This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Flight Suppression

「Oh dear. That was a very terrible and filthy goddess. Eh…? 」

I escaped from that erotic situation. When I finally took a deep breath of relief, chaos awaited us outside the portal. When we arrived in Olga Fortress, senior soldier Carlo came running to us along with other soldiers while yelling desperately.

「Ah! Hero! Goddess! It’s serious! Lady Rosalie went to the flies’ nest by herself!」

Eh!! That girl really went by herself!? I told her to wait!! Besides, how could she go alone!? That was unreasonable!!

「We have to chase her!! 」

「Yes! Lord Bato and his man went with the horses to find Lady Rosalie! We are also in a hurry! We are going to follow them! 」

Carlo and I were both worried. However…

「Don’t rush. It’s just a hypothesis. 」

In contrast, Seiya wanted us to calm down.

「Based on Rosalie’s nature, it would be easy to imagine a situation like this. There’s no problem. It’s been almost an hour since then. We’d know by now if she crossed paths with Bell Bubu. But she didn’t yet. 」

「But there are scouting flies guarding their nest around the big tree! There is a possibility that those flies attacked her! 」

「Don’t worry about it. I’ll be able to catch up with her in a instant. 」

Seiya’s foot stopped touching the ground. He was flying in mid-air. He glanced at me afterwards.

「Let’s fly, Lista. 」

After Carlo told us the nest’s location, Seiya flew with Mash and I took Elle with me. I tried my best to cope with Seiya’s tremendous speed and, before long; I saw a huge tree ten meters wide. Their nest was on that tree, however, the tree was surrounded by a black mass, due to the countless flies surrounding it. Carlo said it was difficult to approach their nest because of the scouting flies. In fact, there were several scouting flies flying around in circles a bit far from the big tree.

Before the scouting flies noticed our presence, Seiya turned around and sent a silent signal to me. I nodded in agreement, and I followed Seiya who descended to a grove of trees.

While watching the sky, Seiya walked a few meters between the trees without making a sound. He stopped walking after a while.

「Okay. This place is good. It’s hard to see from above. Besides, from here we will be able to see their nest. 」

Certainly. When I looked at the line of Seiya’s sight, I could see the big tree and the flies’ nest. At the same time, I doubted the eyes.

「Eh! 」

I saw a human walking into the big tree surrounded by a large number of flies who roared in the sky. The human had blue hair and a golden armor. It was Rosalie, the daughter of the Warlord Emperor.

…Whoa…Reckless…! But in a way, she had a lot of courage…!

The scouting flies would attack immediately if intruders got close to their nest. However, they couldn’t approach Rosalie. When I looked closely, I could see a shining aura emanating from Rosalie’s body. I remember that when I saw her status, she had a special skill named “Light Protection”. This ability prevented the enemies to approach her.

Soon, a group of flies surrounding Rosalie split into two groups to make way for their boss, the “Fly Assault” charger Bell Bubu.

My heart beat extremely fast because of this tension. Yet, Seiya whispered in a calm manner.

「She became a good decoy in the end. I can snipe Bell Bubu from here. 」

When I turned around, Seiya already invoked the Shining Arrow.

「Snipe…It can’t be…Did you expect this to happen? Did you anticipate that Rosalie would head to the nest and be caught in the process? 」

「This will make it easy to hit the flies as they are within my range sight. 」

Mash and Elle narrowed their eyes behind Seiya when he muttered with confidence.

「But…I can’t see much… 」

「Me…Me too… 」

Their normal human eyesight impeded them to see Rosalie and Bell Bubu close to the flies’ nest. Seiya seemed to have considerably improved his vision after he trained with Mithis.

「I don’t have much time now. Look at that. 」

When Seiya pointed to the sky, I saw a horde of scouting flies nearby.

「Eh! How? 」

Elle and I bent down.

「Flies have an excellent sense of smell. Maybe they were able to sense the goddess’ odor that Lista produced. 」

「A goddess’ odor!? I…I smell!? 」

I sniffed my body. But I didn’t stink…or so I thought…I asked for their opinion.

「Mash! Elle! Be honest with me…I’m not smelling, right? 」

「Yeah! You don’t smell that bad! 」

「Ye…Yes! It’s not a smell that bothers me a lot! 」

「Hey, doesn’t that mean that I smell a little bit!? Tell me!! What kind of smell is that!? Huh? Huh? Huh?」

「You’re loud. Be quiet. They will notice us. 」

Seiya pointed the magical bow of light towards Bell Bubu’s direction.

