This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The town of Edna

After crossing the portal we arrived at a grassland area. I can see a town only a hundred meters away. The Great Goddess Isister helped me prepare for this trip; the beginning of this journey started from a strategically good position.

Right after we arrived, Seiya saw the portal disappear. I was in a rush, so I touched him on the back.

「Okay! So, let’s go to that town over there and buy some equipment! 」

I grabbed Seiya’s hand as he was trying to say something and we went to that town.

As we approached the area, I spotted a wood signboard that said “Welcome to Edna’s town”. After passing the signboard, the unpaved road leading to Edna had farmers crossing it over. This place had an idyllic atmosphere, resembling village rather than a town.

「Ah, hello…are you travelers? 」

A passing farmer greeted me and I bowed my head with a smile; though Seiya looked quite suspicious. As the man passed by, Seiya whispered on my ear.

「Hey, is that a monster? 」

「C’mon, you can see that farmer is a town person. 」

「That is what it looks like now, but the monster could change in a moment.」

「You’re worrying to much…」

As we arrived on the town, a little girl around 5~6 years old approached me. As soon as she saw me, this little girl with pigtails showed a big smile.

「Whoa! You are so beautiful! You look like a Goddess! 」

「Huhu, this pure child is able to see through it. 」

This child came close to me and I stroke her head. This girl also spotted Seiya.

「This mister is a bit strange but he is so cool! 」

She ran to Seiya and grabbed his pants. Seiya seems to be in trouble; I got quite amused.

「Oh my, you don’t hate children, do you? 」

Feeling quite irritated, Seiya could only take a deep breath. The little girl looked at Seiya and asked.

「Mister, what’s your name? 」

「… 」

「Please, please, what’s your name? 」

「…Seiya. 」

「I’m Nina! Nice to meet you! 」

I wanted to see more of this new relationship between Seiya and Nina, but unfortunately, this is not a time to relax.

「Listen Nina, is there a weaponry shop in this town? 」

「Weaponry shop you say; we have one straight ahead! 」

「I see! Thank you! 」

We said goodbye to Nina and went straight ahead. Suddenly we arrived on a street with many thriving shops. Seiya and I stopped in front of a particular store with a signboard with a sword.

I gave Seiya a small sack before entering the shop.

「Listen. This is my gift for you. You need to buy the best equipment in town. 」

In fact, you gave me the currency of this world was Great Goddess Isister. Seiya received my sack and went inside the shop; once there he gave gold coins inside the sack to the middle-aged shopkeeper.

「Please give me three of these steel armors. 」

「Right away! 」

The shopkeeper was preparing the three armors.

「Wait a moment! 」

I tried to stop him, and I shouted.

「Armors! You don’t need that many!? 」

「Yes, I need them. I have one armor to wear and an extra one; when the extra is gone, I will have another extra to use. 」

 This is becoming more of a disease than excessively cautiousness. Where in the world would a hero buy the same armor three times using gold coins.

「There is no way I will allow you to do that!! 」

「You are a very selfish woman. 」

We ended up buying a steel armor and sword. Of course, one of each. We ended up assembling all the pieces on the spot; it looked great on Seiya because he is tall and has a good physique. He looks already a warrior.

After leaving the weaponry shop, Seiya proceeded to the shop next door. He asked the owner for a list of items.

「I need ten smoke bombs, twenty medicinal herbs and the same number for poisonous scavenging herbs. 」

Seiya bought these items with the extra coins left. It was rather cheap compared to the weaponry shop, so I didn’t complain; but something was bothering me and I needed to ask him.

「Excuse me…but you don’t need to prepare that much, do you? 」

「Of course, I need to be prepared. I don’t know what kind of monsters are lurking around. 」

「No, no. We are safe here. I’m an experienced navigator, you know? This town is suitable for beginners like you. I’m sure there are only weak monsters around here. 」

「I wonder about that. 」

Then we heard.

「That’s right! It’s okay! It is safe even for me!! 」

The voice we heard came from below. When I lowered my head I saw pigtailed Nina, the little girl with a big smile from before.

「I usually walk by myself from this town to next neighboring town! I’ve only seen slimes around here! 」

As I rub Nina’s hair, I realize that she heard what we said and I look at Seiya in the eyes.

「See! Even a child is okay here. Don’t you feel a little relieved to hear that? 」

「Eh, so mister is scared of going out of the town’s boundaries? 」

「That’s right. This mister here is so frightened. 」

I thought I could make him seem a little idiotic here, but Nina is more pure than I imagined. She took something from her flowery pouch, and handed it over to Seiya.

「Okay, here! This is an amulet! I will give it to you mister! 」

When Seiya received the flower amulet, he looked quite serious at it.

「It’s not a cursed item, is it? 」(EN: XD, there goes my coffee into the kb)

「Eh? What? 」

I immediately closed Seiya’s mouth with my hands.

「Don’t worry about it! This mister is a bit sick! He has a heart sickness! 」

I glared at Seiya with an angry expression. Suddenly a man spoke behind Nina.

「Nina! What are you doing! 」

「Ah! Daddy! Have you finished shopping? 」

Nina’s father looked like a kind person and greeted us by lowering his head.

「I’m sorry. But did Nina say anything rude to you? 」

「Oh no, she didn’t. Right? 」

I sent my gaze to Seiya and after he looked back at me, he said…

「Yes, nothing wrong. 」He spoke without hesitation.

I see. So, you are not that bad after all…or so I thought at that moment.

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Chapter 1 of “A wish to grab happiness” will release on the weekend, the author likes to write like a poet so it’s tough to translate :/

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