This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Intelligence

The moment we crossed the portal, Seiya was already using his Hell’s Fire ability; when we arrived at the large and darkish torture room, we could hear Death Magra’s screams 「Hand!! My Hand!! 」

「…Ah? 」 Death Magra noticed our arrival and his third eye gazed at Seiya.

「Burn. Hell’s Fire…! 」

A flame was projected from Seiya’s hand and wrapped Death Magra on fire.

Okay! It was an easy arrival! I was vigilant but there seems to be no undead around!

Therefore, I did what we planned and I left Seiya to deal with Death Magra while I ran over to Mash, who was tied on a chair with a rope.

「Are you okay, Mash? 」

「Ah, yes… 」

I immediately removed the blindfold. The moment I looked at Mash’s face…I instinctively turned my face away.

One his eyes was crushed and all of his fingers from both hands were cut off. In addition, there was burnt marks on his arms and legs.

Mash looked at me, trying to show me a smile somehow, but some of his teeth fell to the ground and he was in so much pain.

I could feel my anger bursting inside my body.

That sadist three-eyed monster! How dare he torture this young boy, who is just in his teens.

「I will cure you immediately! 」

I activated my healing magic. However, the reproduction of all of his fingers and eye would take a lot of time. So, for the time being, I devoted my strength in healing his exhaustion from the pain he suffered on his whole body and heal the burns on his arms and legs as well.

While I was healing, I thought, “it’s about time he finished that devil”, but when I turned my eyes back at Seiya…I could not believe what I was seeing.

Seiya wrinkled his eyebrows and looked bitter as he watched Death Magra engulfed on fire. I was astonished to see Seiya’s unusual face because he normally won’t show any emotions.

Why is he like that? Isn’t it a good thing that Death Magra is being burnt by Hell’s Fire?

But, I finally noticed what was happening. It is true that Death Magra was engulfed on fire. But it was not the red flames from Hell’s Fire. Black flames were surrounding Death Magra’s body. Moreover, it seems that he was protecting himself from Seiya’s Hell’s Fire.

After the Hell’s Fire disappeared, the black flames left Death Magra’s body and stood next to him, shaping up a form that resembled a man with two meters tall (6′ 6″).

「What…what is happening now…!? 」

When I said that, Mash looked up to see what was going on and he saw the black flame monster without eyes and nose. As soon as he noticed that monster, Mash’s body started trembling violently.

「Ah, that thing…!! That thing…that thing is…!! 」

「What’s wrong, Mash? Calm down! 」

Mash had a very pale complexion on his face while he gritted his teeth.

On the other hand, Death Magra aided himself with a cloth on his injured arm to stop the blood. Meanwhile, he stared bitterly at Seiya.

「Just now, that flame magic was the same magic you used to defeat Chaos Makina? Too bad, but it’s ineffective against us. I am one of the four generals of the Demon Lord’s army, Death Magra, therefore… 」

Without letting Death Magra finish his sentence, Seiya redrew his sword and attacked the black flames monster in one strike. Seiya used his sword at a crazy speed that instantly cut the monster’s torso right up to the shoulder; however, there was absolutely no physical effect from that attack. I definitely saw the monster be cut by Seiya’s sword, but there was no change in his appearance.

Perhaps, this monster is a ghost-type creature? If that’s so, then…!!

「Seiya!! Holy water!! Use holy water on your sword and try to attack that thing!! 」

However, Seiya shakes his head.

「The sword was already soaked with holy water. But it’s not working. 」

He…he was already using it? Since when…? He is extremely fast as usual…but…

「Why is it not working then!? That thing is a ghost, right!? 」

Death Magra was laughing at my words.

「This monster is called “Dark Fires”. My “right hand” was reborn, as a result of repeated experiments with hundreds of monsters. This is the strongest Fire Monster. 」

「Fire Monster!? But don’t you create only the undead!? 」

「I don’t create only the undead! My special skill is “whole monsters remodeling”! Don’t you dare try to misunderstand my powers, you idiot! 」

Who is the idiot here!! I can interpret whatever I want!! It’s true that I misunderstood his powers, so what!? If you only created the undead so far, it’s obvious we would believe that you could only create that type!!

I activated my clairvoyance ability to see if that Dark Fires monster had some sort of weaknesses, however…

「Do you plan to see its status? I don’t really mind if you do. Dark Fires don’t use the “camouflage” skill like someone else in here. 」

「…if you know about that, it means that you saw Seiya’s status? 」

「I couldn’t see his original ability value because his camouflage skill was strongly protecting it from the start; but it doesn’t matter that much. Dark Fires is invincible. 」

Ah! If you could have a glimpse at Seiya’s status, I’m sure you would be speechless! I used my goddess’ power to see Seiya’s status before and it was outstanding; however, I haven’t been able to see it recently because my eyes would hurt so much, but I’m sure he has improved since the battle with Chaos Makina!

