did something good happen? 」

Aria also told me happily.

「Lista. Their training is complete. 」

「Eh!! And what are the results!? 」

「In fact, Mash can transform into a full dragon god with ease. Elle got a new auxiliary magic called “Quick”.」

「That’s incredible you two!! 」

I praised them but they looked a bit shy. Then, Aria turned her eyes at them and changed her expression to a serious-looking face.

「Elle. You haven’t reached a good level yet where you can perform both “Haste” and “Quick” at the same time. You can only use both of them once a day. You’ll need to think wisely, when it’s the best time to use those magic skills together.」

「Yes! Thank you, Lady Aria! 」

「Mash. It’s the same for you. Originally, to open the seal of your power would take you several years. Once you turn into a dragon and then revert, you won’t be able to use that skill for a few hours.」

「Yeah! Understood! 」

Even so, I was surprised to see that Mash and Elle grew much faster than I anticipated! Now, only Seiya was left, but surely, Seiya will…!

Suddenly, Aria was facing me with a worried face.

「Listen, Lista. Adenela told me that Lady Valkyrie and Seiya…have been locked in her room for a long time. 」

「Hmm? But isn’t that always the case? 」

「At first, I thought so as well…But I never know what goes inside Lady Valkyrie’s head. I can never predict her actions. You should better go and check on them as fast as you can. It would be bad if a similar incident like the one with Mithis repeated again, am I right? 」

「What!? Do you mean that Lady Valkyrie could attack Seiya!? That would be disastrous…」

Impossible…That couldn’t be…right?

I became extremely anxious and I jumped out of Aria’s room.

「Wa…Wait, Lista! 」

「Lisutan! 」

Both of them came right behind me.

I ran to Valkyrie’s room…

「Excuse me!! Sorry for intruding!! 」

I opened the door without knocking.

「!! 」

I saw something terrible inside.

There was something frugal in the center of the spacious room. There were two naked bodies entangled with one another on top of the double sized bed.

「What…what…what!? What the hell are two doing over there!? 」

I screamed. But they were staring at each other’s breaths and not onto their eyes. A red-faced Valkyrie whispered in Seiya’s ear.

「This is…my first time. 」

Seiya also turned his hot gaze to Valkyrie.

「Yeah…Me, too. 」

I rushed to the two of them who were having an intimate talk. I forcibly hugged Seiya and pulled him off from Valkyrie.

「Hey, Lista. What are you doing? 」

「That’s what I should be saying!! I thought that you were training seriously…but you were…doing this…this stuff!! Where is your underwear!? Just wear your damn underwear!!」

「Why are you misunderstanding the situation? This is part of my training.」

「What part are you talking about!? I don’t remember telling you to do sexual training!!」

I got closer to Seiya to ask him without Valkyrie listening.

「Li…Listen, don’t you remember that Lady Mithis forced you to do those filthy acts!? Did you forgot!?」

「No. This is not like that time. We’ve both agreed. 」

「A…Agreed!? Are you saying that you and Lady Valkyrie agreed on this!?」

I bit my lips as I looked angrily at Valkyrie. Valkyrie looked way too relaxed for having her breasts exposed like that.

「Ah. What you just did with me…You truly did it… 」

「So, you two really did it!? 」

This…This was a completely serious situation!! They crossed the line!! A sexual intercourse between a goddess and a human was a totally forbidden act!! Bad things will surely happen if the Great Goddess Isister knew about this!!

「Well, don’t worry. I will explain this to Isister. She won’t complain that much if I apologize.」

If she were the one to apologize, maybe the worst thing that would happen to Seiya was to retire from his hero job. But that was not the problem.

I stroke my heart and, then, I raised my voice against Valkyrie.

「What on earth were you thinking!? 」

「It can’t be helped. It’s true that this guy is definitely a good man. That’s why I had to do that too.」

I felt dizzy after I heard an obvious confession of love.

「Why did you do that?…Did you forget that a sexual intercourse between a goddess and a human is absolutely prohibited!?」

「Ah? What are you talking about?…Geez. That’s why a blockhead like you is a third-rate goddess.」

「Third-rate….you say…? 」

Finally, I exploded.

「I don’t want to be told that by a filthy goddess that is embracing a naked human being!!」

「Listarte!! You bitch!! 」

I grabbed my chest because I was nervous. But I wouldn’t lose against her.

「Wh…What!! I am right!! I am also doing my best you know!! Just look at this!! I did my best to prepare this for Seiya today, and yet, “this” is what I get from you!!」

I wanted to give Seiya the box I held on my hands. However, Valkyrie took the box herself and took the contents out to the palm of her hand.

「What’s this thing…? Hair strings…? 」

The strange complexion Valkyrie had on her face gradually changed.

「He…Hey, Listarte…! Don’t…Don’t tell me that these hair strings are…! 」

「That’s right!! It’s my private hair!! 」

「Don’t say “it’s my private hair” that easily!! How can you give this to him as if it was nothing special!! Are you serious!? You must be insane, you blockhead!!」

Valkyrie closed her hands with my private hair and…she threw it directly to me like a “hairball”.

