This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Breakdown

「Hey! How long will you keep looking at us like that? It’s disgusting! 」

Mash was shouting at Seiya in front of the church’s ruins. Seiya finally diverted his eyes from them and muttered with a repulsive voice.

「No use. 」

「…What? Hey you, what did you just say? 」

「I said “no use”. Your status are too low to even talk about. I don’t have a use for comrades like you. 」

「Say what again!? You bastard!! 」

Mash was looking quite furious at Seiya, but Elle managed to keep a smile.

「*laugh awkwardly* Well, we are still gaining experience! So I hope you’ll look at us with different eyes, is that alright? 」

However, Seiya looked at the red-haired girl with cold eyes.

「By the way, it seems you have fire magic but that’s also one of my attributes. I don’t need you. 」

「Did you just say that you “don’t need me”? That’s cruel!! 」

「Besides, even though you say you’re still gaining experience, I don’t see any development, ‘cause you were standing there doing nothing; you didn’t even recognize that the priest was an undead; so how can you be useful to me from now on? 」

Both of them couldn’t speak back and they just stayed silent while clenching their teeth. I was the same as both them before.

「It can’t be helped, Seiya. The priest was hiding every trace of being an undead, so it was hard for humans to notice anything strange. I also didn’t know it was him… 」

「No, that’s not it. Their ability to detect danger is extremely low. I will be exposed to danger if I’m stuck with these two. Let me be clear here, this is bothersome. 」

Mash was at the limit of his patience and was spiting continuously on the ground.

「Hey, Mister Hero. Just because you are strong, it doesn’t give you the right to look down on other people, got it? 」

He stood face to face with Seiya and glared intensely at him.

「Don’t you dare measure people by their status alone! Do you want me to show you my real strength here? I don’t care if you’re a hero who received a God’s revelation, but in my Nakashi Village, I am called the “Hero Mash”!」

「Okay. Let me show you the differences between our abilities in a second.」

I stepped in between both them to stop their intense rivalry.

「Calm down you two! Also, Seiya! You said very harsh things to them! Apologize to Mash! 」

「Why? I don’t need to apologize. 」

Seiya looked at Mash and shooed him away.

「I’ll say one more time. I don’t need you. Go back to your Nakayoshi Village. 」

「Nakayoshi…? My Village is called Nakashi, you bastard!! I won’t forgive you!!」

Mash was going to hit Seiya, but Elle stopped him.

「Stop Mash! You mustn’t fight with him! 」

「Shup up! Let me go! 」

I let Elle handle Mash for now, and I went to speak with Seiya.

「Seiya, listen to me. According to the information of the Great Goddess Isister, there seems to be a hidden place with a special seal that can only be opened with the dragon crest on the hands of both of them. In other words, we can’t save Geabrande without it. 」

「Do you mean we have to take them not as allies but as “keys”? 」

「Well, I guess it’s okay to interpret it like that… 」

I had no choice but to use this strategy to take them with us. However, I didn’t notice at all that Mash pushed Elle away and was listening to the story I just told Seiya.

「We’re “keys”!? Don’t you dare treat us like items!! 」

「No!! That’s not what I meant!! 」

*feeling regretful* I poured oil in the fire!! How can I fix this mess!?

Now what to do…

*crying sound*

I could hear an agonizing voice. Then, I saw that Elle was crying endlessly. Suddenly, it became rivers of tears.

「*cries continuously* First it was “no use”, after that was “keys”, I can’t take it anymore!! I trained so hard ever since I was born, this is unfair!! 」

「That’s right! I completely understand! So, please don’t cry Elle! 」

「What’s this? Kindergarten now? This is ridiculous. 」

「Seiya, be quiet!! 」

A hero who is insensible. A crying “dragon girl”. An angry “dragon boy”.

Ah!? The atmosphere unexpectedly turned into a horrible mood!? I mustn’t allow this!! As a goddess, I need to put some order into this situation!!

I somehow managed to find a solution and pointed towards a group of armored Knights that were passing by.

「What!? Everyone, look at that!! Something is coming on our direction!! I wonder what’s going on!? 」

Good! In some way or another, I succeed in changing the mood…Yet, the five Knights that were walking stopped right in front of us and looked serious as they shouted repeatedly.

「Some people alerted us about a huge uproar coming from the area around the church…What the hell happened here!? The church was burned down!! 」

「Look over there!! The Sister is lying unconsciously on the floor!! 」

「Hey, you people!! Explain what happened over here!! If you don’t give a credible answer, I’ll keep interrogating you all!! 」

What is this!! The atmosphere became worse than it was before!!

「Well, about this, you know… 」

When I tried to justify the occurrence, the nun woke up.

*panicking* This is getting worse!! She will tell the Knights that it was Seiya who destroyed the church!!

Still, contrary to my thoughts, the nun protected us.

「Gentlemen. The truth is that the priest of this church was an undead in disguise. These people here helped me. 」

「The church collapsed because of that? 」

「I guess…I can’t recall that event too well because my head still hurts. But…well…I’m sure the undead ignited the fire and destroyed the church in the end…」

The nun looked serious and she continued talking with confidence; she didn’t seem to be lying to them. I am sure the nun didn’t want to believe that a “hero destroyed a church”, so she went ahead with the undead story.

「However, there is one thing that I clearly remember. The undead told us that ten thousand undead warriors would arrive in the following morning.」

「What did you say!? 」

「Ten thousand…!? It can’t be true…!! 」

「I heard that the undead army that destroyed Klein Castle was moving southward…but who would have imagined they would be that many…!! 」

The Knights became scared after hearing the nun’s words. Yet, she smiled.

