This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Olga Fortress

「Everyone!! The saviors of this world the hero and the goddess have finally arrived!! 」

The woman warrior shook her sword and yelled at the soldiers who were exhausted from the fierce battle.

「Stand up now!! We’re going to invade their hive!! 」

However, she was the only one who was bloodthirsty. A senior soldier with a white beard spoke as he approached her slowly.

「Lady Rosalie! Please calm down! They’ve just arrived in the Fortress! They need time to prepare themselves! 」

「How dare you! Time is crucial! Now is the moment to avenge the soldiers who lost their lives on the battle! 」

「Look around you! All the remaining soldiers are exhausted! They are not in a good condition to put up a fight! 」

She looked at the wounded soldiers around her. The woman warrior called Rosalie groaned low and became silent for a while.

「I am well aware of the soldier’s condition. But I feel distressed about losing all of the other soldier’s lives, Carlo. However, since the hero had finally arrived, I thought it would be disrespectful to those lost souls if I didn’t bring the hero to avenge them immediately… 」

Rosalie gazed at Seiya and I. She had very distinct and powerful eyes as opposed to Seiya’s. Eventually, Rosalie calmed down and nodded subtly.

「You’re right, Carlo. Let’s return to the Fortress for now. Let’s think of a flying strategy along with the hero. 」

The senior soldier had a relieved expression on his face. Still, soon after, Rosalie declared boldly.

「After the strategical meeting, we’ll head into the enemy’s territory!! Today!! Do you understand!? 」

Rosalie turned away and walked alone back into the Fortress.

I spoke with the senior soldier Carlo who stayed behind.

「Excuse me. That person…Rosalie…What kind of person is she? 」

「She’s the defensive leader of Olga Fortress. 」

Elle smiled brightly.

「A defensive leader! Even though she’s a woman! She’s amazing! Her blue hair is stunning and she’s quite tall herself! She’s a beauty! 」

Just as Elle said, Rosalie had a very appealing charm.

「She’s truly beautiful indeed. Her appearance is one thing but there is a strange aura surrounding her… 」

As we were talking to Carlo, behind us the soldiers were starting to walk slowly; we heard a screaming voice ahead.

「What are you doing!! Time is being wasted!! Hurry up!! 」

Rosalie was at the Fortress’ gate. She was yelling as if she was threatening us. Everyone stopped talking and immediately fastened the pace and hurried to the Fortress.

Mash spoke with a huge admiration tone as we entered inside the fort from the gate in the outer wall.

「This is a very huge stronghold…! 」

Olga Fortress was like a big castle. I spotted a large watchtower and a storage shed for food. Everything appeared well prepared for a long-term battle.

Carlo showed us a smile.

「Originally, the Olga Fortress was a key point of the Empire’s northern border. In addition to the strong outer wall, the bow and arrow soldier units are placed in the upper part of the fortification. We also have several huts where the rest of the soldiers can wait for their turn.」

The senior soldier spoke confidently with us. Even so, Seiya sighed as if he was not impressed.

「I saw that the enemy easily defeated you on your previous offensive raid. 」

「Ye…Yes. That’s certainly true. There’s no way for us to attack the enemy forces in the sky led by Bell Bubu. 」

「Mister Carlo. Wouldn’t the Empire be in danger if the flies were to cross the border? 」

「No. Their aim is to lure the hero out. So, they won’t go beyond this Fortress. But if they were to make their way beyond here, they would face a strong thunder wizard called Flasika whose task is to protect the Rosgard Empire. He uses powerful lightening spells that could be effective to enemies flying in the sky. 」

「Ah, I see. So, you do have a powerful wizard protecting the Empire. Then, why don’t you call him here? 」

「Flasika is the only one in the Empire Capital able of performing lightening magic. If Flasika were to come to the Fortress, the Capital would be defenseless against attacks from the sky. That’s why Flasika can’t leave the Capital at this moment. 」

Seiya asked the following after hearing Carlo’s words.

「No matter how good your wizard is. If the demonic forces become serious enough, won’t your empire likely fall? 」

Whoa…That was a bold way to ask such a question…

Well, I can’t deny that his words were true in a way. This was certainly a very worrying situation when I recalled the enormous strength that two of the four generals of the Demon King had.

However, Carlo responded with a tranquil voice.

「The Empire will never fall. 」

「Why? 」

「Because Rosgard has a “warlord”. 」

「Warlord? 」

Suddenly, Mash intervened.

「I’ve heard about it! The warlord is the Emperor of Rosgard! He is the strongest warrior in Geabrande! People say that his sword is able to tear the heavens apart and break the earth!」

「That’s absurd. If that’s true, why doesn’t he save this world instead of me? His strong façade is probably a rumor. No, actually they might have started this rumor to deceive its people into believing that their world will be always safe. 」

Carlo lightly shook his head as he heard Seiya’s analysis.

「You’re wrong. The Emperor is definitely the strongest person on this earth except for the hero. The Rosgard Empire will never waver as long as it has the Emperor. 」

He has a great confidence…! This warlord Emperor might be indeed strong enough…!

「However, there is a good reason why the Emperor can’t leave the Imperial Capital just like Flasika. 」

I wanted to ask him the reason why, but Carlo entered the central structure in the Fortress.

「This is the meeting place for strategizing. Lady Rosalie is waiting for you inside. 」

I could hear loud voices of men and women’s intense quarrel when the senior soldier opened the front door.