「I am serious you know!! I thought earnestly about what I could do to help Seiya!! I came up with this idea and I carefully collected my curly hair by pulling them out!!」

「You…You are…! You are a creepy and frightening goddess…! 」

「No, I didn’t do that for any ulterior motives!! I did it because it is very useful!!」

Valkyrie’s eyes altered her complexion as if she changed her opinion about me.

「I didn’t know that Listarte was such a bad person. I’ll…I’ll stop massaging you to get milk…」

She looked at me as if I was a pervert. Behind me…

「Li…Lista. Don’t tell me that you are serious… 」

「Lisutan…That was a bit…How could you… 」

I heard Mash and Elle’s surprising voices.

Wh..Why!? Why did it turn out like this!? I just brought it for the sake of synthesis, that’s all…!!

I looked at the gift on my hands.

In order to defeat the Demon King, Seiya was trying to master the destruction technique…

Mash and Elle were training hard because they wanted to be useful…

That’s why I wanted to do something meaningful as well…

On that moment, my brain switched back to normal after I went through exasperation.

…Eh!! What’s this!? “Private hair”!? What the hell!? Why did I try to even give this to Seiya personally!? Am I that crazy!?

As soon as I became sane, I felt that, shame, sorrow and despair, fell hard on my head.


I screamed while I cried because I was ashamed, depressed and hurt. And…

「*yells* Seiya!! 」

I ran while I cried and I embraced Seiya with my runny nose in search of salvation. Yet, Seiya pushed my forehead with one hand.

「Stop it. Dirty. Don’t come near me. You’re dirty. 」

He said I was dirty twice. I cried even more.

「Please don’t!! *sobs* Don’t hate me!! *yells desperately* 」

「Then stop crying. You’re worse than Rosalie now. 」

He said that I was worse than the warlord princess. Somehow, I stopped crying aloud. However, tears were still overflowing from my eyes. I just couldn’t stop my tears because of my overwhelming feelings.

「But…But Seiya is bad too!! You laid in bed with Lady Valkyrie!! 」

「I didn’t do such a thing. 」

「Then, why were you hugging each other naked!? 」

「I said it was part of my training. 」

Seiya had a serious expression. But I thought it was a lame excuse.

「Lista. You are being delusional. Why do you complain and cry all the time?」

I…I just didn’t know why! Why was I sad in times like these? Was I that frustrated? Even if I liked Seiya so much, he was a human being and I was goddess. Then, why? But…

…I couldn’t explain it that well. But it felt that my favorite person was being taken away from me!!

I asked Seiya persistently.

「Did you not laid down with her? Are you really expecting me to believe that?」

Seiya spoke after a deep sigh.

「I’ve been saying that it was part of my training for a while now. 」

「Really? Are you really sure? Do you swear to god? 」

「The god is you. Are you that stupid? 」

After a moment of silence…

「…I understand. I can’t believe it that much…But for the time being, I’ll believe you.」

After I spoke, I wiped my tears with my dress’ sleeves.

Seiya scratched his head after all that tantrum. Then, he took the hairball from my hand and…

「Put it in that bag, with my other belongings. 」

He threw it to Mash.

「Whoa!! What the hell!! 」

Mash was startled and threw it away immediately as if he was touching something burning.

「E…Elle! You take it! 」

「No…No way!  That was given to you Mash! I don’t want it! Never! 」

…I was about to cry after I saw their hurtful interaction. However, Seiya spoke to Mash seriously.

「Mash. You keep it. 」

「Wha…! Un…Understood…! 」

Mash took my private hair reluctantly and he put it inside the luggage.

「Okay…Then, have you guys finished your training? 」

「Ye…Yeah! And what about you Master, have you finished as well? 」

「Yeah. 」

Seiya nodded in agreement. He looked at Valkyrie afterwards.

「I was in your care, Valkyrie. 」

「Seiya. Will you…come again? 」

「Probably. 」

The two of them were staring deeply at each other.

「Se…Seiya! Let’s go now! The last of the Four General Kings is about to attack the Imperial Capital!」

I pressed hard on Seiya’s back. I wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

「I got permission from the Great Goddess Isister! She will let us take a shortcut to arrive directly at the Imperial Capital! So let’s hurry! Geabrande is on a state of emergency now! 」

I forcibly took him out of the room. I casted the spell right away and the portal to Geabrande appeared instantly.

After Seiya left Valkyrie’s room, he looked at the surroundings for a while. It looked as if he was a bit reluctant. However, soon, he made up his mind as he touched his glossy black hair right in front of the magical portal.

「Okay…Let’s go. 」

He opened the portal doors and went inside.

At that time. I felt a sight discomfort when I looked at Seiya’s back. But I didn’t care much because I was extremely upset about Valkyrie. I thought lightly that “something might’ve happened”, but I felt it wasn’t that significant.

…Seiya did not say the usual words “Perfectly Ready” after finishing his training.

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