This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Wonders of Immortality

As Seiya slowly approached them, the priest graciously bowed his head.

「So you are the hero! I apologize for my late introduction! I am Father Marus! 」

Right after telling his name, Seiya didn’t even say a word and sprinkled the holy water on the head of the priest Marus.

*sounds of water splashing*

「…What? 」

The priest was startled by the splash of the holy water.

「Se, Seiya!? What are you doing!? 」

I was not the only one who was in shock.

「Whoa!! What is wrong with you!? 」

Then, the “dragon boy” yelled too.

「Oh my god!! Why are you suddenly throwing holy water!? 」

The “dragon girl” opened her eyes wide and said.

「Holy Father!? 」

The nun raised her hands to her mouth and was about to faint. It’s a natural reaction. Poor priest, he met “a Hero for the first time and got sprinkled with holy water”; of course, people were quite shocked by this barbarity.

Among them, there was a person who spoke in a loud voice. It was Father Marus himself, who was soaked from the holy water.

*screams repeatedly*

As he screams, we could no longer hear a voice that belongs to a human being. Suddenly, there was smoking rising from the priest’s head.

Eh, wait…that is…it cannot be…!

「That’s, that’s…! 」

It seems that the “dragon boy” also noticed what was happening.

…That’s right! So when the undead touch the holy water they have this kind of reaction!!

「Se, seriously!? Then, this means that the hero knew from the beginning that he was an undead!! 」

「Amazing!! As expected of a hero, indeed!! 」

As they were admiring the hero, the undead with the form of the priest started scratching his head painfully. His face was burned thanks to the holy water, and soon, his wicked real face was revealed as he made an eccentrically laugh inside the church.

「*laughs hysterically* So it was really you! You’re the hero who exterminated Chaos Makina! I thought I was going to caught you off guard and get rid of you, one by one, but it seems I was exposed! 」

At that point, he lowered his center of gravity and took a jumping stance.

「Well, it can’t be helped! Eventually, all of you will become part of the undead! One of the Demon Lord’s army subordinates, Death Magra, possesses the power of immortality and he is assembling an army of the undead!  Feel free to join us anytime! 」

「As if, you asshole! 」

The “dragon boy” pulled his sword out of his sheath.

「*sounds self-confident* I am going to do it! 」

The girl held a wizard’s wand. However, Seiya, who was supposed to be the most cautious, was not interested in joining the fight, and spoke to the nun.

「How long was that thing the priest of this church? 」

「He came here from Klein Castle as a missionary, I think it was two days ago… 」

「I see. So you’re saying that he wasn’t originally from this town? 」

「Wait a second, Seiya! It’s not the time to talk about that! You should help them now! 」

「There’s no need. The enemy already lost control of its movements. 」

「What? 」

Soon afterwards. The priest’s head, arms and legs fell apart from his body; one by one they hit the floor of the church. The priest’s head rolled on the floor and it looks like that thing was confused about what just happened to its body.

「What’s wrong with him!? 」 I shouted intensely.

Seiya remained calm and observed the priest’s body condition.

「Even if the body does break apart and even if there is no blood at all, he’s still fine. I get it now. So this is the so called “undead”. 」

The other two from the Dragon Tribe rounded their eyes in shock.

「Whe…when did you cut him…? 」

「I didn’t even see you pulling the sword out of the sheath, how did you do it? 」

He cut the undead so fast that the human eye couldn’t even grasp a thing. It seems that Seiya got stronger after training with the god swordsman. I would like to see his current status, but I’ll leave that for later.

「Listen, Seiya. Just tell me one thing. How did you know Father Marus was an undead? 」

「That’s a simple reasoning. 」

「Can you tell me about that reasoning? 」

「Okay. First, that priest was the oldest among the four of them. In other words, he would be dead sooner or later. That’s the reason why a poured the holy water on him. 」

「I understand now…wait, that was the reason!? He would “be dead sooner or later”!? That’s not a credible reasoning!! 」

Seiya’s remarks were awkward as always, how could he look down on the elderly people, just assuming that they are undead just because they are old; even so, he did manage to find the undead among them, so I stopped asking questions.

The head of the undead was lying on the floor and screaming with remorse.

「Damn it! Don’t think you’ve won just because you defeated me! The undead army that attacked the Klein Castle is led by Death Magra, and will be arriving on this town soon enough! *laughs sarcastically* You’ll be amazed when you hear this! They are an army of ten thousand warriors! They will arrive in the morning and will turn this town into ruins in a blink of an eye! You better enjoy your life while it lasts. 」

There are ten thousand undead coming tomorrow morning…really…!?

