This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: The Goddess of Destruction

「The needles of destruction from the gate are both tangible and intangible. It breaks everything until it returns to nothing. This rule allows no exception.」

…Valhala Gate…! What a crazy and shameful technique…!!

Valkyrie put her hand on her shoulder as she stood on one knee after the gate of destruction swallowed the so-called invincible god of death.

「Ah…Lady Valkyrie? 」

I approach her because I was worried. Valkyrie looked as if she was hurt because she had a hard time breathing.

「Stay away, Listarte. It’s been thirty seconds. It’s about to come out. 」

「Thirty seconds? Come out? What do you mean? 」

The next moment. A red liquid spilled out from Valkyrie’s shoulder and splashed on my face.

「Is…this…bl…blood!? 」

When I wiped my face with my hand, I screamed when I found out that it was blood. In addition to Valkyrie’s right shoulder, there was also some abnormality on her arms, legs and abdomen…All those places were lacerated as if they were cut with a knife. Blood was spurting everywhere from her body.

「Whoa…! 」

My body froze in shock and Elle was trembling in horror. A bloody Valkyrie opened her mouth.

「The Valhala Gate…uses the user’s life force as a catalyst. If the user were a human, then the catalyst would be his…life. 」

While talking diligently, she started to vomit blood from her mouth. Valkyrie stopped moving as if she was a broken doll.

「Lady Valkyrie!! Are…Are you all right!? 」

Soon, Valkyrie displayed an ecstatic expression.

「Oh no…This has become a habit…! Ah, it feels so good…! 」

「Are you a masochist!? 」

Don’t tell me that she was a pervert as well!? What was wrong with the divinities of the God’s realm!?

Her words made me worried about her sanity. Next to me, Seiya nodded in agreement.

「The previous order was not to give her permission to use that technique. It was an order to give her permission to be resistant to the aftermath of that technique. 」

Seiya’s colored-eyes looked very different when he stared at Valkyrie. It seemed that he activated his clairvoyance ability.

I also wanted to check Valkyrie’s physical strength and know how much it decreased.

The Goddess of Destruction Valkyrie

HP 319851 / 999999999

…Her HP had a dramatic decline! Seiya was correct! …But…this…what…was this feeling?

I felt an uncomfortable pressing on my chest as I saw Valkyrie’s status. When I looked at the place where Valkyrie collapsed, the place was empty. She was nowhere to be found in the vicinity.

Suddenly! Valkyrie appeared behind my back and rubbed my breasts ferociously!

「Ahhhh!! 」

「Hey, Listarte! You brought that bastard here! Am I right? 」

「Well…about that…you know…there’s some truth to it…but…please…stop touching me!」

Mash and Elle were watching me like this…Ahhhh!

「My painting was destroyed! You are indeed the worst! Just look at that! 」

Valkyrie was rubbing my breasts with one hand, while the other hand showed me the drawing torn into pieces. What looked on the remaining pieces was a drawing that looked like it was made by a kindergarten child. But my mind went blank for a moment because my breast were being rubbed intensely.

「You will take responsibility for my unfinished masterpiece! I will rub you until you spill milk from your breasts! Be prepared! 」

Valkyrie was trying to put her hands beneath my undergarments!

「What…What are you doing!? You’re…kidding, right!? Wait!! Don’t do that!!」

However, Valkyrie’s hands didn’t go inside my undergarments no matter how much she wanted to. I noticed that Seiya firmly grabbed Valkyrie’s hands.

…Se…Seiya!? Don’t tell me that you protected me!?

What’s up with him! His actions were too obvious…so, he really liked me in a romantic way, didn’t he? Was I right? He liked me for real? Okay, I understood! He wanted me for himself! It couldn’t be helped…right…? Was I that special? If it was Seiya that stood next to me, then…I wouldn’t mind…I’ll let him touch me too…


「Ugh!! 」

Seiya kicked my bottom violently. The power of his kick was so strong that raw milk exploded from my chest as I rolled on the ground with bare underwear.

「Why did you do that to me all of sudden!? 」

I shouted at him, but he did not even look at my face. Instead, his eyes were sharply pointed at Valkyrie. He did not help me. I was just standing on his way.

「Valkyrie. You are the one after all. You are the best out there to train me.」

「Ah? Train…you say? You watched that, didn’t you? You’ll only be able to accomplish that ultimate technique for a price. 」

「I don’t mind. 」

After cleaning myself from the raw milk, I arranged my dress, stood up and yelled.

「Wait a second, Seiya!! Are you planning on practicing again in the God’s realm!? It’s not been that long since Lady Mithis taught you the skill of the bow, right? Isn’t the pace too fast this time!? 」

「That’s why I came here in the first place. Besides, I can’t go on like this. The enemy is getting stronger and stronger. I need more training. 」

Certainly, if it wasn’t for Valkyrie, Seiya would be in deep trouble to defeat Tanathus. And, perhaps, the next battle will be equally difficult or even more arduous than that. Seiya did not obtain the strongest sword Egzation and neither the legendary armor. In order to save Geabrande, maybe he’ll have to learn the skills of the strongest goddess.