「Lady Rosalie!! I told you to stop going to the front lines!! You are the next successor to the throne!! 」

「That doesn’t mean I have to wait and watch just because I’m the heiress! A true warrior is not a coward! I’ll go to fight alongside my men as many times as possible! I need to inspire morale as their leader! 」

「If so, then the next time you go out, you’ll need to take Bato with you!! If something bad happens to you, how can we report that to our Emperor!? 」

Everything made sense to me when I heard that fierce quarrel between some of the more experienced soldiers and Rosalie. That quarreling would explain Rosalie’s rough and dominant behavior.

Rosalie was the daughter of the warlord, the Emperor of Rosgard. After the Emperor dies, she’ll be the chosen one to be the Empress of the Empire. That would explain her unreasonable aura. I wonder if she looked up greatly to her father, because she grew up to become a beautiful but tomboy princess.

When Carlo coughed near the door, Rosalie and all of the other people sitting around the round table turned their eyes back to him.

「Everyone. The hero and his group has arrived. 」

Carlo deeply lowered his head.

「I will leave you in her care. 」

「Thank you, Mister Carlo! 」

Carlo smiled and closed the door as Elle and I thanked him.

When I turned around…

「Whoa…! This is the hero’s party that it will save this world…! 」

「That’s the hero…! Oh my goodness…! 」

All the people in the room were staring at us as if they were deeply impressed.

Seiya’s strong aura was not defeated by Rosalie’s aura. Everyone could see the hero’s powerful features and overwhelming height.

I was guided to a vacant seat in the round table. I sat on a chair side by side with Seiya, Elle and Mash.

I looked at the faces that were awaiting us. There was only high-ranking members of the strategic committee meeting. I could see a muscular warrior named Bato who was arguing with Rosalie a moment ago. Next to him, sat a mage wearing a robe with the emblem of the Empire. There was also an elderly person with a cane. Rosalie sat at the middle of the round table. Since she was the heiress to the Imperial Throne, everyone who was highly important had gathered in Olga Fortress.

The mage next to Rosalie was a slender woman covered in a robe. She spoke with a loud voice.

「Since the hero has joined us now; we’ll start the strategical meeting in order to find a solution to defeat the flying enemy! 」

However, on that precisely moment, the hero professed the following words.

「Wait. Before that, I’d like to secure my safety first. 」

「…What did you say? 」

「This place is dangerous. 」

In a second…!

Everybody was speechless by Seiya’s remarks, including Rosalie. That’s because all of the soldiers were sent inside the fortification and it seemed to be safe for the moment. The elderly man with a beard asked Seiya.

「Mister hero…what does that mean? 」

「There is a possibility that the subordinates of the Demon King have disguised themselves and mixed between your people. 」

「Re…Really? 」

Everyone sitting around the table started to fuss when they heard Seiya’s words. Still…

「Well…I said it was just a “possibility”. 」

「Oh lord…So, it was just a “possibility” and not a real fact… 」

Every one of them was relieved when Seiya said that. I touched Seiya’s arm.

「Hey, Seiya. I don’t feel the monster’s presence in here. It’s okay. 」

「Is that so? Then, none of them is from the devil army. But… 」

Seiya spoke with a troubled face.

「There might be explosives in this room. 」

「Re…Really? 」

They were relieved only for a brief moment only. Everyone was startled again and the room became noisily high. However…

「Well…I said it “might be”. 」

Everyone was reassured by Seiya’s words. Yet, Seiya looked up at the corner of the room with sharps eyes.

「Those two were just my speculations. The truth is…Up there. Someone is probably listening to this strategical meeting at this moment. 」

「Re…Really? 」

Rosalie’s expression changed dramatically for the third time.

「Hurry! I need somebody to check the ceiling! 」

Dozens of soldiers headed to the ceiling per Rosalie’s orders.

…a moment later.

「Report!! Our twenty-three soldiers kept looking all over the ceiling and the surroundings; however, they’ve found nothing. There was absolutely nothing, not even dust!!」

The soldiers went out of the room. Rosalie, including her subordinates, were holding their breath, as they looked distrustful at Seiya.

「Well…I said it was just “probably”. 」

*knocking sound*

Rosalie severely hit the round table.

「No, that’s enough!! “Possibility”, “Probably”, I was worried for nothing!! If I were to take your words seriously, none of us will be able to even sleep at night!!」

Instead of me, Rosalie was making a ferocious red face at Seiya.

…Yes. She looked like a little girl. This child tried her hardest to keep a low voice. But she was about to burst from her uncontrollable emotions. I was not actually sure, but she might be around twenty years old.

I was looking at Rosalie with a small smile on my face as she started giving orders.

「I knew that this strategical meeting would be unnecessary! The hero and I will lead the way to the enemy’s hive! That’s all! 」

「Please don’t, Lady Rosalie! That’s too risky… 」

Everyone was opposed to that strategy. In the end, there was a domineering opinion against the invasion of the enemy’s hive. However, Seiya nodded in agreement with her.

「I agree. 」

Rosalie was surprised as she looked attentively at Seiya.

「The hero agrees with me! Okay! Let’s attack them immediately! 」

「Don’t misunderstand. I agreed with the part that this “strategical meeting would be unnecessary”. The actions I should take were already decided long ago.」

「What…What do you mean? 」

The meeting was quiet. They took a deep breath as they awaited for the hero’s decisive words.

Afterwards, Seiya clearly told Rosalie.

「I’m leaving. 」

*loud voices* 「What? 」

「I will return to the heavenly world. I need to practice a special skill that will be able to compete against the enemy. That’s it. 」

Seiya’s behavior no longer shocked me, Mash and Elle. We were getting familiar with his pattern.

*everybody screamed aggressively*

Rosalie and her subordinates yelled with such intensely that their eyes became bloodthirsty.

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