「Please, rest assured. God did not abandon us, because He sent these people to our town to protect us. The goddess was descended from the heavens to save Geabrande. In addition, we have a hero who received the revelation of God. Besides, we also have here today two people from the Dragon Tribe who saved Geabrande since the ancient times. 」

The Knights changed the gaze of their eyes when they heard the nun’s words. Meanwhile, a veteran Knight with a beard was saluted.

「Please forgive us for our rudeness! We are the Knights of the Rosgard Empire! We were dispatched to save the town of Semul from the undead army! Forgives us for any inconvenience that we’ve caused! 」

The five of them bowed to us in unison.

「Hero! Please, defeat the army of the undead!! 」

Unusually, Seiya looked up to the veteran Knight and spoke to him.

「I want to ask you a question; if I defeat the army of the undead how much will I receive? 」

「Ah…? What do you mean? 」

「I am talking about money, of course. 」

「Wait a moment, Seiya!! Why are you talking about money at a time like this!? You are a hero, not a mercenary!! 」

「Recently, I thought about a new skill. Therefore, I need money to practice my new skill. 」

What…skill? What kind of skill is that that requires…money?

「Of course, we can give you a nice incentive from the Empire. At least thousands of gold coins… 」

「Okay. In that case, you need to write that down. I want to have a guarantee that you’ll pay that money in the end. 」

After writing the memorandum, the veteran Knight gave it to Seiya with a smile.

「There will be arriving more Knights! Two hundred Imperial Knights will cooperate with you on the battlefield! 」


「I don’t need it. 」

「What!? You don’t need their cooperation!? 」

The Knights were astonished by Seiya’s sudden response.

「Even so… 」

「I said I don’t need them. There are a few people remaining in this town, right? Then, stay here and protect the town. 」

The Knights were caught in surprise. Next, Seiya sent a gaze at Mash.

「Hey, you mushroom from Nakayoshi Village. 」

「I’m Hero Mash from Nakashi Village!! You bastard, I’ve told you that many times already!! 」

「You’re noisy. More importantly, do you think you can manage this situation by yourself? 」

「Ah? What do you mean? 」

「What I am asking is if you can handle a ten thousand army of undead by yourself. 」

「About that… 」

The “dragon boy” and “dragon girl” look at each other speechless. Seiya spoke in a fed up tone.

「See? You guys can’t do anything about this situation. But, I can handle it. If you understand, then go back to your Nakayoshi Village. 」

「I told you it’s not Nakayoshi Village!! I won’t return!! 」

「If you don’t want to go back, you could protect this town with the Knights. You can do that much, right? 」

Elle wondered about that and looked at Mash.

「What should we do, Mash? Should we do it? 」

「Shup up! I won’t be told what do go by a guy like him! 」

Mash turned back precipitously.

「Enough! Let’s go to a different place! 」

「Wait for me, Mash! 」

「What!? Mash!? Elle!? 」

I screamed at them, but Mash continued to walk without looking back. Elle followed after Mash after bowing to me apologetically.


We left the Knights behind and ventured out of town.

「Seiya, you know…about Mash and Elle…you think that both of them are going to face the undead army by themselves? 」

「They are not that stupid. Even if they plan on fighting them, I will destroy them first. You don’t need to worry about that. 」

I stared closely at Seiya.

「Listen. “Defeat” and “Do alone”…yes, that’s something you can do well because you are strong. You fought against the god swordsman Celseus and you managed to improve your sword skills, right? Even so, this time you will be outnumbered. It’s ten thousand. Are you sure about this? Look, it’s not too late. We can go back and ask the Knights, Mash and Elle to come with us, okay? 」

「No. 」

「Come on!! You’ve always been way to cautious about fighting, so what’s wrong with you now!? At times like this, isn’t it safer to have allies at our side!?」

「It would be a hundred or even two hundred against ten thousand undead, we would never surpass the enemy in number even if all of them came with me. Neither the kids from Nakayoshi Village and neither the Knights are a goddess like you who won’t die. This way, there won’t be deaths in vain. 」

I’m sorry? He said something unusual just now, am I right? Perhaps, he is worried about those kids and the people in the town?

I was observing Seiya and…I was amazed. Seiya rapidly soared into the sky flying! Is this his flying skill!?

「Seiya!? 」

Seiya looked at me from above and said.

「By the way, I don’t need you. 」

「What did you say!? 」

「I heard the undead were going south. Instead, I went north with you. So, you must stay at that inn until I return. 」

Seiya took off and I was left alone in this inn out of town.

「You’re kidding, right…? Are you saying that you don’t need a goddess…? Wait a second…is this a dream…? 」

After being perplexed, my anger exploded.

That selfish and individualist hero!! Unforgivable!! I will never forgive you!!


I shouted loudly towards the sky.

「Order!! 」

I prayed to Isister from Geabrande all the way to the God’s realm.

And so “The permission is granted to Goddess Listarte to use the original ability to fly”!!

The power of gods and goddesses get particularly limited when we get human bodies and descend to an earthly world. This circumstance happens because of the Almighty rule about “saving a world but not excessively assisting human beings”. However, there are exceptions. In an emergency, the Special Measures Act of the God’s realm specifies that if a hero needs support, the goddess can gain access to some of her original abilities. Of course, I had to ask permission to Isister to be granted some power. Still, I asked for the flying skills only to follow Seiya. It should appear soon…

As expected, I felt my back burning hot and a couple of white wings appeared along with the glittering light.

*laughs confidently* It has been a while since I’ve had my beautiful wings! Seiya you smartass, you thought I couldn’t fly? You just wait! I will catch up with you soon…no one can beat the speed of my wings!

「Lista, Wings!! 」

I spread my wings wide open like a beautiful swan and I flew towards the bright sky, where I disappeared slowly into the horizon.

「Don’t mess up with a goddess!! 」


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