A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 14 – Chapter 366

Chapter 366: A Roar of Magic

Demons were attracted to stronger and purer demons. For them, a large density of demons and the high degree of purity was proof of their power. It was the proof of a great existence.

The miasma of magic was released to choose demons, and with it, the obliteration of the lower demons. This miasma of magic was a very specific type.

A magical beast was a being whose body consisted of an evil aura, fairies and even members of the demon tribe. No matter how they were born, their ideals were uniform.

…A great age will come under a greater being.

That’s why they looked up to great demons as their masters. They believed that was the way to happiness.

This way of thinking was much purer in demonic nature than in human nature. They didn’t have much difference in intelligence, but they were different in obedience. Those of demonic nature were surprisingly obedient.

While glaring at magical beasts, Controller Drigman raised his finger with a relaxed demeanor. After glaring for a moment, he finally spoke to the surrounding magical beasts.

「How’s the preparation? If there’s something amiss, feel free to tell me. There are places I do not know 」

The demon Velg, who had the lower body of a horse and the upper body of a powerful beast, responded to Drigman with gentlemanly words.

Its huge body was so large that it was difficult to go inside a human building. However, thanks to the destruction of the entire ceiling, it managed to lift its head up.

「I cannot deny that something is amiss. First is the number of soldiers. It takes time to give birth to them, and they can’t fight like we do. It won’t get serious if we can’t prepare swords, helmets, shields, and spears.」

Velg replied that it would be better to increase the number of magical beast soldiers even if it took some time.

On that point, Drigman was in complete agreement.

Naturally, superiority and inferiority existed even among demons and magical beasts. Some had wisdom like them, while others did not.

Still, compared to the strength of lowest demons, humans were still too weak.

The human species had neither the scales to protect their skin, nor the claws and fangs to scrape its enemies. From Drigman’s point of view, they were vulnerable enough to be destroyed in a blink of an eye. However, the inferior demons and magical beasts’ irrationality was their flaw as evil creatures, meaning that humans could defeat them with a proper strategy.

They were troublesome creatures to use as soldiers. No matter how Drigman thought about it, living as livestock was probably their only usage.

“Oh, but.” Drigman’s iconic eyes moved wildly.

“That’s right…We were once defeated by that fragile human. She took our supremacy of the earth and deprived us of its prosperity. I will never forget that.”

“That’s why we must correct that error.” Drigman bent his fingers slightly. The gesture seemed as if he was thinking about something important.

Velg spoke in a very rational way, pointing out the problems of their army, but it was not like they couldn’t fight.

Drigman nodded and spoke.

「Speaking of which, Velg. How much time have you gone through? Do you remember the old days? …Wait, this is not the right way to ask. Have you met the old me?」

Drigman chose words that sounded serious, yet he controlled his tone. He didn’t like that kind of language but had to profess those words in order to know.

「No, I haven’t met you, Controller. I was born a hundred years after the end of the Mythical Age.」

“I see.” Drigman elaborated his words for a moment in response to Velg’s answer. The magical beasts and demons around him were waiting with a strange sense of tension towards the demonic words that followed him.

Drigman’s mouth opened. It felt as if his cheeks were laughing.

「Then let me tell you one thing. It’s been a long time since we disappeared. It’s not surprising that some of us misunderstand.」

Drigman continued his words even smiling. The magical beasts rustled their fangs. None understood what was going on.

「Listen. We’re not going to invade or rob. We can just let the human race handle such barbaric things. We’ll just return to our rightful place. That’s it. It’s our royal road.」

“Yes. We’re not barbaric like the human race. We’re not a crude existence. We will not act barbarously, such as confronting the enemy with nothing but hatred.”

“So let us crush them with affection. Let’s drink their tears and crack their skulls. We must embrace mercy and wash away that tainted civilization.”

There was one certainty in Drigman’s heart. It was the mistake for allowing even a fragment of civilization and wisdom to the human race.

Because of the existence of a civilizational society, humans had become conceived with all sorts of chaos, and had learned to fight. In the end, humans thrust their blades at their masters, the demonic beings.

It was the worst tragedy. Drigman fully understood. Humans didn’t need any kind of civilization or wisdom.

“Then let’s destroy it all.”

“Let’s get rid of their traits first. Next, let’s destroy the concept of tools and accumulated wisdom.”

“Wisdom destroys even its children. They must abandon those ideals and leave behind the seeds of knowledge. Eventually, all humans, even the so-called Saints, will fall. The word «wisdom» will be lost from their essence forever.”

“This is an undeniable affection. A love for their happiness. What would they gain if they continued to resist by supporting a false judgement? Nothing at all, since what they needed was the happiness we could provide.”

“Only the mighty demonic nature could give them the absolute happiness in this world. How pitiful, the human species are not capable of understanding this rightful path.”

「Let’s love them. Let’s have pity on them. For that…we must conquer. Water is already overflowing from the top of the cup.」

“No one can stop us.” Drigman’s big eyes could be seen through his hair upon saying those words.

Those eyes only saw one thing. The throne that was once the center of the world. The glory that was stolen by savages.

Arche, the royal capital of the Gharast Kingdom. The most prosperous city on the continent. Aiming to conquer it, the roar of the magical beasts resounded out loud.

A stabbing pain ran through the back of my head. It was as if the dull pain was stuck inside my skull. My heart was beating strangely fast. My vision was still blurry.

Did I drink too much last night? Was it because I drank alcohol for the first time in a long time? I didn’t force myself to drink mead because I liked it, an act that went against nature to destroy the human body.

When I managed to open my heavy eyelids, the sky was still dark. It took a little more patience for it to become whitish.

It was no good. The heat in my chest didn’t stop. I drank all the water yesterday. Thinking that I would at least chew my tobacco, I put some in my pocket chest.

As soon as I did, my fingertips let out a scorched scream. I immediately raised my arm. Something on my fingertip was hot.

I closed my eyes. Before I knew it, my skull, covered in drowsiness and listlessness, became strangely clear. Even my cheeks twisted.

…The two rings. The thing I cut in two with the treasure sword was heating up as if it had a will.

I didn’t know what it meant. But it was surely not a good sign.

I had a bad feeling. I had a very, very bad feeling. Heavy saliva crawled down in my throat. What should I do? Should I smash it again with the treasure sword?

Just as I was beginning to collect my thoughts, the door creaked and rang. The voice of someone I didn’t know much about echoed in my ears. I could tell from her pronunciation that she was an elf.

…Lord Lugis. Sorry for interrupting your night. Lady Eldith is calling you due to an urgent matter.

While nodding, I grabbed the treasure sword by my bedside. The treasure sword was also strangely tinged with heat.

I had a very bad feeling.

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