This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Worst Hero

「Tha…that was so close. 」

The portal disappeared instantaneously after we crossed through it. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t have time to specify which place to go. After taking a deep breath, I noticed that we were at the summoning white chamber. Meanwhile, Seiya says not to interrupt him for a long while.

「I will start training immediately. So, I need you to get out of here. 」

Hence, he pushed my back and threw me out of the chamber.

「Wait…wait a moment! 」

「You will distract my training. Get out. 」

「More of that training? 」

「Yes. If I don’t train now I won’t beat that thing. As you saw, it was much stronger than that slime. 」

「Well, yes but it would be obviously stronger because that was one of four Generals of the Demon Lord’s army … 」

「I will not get out of here until I get a satisfactory result. I’ll let you know when I press the buzzer. Until then, don’t come here. 」

He was full of determination, so I couldn’t bring myself to say anything.

Seiya kicked me out and closed himself inside the chamber.

…two nights passed. When I arrived at the chamber’s door, I wanted to take a little peak at Seiya from the bottom of the door. Suddenly, I had a very ominous feeling. I could feel it because of my goddess intuition.

 I borrowed Aria’s crystal ball to see the earthly world and casted a spell in my room.

「The crystal who sees everything, please show me the imminent danger that is happening right now on the three-dimensional world Geabrande… 」

Then, the town of Edna suddenly appeared on the crystal ball. The scene shown was from the center of the town where the shops were.

All of a sudden someone spoke.

「Hey? Are you watching? 」

「What!? 」

My heart almost stopped at the sight of the vicious Chaos Makina.

Chaos Makina was laughing aloud with such wicked smile on her face.

「I wonder if they are watching… Are you goddess and hero observing me? If you don’t show up, I will destroy this town. 」

Suddenly, Chaos Makina grabbed the head of a town’s man and looked above as if she knew I was watching her with a crystal ball; I was terrified.

「Starting with this one here, I will cut the inhabitants’ heads one by one. 」

Without hesitation, she pulled his head and chopped it with her large sword. Blood spilled everywhere; horrified, I had to turn my eyes away from the crystal ball.

「This human’s red fluids look like a fountain, so beautiful, extremely beautiful. 」

After I heard this woman’s pleasurable laugh from the crystal ball…

「Bang!! 」I opened the chamber’s door abruptly.

I came to visit Seiya during his training.

「Did I not tell you to come here only when I pressed the buzzer? 」

「It’s an emergency! Let’s return to the town of Edna immediately! 」

「Why? 」

「Chaos Makina is executing the people from the town! She’ll keep killing them until we show up! So get ready! 」

I was desperately asking for his help, but Seiya didn’t stop his training.

「No, I am not ready yet. 」

「But! Chaos Makina is killing people on the town at this precisely moment!」

「Calm down. Didn’t you say that the time flows slowly in here? 」

「Even if the time is slower, that doesn’t mean it completely stops! 」

「Then, what is the difference between the time flow here and over there?」

「…about 1 to 100. Ten minutes over there is about sixteen hours in here. 」 (Note: 10 min * 100 = 10 000 min; 10 000min / 60min = 16.67 Hours –> 1 day in the Gods Realm is 14.4min in Geabrande) 

「If that’s so, then there’s no problem. We still have plenty of time before the next person gets killed. 」

Well, it might be true but let’s get serious!! Normally, a Hero would want to help other people immediately!! What’s wrong with him!!

I was so angry that I returned to my room. After a while, I looked at the crystal ball to see what is currently happening in Edna.

…I wonder how many hours have passed. Eventually, Chaos Makina started her evil scheming again. When I looked closely, she was grabbing another hostage’s neck.

「Now I’m going to kill this man. 」

That man resembled someone I knew. A familiar voice screamed through the crystal ball.

「Daddy! No!! Stop it!! 」

A little girl with pigtails was crying. The moment I saw that child, I grabbed the crystal ball and ran to the summoning chamber.

When I opened the door, Seiya looked at me with an annoyed face.

