This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The Goddess that Dwells in the Forest

「You know. You didn’t have to beat her like that. That’s not how a hero…no, that’s not how a person should behave in the first place. I know that she was wrong, but even so… 」

I spoke to Seiya when we arrived in the God’s realm. Although we were in a sacred place, I still brought up a sensitive subject…

「I was scared when Mister Seiya beat her like that… 」

「Yeah…They were big slaps… 」

Mash and Elle were both overwhelmed by what happened. Meanwhile, Seiya looked quietly at his hands. He clenched his teeth with a bitter face.

「I realized when I slapped her. I got irritable just by looking at her. 」

「…Seiya? 」

I was a little surprised. Seiya’s mouth was insensitive as always, but he usually won’t show any kind of emotions on public. Yet, he felt upset.

「I was angry with her way of thinking. Even though she had no chance of winning against me, she still moved forward without hesitating. She didn’t even ponder about the consequences.」

He’s right. Rosalie’s reckless personality was the opposite of Seiya’s cautious personality. That’s why he was visibly upset.

「Anyways, let’s take a break for the time being. 」

I thought it would be a bad idea to start training with this kind of tension. I was concerned about Seiya’s mental health, however…

「No. I don’t need a break. I want to practice immediately. 」

 Seiya was having a troubled face a minute ago. Suddenly, his face turned calm as always. It was as if nothing happened at all.

Whoa, he switched his feelings extremely fast!!

「But Mister Seiya sure has a kind soul after all! 」

Seiya asked Elle who was smiling strangely.

「Why you say that? 」

「You are kind because you’re going to practice in order to help Lady Rosalie! 」

「I’m not going to practice because of that woman. I’ve been called to save your world, so it’s natural for me to have more training. 」

Yes. We have been facing terrible challenges throughout our journey in that world. However, I couldn’t tell if he avoided talking about his personal feelings or if his sense of responsibility was that strong.

Seiya touched his glossy black hair.

「We’re talking about exterminating a flying enemy… Therefore, I have already decided which kind of god I want to train with. 」

「Eh, is that so? I could introduce you to that god if it’s a deity I know! Who is it? 」

「Give me the Patriot God. 」

「Patriot…no, we don’t have that kind of god!! 」

「Then, God of Guns would be fine. 」

「God of Guns…There might be one…But, it’s impossible because Geabrande is a world without the usage of guns… 」

「I don’t care about the world’s rules as long as I defeat the enemy. 」

「I said it’s impossible! It will be useless even if you end up having a gun skill! Geabrande is a world where guns don’t exist! Even if you get guns in the God’s realm, you won’t be allowed to take them to Geabrande! 」

Seiya spitted a bored sigh. It can’t be helped! That’s one of the rules of the Almighty!

「Hey Master. How about a god who specializes in thunder magic? Didn’t the old man in the fortress say that it was effective against enemies in the sky? How about asking a thunder or lightening god for practice… 」

「I saw that Bell Bubu’s status mentioned a resistance against lightening. It may work on the horde of flies but lightening magic won’t be effective against the main opponent. 」

「Yeah. I see… 」

Seiya looked in mid-air as he talked with Mash.

「Patriot, guns and thunder are useless…What’s left is bow and arrow. Lista, is there someone who specializes on that? 」

「I know the Goddess of Bow. I’ve seen her in the “heavenly green forest” located a little bit away from the temple. 」

「Let’s meet that goddess for now. Take me to her. 」

We walked for about ten minutes away from the temple. The scenery surrounding us began to change. We were now walking down a narrow path between dense trees.

The clear air tickled my nose. Little animals like squirrels sniffed us when they noticed our presence. This forest was preserved and untouched by external factors. This was the “heavenly green forest” of the God’s realm.

「Have you come to this place regularly? 」

「Yes. I occasionally come with Aria for a picnic. We would sit here and eat sandwiches. 」

「Picnic you say. Don’t you have some work to do? That means you’re a NEET* goddess. 」

「Who…Who’s a NEET goddess!! I am working properly now!! Besides, it’s okay to have picnics once in a while!!」

The trail was gone, and only trees stood in front of me.

「Mithis, the Goddess of Bow, is quietly practicing her bow at the opened area of the forest. It’s better not to disturb her, so let’s head the other way. 」

Aria used to say that to me. This was the place where I came with Aria before. However, I never set foot beyond this point in the forest. The only time I’ve ever seen Mithis was when I was passing by the pathway.

「…Let’s go. 」

We headed to the bushes without any sort of trail in sight. After a while, the dense trees became sparse.

