This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Sniper

Bell Bubu was astonished when he saw that an arrow of light was released that high in the sky. He slowly opened his mouth because he became watchful.

「I studied magical bows a long time ago. I realized that it was the only way for humans to compete against me…But, even so, it was a bit strange. 」

「Just what are you implying? 」

I shouted at Bell Bubu while I held Rosalie.

「I didn’t fly this high just for nothing. I flew to this particular position in the sky because I prepared myself for the magical bow operative range. Although it is a magical bow of light with attributes strong enough to reach a long distance, it was not supposed to reach this high from the ground. Even if it’s a magical arrow, it will get some air resistance, right? 」

「*looks proud* Shall I tell you how the arrow reached this high? Because Seiya is a genius hero, the one in a hundred million people! 」

For a moment, Bell Bubu was silent. Soon, he muttered.

「…Lucifer Crow. 」

「Who…Who’s that? 」

「A legendary demon who once existed in Geabrande. The arrow that Crow shot from his magical bow is said to have reached the top of Mount Grastra in the Eines region. Our current position is much higher than Mount Grastra, which means that the magical arrow that appeared before has a longer operative range than Crow’s magical bow. 」

「Then…Then that means that Seiya is much more talented than that demon. 」

「No, no, no. That’s impossible. Lucifer Crow is a legend, you know? Even if that hero is one in a hundred million people, there is no way that a human being would be able to surpass the legend’s skills. And yet…His arrow came this high with commendable power. 」

「What is your point then!! 」

Suddenly, Bell Bubu started to laugh insanely high.

「There is only one conclusion to explain this riddle! Summing up! He flew and approached us without being noticed, and shot an arrow! 」

「Just…what are you saying…! 」

The fly monster pointed his finger to the sea of clouds that spread below our feet.

「Like a hunter awaiting in the bushes! He’s hiding somewhere in this vast sea of clouds! No, rather than just trying to attack me, he thought of using the clouds for camouflage! 」

…This guy! How could a fly make an analysis so meticulously like that!

I was surprised by Bell Bubu’s intelligence. I glanced to the clouds below me…I gritted my teeth in annoyance.

His analysis was…probably correct! If I thought carefully about it, I couldn’t explain how the magical arrow had sufficient power to hit Bell Bubu this high in the sky! After Seiya swept the flies on the ground, he probably noticed that we were moving away from the magical bow’s operative range! Maybe he flew afterwards! Just as Bell Bubu said, he was probably hiding somewhere on this sea of clouds…!

「Hey, goddess! Do you know what? I am the fastest within the Devil Army! No one can defeat me if they battle me in the sky! That’s absolute! It will be pointless even if he knew where I was in the sky! When I discover that defenseless hero, he will die! 」

I pretended to be calm. However, I was feeling awfully upset on the inside.

What is Seiya going to do!? This will get troublesome if he doesn’t attack Bell Bubu soon!!

Bell Bubu looked down and spoke with a provocative loud voice.

「Hey, hero! Show me your bow skills! I won’t run away nor hide! 」

Bell Bubu was paying close attention to the sea of clouds because arrows could suddenly appear from below. I secretly activated my goddess’ power. I improved my visual dynamics to be able to see with accuracy the disturbances within the clouds.

Rosalie looked up at me.

「Hey, goddess!! Is that hero okay!? Can he really win!? 」

「It’s…It’s going to be fine! Seiya said to me that he was Perfectly Ready! He’ll win! I’m absolutely certain that he’ll win this fight! 」

…But nothing happened for a long while. All we could hear was silence while the clouds moved along with the wind current.

Tension was about to break at any time soon!

There was something glowing continuously in the distant clouds! On that instant, the lighting ray burned my eye’s retina.

…Se…Seven!? Don’t tell me that it was…Seven arrows!? That was…No way…!! “Seven Shot Shining Arrow”!!

