A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 14 – Chapter 365

Chapter 365: The Magical Devilish Being

The hands and feet of a devilish and mythical figure. The enemy of humankind, the magical devilish being.

Beings who were once created by the Great Demon, and even now, still affected by it. Suitable beings were selected and reincarnated by the will of the Great Demon.

Regardless of that will, those beings were reincarnated to resemble their past counterparts. In other words, their figures were repainted into the existence of the magical devilish beings that once existed. It was like doing a painting with thicker paint.

Be it human, elf or beast. Every living being could be repainted. Magic was the one and only paint capable of creating a living shape. Memories, history, and even their blood were coated with that paint.

That being was called a magical devilish being. The disaster itself.

And so it was here. Arche, the royal capital of the Gharast Kingdom. A city located in the east of the realm.

Despite being disrupted by the catastrophe and warfare, the glory of the Gharast Kingdom was still alive and well. It was richer than other nations, and people were enjoying their days in peace. Although there were some inconveniences, the people could grab their own happiness.

In the city, merchants were coming and going even though it was the era of death snow. The surrounding cities, close to the royal capital, were also enjoying its glory. Everyone had a smile on their faces.

The anguish of the soldiers on the front lines. The conflict with the Heraldic Religion. There was nothing of that here.

A man appeared on the city road. He was standing alone, watching the people come and go in the city.

This man didn’t remember why he was here. Maybe he was on his way to see his family, maybe he was waiting for his lover.

However, caring and longing were feelings the man no longer felt in his heart. The memories of the primitive times welling up from the depths of his soul greatly changed his inner thoughts.

From the tip of his hair to the tip of his toes. The feeling that his skin was carefully replaced piece by piece. No screaming, no sobbing. It was as if this change was natural.

By the time he realized it, the man was no longer a human. He was a different being.

The man became…a magical devilish being. This existence, who was once called the Controller Drigman, exhaled white breath from his mouth while his hair swayed in the wind. His expression was quiet, but rough, tinged with sorrow.

「I feel sad. It’s like my chest was cut by a blade. That’s why there’s no lack of words to express this grief.」

It was just a monologue. Just words thrown into the air. People who listened to his talk distorted their faces suspiciously, but they walked along the snowy road without paying any particular attention.

「Look at this ominous color of the sky and the eerie smell of the air. 」

Those weren’t words meant for the people who passed by. Perhaps he was dedicating them to someone. That someone could be the Bastion Beast Zebrililith or his compatriots.

Drigman swayed his body simply out of grief. His long lips split his cheeks to exhale a large portion of white mist.

Neither his body nor the color of his face looked like a man anymore. Only the figure of the magical devilish being who once existed stood there.

「What’s wrong? Are you feeling sick? 」

It was a guard that called out to Drigman, who was standing alone in the middle of the road. Kindness and suspicion were mixed in the guard’s voice. The hand that touched Drigman’s shoulder seemed to hold some strength.

Still, that guard didn’t matter to Drigman. It didn’t matter if it was male or female, young or old.

This guard was a human. “How sad.” Drigman rectified his voice and said the following words.

「Sorry, but please don’t imitate our words. 」

It was an extremely cold voice. It even had the force to tear human’s ears apart.

On that moment. Red danced in the white hue. The person who spoke to Drigman did not know what happened. The moment that person was about to realize his fate, his brain and skeleton were annihilated.

Blood scattered and flesh became fragments. It looked as if the guard had exploded. The death snow pouring red blood consumed the surroundings. The guard disappeared completely.

A moment later, screams and roars were heard in the area. A flood of chaos filled the surroundings. In the meantime, Drigman was just sad.

“Oh, where did that great world go? Where is the glory of our countrymen?”

“Why did the demon species hand over this earth to humans? Why did we, once the rulers of the land, got cast away into forests and valleys and allowed them to prosper?”

“How could an inferior species triumphantly put its two legs on the ground?”

Drigman remembered the old days very well. Although it seemed as if he stood on the ground with two legs for the first time, he didn’t lose a single memory from back then. And he would never forget until the end of time, forever.

“Even though it has been a long time, the human species…the inferior species conquered our land. Impossible. I have never experienced such humiliation and suffering in any miserable time.”

Something boiling inside his chest was raising its first cry. Drigman’s hair, drenched in blood, swayed in the wind.

“…Ah, I remember you, Altia. If it wasn’t for you… Yes, if it wasn’t for you this stupid world wouldn’t have been born.”

Anger and hatred were crawling through his viscera. Something that resembled a sticky obsession possessed Drigman after a long time. He forcefully swallowed it before noticing a herd of livestock gathered around him.

Confused eyes, astonished eyes, angry eyes. It was quite varied, but for Drigman they were all the same. Even so, when compared to the past, the light of their eyes was a little stronger.

“It’s sad. It’s so pathetic.”

“What they deserve is an empty mind. They have no rights to have thoughts. There’s nothing to ponder at all. They only need dark eyes that look down even though they’re meant to have half-witted expressions. But that’s their happiness.”

Drigman heard a noise in his ears. The livestock in front of him was talking about something. It was probably their language, but it was hard to understand because of their bad pronunciation.

No. Maybe it was just Drigman that didn’t want to listen. After all, no one wanted to listen to livestock. Cows and pigs made sounds, but there was no one who tried to understand them. Absolutely no one.

And so Drigman didn’t listen to them. He heard their voices, but he didn’t try to understand them.

「I’ll allow you one thing since I’m generous. I’m not the jewel Bar Agathos. 」

It was the name of a former compatriot. Drigman wondered if she, too, had her feet on this land once again. Or was her soul still sleeping beneath the earth?

Drigman thought it would be interesting if she was here. Her master, the Bastion Beast Zebrililith, was still under the control of the hated Altia.

“Therefore, there’s only one thing to do.” Drigman let out a deep sigh. He looked at the livestock in front of him.

“I must correct the world as it should be. I have to bring the original world where humans and beasts were domesticated. I must return to that wonderful true world.”

“I think it’s surreal that humans who are nothing more than livestock have developed society to this extent. How great. However, it should be done under the control of the demon species.” That was the love that Drigman had for them.

The other was a cause. It was justice itself. The existence of humans and beasts only felt true happiness when they worshipped something great.

With legitimate affection and pity, Drigman said the following words.

「…Do you want to end your lives here? Or do you want to live as livestock? It’s self-evident that I’m here to bring you happiness. Let me tell you this, you can’t beat me. 」

At the same time as he professed those words, the neck of what seemed to be a human adventurer with a weapon exploded in the air. It was not a metaphor. That human’s head exploded and scattered both blood and flesh. Those who turned to escape had their legs shattered as well.

There were those who looked bewildered, those who tried to run away, and those who looked in rage. Everyone was undecided about their attitude towards this sudden situation.

The Controller Drigman, who was in the midst of dealing with humans, had the following thoughts.

“We made a mistake once. As a result, the beautiful world was transformed into such a fallen world. It seems I have no choice but to transform it again.”

“Let’s redraw. Let’s paint this world again.”

“Only stupid beings allow themselves to remain stupid. They’ll do nothing but obey in a world where happiness exists. I’ll do everything to regain that great world.”

“Yes, once again. Can I start over?”

「It feels good, doesn’t it? It’s getting interesting. It’s getting fun. 」

“Let’s crush the crazy world where humans are the masters of the earth and start over. For us and for them.”

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