In the middle of the “heavenly green forest”, there seemed to be a vastly opened space. There were very few trees on this particularly area. However, those few trees were very large and tall trees. I saw Mithis in the center of the opened space. She drew her bow with an arrow towards the sky in a very picturesque beauty. She had a silky and pure white hair to the length of her waist. Her narrowly eyes gave an impression of an intellectual character. “Goddess with a neat beauty”, that was the impression I received when I saw Mithis.

When Mithis let go of her hand, the sound of the wind was heard as the arrow disappeared into the forest. I waited for the right timing to speak to her.

「Lady Mithis, I’m sorry for disturbing your practice. 」

「Good heavens. It is Miss Listarte. I am utterly delighted to see you here. 」

She sounded polite, or rather; this goddess had a very strange way of talking.

Firstly, I wanted to start a conversation by praising the skill of her bow, 「Great shot! You’re very good 」, however, the only place where Mithis shot her arrow was at a line of trees.

I was lost in words. Yet, Mithis smiled graciously at me.

「The target is located far away from those trees. 」

「Ye…Yes…Is that so… 」

I looked at the direction she was pointing at, but there were only rows of unobstructed trees. I usually have a good eyesight, and still, I couldn’t see the target at all.

「Ah yes, Lady Mithis! I would like you to teach your bow and arrow skills to this hero… 」

While I was talking, Seiya stretched out one hand and interrupted my words.

「Seiya? 」

「Before that, show me your ability first. Look up. 」

I looked up in the sky and there were three huge firebirds flying in the air. Seiya created the Automatic Phoenix with magic.

「I can shoot moving objects in the sky. However, I want to know if you can shoot high-speed moving objects from this distance. If you can’t do that, then I won’t need you. 」

「Se…Seiya! Your way of saying is rude! 」

Mithis smiled gently.

「I just need to shoot those flying firebirds, am I right? I understand… 」

Mithis lowered down her bow and arrow.

「This is a bow and arrow for practice. I will use a magic bow for the actual fighting. 」

After she spoke, she stretched her left arm straight as it started to shine.

「Shining Arrow… 」

In a second, Mithis’ left hand was holding a light bow. At the same time, she held on her right hand an arrow that looked like a ray of light. She connected the arrow on a string of thin light.

She aimed her light arrow towards the sky; however, the firebirds were circling at tremendous speed. At that time, I thought that Mithis was looking troubled as her eyes were widely open. She fired her arrow like a shining ray to the sky. In a second, my earlobes quivered repeatedly because a big explosion erupted in the sky!

…I didn’t know what happened. Nevertheless, when sky was cleared from the smoke, I didn’t see any of the Phoenixes flying around.

What!? I’m sure that Mithis only fired one arrow!! Then, why did the three Phoenixes disappear all at once!?

I heard Seiya’s explanation right next to me.

「She aimed the arrow when the Phoenixes’ circling in the sky overlapped with each other. That’s why the three of them were killed simultaneously. 」

Un…Unbelievable!! She was able to determine the moment when the Phoenixes overlapped!? Even though, they were flying at a furiously speed!? That was god level!! Ah, well, she’s a goddess after all!!

Seiya nodded as if he was satisfied with the result.

「Okay. With this, it will be possible to kill Bell Bubu as well. Acceptable. I’ll let you train me.」

Mithis showed her distrust as if she didn’t approve Seiya immediately.

「There is only one condition for me. Hero, what type is your main magic?  」

「Fire magic.  」

「Then, an arrow engulfed in flames will be suitable…No, more specifically…Have you mastered the Fire Arrow?  」

「Well. I don’t remember.  」

「Is that so. Okay then, before starting your training, you need to remember the Fire Arrow. It won’t be possible to teach you my skills if you don’t master that ability yourself.  」

What Mithis said was obvious. If he can’t make a magic bow out of his main magical type, the Goddess of Bow won’t be able to train him significantly.

Mithis narrowed her eyes as she laughed.

「If you are not able to perform the Fire Arrow, then, are you willing to practice with me in a different way? 」

Different practice? Was that Mithis’ sarcasm?

However, Seiya shook his head sideways.

「No, there’s no point in being taught with other methods unless it’s bow and arrow. 」

Seiya spoke to Elle who was behind his back.