「It’s a one-shot game. I’ll aim for his head. 」

「Can you do that? 」

「I’ll definitely hit it. 」

Such confidence! If Seiya says it like that, then he will probably hit it for real! If he hits the head, Bell Bubu will die instantly! It would be a stupid death, but I guess this was how a sniper worked!

However, an unexpected ambush appeared from behind our backs.

It was the warrior named Bato, who was Rosalie’s right hand man, and a dozen of his subordinates. They made a loud sound with their horses as they came through the forest.

「Oh!! It’s the hero!! You were here already!? 」

Because of that noisy sound, flies in the sky stopped moving all at once.

「Hey, Mister, your voice is too loud!! The flies will notice our presence!! 」

Elle was angry but her voice was also equally loud.

「What!? You don’t need to speak at me like that!! I got it, I’m sorry ‘kay!! 」

In addition, Bato’s seemingly apologetic voice was also high. Mash spoke to Seiya with urgency.

「Ma…Master! The flies are coming all at once! 」

「Calm down. I still have a chance to shoot. 」

Seiya was calm after the allies disturbed him. He remained calm even after the flies approached us from the sky. His magical bow was still aimed at Bell Bubu’s head.

「…With this, my hypothesis will come true. 」

「Really!? 」

I had my doubts. But it will come true if it’s Seiya we’re talking about.

However, it all changed in a second. Close to the flies’ nest, Rosalie yelled so loud that her voice reached the place where we were standing still the forest.

「I am the daughter of the Warlord Emperor, Rosalie Rosgard!! Bell Bubu!! Come out!! Let’s fight!!」

Wh…Whoa!! That child revealed her identity!! What on earth was she thinking!?

I noticed that Seiya’s nose shook a little.

「Seiya!? 」

「…No problem. It was super-predictable. 」

「If it’s super-predictable, then why didn’t you foresee this situation before!? You don’t have to force yourself, you know!? 」

Seiya sighed as he lowered the magical bow down to his waist.

I…I knew that it was unexpected after all…It was not predictable as he thought it would be…He was a little stubborn.

Close to the flies’ nest, Bell Bubu abruptly grabbed Rosalie and flew away with her.

「You…You bastard!! What are you doing!? Re…Release me!! 」

How did that happen! The Warlord’s daughter was taken as a hostage now!

However, it was impossible for us to help her on this moment. Right now, dozens of scouting flies surrounded us.

I was getting desperate by this awful situation. On that moment, Seiya looked closely at me. He silently pushed his sheath onto my chest.

「*screams* That hurts!! Milk!! Milk is going to burst out!! Don’t push me that hard!!」

「That’s not it. Go, Lista. 」

「Eh? 」

「I’m saying to “fly”. You should go and stop him from taking that idiotic woman further away. Just keep her on check. 」

…Me…Going alone? Really?

「I’ll be able to help once I swept these annoying flies. Until then, you need to buy me time.」

「How can you suggest that option so suddenly! How will I keep Bell Bubu under control until you arrive? 」

「About that, well. Try to say, “It’s a lovely weather” for example. 」

「“It’s a lovely weather”!? Will it work!? 」

「Anyway, you need to keep an eye on Rosalie. Just remember that. 」

「O…Okay, I get it! 」

I spread my wings and started to fly. When I was in the mid-air, a group of grotesque flies went in my direction!


However, when the flies tried to grab me, Seiya’s magical arrows had already hit the flies’ heads!

「I will open the way. Fly with confidence, balloon woman. 」

「Okay! I’m counting on you! Wait…Who are you calling balloon woman!!」

While I yelled at Seiya, I flew away to follow Bell Bubu as he took Rosalie with him.

Bell Bubu flew up north while holding a resentful Rosalie with his humanoid arms. He noticed that I was following him from behind. He distorted his face as he laughed amusingly.

「Oh my, my, my! I can see white wings on the sky! A goddess it seems! If a goddess is here, then it means that the hero has arrived as well! 」

「I have a message from the hero! Let go of that child immediately! 」

「I don’t mind really! Originally, my plan was to lure the hero in! It seems that I don’t need her anymore!」

I smiled deeply inside.

Seiya won’t be able to shoot an arrow while he held Rosalie! So…The enemy had to let Rosalie go first! I’ll do my best to catch Rosalie! If he does that, then Seiya will shoot him!

「*laughs wickedly* I’ll become one of the four demon generals if I kill that hero!」

Yet, in contrast to Bell Bubu’s words, he didn’t let go of Rosalie and went higher instead.

「Wh…What!? He…Hey…Wait!? 」

I was surprised but I chased Bell Bubu anyways.

