This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: The Great Goddess

My heart was beating and my body was trembling the moment I saw a miracle happen in front of my eyes.

An over powered “Dimension Blade” that cuts through space and able to reach a place that is untouchable…just what is this kind skill? It’s super cool!! How did he achieve something this powerful!? This hero’s abilities are becoming far superior than what a regular hero can do; and they are becoming more comparable to the abilities of a god!?

But in the middle of my admiration, someone grabbed my hand and pulled me.

…When I noticed, Seiya and I went through the portal to the summoning chamber of the God’s realm.

「What? 」

I didn’t understand why we came back here and suddenly Seiya hit my head.

「It hurts!! Wait, what are you doing!? 」

「Don’t let your guard down. The real thing starts now. 」

「Eh? What do you mean with “real thing”? 」

「My Dimension Blade only cut the arm of Death Magra. Right now, he is in a state of confusion, but soon he will regain his senses and he’ll try to kill Mash.」

「You’re right! What should we do! 」

「That’s why I came to this heavenly place because the time in Geabrande flows 1/100 of the time here. After he recovers his senses, it will take him ten seconds to grab his weapon and kill Mash. In other words… 」

Seiya walked ahead and opened the doors of the summoning chamber.

「In other words, we have 15 minutes to find a way to reach that place through the God’s realm and rescue Mash. If you understand what I said, follow me. 」

I was a little confused at first, but I fully understood the situation…

「 Yes!! I understand!! 」

I responded to Seiya with a loud and submissive voice as if I was answering to my fellow veteran gods.

…After that, I guided the way inside of the temple as Seiya told me to do, and we reached the front door of the Great Goddess Isister’s room; Seiya was rushing to open it but I hesitated for a moment.

「 What’s wrong? This is the place where we can find the greatest goddess of the heavenly place, right? Open the door now. 」

It’s true that the Great Goddess Isister might be able to locate Mash’s whereabouts, even so…

I spoke carefully to Seiya before opening the door.

「 Can you listen to me for a second? She is the greatest goddess around, do you understand? Would you try not to behave hastily as you normally do? 」

「 Okay. 」

「 Are you sure? So, let me do the explanations, and can you remain silent instead? 」

「 Okay, okay. 」

After I cleared my throat, I gently opened the lavishly decorated door. As usual, Isister was sitting on a chair as she kept knitting.

「 Excuse us. It’s me Listarte, the Goddess of Healing. I would like to speak directly with you today. 」

While I was talking, Seiya jumped right in front of me.

「Hey, old hag. 」

「*looking upset* Stop right there!! I told you to stay silent!! 」

「You will take it too long to explain. I’ll make it simple. Listen. We need to find the place where the “mushroom” is staying in Geabrande. If we find the place, we can go directly to “mushroom”. Make it quick, old hag. 」

「*screams* Stop saying “old hag”!! And the boy is not “mushroom”, he is “Mash”!! You make it sound like we are going to catch real mushrooms!! 」

I can’t believe he keeps calling her “old hag”!! Besides, it was not long ago that he called the boy “Mash”, but now he insists on calling him “mushroom” again!! …I was so frustrated and angry, however, the Great Goddess Isister didn’t change her complexion at all and she gently smiled.

「*laughs softly* In short, you want me to find your comrade. However, it is forbidden by the Law of God to help human beings excessively… 」

「This woman usually opens the portal to go to Geabrande; what I want is for you to change the destination we arrive in that world. That should be no problem, am I right? 」

「Well, indeed. If you say it that way, there should be no problem at all. 」

「Of course. If you understand, then hurry up old hag. 」

「Yes, yes. 」

Although I am feeling quite irritated about Seiya, Isister didn’t seem to be bothered by his attitude; she stood up and took a big crystal ball from the shelf; and started examining.

「…I clearly understood. The boy seems to be in the underground of the forest near Klein Castle. It looks like he is trapped in a large basement. 」

「As expected of the Great Goddess Isister!! …so, what do you plan to do, Seiya? Do you want to open the portal to a location near that place, like the same way we did before? 」

「No, the situation is quite different from the previous one. We need to appear right in front of the “mushroom”. 」

「In front of him…Okay, I understand. 」

Isister casted a spell that made the portal to Geabrande appear. We stayed briefly in the God’s realm this time around. Therefore, I am sure we still have enough time to rescue Mash.

I deeply lowered my head to Isister.

「Thank you very much for everything, Great Goddess Isister!! I will repay the kindness you showed us, for sure!! C’mon Seiya, you need to thank her too!! 」

「Good job, old hag. 」

「*looking irritated* Who the hell do you think you are!! …and by the way, Seiya!! Are we going to be okay against the undead? I say this because I’m sure Death Magra is well protected by his monsters; so the moment we show up in there, won’t the skeletons and zombies attack us immediately? 」

Seiya looks at me.

「To whom are you talking to? I am Perfectly Ready. 」

I looked at Seiya’s hand as he approached the portal, and I became astonished.

…That’s right. His preparation are always in a perfect state. I could see his left hand wrapped in fire as he continued to walk forward.

「As soon as we cross the portal, I will strike him with Hell’s Fire. On that moment, make sure you rescue the “mushroom”. Got that? 」

「Understood! 」

Okay! I have to do my best as well!

However, the moment Seiya tried to enter the portal…

「…Ryuguuin Seiya. 」

Isister suddenly called Seiya’s name.

「What? 」

「You have grown so much. 」

「You talk as if you knew me before. Didn’t we meet for the first time today? 」

Seiya didn’t seem quite convinced about her approach, so he nodded his head as if he understood what was going on.

「Ah, I see. You have dementia. 」

I couldn’t tolerate this behavior any more.

「*screams angrily* Stop talking like that you jerk!! Of course she doesn’t have dementia!! Great Goddess Isister is able to see everything! “You are morbidly cautious, you have a bad attitude and your words are ruthless, but you showed some sincerity in saving a comrade”, that’s why she meant you grew up a lot!! 」

After yelling angrily, I relaxed and softened my expression.

「Isn’t that right, Great Goddess Isister? 」

I asked that question, but Isister did not respond me and just smiled.

Seiya moaned as if he didn’t care.

「Why are you making “this rescue a comrade” thing into a big deal. We are just hunting a “mushroom”, that’s all. Okay then, let’s go. 」

As we were entering the portal to Geabrande, I heard from behind…

「Please, be safe… 」

I heard Isister’s gentle voice.


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