O…Outstanding talent!! Even though he was a human, he managed to reach the limit of Mithis, the Goddess of Bow! It was exactly what Mithis said! “Seven continuous shoots expands the range of the Shining Arrow. It means that the attributes of the magical bow will increase in accuracy and range…It will be almost impossible to dodge the arrows without taking some damage. Besides, I believe that such demon is impossible to exist.” There was a hole between the clouds where the ray of light was emitted! It looked like it was firmly calculated to aim at the head, limbs and anthropoid wings of Bell Bubu! That was too accurate! It was like “avoiding a shotgun shot” from a close range! There was no way that Bell Bubu will dodge it!

I was convinced of a victory…

「*laughs wickedly* “Rolling Dodge”…! 」

I improved my visual dynamics again by activating the goddess’ power. I was able to see the seven arrows exceeding the speed of sound. However, Bell Bubu twisted and rotated his body in an acrobatic motion to avoid the attacks.

Rosalie groaned.

「That demon is…avoiding all the attacks, isn’t he? 」

「No way…! How could he…? 」

No way, no way, no way!! It was impossible!! He was dodging the god-level seven continuous shoots!! I couldn’t believe that a demon like this existed in the world…!

…This was Geabrande, a world with an S-rank salvation difficulty!! This world was the ultimate degree of difficulty beyond the common sense of god!!

I started to feel despair. The area below us was getting sparse of clouds. The power of the magical arrows made the clouds disappear momentarily. On that clear space in the fly, I could see Seiya’s silhouette. Just as Bell Bubu said, Seiya was flying with a bow of light.

「Hero!! There you are!! 」

This was bad! Bell Bubu had very strong dodge abilities in the sky! This opponent will be too strong for Seiya! He will be killed!

Bell Bubu headed towards Seiya in the sky. Suddenly, a purple liquid was spilled from the enemy’s mouth.

「Oh…my…god…! 」

「Eh!? That is…!? 」

I had no clue for what was happening. Apparently, Bell Bubu had no idea as well. But, I immediately understood the situation.

Not only from the mouth. Bell Bubu’s abdomen was full of tiny holes. A large amount of purple liquid started to overflow from there as well. In addition, six birds surrounded Bell Bubu. They were similar to the Automatic Phoenix that Seiya created with fire magic. But this time, they were slightly different. Those were pale-colored birds that shined brightly.

Bell Bubu kept vomiting purple blood from his mouth.

「The…The magical bird of light…How? When did you invoke them…? 」

Yes, I was sure that Seiya created those birds! The magical birds pierced through Bell Bubu’s stomach! But when did he create the six birds of light with magic? …Wait a second! Six! The birds of light should have the same number as the shining arrows! Yet, only six attacked Bell Bubu! I…I got it! After Bell Bubu dodged the “Seventh Shot Shining Arrow”, it transformed into a big Garuda* of light! It came back and attacked Bell Bubu once again! In other words…

「“Transform Automatic Garuda”…!! 」

Bell Bubu probably noticed Seiya’s strategy.

「That…damn hero…! 」

He muttered with hatred. But that became Bell Bubu’s last words. Instantly, the birds of light approached Bell Bubu from all the directions to imprison him in the air. Soon, the temperature became ultra-high while the birds emitted a dazzling light. That area exploded furiously in the sky. After the strong light faded away, I opened my eyes and I saw an unrecognizable black figure that seemed to belong to Bell Bubu. That burnt corpse fell to the ground.

…I was perplexed.

What on earth was up with this hero!? The god-like Seven Shot Shining Arrow was said to be impossible for human beings to invoke…Moreover, I felt without hope when all of the shining arrows were shot!! Besides, the Goddess of Bow said that no demon would be able to dodge that attacks!! How could I doubt her!? But this hero…once again, made this all seem easy to accomplish, and made me feel like an idiot as usual!!

Seiya, who was floating in the distance, saw that Bell Bubu fell to the ground. Then, he disappeared under the returning clouds without showing much pleasure or joy.

