This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Reverse Fireworks

「We’ll take you to the Olga Fortress! 」

The soldiers cheered as they moved towards their horses that were waiting in the vicinity.

「I don’t need that. 」

Seiya stopped as he looked at me.

「It’s an emergency. Open the portal. Let’s use a shortcut to arrive at the Fortress. 」

「I told you that we can’t! I don’t know the exact location of the Olga Fortress! Besides, without the permission of the Great Goddess Isister, I can’t cross a portal to a place I’ve never been!」

Seiya stared at me as if he was using a Japanese Noh Mask.

What’s up with him! He is probably thinking that I’m “useless” again, isn’t he? That’s written all over his face!

Yet, the words that came from Seiya’s mouth were far beyond my imagination.

「A broken light bulb…an empty plastic bottle…dust under the desk…Lista, that’s what I feel when I have to describe you. 」

「Huh!? Don’t treat me like trash!! 」

Anyways, it seemed that Seiya gave up on the portal idea and asked the soldiers.

「You said that the Fortress was located in the northeast. How distant is it? 」

「If we ride with our horses in a hurry, then, we might arrive in half an hour.」

「It’s not far from here. Let’s fly. 」

Soon, Seiya’s body started to float in the air. The soldiers cheered aloud when they witnessed Seiya’s “Flight” ability.

「Unbelievable! The brave hero can fly in the sky! 」

「Its outstanding how a human being can float in mid-air! As expected of this brave hero! 」

「He will be able to defeat Bell Bubu! 」

「…Bell Bubu? What’s that? 」

The soldiers gritted their teeth with a uniformly frustrating face when Mash asked that question.

「It’s a demon in the form of a fly! A swarm of flies led by Bell Bubu attacked the Olga Fortress! There were many casualties on our side! 」

「…It means that it will be an air battle. 」

Seiya was thinking carefully about it as he floated in mid-air.

「Anyway, let’s inspect the enemy for now. Mash, you will come with me. Lista, take Elle with you. 」

「Understood. 」

I received permission from the Great Goddess Isister to reveal my white wings and, afterwards, I grabbed Elle’s hands. Seiya also held Mash’s hands.

「Master!! Is this okay!? 」

「It can’t be helped. Don’t let go of my hands. 」

「Whoa!! I’ll fly with my Master on the sky!! Somehow, I’m getting so excited!!」

Seiya took a blissful Mash and I took Elle with me. We headed to the Olga Fortress ahead of the soldiers.

…It’s been fifteen minutes since we’ve flown from the Dragon Cave. I was trying to catch up with Seiya and Mash, whom flew at a tremendous speed. Suddenly, Elle raised her voice.

「Listen, Lisutan! What’s over there? 」

When I looked closely at the distance, I’ll could see a black mass in the sky.

「Rain clouds, perhaps? 」

That’s what I thought at first. However, as we approached that black mass, the whole picture gradually became clearer to me. That mass was composed of many black objects gathered together on one spot.

「It’s…It’s not rain clouds…! That’s…the enemy…! It’s a huge swarm of flies…! 」

There were hundreds of black flies the size of human beings hovering in the air as they vibrated their transparent wings. I got an unpleasant feeling, as more and more of their horde arrived to their position, increasing the size of the black cloud.

「*looks flabbergasted* That’s disgusting! I have a very bad feeling about this…!」

Elle’s hand was trembling with fear.

Seiya looked at us.

「Lista. Let’s get down here. 」

「Ye…Yes! 」

Seiya descended to the forest below us. I followed him too.

After arriving in the forest, Seiya tried to hide himself within the branches of the trees. He looked at the black mass in the sky from afar. His eyes changed colors as he looked at the swarm of flies. It seemed that he activated his clairvoyance ability.

「…Each fly is over Level 30. There are at least three…no, four hundred flies. I think they will be more troublesome than the army of ten thousand undead.」

Seiya’s analysis was correct. Hundreds of high-level enemies who can fly freely in the sky can be more difficult to defeat than defeating the slow-moving army of the undead.

「For the time being, let’s watch the situation from this place. 」

「Okay. 」

As Seiya and I looked meticulously at the sky, something happened right next to us.

*excruciating sound*

Mash leaned at the trees while he vomited continually as if he had ate something rotten. Elle touched Mash’s back.

「Mash, are you okay? 」

「Yeah…! I felt disgusted…! *keeps vomiting* 」

Apparently, it looked like he became like that after flying aggressively with Seiya. I also got in a horrible state when I flew with Seiya in the sky. I painfully understood Mash’s feelings.

However, he refuted my reasoning.

「Yeah. That flies are truly repulsive. 」

I mistakenly misunderstood Mash’s words.

「It was because of their grotesque appearance that you became sick! It can’t be helped though… 」

Everyone thought the same thing about the hideous flies. Yet, Seiya kept looking at that big horde with a serious face as if he was unaffected.

Suddenly, we heard a loud voice roar in the sky.

「Kneel, humans! You can’t beat the overwhelming force of our “Fly Assault”!」

I traced the sound with my eyes and saw the Lord of Flies hovering in the sky. He looked different from the other flies. I saw that he was like a humanoid monster floating in the sky. His face looked like an insect, but he stood upright with two legs. His hands were sharp like a pair of scissors while his anthropoid red corneas were large compound eyes. It was clear that this strange monster was leading that army of flies.

