This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Before the Trip

「…Why did it happened like this!! 」

We were outside of Edna’s town, and I was so angry at Seiya. After the charcoal completely evaporated from this world, the people in town looked at us with gruesome eyes. I was so embarrassed that I smiled awkwardly, pushed Seiya’s back and immediately escaped from that place.

「Even though I was so relieved for us and for the people, all of it doesn’t matter anymore!! Instead of being a hero, you behaved like devil!! Did you notice that a kid was about to throw stones at me!? 」

However, Seiya didn’t pay attention to any of what I just said. Instead, he spoke coldly to me with a bossy attitude.

「You’re like this even after I saved you from that demon. It seems there aren’t any compassionate people in this world. 」

「You are the one who’s not compassionate!! Did you know that it was you who burnt Jamie!? Even the fruits he gave us all are burnt! We cannot eat them anymore! 」

「I don’t know anything about it. 」

Seiya continued to walk ahead as if nothing ever happened.

I can’t believe it! How can he show that attitude after all that happened! I thought he was a bit cool, but I was so foolish to believe that! Even if he has a good appearance, he’s such a jerk!

While leaving the boundaries of the town frustrated, I heard footsteps of someone running towards us. I turned back and it was Nina and her father. Nina’s father lowered his head while taking deep breaths.

「We are so sorry. Even though you saved our town, we made you leave like that…I think everyone was startled by the sudden amount of fire… 」

I shook my head as in “it’s okay, it’s okay”.

「It can’t be helped. Everything got worse than it was before. The fire burnt some of the shops and even hurt people. 」

It makes me so frustrated to apologize for all this mess. It’s hard to imagine that a hero would do such a thing. This is not sane at all.

「Anyway, I wasn’t able to thank you properly for helping us back then! I’m glad I found you before you left! 」

Afterwards, Nina’s father offered a bag to Seiya.

「I know this is insignificant, but I am giving it to you with the best intentions! Please, accept this gift! 」

Seiya, who was uninterested all this time, looked at the gift and changed his expression.

「Oh, is it gold? There’s no better thing in the world than money; that way I can buy more weapons and armors. I’ll take it. 」

「Wait a second, Seiya. You are a hero; you shouldn’t be saying those kind of things. 」

However, Seiya took out a silver coin from the bag and wrinkled his forehead.

「What’s this. This is much less than I thought. Don’t you have more? If you do, then give it to me.」

「You’re not acting like a hero anymore!! That’s robbery!! 」

I was feeling devastated, but Nina’s father laughed; he took some coins from his pocket and gave them to Seiya.

I have no words left to say as I look at Nina’s innocent smile.

「*laughs* I know why! Mister has a heart sickness, but I know he is a good person! 」

I put my hand on Nina’s shoulder and somehow I could show her a smile.

「Nina. He is “half-dead” on the inside. He truly has a sickness, but he is not a good person… 」

「Just be silent and stop saying nonsense. I don’t have any sickness. 」

「Normal people won’t go around burning other people’s houses, and after all that you even try to rob them!! I can’t take this anymore!! I’m so ashamed!! Let’s go to the next town quickly!! 」

I lowered my head to them in respect, and pulled Seiya’s hand and went away.

Nina screamed loudly from afar.

「Thank you Miss! Thank you sick Mister! Thank you very much! 」

「Hey Nina! Don’t say such things! 」

Even if I she was being scolded by her father, Nina was waving goodbye at us and I also showed her a goodbye smile; and thus I left the town of Edna feeling embarrassed to the max.

As he walked silently, I spotted Seiya storing the money he just received into his pocket. As he was walking, something fell from Seiya’s pocket; I looked at what fell in the ground.

…it was the flowery amulet that Nina gave him.

「Oh my, Seiya. You actually kept that flower amulet with you? Did you not say that this item was a curse from the enemy? 」

「Well, I thought about it and it seemed more convenient to keep it. That way I would know if an enemy would attack me or not. 」

Then, Seiya put the amulet together with his coins.

「…Hmm. 」

「What? 」

「No, it’s nothing. 」

I don’t know what he’s thinking, he doesn’t make sense at all. I really don’t understand this man. But…who cares.

A little bit of my anger faded away, and I started talking to Seiya in a cheerful tone.

「Anyways, let’s hurry to the next town! From the information that the Great Goddess Isister gave me, we need to head north to a town called Semul; There we will be meeting with someone who will accompany us on this quest! I’m looking forward to it! 」

However…Seiya stopped abruptly and professed the following words.

「I can’t go any further. It’s too sudden. 」

「What!? Did you just say “sudden”!? 」

「Let’s return to the heavenly world. 」

「You’re joking, right!? Why!? 」

「Of course, to do more training. 」

「What!? Do you plan to do more training in the summoning chamber!? 」

「Yes. If you think carefully about it, after defeating Chaos Makina, I’m sure the enemy will send more powerful demons to come after us. I need to focus on my training before heading to the next town. 」

「Well, yes, you might be right about that, but I thought your status was already great enough? 」

「Do not determine the results based on speculation. There is no guarantee that I can win next time. Since there is no guarantee, I need to be at my best condition every time we face an enemy. 」

「But, if you don’t go to the next town right now, we might lose our allies, and you won’t be able to buy weapons or armors, right? Won’t we get in trouble because of that? 」

Then, Seiya put his hand on his mouth and he thought carefully.

「Having allies could wait, but having weapons and armors it’s a must. Can’t you create it? You made my bed appear in the summoning chamber, right? 」

「The power of creation that a goddess’ possess can only be used in the God’s realm. Besides, it is forbidden to bring items from the heavens to the earthly world. Excessive assistance to humans go against the law of the Almighty. 」

Upon hearing my explanation, Seiya showed a bored face.

「…Useless woman. 」

「What!? What was that!! If you let me help you, I can support you!! You saw my healing powers, didn’t you!? I completely cured Jamie’s burns after you injured him!! 」

「The medicinal herbs I have with me are enough. In other words, the value of your existence is the same as an herb. 」

「Whose identity is the same as a medicinal herb!! 」

「Anyways. First, let’s return to the heavenly world because I have to train; unless you want to go to the next town by yourself. 」

「I can’t go alone to the next town because it will be meaningless…if that is what you are suggesting… 」

「If that’s so, then open the portal to the heavenly world. 」

「I understand…just wait a moment!! Just now, did you just order me!? 」

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