「I told you to let her go!! 」

「I will release her! But I’ll fly much higher! I want to show my grand reverse fireworks to that hero! 」

What…What did he say!?

「Wait right there!! 」

Bell Bubu kept increasing altitude. Bell Bub was rising rapidly that I hardly caught up with him.

Eventually, Bell Bubu stopped in the air while quivering his insect wings.

「Hey, woman! What do you think? It’s a great view! If you fall from here, your body will break apart into several pieces! You will make some beautiful reverse fireworks! 」

Rosalie yelled in an aggressive manner.

「You scum!! Apologize to my fallen men that you killed with that scheme of yours!」

「What? Hey, do you really understand your current situation? You will face the same destiny as your subordinates faced before! 」

「Damn you! 」

Unable to move, Rosalie stared at me furiously.

「You!! What happened to the hero!? What is he doing now!? Wasn’t he supposed to arrive after finishing his training!? 」

「Id…Idiot!! 」

Bell Bubu distorted his face as he became suspicious.

「Ah? Did you say “training”? Don’t tell me that he trained with arrows? Is he trying to aim at him from the ground? 」

This…was the worst!! He figured it out!! Why is that woman acting recklessly like that!? It will only get disadvantageous for her!!

「Okay then. I won’t let go of this woman until I fly a bit higher! 」

Bell Bubu started to rise again with Rosalie. I followed him. Nonetheless, Bell Bubu didn’t show any signs of stopping.

…Just how far he plans to go up in altitude!?

I looked down while I chased him and my face got pale. A sea of clouds spread under my eyes. All I could see from the earthly world was tiny cracks between the clouds that resembled poppy seeds.

He must be kidding me!! How can a magical bow reach this ridiculous height!? Actually, how will Seiya know our position if we’re hidden above the clouds!?

Finally, Bell Bubu hovered in the sky as the air became stuffy. He spoke with a joyful voice.

「*laughs wickedly* The magical bow won’t be able to reach me from this distance! Okay, let’s start with this scattering business! 」

On that moment, Bell Bubu tried to let go of Rosalie’s hands. But when he looked at me, he grinned sinisterly.

「Oops! I’m going to throw her down using my force! You won’t be able to catch her, goddess! 」

This was bad!! This was bad!! Extremely bad!! He saw through everything!! If he throws her with full force, then I won’t be able to grab her!!

「This…This devil!! You coward!! Get down to the ground and fight fair and square with me!!」

「*laughs wickedly* Don’t worry!! You’ll be competing with the ground soon enough!!」

Bell Bubu was carrying Rosalie by her hands but he was on the verge of dropping her.

Ah!! What should I do!? That…That’s right!!

Seiya’s words revived on my mind. I will try using his words.

「What…What a lovely weather…! 」

There was only silence for a while. Soon, Bell Bubu spoke with an astonished voice.

「…Hey you, what the hell are you talking about? 」

No, seriously, what the heck was I talking about!? No…No more of this!! I won’t be able to stop him from dropping that child!! Seiya, please!! Do something!!

…Suddenly. There was something glowing from the corner of my sight. One ray of light emitted from below and spread through the sea of clouds. It passed right under my eyes and ears without making a sound.

「Wh…What…! 」

Bell Bubu groaned softly…At the same time, part of his body greatly disintegrated. Bell Bubu, who was holding Rosalie with the intention of pushing her to the ground, forgot about that purpose as he freed Rosalie from his grasp.

Rosalie fell to earthly ground under the laws of gravity.

「Oh no!! 」

I quickly reached out to grab Rosalie. The moment Rosalie’s hand touched my hand, I pulled it so hard that I managed to catch her and hug her tight.

Ugh! She was wearing armor, so she was extremely heavy! But I managed to grab her tight! I managed to keep my eyes fixedly on Rosalie just as Seiya told me to do!

「…I…I apologize. 」

Rosalie whispered on my ear. But more than just being apologetic to me, she realized how reckless she was with her actions.

…Perhaps it was the Shining Arrow just now! Seiya’s magical arrow was able to reach here! Bell Bubu was so astonished that he even let go of Rosalie without noticing! Even so, his sniper skill must be equipped with perfect optical sight in order to reach such high altitude…No, it was way more accurate than just optical sight!

I was so impressed by Seiya’s talent that I drooled in excitement.

「Hey, Hey…Seriously? The magical bow of light…? How can it reach this high? Impossible!」

Bell Bubu started to tremble incessantly after the arrow surpassed what he had perceived to be impossible…

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