「If I remember correctly, you can perform Fire Arrow, am I right? 」

「Ye…Yes! 」

「Tell me now how to do it. 」

「Now!? No matter how powerful Mister Seiya is, it will be impossible to learn it in one go!! It took me about a year to learn this skill!! 」

「Just tell me. Time is being wasted. 」

「Okay. First, you have to stretch your left hand out…Then, you have to imagine the bow in your head and, afterwards, invoke your fire magic using that picture in mind… 」

Elle laughed confidently while she was teaching Seiya how to perform that skill.

「It will be natural if you can’t evoke the arrow in your first try. But if you practice hundreds or thousands of times without giving up, I’m sure that you’ll master it eventually. 」

「Is that so? 」

 However, I could see that Seiya’s left hand had already evoked the fire bow.

「Eh… 」

Elle’s eyes became wide open.

「Bu…But! The next step will be extremely difficult! Next, you need to imagine an arrow on your right hand… What? You already evoked the arrow!? 」

In Seiya’s right hand, there was an arrow of fire, and it looked like it was attached to the string of fire in the bow.

「Ho…Ho…However, the real challenge starts now!! At first, you won’t be able to throw the arrow more than one meter, but if you practice patiently, you’ll… 」

Seiya released his fire arrow to the sky and disappeared in the heavenly horizon.

「It…It…It…It really…really is extremely hard to aim at a target accurately, even now, I haven’t mastered that part of the skill completely… 」

The next arrow shot by Seiya hit a thin tree standing in a few tens of meters ahead and it burned the tree entirely.

「Okay. It’s simple to use this skill after all. 」

Seiya looked back at Mithis.

「Is this fine? 」

「Hero, I see that you’re surprisingly quick to absorb information. 」

Although Mithis had an astonishing expression at first, she eventually opened her mouth as if she was utterly amused.

「That’s why you’re called the chosen one. Why not? Let’s practice immediately… 」

We left Seiya in the forest while I came back to the temple with Mash and Elle. Of course, I thought of encouraging Elle because she was looking depressed as we walked by.

「Whoa…! Somehow, I feel so frustrated with myself because he surpassed my ability that quickly…! 」

「Elle, don’t let it bother you! That hero is too abnormal! 」

Mash touched my shoulder.

「Hey, Lista. What are Elle and I going to do in the meantime? 」

「Let’s see. What did Seiya tell you? 」

「Before we left the forest, Master told me “Let’s see. You should go to the cafeteria and eat some sweets”… 」

「That’s awful…Too convenient for him I guess… 」

「Yeah. No matter what my Master says, I won’t eat sweet for three whole days. We want to be stronger. Lista. Could you introduce a god who is willing to train us? 」

「I understand. Let’s see…Mash, you were taught by Celseus last time, why don’t you try training with Lady Adenela? What do you think about following Seiya’s footsteps? 」

「Following Master’s footsteps! That would be great! I’ll do it! 」

「Elle, what do you have in mind? 」

「I’m…I’m not motivated today…So, I’ll eat some sweets instead… 」

「I see! Let’s go then! I’ll eat some macarons together with you! 」

For the time being, I searched for Adenela in order to train Mash. I’ll think about Elle’s training tomorrow. However, the room of Adenela in the basement of the temple was locked. There was no signs of her inside the room after I knocked on the door.

I wandered around the temple searching for her when I saw Celseus, the Daruma** of muscles.

「Hey, Mister Celseus! 」

「Hello, Celseus. Listen, have you seen Lady Adenela? 」

While Mash and I greeted Celseus with a smile, his face changed to a troubled expression.

「If you two are here, then that means that the hero also came back!? 」

「Yes. But, he is training in the “heavenly green forest” right now…Why you ask for Seiya? 」

「Don’t give me a “why you ask”! That Lady Adenela is serious trouble! There was a time I was sick because of Seiya, and now, I’m sick almost every single day! 」

…I had completely forgotten. The last time we were in the God’s realm, Adenela was shedding tears of blood because Seiya coldly rejected her. I remember that there was rampage in the temple’s courtyard.

「So…So, how is Lady Adenela feeling right now? 」

「“Se…Sei…Seiy…Seiya…I…won’t…for…forgive…you…I’ll…Ki…Kill you.” When I first heard her words, I thought that she was rapping. 」

「Is…Is the situation that bad…!? 」

「Yeah. Be careful. She’s not joking around. She might suddenly appear behind us…If she does, I won’t know what to do. 」

Celseus was shivering in fear as he advised me with a serious face.

This was not the right time to be worried about Mash’s training! I have to make sure that we won’t come face to face with Adenela!

I was reminded of her madness. On that moment, I pictured Adenela sharpening her sword as she sounded weirdly like a mad woman…Soon I trembled in fear just like Celseus.

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