This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Slap

The warrior named Bato smiled bitterly at Seiya.

「He’s…He’s joking!! 」

「It’s not a joke. When I say, “I’m leaving”, I’ll really leave. 」

The woman mage wearing a robe shouted.

「It can’t be!! Are you going to forsake us!? 」

「Anyways, I’m leaving. That’s decided. 」

No one will be able to change Seiya’s mind. He’s a very stubborn person. Everyone had a mixed expression of surprise and sorrow.

…We can’t leave on this confusion! But, I’m sure that Seiya’s training will take days!

I raised my voice in order to clear the misunderstanding.

「Everyone, please calm down! His practice will only take a few days at most!」

「Yeah. Just three days. 」

 The high-ranked officials shouted after hearing Seiya’s words.

「You’re going to be away for three days!? 」

「Isn’t three days too long!? 」

「The Fortress will be destroyed if you take that long!! 」

Everybody thought that three days would be irrational. They kept making a succession of comments against Seiya’s decision. Many were angry, while others were in despair.

I spoke with them.

「You know what; three days in the God’s realm are less than an hour in the earthly world…」

「One hour…? Re…Really…? 」

「 I see. If it’s only one hour, then… 」

I managed to convince them for now. Rosalie was silent during this conversation. She abruptly opened her mouth afterwards.

「 Is it really necessary to practice in the first place? I saw that the goddess possess white wings on her back! The goddess can fly! It means that we have a way to fight against the flies.」

Eh!! M…Me!? Just what is this child trying to imply!?

I was extremely startled by the sudden demand. However, Seiya refuted it immediately.

「 I refuse. The goddess has a secondary role. She can’t fight. 」

Se…Seiya! Thank you for supporting me!

「 In other words, she’s useless. The fight would be pointless. She just floats in mid-air. It’s the same as a floating balloon…or even less usable. 」

「 What the hell are you talking about!? Aren’t you going too far to criticize me!? 」

I was so angry to be called “less usable than a balloon”. Yet, Seiya ignored me as he always does.

「 I can fly because I have the “Flight” skill. 」

Everybody raised their voices at Seiya saying, 「Whoa! Then, that means…!」

「Nevertheless, there is no chance of winning this. I would be a fool to start an air fight with an enemy that specializes on flight abilities. That’s what the enemy wants.」

「Mister hero. Isn’t your method too cowardly? Why can you say such a thing when you never faced the enemy before? 」

「That’s because I carefully observed the opponent not too long ago. Their agility is erratically strong.」

Rosalie lifted her eyebrows when she heard Seiya’s casual speech.

「Hey…wait a moment. What did you just say? You observed the opponent? Don’t tell me that you were watching Bell Bubu slaughter my soldiers from a distance? Yet, you did not move?」

Rosalie was staring fiercely at Seiya with a devilish face. I stood immediately between Seiya and Rosalie when I sensed a very bad atmosphere.

「No, you’re mistaken! Even if we wanted to help them, it was already too late…!」

*cracking sound*

I was shocked when Rosalie aggressively beat on the round table.

「It’s never too late to save other people! That hero witnessed that horrible scene and, yet, he didn’t do anything to help those soldiers! 」

Seiya remained calm even when Rosalie was tremendously irritated.

「You keep saying unreasonable things. Then, what did you want us to do? None of them could be saved anyways.」

「People died! That demon slaughtered them! Didn’t your heart moved a little when you saw that horrifying scene unfold in front of your eyes? 」

「What would happen if my heart moved a little? One needs to be calm and act cautiously during crucial times. We can’t let the surroundings cloud our judgements. It is necessary to remain calm and act accordingly to the situation.」

It was like fire and ice. I was standing between two people with opposite characters who would never compromise their ideals.

Before long, Rosalie turned her disdainful eyes away from Seiya and declared as if she was condemning him.

