This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Swordsman God

「…and then, you came back again. 」

「That man is too cautious. He’s always excessively careful, way too worried, it seems like he has a serious disease. 」

I was complaining in Aria’s room.

There are many goddesses in the God’s realm, and some of them are difficult to talk to. But, Aria is always nice to me. I’ve been able to relieve some stress talking with her. Yes, the Great Goddess Isister is a like a mother to me, and Aria is like an eldest sister.

Veteran goddess Ariadoa was dressed in a very revealing but attractive outfit, and as usual, she drank her cup of tea gracefully.

She’s wearing a cleavage and I can see that she’s a G-cup; the male gods must find her very attractive, I’m so frustrated. However, I am an F-cup myself. I need to be more confident.

Aria has a great appearance, she has experience and she doesn’t even have one enemy…

Well, it can’t be helped. Aria is a veteran goddess who was born in the God’s realm thousands of years ago; so far she has summoned many heroes and saved countless of different worlds.

「*sighs continuously* I want to save Geabrande as soon as possible, so that I can become a veteran goddess like you Aria. 」

「You must not try to mimic me. 」

「No, that’s not what I wanted to say! I want to be like you Ariadoa, a successful veteran goddess who summoned heroes that saved three hundred worlds. 」

The moment I said that, Aria’s smile became a little sad.

「No, I didn’t save them all. There was a world that I could not save. 」

Now that she mentioned it, I think I heard her story before. Even for Aria, there was nothing she could do to save that world. But, that was…

「It was just one world of the three hundred you saved, right? Well, it couldn’t be helped. 」

While I laughed, Aria looked quite serious at me and she spoke the following.

「You’re wrong, Lista. I failed the people who lived in that world. In the end, I didn’t save them. 」

「Well, yes, I know that. I do understand but…you’re still amazing. From all of the three hundred worlds, only one wasn’t saved. 」

However, Aria shook her head.

「It was a world of B-rank difficulty. It was not a very difficult one to accomplish. Even so…I underestimated it and that was my mistake. It is a stain that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. 」

「I, I see. 」

The conversation got quite dark, so I changed the topic immediately.

「That’s right…that overly cautious hero! Since we came back here, he got himself locked up inside the summoning chamber! This is so upsetting! 」

「…another physical training? 」

「Yes! That’s correct! It seems that he doesn’t have anything else on his life except physical training! 」

I was showing an outrageous expression, and I noticed that Aria was smiling like she usual do.

*sigh of relief* I am glad the mood is brighter again…

Aria stood up with her empty teacup.

「I will make another tea for myself. Lista, do you want tea as well? 」

「Yes, if you don’t mind. 」

…on that precisely moment we hear “Bang!” The door of the room was opened so violently.

I was startled and when I looked over at the door, I was even more surprised.

Because, Seiya was standing at the front door!

Aria was also startled. As soon as she saw Seiya, she dropped her teacup on the floor and it cracked into pieces. However, Seiya didn’t even notice her, he was staring at me and shouted.

「So, you’re here. I’ve been looking for you. 」

Seiya approached me without hesitation and I screamed at him.

「Wait a second, Seiya!? Do you realize this is a goddess’ private room!? How can you come here so abruptly!? You even shocked Aria and she broke her teacup!! 」

「It’s fine…that’s fine…Lista. 」

Then, Aria walked up towards Seiya. Aria’s eyes became absent-minded the moment she gazed at Seiya.

What!? Don’t tell me that Aria is infatuated by Seiya’s looks as well!? This man only has good looks and nothing else!! But it seems that Aria is getting smitten by him!! This womanizer!! No, not her too!!

I’m feeling heartbroken and angry. But Aria continues to gaze at Seiya with feverish eyes.

「So you are…the hero that was summoned by Lista… 」

「Who the hell are you? 」

She must have been taken aback by his rude remarks. For a moment, Aria hardened her facial expression, but *coughs coughs*, she clears her voice and showed him her usual benevolent smile.

「My name is Aria. I’m the sealing goddess Ariadoa. Just what happened? 」

Seiya seemed a little hesitant to speak in front of a goddess he just met; but he slowly began speaking.

「No matter how many sit-ups and push-ups I do now, my level isn’t increasing that much anymore… 」

Although Seiya was feeling in trouble, I was overjoyed and screamed “Finally!” on my mind.