「But Lady Valkyrie said that a human being will have certain death if he used the Valhala Gate technique!」

Abruptly. I felt severe pain on my bottom once again.

「Ahhhh!! 」

Someone was rubbing my bottom aggressively. It was too painful, so I cried even if I was a goddess. When I turned around, I saw Valkyrie who wrinkled her eyebrows.

「How dare you talk without my permission? I don’t intend to teach the destructive technique to anyone. It’s not something that I can teach in the first place. 」

 Seiya was staring at Valkyrie.

「That’s what you decided. 」

「It’s impossible. There’s no reason for humans to learn a technique like that. 」

「You’ll only know if it’s impossible if you give it a try. 」

「…You’re a very persistent guy. 」

Valkyrie touched her silver hair as she grinned at Seiya.

「Hey, by the way. The training was going on for a while now…Didn’t you notice it? 」

「What do you mean by that? 」

Soon, Seiya’s expression changed.

「I mean. I’m talking about you, that is. Don’t you understand what I’m saying? Then, I will tell you properly this time. Pay attention… 」

…Suddenly, I heard a dashing sound. Instantly, Seiya put his sword on Valkyrie’s throat.

「What are you implying, you witch? 」

Valkyrie was looking ghastliness. I rushed immediately to their side.

「Se…Seiya!? What on earth are you doing!? 」

Nonetheless, Seiya was staring at Valkyrie with hawk eyes.

「There is no need to say it right now. 」

「Oh my. So, did you realize it? 」

「That’s why I said that I wanted to practice with you. 」

「I see. Just for that purpose huh…I get it now. 」

The two of them glared at each other in silent for a while.

Eh…? Just what…what were they talking about? Maybe Valkyrie sensed with her goddess intuition that Seiya won’t be able to defeat the evil because the special sword and armor weren’t obtained?

I held my breath while I watched them both. Eventually, Valkyrie opened her mouth and showed us an amusingly grin.

「Indeed. This person is certainly different from the other heroes. He might has a slight possibility of acquiring that destructive technique. 」

Seiya lowered his sword after he heard her words. Valkyrie was laughing terribly high.

「But, is it okay? I’ll only teach you the Valhala Gate, get it? 」

「I don’t need other techniques. 」

Valkyrie started to walk away. She spoke without turning around.

「…Come to my room afterwards. 」

After Valkyrie left…

「Ah, so you will be training again. In the end, it turned out like this again. I just wanted us to rest today… 」

I murmured through my sleeves, but at the same time, Mash and Elle spoke eagerly to me.

「Listen, Lista! Now that it turned out like this, can we go to Aria’s place? I want to continue with the practice from the other day! 」

「Ah! I want to go as well! I want to learn a new magic as soon as possible!」

Last time, they had to clean the flies’ corpses with their newly acquired magic skills. They lost enthusiasm in the process…But they looked so motivated right now. How pure they were. Well…I guess it was a good thing then.

「Yes. I don’t mind. Aria will be pleased as well. You can go now. 」

When I acknowledged them, both Mash and Elle waved goodbye to Seiya and I, and ran away.

I became alone with Seiya on the rooftop. I took a deep breath.

「*sighs* So next, you will acquire the destruction technique. But it can’t be helped. You couldn’t get the special sword and armor. Ah. I wonder why we have to go through this repeatedly. Why is so difficult to save an S-rank world? Why do I feel that Seiya is comparing this to those impossible-to-finish games that your world possess? 」

I was complaining to Seiya because no one was around us. However, Seiya didn’t sympathize with me and just told me to let go.

「Complaining won’t help us solve this problem. The status quo doesn’t matter that much. We just need to find the best way out. 」

Suddenly, Seiya approached me to show me something. There was a thing on his open palm.

「This is a fragment of the legendary armor. I picked this up when we were in Izale Village.」

「Is that the Adamantite that the big turtle chewed up? What are you going to do with it?」

「We can’t make an armor with this insignificant size. But… 」

Seiya pulled out the platinum sword from his waist and put the Adamantite pieces in the blade. He took my curly hair from his pocket and added to the blade. Soon, the platinum sword increased in radiance.

「I used synthesis to combine the remains with the sword. The amount of effect won’t be that great, but it’s better than nothing. 」

It looked like a divine sword. Even if it was held by Seiya’s hand, the sword seemed to shine brightly by itself as if it gained a personality of its own.

「It will be called “Adamantiter”. I don’t know how frightening the Demon King is, but in the meantime, I managed to make a better and stronger sword.」

「Se…Seiya…You truly are one of a kind…! 」

My heart beat fast when I looked at the shining sword that gleamed more than gold. I felt that this hero was extraordinary as he took away any negative feeling that I had inside.

I entangled my arm within Seiya’s arm on impulse.

「You never give in to pressure!! Seiya is amazing after all!! I’m counting on you!!」

「…Stay away from me, Lista. 」

Seiya hated kinship. But I didn’t let go.