…But it was fine!! Great!! As expected of Ryuguuin Seiya!! This man has defied the words and powers of the gods!! With his cautious attitude, I believe that he will be the one to truly save the S-rank World, Geabrande!!

I chased after Seiya. I took Rosalie in silence and came back to the forest where Mash and Elle awaited. I spoke to Seiya the moment I landed.

「I saw it! Transform Automatic Garuda was amazing! 」

Seiya twisted his head.

「Trans…? What’s that? 」

「Ah…sorry! I gave that name when I saw that technique! I’m talking about what you did early, don’t you remember? Your arrow of light transformed into a big magical bird! 」

「Yeah. That “converted bird that reverted trajectories”. 」

「That’s what you named it!? What’s wrong with your naming sense!? 」

「I haven’t thought about it that seriously. 」

「Then, how about the name I came up with? You can use it… 」

「Hmm. The transform one…? It’s too long. That’s not a very good name. 」

「Maybe “Come Back BON**” is a better choice!! 」

I was pushed aside as Mash and Elle rushed to Seiya’s side.

「You’re really incredible, Master! 」

「True! Mister Seiya is invincible! 」

These two praised Seiya. On the other side, Bato and the other soldiers surrounded Rosalie.

「Oh my! Lady Rosalie, we’re glad you’re safe! 」

Rosalie approached us after talking to her soldiers. I thought she was going to say “thank you for helping me”, but Rosalie turned her cold eyes back to Seiya.

「You are not a brave hero. That way of winning, a surprise attack, is contrary to chivalry principles. A true hero will not spare his own life. A true hero will risk everything to fight against the enemy head on. A true hero will behave honorably just like my father always does.」

It looked like Rosalie said everything she wanted to say. On that moment, my serenity as a goddess blew away.

「Hey, excuse me!! You were saved because of Seiya!! How about expressing some gratitude instead!? 」

I was feeling indignant. But on that instant Seiya put a hand in front of me.

「Seiya!? Why don’t you say a word too!? 」

Nevertheless, the hero spoke with tranquility.

「Leave her alone, Lista. 」

「B…But…!! 」

「It’s just a dog barking anyways. 」

Rosalie changed expressions instantaneously.

「Who the hell is a dog!! I never barked!! 」

Whoa…! This hero was amazing after all…! His single words inflicted more damaged even if I shouted a hundred times…!

*groaning angrily* Rosalie started to foam.

「Ah! Miss Rosalie is becoming like a dog again! 」

She noticed Elle’s worrying expression. Somehow, she managed to stay calm. After inhaling deeply, she left without saying a word. Bato and his soldiers chased after Rosalie.

Seiya took a deep breath.

「…Well then. I guess we’ll have to eliminate the remaining flies. 」

He was right. Even if Bell Bubu was defeated, the swarm of flies that flew around the nest were more than a hundred. We could not afford to leave it like that.

I was impressed with the stoic hero who, after defeating the fly boss, wanted to defeat the remaining enemies in the sky. Yet, Seiya put his hands on Mash and Elle’s shoulders.

「Mash. Elle. It’s your turn. 」

We were astonished with his unexpected words.

「My eyes don’t deceive me. I can tell that you’ve trained hard and gained new powers.」

「Ma…Master…! 」

「Mister…Mister Seiya…! 」

「Go. Show me your power. 」

「Yeah! I’ll do my best! 」

「Me too! I’ll do my best too! 」

Those two were happily approaching the nest after being encouraged by Seiya. However, Seiya invoked the Seven Shot Shining Arrow and released it rapidly. It killed all the other flies in the blink of an eye.

「Wh…What…? Master? 」

「Mister Seiya…? 」

Those two were looking stunned has more than a hundred flies’ corpses fell dramatically into the ground.

Seiya gazed at Elle.

「Okay, Elle. Use Haste to make Mash move faster. 」

「Ah…O…Okay… 」

Seiya told Mash, who was moving quickly with Haste, to reveal his Dragon Hand.