I tried to measure the enemy’s status with my clairvoyance ability just like Seiya.

Bell Bubu

Level – 76

HP – 18963

MP – 8751

Attack – 7877

Defense – 5969

Agility – 487562

Magic – 883

Resistance – Fire, Water, Ice, Lightening, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Condition Abnormality

Special skills – Attack Avoidance (Lv MAX), Flight (Lv MAX)

Skills – Acid Spit, Rolling Dodge

Personality – Ruthless

His status are not that high. At first I thought that this opponent was not one of the four generals of the Demon King…However; I had to see Bell Bubu’s agility stats twice as I doubted my eyes. My eyesight was not mistaken.

「Wha…What’s up with that agility!? That magnitude is ridiculous!! 」

「That’s a tough fella… 」

Seiya was breathing unusually.

「How the hell can he speak a word with a face like that? What kind of speech organs does that insect have? 」

「No, that’s not the problem right now!! Look at his agility stats!! His agility!!」

「Listen! Lisutan! Mister Seiya! Look over there! It looks like the people from Rosgard are going to attack on this precise moment! 」

Elle pointed at the ground in the distance and not towards the sky. The soldiers were standing on a distant plain with bows and arrows ready to attack the enemy in the sky.

It seemed that Bell Bubu also noticed the upcoming attack. Rather than running away, he ordered the hordes of flies to lower their altitude.

「Look! Look! Did you notice that we came to a position that’s feasible for you to aim your bows and arrows? Make sure you aim well, ‘kay? 」

Bell Bubu looked sarcastically amused as he licked his anthropoid-ish mouth. Loads of arrows were shot at the swarm of flies as if it was raining storm. It was a spectacular scene. However, there was no disturbance in the enemy’s formation line. From the distance, it seemed that the attacks from the soldiers didn’t weaken the enemy’s strength.

Seiya muttered.

「Besides Bell Bubu, the other flies also possess the ability to avoid attacks instantaneously. Those arrows won’t be able to hit any of them. 」

After the volley of arrow ended, the hordes of flies came down flying from the sky, attacking the foot soldiers. They grabbed dozens of soldiers with their six legs like preys and flew with them in the sky, gaining altitude once again.

They flew approximately fifty meters above the ground. The flies who caught the soldiers stopped in mid-air. Abruptly, Bell Bubu screamed aloud.

「Okay! Let’s do the Reverse Fireworks today!! 」

Re…Reverse…!? It can’t be…!!

I felt an ominous anticipation. At the command of Bell Bubu, the giant flies released the bodies of the soldiers they had caught simultaneously. Per the law of gravity, the soldiers were smashed in the ground with a tremendous force.

Elle turned her eyes away while Mash angrily gritted his teeth. Meanwhile, Bell Bubu spoke with a joyful voice.

「Whoa! Such a magnificent view one can see from being above in the sky…Oh my, I can no longer see any of fallen humans! The ground is filled with blood, guts and brains everywhere! This marvelous outcome is the result of my beautiful fireworks! 」

Bell Bubu screamed louder after that atrocious show.

「The hero who appeared on this continent has not come here yet!! Hurry up and bring that hero to me!! Until he shows up, the slaughter won’t stop!! 」

Seiya whispered with tranquilly next to me.

「I was thinking about why that fly didn’t destroy the Fortress completely even though he is powerful enough to do so…So, that was the reason after all.」

「Everything was a setup to lure us in… 」

「Master!! I can’t stand it anymore!! I’ll fight that thing!! 」

Seiya grabbed the shoulder of a defying Mash as he held his sword.

「Don’t be impatient, Mash. You better don’t underestimate the flies. Those insects can move faster than humans in a blink of an eye. Moreover, when it comes to defeating monsters on this world, it is highly possible that most of them will be able to move at an unimaginable speed. There are three groups of Automatic Phoenixes scouting and getting close to them as we speak. 」

「That…That powerful fire bird!? 」

「Precisely. That fly knows that I defeated two of the four demonic generals and, yet, he is inviting me to fight with him. In other words, he has absolute confidence in fighting in the air. It won’t be easy to approach him in the sky if he finds out about our location. You have to understand that surveying is the best option for now. 」

Bell Bubu was immensely satisfied by his human fireworks. Bell Bubu flew away from the northern sky accompanied by his army of flies as he laughed exuberantly…

We left the forest after the enemy was gone. We walked slowly towards a fortification that we could see in the distance. It was the Olga Fortress. The exterior was robust and built of heavy bricks. However, some parts of the fortification were visibly damaged by the enemy’s attacks.

There was a horrifying scene when I looked at the plains surrounding the Fortress.

「Elle. Come behind my back. 」

「Okay… 」

I was concerned about Elle. It would be too cruel for a young girl to see the amount of decaying corpses scattered around this place. The corpses were the bodies of soldiers, who had smashed severely on the ground from a few tens of meters above the sky. There was blood everywhere and their remains no longer resembled those of human beings. There was other bodies who melted by the toxic acid produced by the flies.

I had to turn my eyes away from this unspeakable scenario even though I’m a goddess…There was one soldier kneeling down and praying for fallen.

The soldier noticed our presence as we approached him. The soldier in a golden armor widely opened his eyes when he saw the white wings on my back.

「You…finally came…! 」

I saw a uniquely long blue hair as the soldier took the helmet off. Beneath all of that hair, there was a very beautiful woman with a reassuring expression.

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