「*grins amusingly* You don’t have to be embarrassed! We are not in a romantic relationship, you know!」

「…I said to stay away. 」

「No! Because Seiya…You had my curly hair hidden on your pocket…! C’mon! If you weren’t Seiya I wouldn’t be able to forgive you!」

This looked like a love comedy with sweet bickering. I looked angrily cute at Seiya. Well, actually I was not that angry! I’d rather hug him tight!

「Lista… 」

「Hmm? What? 」

I was expecting some lovey-dovey development between us somewhere deep in my heart. Nevertheless, my heart froze when I heard Seiya’s words. Seiya said to me with a serious face.

「You…stink. So, stay away from me. 」

「You’re kidding, right!? Do I smell that badly!? What kind of smell do I have!? 」

「…Sour. 」

「Then, that means my body odor is getting strong!! I…I’m going to take a bath quickly!!」

「Do as you please. I am going to Valkyrie’s room. 」

When he said that my body odor was “sour”, this was no longer a love comedy. Seiya and I went into different directions. When I was walking to the public bath in the temple, I came across Celseus in the hallway. Steam was rising from his body. It looked like he just left the bath.

「Ah, Celseus. Did you took a bath? 」

I thought that he would feel refreshing after taking a bath. Yet, he was in very bad mood.

「*sounds frustrated* I went to wash my face on the public bath because of the cake….I made that cake with so much confidence…and yet…it was my face who ate it…I’m a laughing stock.」

Celseus laughed masochistically. I also laughed awkwardly.

「Well…was it delicious? 」

「No, of course it wasn’t delicious!! I made the cake with a lot of effort, and in the end, it was smashed onto my face!! I even got tears in my eyes!! 」

「Is…Is that so. I’m sorry. 」

After a deep sigh, Celseus suddenly recalled something.

「By the way, did you know that Lady Isister has been looking for you? 」

「What? The Great Goddess Isister? Why? 」

「She is probably angry because a demon appeared in the God’s realm. 」

「Oh my. Se…Seriously? 」

「You should go. 」

…I really wanted to take a bath. But I changed directions. I went to the Great Goddess Isister’s room.

After knocking, I said 「Excuse me 」 when I opened the door. The Great Goddess Isister was sitting on a chair and I noticed that she was knitting as usual.

「Listarte. You came. 」

I was a little relieved to see the unfussy expression of the Great Goddess Isister.

「Ah, excuse me. I heard that you were looking for me. Is it because of that demon?」

「Yes. But that was not your fault. That other one came along without permission, am I right? And it seems that Valkyrie cleared it up. There is no problem.」

「Then, Lady Isister. Why did you want to see me? 」

 The Great Goddess Isister stopped knitting.

「It seems that the last of the Four General Kings from the Devil’s Army will be making a move in Geabrande soon. That demon will be leading a great army to attack the Imperial Capital. 」

「What!! 」

I was going to say 「Are you sure! 」 , but I didn’t. The Great Goddess Isister could foresee the near future. So, there was no mistake on what she said.

「Lista. This is a crucial point. 」

「Yes! I’ll do my best! 」

「By the way…Is Valkyrie teaching Ryuguuin Seiya at this moment? 」

「Ye…Yes…Was it a bad idea? 」

「Valkyrie’s destruction technique…He didn’t obtain the Egzation and the Legendary Armor in the end. So, this option was probably an act of desperation.」

It seemed that the Great Goddess Isister knew about everything as expected.

「I don’t think that humans can learn Valkyrie’s godly techniques. However, we’re talking about that hero. Perhaps, there is a high possibility that he will be able to learn. 」

Oh! The Great Goddess Isister recognized Seiya’s abilities! I really felt proud as the goddess in charge of him!

「Even so, there isn’t much time left before the last of the Four General Kings attacks the Imperial Capital. You need to head back to Geabrande when the time is right. Because this time, I will allow you to arrive in the vicinity of Rosgard’s Imperial Capital. 」

「I…I understand! Thank you very much! 」

I said my respects to the Great Goddess Isister when I was leaving her room. Yet.

「Lista. Is that child…Is Ryuguuin Seiya that strong? 」

She suddenly asked me a question. I answered with a smile.

「Yes! He is the strongest hero I’ve ever met! When he finishes his practice, he will say “Perfectly Ready!” He displays so much confidence that I feel a sense of security! Geabrande is a tough world to save, but I am sure that he will be able to save it in the end! 」

After I reassured her, the Great Goddess Isister’s eyes became stern when she looked at me.

「Listarte. Soon, you will know the real strength of Ryuguuin Seiya. 」

「Eh. What…? 」

What on earth was that supposed to mean? “Real strength”? Wasn’t Seiya already too strong…?

It was a strange remark. I thought for a while because I was confused. When I looked at the Great Goddess Isister, her face returned to the usual unfussy expression.

「Sorry for asking you to come here when you should have been taking a bath. You should go now. You smell like vinegar most probably due to the long trip.」

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