Okay, I’ll use my ability to see the opponent’s status. Just as Death Magra said, the status of Dark Fires don’t seem to have any camouflage skills because it popped immediately in front of my eyes…

Dark Fires

Level – 74

HP – 80187

MP – 9215

Attack – 21559

Defense – 135875

Agility – 10741

Resistance – Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder, Earth, Holy, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Curse, Instant Death, Abnormal Condition

Special skills – Ineffective Weapon Attacks (Lv MAX), Ineffective Fire Magic (Lv MAX), Ineffective Wind Magic (Lv MAX), Ineffective Water Magic (Lv MAX), Ineffective Earth Magic (Lv MAX), Ineffective Thunder Magic (Lv MAX), Ineffective Light Magic (Lv MAX), Ineffective Dark Magic (Lv MAX)

Skills – Deadly Flame

Personality – Obedience to Death Magra only

This monster’s attack power exceeds Chaos Makina, not only that, agility too…the defense status is outrageous and the special skills that this monster possess are unbelievable.

「The defense ability is more than a hundred thousand…In addition to the ineffective weapon attacks, almost every magic power available can be disabled by that monster…!? 」

Wha, what’s this!?  Seiya won’t have a chance of winning this fight!!

Fire magic won’t work on this monster, besides that, Seiya’s Wind Blade is a sword technique with wind attributes. Atomic Split Slash has earth attributes. But this monster can disable fire, wind and earth magic powers, and sword attacks will be ineffective as well…Then, the only thing that can damage this monster is…

「Ice magic perhaps…!? 」

「That’s right. However, you need to plan the attack carefully. If you suddenly attack Dark Fires with ice magic, there will be no effect whatsoever.」

Death Magra laughed pleasantly as he continued to speak.

「Because I am kind, I will tell you how this will work. Listen. First, you will use your “vibration wave” skill to cause molecular disturbance inside the body of Dark Fires. After that, you will use the ice magic to freeze Dark Fires’ attributes and materialize them. Hopefully, his ineffective weapon attacks will become deactivated. Physical attacks will become effective then. On this moment, you will be able to defeat it if your attack power exceeds the defense power of Dark Fires.」

「I see. You really are kind. 」

I noticed that Seiya was quite impressed at Death Magra’s exposition. I was pretty astonished myself but in a bad way, after hearing about what was necessary to accomplishing this impossible task…

First of all, the special skill “vibration wave” is a skill that can be acquired once one reaches level 7, but this ability is a minor skill somewhat meaningless in the sword and magical world of Geabrande. Besides, it is impossible for a swordsman to use “vibration wave” with a sword because it is used with fists in the first place. In addition, theoretically it is impossible for an alchemist who is good at fire magic to use a totally polarity magic such as ice magic. Furthermore, even if he managed to miraculously join the two abilities together, he still has to go through that outrageous defense power…

Death Magra noticed my face becoming quite pale and grinned wickedly.

「That’s right!! You came to realize that this fight is futile!! You are starting to despair!! There is no swordsman who’ll bother to use the “vibration wave”!! Besides, is it absolutely impossible for mere humans to master fire magic and polarize ice magic at the same time!!  Additionally, even if you succeeded in deactivating the ineffective weapon attacks, there is no way your power would overthrow a defense power of a hundred thousand!! The odds of you winning against Dark Fires are 0%!!  」

Death Magra laughed as if he had triumphed already.

「*laughs eccentrically* You are one of a kind, hero!! Right after you cut my left hand, it took you an instant to teleport to this place!! However, I, Death Magra, already took measures against the worst possible scenario!! 」

He points confidently to the black flames monster.

「My undead creations were weak against the fire attributes, so I had to create a strong monster who would be immune to that magic powers!! I have a cunning mind for every possible situation!! Got it!? The winner of this battle will be me, the only one with intelligence!! 」

Wha…what’s up with this enemy’s challenging level of difficulty!? And this isn’t even the final battle with the “final boss”!! With an enemy like this, it will be impossible to defeat!! …no, no, but!! But, Seiya is an excessively cautious hero who is always preparing something ahead, maybe he has some miraculous reversal plan to play…

I entrusted all of my remaining hope onto Seiya. I looked at him and…

「…what are you doing? 」

Seiya was murmuring with his head down.

「Se…Seiya? 」

「This was surprising. I am so perplexed. 」

I can’t believe I heard Seiya professing those kind of words…!? It is impossible to win after all…!?

I felt heartbroken. However, Seiya looked directly at Death Magra with his usual unchanging expression.

「In other words, “the ones with intelligence are those who take measures against the worst possible scenario”. I am so surprised. Why did you bother to say such “trivial things”?」

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    One issue though, there’s a few lines mistranslated. Seiya isn’t the one that says how to defeat the Dark Fire, it’s Death Magra himself. He’s basically trying to make them despair with how impossible it is to defeat. Also, at around the same point you’re attributing one of Seiya’s lines to Lista.

    「That’s right. However, I need to plan the attack carefully. If I suddenly attack Dark Fires with ice magic, there will be no effect whatsoever. 」

    Death Magra continues to laugh pleasantly as Seiya spoke.

    「Because I am kind, I will tell you how this will work. Listen. First, I’ll use my “vibration wave” skill to cause molecular disturbance inside the body of Dark Fires. After that, I’ll use the ice magic to freeze Dark Fires’ attributes and materialize them. Hopefully, his ineffective weapon attacks will become deactivated. Physical attacks will become effective then. On this moment, I’ll be able to defeat it if my attack power exceeds the defense power of Dark Fires. 」

    「I see. You really are kind. 」

    I said that looking quite impressed at Seiya. I was pretty lucky to hear his plans to attack, however…

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