I was trembling with fear, but Seiya remained expressionless after hearing the priest’s words.

「Okay. This guy gave us enough information. Let’s clean this mess and go. We are talking about immortality here, so we have more reasons to be cautious about this situation… 」

The moment Seiya stopped talking, I had a realization on my mind.

「Everyone, run! 」

I screamed as I pushed the “two dragons” with the nun.

「Eh? What do you mean, “run”? Don’t you see that the enemy can’t move anymore? 」

「It’s not that! Something terrible is about to happen here! 」

「What do you mean, goddess? 」

「Don’t you get it? That hero is focused on “cleaning” that man, so he is charging up one of his skill’s power! So, stop talking and run, because…here it comes!! 」

A horrible sound pierced through my ears! Seiya’s magic powers burst so intensively that it created a huge explosion inside the church. The moment I opened the doors to the outside, we all came “flying” out of the church with the blast caused by that irrational magic force.

The explosions and vibrations continued intermittently. Flames were overflowing from the broken stained glass. A few minutes later, the church in the town of Semul made a huge cracking noise and fully collapsed.

「The church is…the historical church of Semul is…!! 」

The nun was speechless looking at the church’s ruins, and she fainted on the spot.

We saw an “Ifrit” emerging from the burning flames and it said.

「It’s safe now. The monster is completely gone. 」

「Well, it seems the monster is not the only thing that was gone, but the church as well!! The Sister lost consciousness!! 」

I screamed at him, but Seiya did not care…as usual. The “dragon boy” dressed in a silver armor slowly approached Seiya.

「Well…it was a huge destruction indeed…but…you really are strong. I admit it. 」

He held Seiya’s hand as if he was handshaking him.

「Nice to meet you, Mister Hero! I’m Mash! I am a warrior with the blood of dragons! 」

Then, the curly-haired girl came too and greeted us.

「Hi! I’m Elle! Mash is a childhood friend from the same village! I am a wizard with the blood of dragons! Let’s work together from now on! 」

A timid Elle approached Seiya and asked him a question.

「Excuse me! Can you tell us your name? 」

「…Seiya. My name is Ryuguuin Seiya. 」

While introducing himself, Seiya poured the holy water on Elle’s head.

「What!? 」

Elle got startled, but Seiya just said “you seem to be human” and in the next instant, he started pouring the holy water on Mash’s head as well.

「Hey you, what are you doing all of a sudden!! 」

「So, this one is also human. 」

Afterwards, he went to the fainted nun and spilled the holy water on her too.

「Okay. Human too. 」

「Just stop doing that…she is unconscious… 」

For some unknown reason, Seiya poured the holy water on top of my head as well.

「Hey!? Why on me too!? 」

「Who knows, you could have been replaced by an undead without me noticing. 」

「There was no time for that!! 」

The new allies were observing him.

「Just how cautious and suspicious are you…」

「Well…it seems to be pathological…」

Mash and Elle were trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Then, Seiya began gazing at them silently.

「Hey you, what are you looking at? Do you need something? 」

「That’s right! What’s wrong? Why are you looking at us with suspicious eyes? 」

I probably know what he is doing. Is Seiya activating his clairvoyance ability right now? Okay! Then, I want to see the status of both of them too!

Like Seiya, my eyes were glittering as I stared meticulously at both of them.

「Wait is this!? Somehow, both the hero and his goddess are looking at us in a frightening way, right!? 」

Elle started to cry as my eyes fully opened. Soon, these two people’s status appeared in my field of view.


Level – 8

HP – 476

MP – 0

Attack – 206

Defense – 184

Agility – 101

Magic – 0

Potential – 28

Resistance – Poison, Paralysis

Special skills – Attack Power Increase (Lv 3)

Skills – Dragon Thrust

Personality – Brave


Level – 7

HP – 355

MP – 195

Attack – 98

Defense – 160

Agility – 76

Magic – 189

Potential – 36

Resistance – Fire, Water, Lightening

Special skills – Fire Magic (Lv 4)

Skills – Fire Arrow

Personality – Bright

…they are more ordinary than I thought. They are not even close to Seiya’s level. I thought their ability would be far superior because both of them have the blood of dragons from the Dragon Tribe. But, maybe they will improve from now on?

I was thinking positively about them, however, the moment I looked at Seiya, I got shivers all across my body.

It was because Seiya was staring at them with dark eyes that resembled dead fish’s eyes.

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Seiya throwing holy water to Lista, makes me remember a line from Highschool of the Dead where the main character jumps into a fountain with a girl, and then she goes: Do you like getting girls wet?

I like dumb Zombie shows don’t judge me >.<

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