「This man is of no use! He uses a hero’s name to fool other people! 」

「Lady Rosalie! The hero might have his own reasons! 」

「No! Heroes are known for their braveness! That means that this man is not a hero! He’s just a coward!」

I understood why Rosalie was furious. However, I was also a bit upset about her continuous rude behavior towards us.

She gets easily angry when someone goes against her opinions! Even if Seiya is annoying sometimes, he usually thinks carefully about overcoming impeding challenges.

Honestly, I thought like Rosalie in the past and I got angry quite often. However, I do know now that Seiya’s cautiousness can be characterized as a different trait rather than cowardice.

「Listen, Lady Rosalie! I know that Seiya is not the ordinary hero! But I was able to get away from tough situations countless of times thanks to his cautiousness!」

I gathered my courage as I spoke directly to the people standing in the strategical meeting room.

「I give you my word as a goddess! When this hero finishes his training and all of his preparations are complete, he’ll be able to destroy the flies and Bell Bubu’s “Fly Assault”!」

The room got silent. I asked Rosalie.

「Therefore…Can you wait for one hour until he finishes his practice? Please, Lady Rosalie…」

I thought that she’ll say 「It can’t be helped. I understand. 」However, I was wrong.

「…As if I’ll believe you. 」

Rosalie’s stubbornness was beyond my imagination.

「Bell Bubu killed more than one hundred men so far. Do you know how that feels? 」

「I…I do understand! Of course, it will be painful and sad. 」

「No. There is no way you can truly understand the preciousness of a human life when yours transcends our existence. I heard that gods live an eternal time. Am I right? 」

「Well, that’s right…Even so…! 」

「In other words. Infinity will not understand limitation. 」

*feeling frustrated*

I gritted my teeth while Seiya muttered like a superior.

「…You are not qualified to judge other people’s lives. 」

「What did you say? 」

Rosalie asked with a low voice as if she despised him. Yet, Seiya returned his ferocious hawk eyes back at Rosalie.

「The enemy did not kill your soldiers. You killed them yourself. 」

「What do you mean? 」

「Thanks to your bad planning, you build a mountain of dead bodies. 」

「You bastard…!! Revoke what you just said!! 」

Rosalie walked in Seiya’s direction.

「La…Lady Rosalie!? 」

The high-end officials, including myself, grew impatient.

「Revoke! Revoke your words immediately…! 」

Rosalie was getting aggressive as she lifted her right hand without stopping.

Whoa!! Seiya is going to get beaten by a girl!?

I thought that Rosalie’s right hand was going to slap Seiya’s cheek. On that moment, Seiya grabbed Rosalie’s arm without blinking his eyes.

Nonetheless…I couldn’t believe what was about to happen next.

After Seiya stopped Rosalie’s hit, he stood up from his seat and slapped Rosalie’s cheek with his left hand.

*slapping sound*

The high sound echoed throughout the strategical meeting room.

「Whoa…Wha…What!? 」

Rosalie yelled with a very strange voice that didn’t resemble hers.

「How dare you!! *screams continually* 」

I moved between them as I tried to excuse Seiya’s actions.

「Lady Rosalie, you’re misinterpreting!! He was about to be beaten, so he hit back!! It’s like a conditioned reflex as a warrior!! Seiya doesn’t mean you any harm!! 」

I immediately turned back to scold Seiya.

「You can’t use violence against girls no matter what happens!! 」

「I was going to be beaten. It was a legitimate defense. 」

I tried to stop this tension. However, Rosalie was so furious that I couldn’t do anything anymore.

「How dare you! Bastard! 」

She pushed me aggressively to the side and tried to slap Seiya with her right hand.

Yet, everything was repeated once again.

*slapping sound*

「It hurts!! 」

Rosalie spoke as if she felt an excruciating pain. After that…

「Imbecile! 」

*slapping sound*

「Damn you!! 」

I heard her lowered voice.

「I…I won’t forgive you! 」

*slapping sound*

「Ah!! 」

Her exhausted voice was heard in the room.