Yes! He finally reached his own limit after all of that crazy training! *laughs mischievously* From now on, he will only be able to level up as long as he continues to fight monsters! At last, I can do a proper adventure quest!

Contrary to my excitement, I pretended to portray a serious expression and spoke to Seiya.

「Seiya. That can’t be helped, can it? You reached the limit of your level by training by yourself. However, you can level up if you fight against monsters in Geabrande, then, shall we go? 」

「*thinking seriously* A real battle against monsters. That’s way too risky. 」

「No…I think that’s the normal course to take… 」

「Maybe it would be a better idea to create training equipment, don’t you think so? 」

「No! No! Absolutely not! Even if I were to create that, they would be temporary! There is a limit, you know! 」

「Then, what should I do… 」

Seiya looked unusually worried. He wanted to avoid the option “fight against monsters”.

Aria gently suggested an idea.

「Seiya. For example…why don’t you practice with the gods and goddesses from this place? 」

I was perplexed at Aria’s proposal.

「Wait a moment, Aria!? What are you talking about!? 」

「Well, it’s because the gods of the God’s realm don’t get killed unlike common enemies. So it is safe, right? That way, he can get more experience fighting in the God’s realm than just with mortal monsters, don’t you agree? 」

Seiya nods his head positively, but not full convinced about it.

「I see. That might be a good idea. 」

「*exasperated sound* Aria!! Come here for a second, please!! 」

I asked Aria to come near the window of the room, and whispered to her ear.

「How can you propose an idea like that!? Besides, is it really possible to engage in a “practice  match with the gods” in the God’s realm!? 」

「I will make it happen. I’m going to talk with Isister, so I think it will be alright. 」

「But, who’s going to face him? I am a Goddess of Healing. Aria, you are a Goddess of Sealing. Both of us are not battle types. 」

At that moment, Aria smiled and pointed to the window.

「That place always has gods doing their best with their skills. 」

From Aria’s window, I could see the splendid large garden of the God’s realm. Then, I spotted a male deity who was swinging a sword near a fountain decorated with elegant sculptures.

This male deity is a stubborn god, swordsman Celseus, who usually stops the other gods from practicing there, just because “the practice could destroy the beauty of the fountain”.

Aria walked to the front door and I said to her.

「I’ll go with you. Let’s ask Celseus. 」

I shrugged my shoulders and sighed in disappointment.

Ah, the adventure quest is delayed one more time…

We headed to Celseus.

Spotting us coming on his direction, swordsman Celseus stopped swinging his sword and made an awkward smile. He has a ridiculous muscular body, shorthair and a long mustache; this god’s appearance is one of a kind.

「Look at who is here. Both senior Ariadoa and Listarte, and…oh my, who’s this… is he perhaps a human being? 」

His complexion changed and wrinkled his eyebrows.

「A summoned hero…however, you should be careful on letting a human wander around the God’s realm. 」

Aria took a step forward, before allowing Seiya to say anything.

「Celseus, I have a favor to ask. I’d like to ask if you could train this hero. 」

Celseus stood silent. Nevertheless…

「If it’s senior goddess Aria request, then I have no choice but to accept, but… 」

Celseus slowly approached Seiya and stared closely at him.

「Listen, human…Are you sure you’re ready for this training? My practice routine is tough and rigorous. I am not sure if weak humans like you will be able to endure this kind of thing? 」

Celseus grinned arrogantly. However, Seiya’s facial complexion did not change at all, and replied with his usual tone.

「I see. Sounds good, then. I wonder if you never had a chance to cry? Okay, if you don’t mind, then I’ll practice with you. 」

After hearing him, Celseus trembled his body for a moment.

「Hey, you. How dare you say something that? That’s what I should be saying to you, okay? 」

「Don’t be frustrated so easily. Anyways, once you’ve settle down come see me in the summoning chamber. Come when you feel you’re ready. Got it? 」

「Yes, I understand…*feeling irritated* What’s wrong with this human…!! 」

Seiya turned away and started walking. Shortly afterwards, Celseus rashly started to chase after him.

I immediately felt a shivering cold going down my spine as I witnessed such scene.

Before I knew it, this situation took a different approach!! Ryuguuin Seiya is…a frightening man!! However, Celseus’ sword ability is the real deal!! Seiya’s nose might get broken by that sword’s deity!! This is unheard of, but it might just make him a decent hero!!

…There was a moment when I thought like that.

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YEY Celseus!

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