「Mash is next. Gather the flies’ carcasses on one spot with that big hand. 」

「Ah…Yeah. 」

Seiya drew a large circle close to a branch of a tree. Mash began to collect the flies’ corpses while moving incredibly fast.

「Okay. That Haste skill is doing a great job. It’s nice to watch. 」

In the end, Seiya burned the pile of the flies’ remains just as he did with Hell’s Fire. It reduced to absolutely nothing. He spoke with a satisfying voice.

「Both of you were very useful. 」

Even if Seiya praised them from the bottom of his heart, the two of them looked down as if their moral got crushed in that moment. Especially Mash, who was looking deeply at his hands thinking that “my hands are brooms…”.

I felt sorry for those two. Before I told them reassuring words, I heard the sound of horses’ hooves. When I turned around, I saw Rosalie sitting on her white horse. She looked down at us.

「*looks angry* So, you eliminated the remnants. The Rosgard Knights would be capable of dealing with those even without you. 」

When I glared madly at Rosalie, Bato came in between us.

「Lady…Lady Rosalie! You were not supposed to say that to the hero and his people!」

「I know that! They irritate me, but I’ll give them that rewarding information!」

Rosalie took a deep breath to calm herself.

「…Listen. There is a “Legendary Armor” in a small shrine near Izale Village. It’ll be necessary to defeat the Demon King. 」

「Legendary armor, you say? 」

Bato nodded positively.

「Yes. There is a saying that the Great Sage Mustaf prepared a special item for Geabrande’s future crisis. Originally, I was going to tell the hero about it, but the flies were an impending menace, so I missed the opportunity. 」

「It’s the sacred “Legendary Armor” that Rosgard has been carefully guarding all this time. We will give it to you, so be grateful to have it. 」

Seiya became suspicious after Rosalie declared with a bossy voice.

「I wonder if that’s true. It’s not a cursed armor, is it? 」

「You…Were you even listening to what we said? The Great Sage prepared the sacred “Legendary Armor” and Rosgard has been protecting it ever since then! There is no curse! 」

「Well. It might be the “Cursed Armor of the Sacred Legend”. 」

「That armor doesn’t even exist!! 」

After shouting, Rosalie shook her head heavily.

「Why is an abnormally nervous guy the chosen hero…? This is extremely absurd! A true strong person like my father should be the one to wear that armor…!」

While muttering in disagreement, Rosalie pulled her horse’s reins and changed directions. She went further away without even glancing at us. Only Bato and his soldiers gave us their thanks. Soon, all of the Rosgard Knights disappeared from our sight.

「…Well then. 」 I looked back at Seiya.

「Listen, Seiya. I know that we need to go back to Izale Village to pick up that armor…But why don’t we take a break right now? 」

Actually, I wanted us to take a break after we left the Dragon Cave.  But right after that, we were summoned to defeat the flies.

「Listen, sometimes you need to take a break! Let’s take it slowly today! 」

After I said that, both Mash and Elle agreed with me. Unusually, Seiya said the following words.

「That’s right. My MP was consumed after I used the magical bow. Let’s stop by an inn to rest for a little while.」

He obediently agreed with me. To tell the truth, I was feeling tired and I was a little cold. So, I was relieved when I heard Seiya’s words.

「Let’s go to the village then! 」

I casted a spell for the portal to appear. I made it in order to connect into that village. Izale Village was a small but heartwarming place. It would be perfect to give us some peace and a well-deserving rest.

But when I opened the portal and reached the village, I felt a shivering through my spine.

The chill that I felt earlier was not due to my fatigue. It was the goddess’ intuition that gave me the chills because it warned me of something bad.

…A ruined field.

…The houses were brutally crushed.

Izale Village was destroyed.

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*Garuda, in Hindu mythology, the bird (a kite or an eagle) and the vahana (mount) of the god Vishnu.

**When something magically and suddenly appears. Often seen with a puff of smoke.


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