…I tried to explain Seiya’s behavior by saying “conditioned reflex as a warrior”. However, it was no longer a conditioned reflex if I thought carefully about it. This situation became uncontrollable. Seiya kept slapping Rosalie’s cheek with his bare hands.

When Rosalie tried to slap Seiya’s right cheek, Seiya slapped Rosalie’s right cheek before she had a chance to hit him. Then, Rosalie tried to slap Seiya’s left cheek, but Seiya slapped Rosalie’s left cheek before she even had a chance.

Rosalie became fanatical as a result. Her cheeks were swollen red like apples.

Everyone in the meeting was quiet. I swallowed hard.

…Oh my, that girl was beaten too many times!! How…How can he call himself a man!! Does he belong to the early Showa era!? Don’t tell me that he really came from the early Showa era!?

After Rosalie fought with a brutal hero who had no compassion for the female sex, Rosalie stepped back with overflowing tears and a runny nose.

「Sla…Slash!! I’m…I’m going to slash you…!! 」

「Lady…Lady Rosalie!! Calm down!! 」

「Don’t you dare try to stop me…I won’t…lose…against…that…damn hero…!! 」

「Se…Seiya!! Apologize!! Look at her!! That child is crying!! 」

「I’m not crying…*cries* I’m not!! *continues to cry* 」

「Seiya!! Please, apologize!! 」

「I won’t apologize. I didn’t do anything wrong. 」

「Apologize even if you didn’t do anything wrong!! She’ll keep crying like that!! 」

「I said…that I’m not…crying…!! Not even one tear…nothing…I’m not crying!! 」

「I will never apologize. I absolutely didn’t do anything wrong. 」

「Are you two small children!? Either way, just apologize!! 」

Neither of them will apologize to each other. Eventually, Rosalie spoke with tears.

「I’ve…had enough!! I don’t…need…the hero and his group!! I only need myself…I’m going to…attack their hive…!! 」

Seiya glared attentively at a crying Rosalie. No…He was not merely looking at her. He activated his clairvoyance ability.

I also activated mine to have a look at Rosalie’s stats just for reference.


Level – 23

HP – 6780

MP – 0

Attack – 4120

Defense – 3655

Agility – 3987

Magic – 0

Potential rate – 48

Resistance – Fire, Water, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis

Special skills – Light Protection (Lv 3)

Skills – Knocking Sword

Personality – Passionate

She has an amazing status when compared to regular human beings. Nevertheless, if she plans to fight against enemies who will fly in mid-air…it would be complicated.

Seiya spoke with a superior voice.

「I thought that her abilities would be far better than they are because she is the daughter of the warlord Emperor…Oh my, her stats are fragile like a flower. Her death is certain. 」

 On that moment…

*agonizing sounds*

Rosalie groaned fiercely as her face turned bright red. Her blue hair became disturbed and a big amount of tears fell to the floor. She grasped her hands as she trembled incessantly.

「…Oh my lord!! Just how angry can she become!? 」

Elle screamed right beside me.

「This…This is creepy! Why is Lady Rosalie groaning like a dog!? 」

「Elle. Don’t approach her. If you get any closer, you’ll be bitten. 」

*screams heavily*

Rosalie kept roaring like a mad woman. Mash grabbed Seiya’s arms.

「Ma…Master…! Wouldn’t it be better if you apologized to her…? 」

「I will never apologize even if I die. Anyway, I’m leaving. Lista, get the portal out.」

「Ah…Okay… 」

This situation was unlikely to settle down anytime soon. Therefore, I opened the portal exactly as I was told to.

I felt Rosalie behind me…

*screams heavily, repeatedly and furiously*

She kept groaning…!! She really resembled a dog…!!

I held Rosalie’s hands and I tried to calm her down by saying “okay, okay”.

「Anyways, we will come back after an hour!! Everyone, please wait until then!! Okay!? Please, Lady Rosalie, you too!! Don’t venture outside this Fortress!!」

We left an increasingly anxious Rosalie behind as we went to the God’s realm…

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