「…How many times do I have to tell you not to come inside? 」

「That’s not important right now! Look at this! Do you recognize her? It’s Nina, the girl we met back in the town! Nina’s dad is going to get killed by Chaos Makina at this precisely moment! 」

However, Seiya did not seem to care and started doing push-ups with one hand.

「Wait, are you listening? 」

「No yet. I’m not ready to go. 」

At that time, I realized that Seiya was training with all his heart.

I spoke seriously to Seiya.

「Seiya…I know how scary this is. You must be worried about your current status, but don’t be, because your chance of beating her is not entirely zero. I will be your back up. I will do my best with my healing ability anytime you need it. See? It is not that bad. 」

Instead, Seiya looked at me as if I was an idiot.

「What are you saying? I am not afraid of anything. 」

「Even though you ran away from Chaos Makina. 」

「That was a strategically retreat. 」

My anger exploded at Seiya.

「Let’s go right now!! Okay!? If you die you will return immediately to your own world!! But that won’t happen to those people over there!! If they die, we can’t bring them back!! 」

It was pointless; Seiya just ignored what I said. On that moment, we heard Nina’s heartbreaking crying through the crystal ball.

「Daddy!! Don’t do this!! Please!! Please, don’t kill my daddy!! 」

Chaos Makina looked at Nina with a devilish smile.

「Don’t worry too much. You won’t be lonely. Yes, not lonely. Once I cut his head, I will cut yours afterwards. 」

…I showed the crystal ball in front of Seiya’s eyes.

「Look!! How can we see this all happening and do absolutely nothing!? That girl gave you a flower charm!! She was worried about you and gave you the amulet to protect you!! 」

Then, Seiya took out from his pocket the flower amulet and stared at it.

「Hmm, I wonder if this was a cursed amulet to fool my eyes. I wonder if this girl is really the one that talked with us over there. 」

I was shocked by his words.

「It was my fault…my fault!! 」

Seiya responded to what I just said.

「About what? 」

「My fault to summon you here!! Yes, your status is powerful!! But it doesn’t matter when you are the coldest and worst hero around!! 」

My eyes were filled with tears. I was hurt and frustrated, but Seiya suddenly spoke to me before I left the summoning chamber.

「Then, what are you going to do? Is there anyone else besides me who can fight Chaos Makina? 」

「I will find it! I am going to find a substitute hero at this precisely moment!」

「When you saw my status you said I was one in a hundred million people. I don’t think you will find my replacement that soon. 」

「I will find one hero fit enough!! There are many heroes out there that are not cowards like you!! 」

「I’m not a coward. 」

「Yes, you are!! You’re afraid of dying!! That’s why you keep doing over excessively training!! Am I wrong? 」

「I’m not afraid of death. But I can’t afford to die. Because if I die, that town will be destroyed. Eventually the world itself will be destroyed as well. 」

…I was relieved by what he said.

He has been thinking that seriously…? No! That can’t be! Don’t be fooled by his words! Deceitful! He is just a coward trying to self-defend himself again!

I looked at Seiya with distrust. However, Seiya was not in the place where he was standing until just now.

He took of his training clothes, and put on his steel armor.

「What are you doing? 」

「I made up my mind of course. 」

「It, it can’t be…! 」

I activated the clairvoyance ability. I got a glimpse of Seiya’s status.

And so…I couldn’t even breathe.

Ryuguuin Seiya

Level – 21

HP – 4412

MP – 3677

Attack – 932

Defense – 990

Agility – 993

Magic – 666

Potential – 475

Resistance – Fire, Ice, Wind, Water, Electricity, Earth, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Curse, Instant Death

Special skills – Fire Magic (Lv 18), Experience Gain Increase (Lv 6), Ability Perception (Lv 8)

Skills – Atomic Split Slash, Hell’s Fire

Personality – Unbelievably Cautious

…He, he leveled up so much in a short period of time…! His power is so great now that he even surpass the demon warrior Chaos Makina…!

One in a hundred million prodigy, Ryuguuin Seiya was wearing his steel armor, looked directly at me and shouted.

「Let’s go. Perfectly Ready. 」

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  1. What it’s a necessary sacrifice. I know it’s a shame but if you had to choose between the hero and a town the choice is obvious.

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